Đồng nghĩa của attached

Alternative for attached

attaches, attached, attaching

Đồng nghĩa: add, affix, connect, fasten, increase, join, put together, unite,

Trái nghĩa: detach,

Tính từ

Present together with (something)
accompanying enclosed accessory connected supplementary supporting added complementary supplemental add-on appended extra adjunct annexed additional concomitant associated joint concurrent associate attendant related fellow coexistent attending coincidental coexisting coincident with following ancillary auxiliary secondary subsidiary contemporaneous synchronous collateral coetaneous coeval linked subordinate contemporary simultaneous synchronic coterminous resultant resulting incidental coextensive contributory consequential coinciding corresponding consequent synchronal peripheral incident appurtenant accessorial supportive contingent correlated derivative indirect subsequent adjuvant interconnected interrelated ensuing top-up correspondent concurring successive more sequential in sync further parallel assisting subservient adscititious satellite optional bonus derived allied coupled at the same time contributing affiliated coordinate aiding agreeing increased reserve synchronized reciprocal dependent due to associated with synchronised affixed incremental side by side at the same time as second on the side joined combined circumstantial helping similar adminicular abetting analogous alike kindred assisting in sub roundabout supervenient cognate subsequential fresh other lesser backup minor adjunctive succeeding concerted contextual background of the day of the time assistant coming tributary same time immediate real-time instantaneous second-hand unintended farther non-primary secondhand dead heat with the beat happening at the same time done at the same time accidental follow-on second-class spare surplus new correlative second-fiddle superfluous eventual borrowed derivational developed proximate derivate vicarious augmenting associative isochronal synergistic adjoining concordant conjoined belonging coefficient isochronous synergetic corollary understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down coupled with conjoined with in time in tempo connected with related to intertwined interdependent mutual germane pertinent relevant enmeshed interwoven knit together tied up in touch with concomitant to attendant on

Tính từ

Having two or more sections connected by a flexible joint
articulated coupled jointed hinged joined connected interlocked segmented articulate bending flexible interconnected linked modular that bends tied fixed together yoked bound hitched affixed bracketed affiliated touching associated united twinned entwined welded hardwired fixed in communication in liaison in correspondence in association in proximity acquainted banded together involved merged married in contact blended confederated amalgamated intermixed intertwined wedded allied mixed banded federated related accompanying interlaced paired conjugated mingled cemented fused unified combined conjoined interallied interfused cognate interdependent inseparable put together akin interclasped stuck together incorporated integrated leagued in league consolidated cohesive undivided confederate pooled in partnership kindred one syndicated federal cooperative collective assimilated included joined up organized homogeneous concatenated homogenized wed cooperating homogenised partnered organised in alliance composite compound together tied in concurrent interrelated attendant concomitant correlated belonging concerted aggregate affiliate a unit solid unitary coadunate partner associate corporate unionised unionized assembled spliced undividable indissoluble fellow twin joined together hooked up sister coherent meshed interspersed joined in marriage united in wedlock mutually dependent unsplittable impenetrable permanent unbreakable indivisible similar joint equivalent comparable like parallel corresponding homologous analogous aligned connate friendly agnate incident in cahoots hand in glove

Tính từ

On very affectionate or intimate terms
close intimate inseparable loving bosom chummy dear devoted familiar friendly thick constant faithful special best cherished close-knit especial fast firm good matey tight treasured valued pally buddy-buddy cosy cozy inward near palsy-walsy thick as thieves as thick as thieves on top of each other confidential staunch boon steady stable loyal steadfast whole abiding reliable long-standing enduring deep-rooted long-lasting durable indivisible inalienable conjoined inseverable indissoluble entwined intertwined integral undividable connected unified secure moulded interwoven united integrated molded tied up as one joined at the hip in each other's pocket dedicated flawless unfailing unwavering trusty trustworthy dependable safe uncorrupted solid convincing balanced correct perfect sound undamaged vigorous compelling normal tried and true potent expedient well timed unspoiled unswerving influential tried and tested eatable committed trenchant persuasive felicitous unimpaired favourable unhurt well judged seasonable timely fresh promising intact fit to eat undecayed well-timed unblemished uncontaminated favorable make good make good on something in good part affectionate cordial personal clubby sociable on good terms congenial warm fond favourite neighborly amiable companionable comradely neighbourly favorite amicable genial dearest clannish cliquey palsy ardent caring hail-fellow-well-met supportive allied akin very dear convivial clubbable closely acquainted affable cliquish regular nice true easy gracious warmhearted snug officious nearest and dearest collegial free-and-easy devout resolute bonhomous tight-knit on the best of terms well in close to inseparable from devoted to hand in glove on friendly terms lovey-dovey confiding kissy-huggy very friendly hail-fellow hearty avid true-blue dutiful truehearted down-the-line true blue unfaltering interdependent strong cohesive tender adoring doting kind gentle benevolent nurturing thoughtful considerate sympathetic passionate amatory sentimental fervent reverent earnest solicitous attentive reverential demonstrative concerned generous warm-hearted tenderhearted expressing adoration bound up

