Đồng nghĩa của added

Alternative for added

adds, added, adding

Đồng nghĩa: increase, join, put together, sum up, total, unite,

Trái nghĩa: subtract,

Động từ

To have added to something that already exists

Động từ

To have furnished with, or caused to be present
provided furnished prepared equipped implemented made available planned accommodated arranged for procured readied advanced allocated allotted anted up assigned brought forth came up with distributed donated extended fit fitted fitted out forked out issued laid out lay out lent lined parted with ponied up put forward put up spared turned out accoutred afforded apportioned armed arrayed attired ceded dealt out deeded doled out fixed up gave granted handed kitted out made over meted out offered organised outfitted parceled out parcelled out plied with portioned presented prorated provisioned purveyed ran rendered rigged rigged out staked stocked supplied transferred yielded came with catered to gave out handed out lined up made up raised rigged up rustled up set up stocked up stumped up installed managed organized set aside left reserved earmarked designated devoted deducted remitted allowed bestowed delivered endowed handed over given conferred contributed equipt imparted dispensed gifted accorded awarded proffered served invested appointed produced come up with fulfilled fitted up girt girded geared dished out shelled out filled favored bequeathed turned over endued favoured accoutered feed fed blessed blest kicked in kitted up tendered indued beared entrusted committed coughed up chipped in yolden yold catered pledged disbursed volunteered pitched in graced arranged relinquished put together administered shared provided for bequoth bequethen put at someone's disposal let someone have provided with payed paid met given out given away gave away satisfied lodged loaded assembled surrendered passed bore borne vouchsafed transmitted brought submitted passed out prepped refitted catered for laid on presented with conferred on concocted supported sold found restored sustained refilled restocked answered renewed covered made subscribed handled lavished packed passed round stored consigned trusted discharged laid bequested showered got ready forked over decked replenished groomed registered suited fixed fixt kitted sacrificed subsidized put forth cast injected plied sent entered sated made a donation of divvied let oneself in for passed on put on the market put in the hands of put out sent in got up dealt in made provision set forth traded in paid out furnished with lotted put in order come across with payed out put in subsidised let come through handed in gifted with sweetened the pot put dowered put oneself down for fitted the bill for partitioned filled up decked out expended spent loaden lay on knocked up knocked together whipped up cleared availed freed loaned refurbished founden retailed replaced forked up fand financed maintained reconditioned credited intrusted placed confided commended delegated reposed recommended enabled formulated constructed disseminated circulated regaled scooped dished up scraped up inflicted cooked indulged served up spooned handed round ladled developt developed composed achieved stockpiled tabled brightened proposed ventured empowered turned in laid down auctioned carried traded fabricated fashioned suggested sponsored funded dealt reloaded heaped refreshed gave up given up framed devised adapted formed charted calculated adjusted edited contrived conceived crafted designed drafted introduced improved mooted deployed touted victualed dispatched appareled hawked peddled apparelled flogged willed equaled equalled manned matched toted blueprinted harnessed perfected choreographed blent blended shaped budgeted projected referred followed observed propositioned aired ministered given a donation of gave a donation of slipped served the purpose supplied on credit pertained worked up came through freed up come across gave to sufficed for relegated carried out held out to bestowed on catered in surfeited passed around accommodated someone with rehabilitated endowed with subbed shared out paid in advance thought up divvied up divided packed a rod rationed given to granted to made a contribution of supplied with laid at one's feet dropped brought forward come with anticipated assisted laid something on sharked stashed fed the kitty kept supplying furbished meted heeled up placed at disposal made good on filled in measured up to spruced up sweetened the kitty appropriated came across with schemed out delivered the goods mapped out built up passed the hat carried through laid on one lived up to processed smoothed the way loan sharked smartened up got it up released settled tricked up lavished on dispersed draughted permitted satisficed clad showed slapped together settled on qualified for had divided out trafficked in satiated worked out invested in enhanced adorned complied with vested matched up to kept up with measured