Tính từ

Attached to someone or something in a neurotic or pathological manner
fixated obsessed absorbed captivated devoted fascinated preoccupied single-minded besotted engrossed smitten hypnotised hypnotized infatuated mesmerised mesmerized monomaniacal spellbound taken up with wrapped up in focussed focused gripped by hell-bent hung up on keen obsessed with obsessive about possessed by preoccupied by preoccupied with prepossessed single-minded about caught up in dedicated to devoted to engrossed in enthusiastic about fanatical fanatical about hooked immersed in infatuated with intense neurotic paranoid passionate wackadoo wackadoodle besotted with gone on hooked on nuts about potty about wild on crazy about dotty about in the grip of stuck on intent occupied immersed engaged hung up deep involved wrapped up riveted enthralled rapt concentrated happy attentive queer resolute distracted concerned consumed gripped intrigued interested lost caught up taken up committed determined steadfast up to here enthusiastic concentrating obsessive resolved firm inflexible fixed really into dedicated motivated buried busy into taken over tied up turned on wound up head over heels locked in dialed in up to here in sunk in focused on intent on eat sleep and breathe interested in involved in absorbed in up to your ears deep in thought heavily into passionate about having a one-track mind possessed on task knee-deep crazy ardent fervid fervent feverish entranced enchanted beguiled impassioned nuts full connected charmed held dotty set bent all ears observant enrapt whole entire exclusive studious earnest undivided all steady eager watchful alert insistent impatient strong-minded persistent driven dogged intensive bewitched enraptured enamored enamoured transfixed enticed delighted trapped dazzled tantalized attracted seduced titillated captive mentally enchanted thrilled intoxicated tantalised under a spell gone settled set on deep in using wasted dependent abusing strung out jonesing for jonesing on addicted prone dependent on addicted to habituated shooting up under the influence with a … habit

Tính từ

Having a sociable and likable personality
happy congenial friendly affable amiable bubbly cordial agreeable confident genial good-humoured kind kindly sweet affectionate amicable amical amusing approachable attentive buddy-buddy chummy civil close comical companionable compatible complaisant comradely conciliatory confiding conversable convivial cooperative delightful easy entertaining faithful favourable favorable fond funny good good-humored good-natured good-tempered happy-go-lucky helpful hilarious hospitable intimate jocose jocular jovial kindred like-minded loving loyal neighbourly neighborly on good terms open outgoing peaceable peaceful pleasant pleasing receptive responsive sociable social sympathetic tender vibrant welcoming well-disposed gracious cheerful gregarious warm matey mellow clubby polite hail-fellow-well-met tolerant nice obliging easygoing benevolent pally cheery casual likeable extroverted warmhearted lenient mild likable relaxed humble carefree warm-hearted well disposed easy to get along with easy-going gentle down-to-earth natural nonchalant hearty free and easy heartfelt buoyant smiling extrovert enthusiastic sincere benign earnest wholehearted charitable eager bonhomous palsy palsy-walsy company-loving unconstrained unreserved unflappable uninhibited charming humoring great-hearted appealing urbane diplomatic undemanding familiar unaffected couthy clubable clubbable extraverted collegial humouring glowing cozy red-carpet hail-fellow affectious cosy courteous assent glad-handering fit unanimous adapted harmonious personable frictionless united suitable at ease sympathique well suited well-suited simpatico congruous consistent consonant regular fellow right neighborly generous unselfish magnanimous understanding thoughtful considerate supportive acquiescent altruistic moderate bighearted accommodating breezy decent patient compliant marshmallow softie fatherly genuine caring willing to please good-hearted kind-hearted even-tempered favourably disposed comforting inviting maternal liberal solicitous motherly compassionate amorous softhearted deep kindhearted empathetic paternal engaging amenable lovable big-hearted informal accessible tight winning tender-hearted winsome soft lovely beneficent indulgent goodhearted tenderhearted brotherly confidential communicative thick easy to get on with chivalrous mild-mannered inseparable soft-hearted chirpy benignant bland perky large-hearted boon merciful sweet-tempered calm civilized temperate fraternal available talkative suave civilised personal unstuffy bountiful sweet-natured gallant bosom near regular unctuous sensible humane open-handed unassuming attractive all heart harmless giving well-mannered well meaning respectful communal dear taking pacific non-hostile noble backslapping courtly in harmony of one mind ingratiating in tune open-minded blithe unpresumptuous prepossessing tactful inward especial in agreement in accord fun munificent bounteous swell lavish unstinting constant cool buddy buddy on same wavelength angelic unoffensive public-spirited as thick as thieves well intentioned forthcoming forbearing downright neighborly modest stately thick as thieves demonstrative guestfriendly folksy similar cliquey facile smooth familial brother's sibling genealogical charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable heroic courageous ladylike decorous gentlemanly good-looking expansive expressive wonderful clannish valiant in favour like presentable copacetic chilled genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly self-effacing akin captivating enchanting brave handsome couth in sympathy door's always open laid-back good company unemotional livable mushy as nice as pie sensitive reasonable jolly bluff quiet placid in favor canny nice-looking pretty bonny fresh officious snug fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless merry free-and-easy lively oily debonair meek soft-spoken shy moral non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like forgiving sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat cheering chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up jocund sunny glad fast barley-sugar noble-minded valorous selfless unceremonious bombastic favourite firm devoted nonmalignant cherished eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big regardful openhearted feeling deferential wholesome benefic pitying greathearted princely humanitarian philanthropical fatherlike clement heart in right place philanthropic openhanded freehanded on the same wavelength boisterous vivacious nonthreatening sunny side up dearest special favorite knightly easy to live with conflict-free free nearest and dearest close-knit witty ungrudging good egg all right measured en rapport spirited waggish sprightly in unison in step in rapport free from disagreement seeing eye to eye free-handed well-meaning fabulous gassy non-malignant pro encouraging appreciative well-intentioned down encouraging of supporting of in favour of vicarious supportive of approving in favor of approving of responsive to having a heart on the side of friendly to favourably disposed to receptive to well disposed to favorably disposed well-disposed towards favourably disposed towards in sympathy with tuned in

Tính từ

Remaining loyal and steadfast
faithful constant devoted loyal true dedicated staunch steadfast true-blue committed trusty dependable reliable unswerving unwavering trustworthy devout down-the-line dutiful fast good obedient pious stanch steady true-hearted trusted truthful immovable affectionate allegiant ardent believable circumspect confiding conscientious correct dyed-in-the-wool enduring firm genuine hard-core honest honorable honourable incorruptible loving patriotic resolute scrupulous sincere straight sure tried unchanging upright behind one on the level string along with tried and tested tried and true true to life passionate stable unfailing on one's side fanatical liege veracious driven diligent fervent earnest pledged motivated enthusiastic keen wholehearted zealous active bound intent assiduous sworn studious adherent engagé deep-dyed mad keen true blue hard-working card-carrying red-hot responsible unfaltering tried-and-true stalwart solid persistent fervid trustable calculable strong never-failing secure established safe determined uncompromising confirmed unshakable supportive proved intense absolute thorough fixed vehement unshakeable close decent righteous certain single-minded complete deep strict sound serious unflinching tenacious thoroughgoing credible stubborn unhesitating abiding out-and-out orthodox virtuous high-principled ethical through and through reputable stout obdurate vigorous principled inexorable inveterate respectful compliant entrenched pure hardened tested persevering infallible utter diehard long-established unqualified incorrigible impassioned long-standing tough deep-rooted up front just moral unbending unquestioning unapologetic unashamed well-established dogged undying die-hard indomitable unrelenting avid incurable right-minded obstinate undeviating purposeful unequivocal eager unyielding unflagging decisive unerring bona fide unimpeachable emphatic respectable deferential redoubtable approved proven certified keen as mustard reverent real profound creditable religious rigid authentic revering unadulterated creditworthy attentive proper venerating punctilious resilient sturdy inexhaustible regardful indefatigable adamant inflexible bosom chronic habitual stand-up unrepentant full-bore stiff heartfelt unlimited boon untiring set forceful predictable right-down arrant duteous adoring spirited intransigent positive filial total worthy truehearted estimable settled sensible eternal immutable resolved ingrained impeccable plucky irrepressible effective bred-in-the-bone definite gutsy gritty anti-corruption brave courageous competent deep-seated high-minded upstanding dead set on strong-willed tried and trusted strong-minded always there above suspicion rock solid stout-hearted unflappable standup straightforward main right-hand favorite important honored principal hopeless fundamentalist concerned traditional conservative impervious prayerful intimate dinkum in good faith durable inseparable unmistakable admiring consecrated heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping worshiping pietistic beyond hope unmovable changeless immobile unbribable go-to tireless daring unvarying rocklike copper-bottomed big doting exuberant as thick as thieves perfervid goody two-shoes careful incorrupt dyed-in-the wool uniform meticulous audacious steamroller unafraid nervy powerhouse even unremitting fond rabid unambiguous unstinting full unreserved categorical through-and-through rigorous exact iron-willed fierce feisty high-powered invariant legitimate valid good as one's word to be counted on carrying the load honoured favourite unmitigated unconditional unrestricted undivided hearty full-fledged instilled congenital infixed unchangeable deep-down endless boundless familial aggressive hard-nosed unalloyed noble nationalistic hanging tough unwearied weariless unceasing sagacious self-confident indisputable official indubitable uncounterfeited veritable bonafide unfaked sterling justified actual unquestionable original unfeigned undiluted warm outright deeply ingrained sedulous fastidious single-hearted old faithful perpetual inextinguishable immortal undestroyable untouchable adult rational ceaseless continuous to the core out and out bound and determined true to the end entire fullhearted hardy assertive capable of being trusted capable qualified able efficient self-reliant foolproof guaranteed mature unwearying energetic unending dynamic unretiring pedantic fussy uncorrupted conscionable exemplary above reproach irreproachable morally correct honest-to-goodness guileless self-righteous fair-minded law-abiding blameless above-board of good repute as keen as mustard fail-safe surefire unfading can't-miss continual jingoistic nationalist chauvinistic well-founded kosher regular firm in spirit independent perceptive two-fisted animated confident heroic tough-minded ironclad pushy self-assertive resourceful take charge mean saintly given over to sonly sororal family fraternal daughterly right nice bottomless finical nitpicking finicky without reservations hundred percent whole-souled whole-hearted fly right level-headed straight-up boy scout as good as one's word to be trusted sure-fire worthy of trust down home full of integrity flag-waving in a straight line veridical all right undistorted square same delivering lasting there come-through continuing consistent invariable relentless conforming mettlesome steely perseverant pertinacious undaunted loyalist xenophobic jingo implacable unshaken intrepid valiant no lie purposive indurate decided insistent bold counted on befitting a son or daughter spreadeagle isolationist statesmanlike unbendable deliberate strenuous manful persisting spunky seasoned submissive docile bulldog out rooted four-square intent on set on do-or-die determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle meaning business hell-bent on on one's mettle insistent on hell-bent upon bent on on the up and up rock-ribbed bent upon hell bent on intent upon reverential perennial lifelong intrenched indelible fiery torrid irredeemable unreformable compulsive ineradicable impenitent obsessive longtime supreme staid explicit accustomed inured habituated pliant biddable deferent sicker obligatory well-behaved binding well disciplined hard-line well established deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established well trained incumbent on

Tính từ

Serving, or causing something, to bind or fasten

Tính từ

Mutually dependent (especially of an unhealthy psychological relationship in which one person perpetuates another's addiction or harmful behaviour)

Động từ

Going out with someone

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attached Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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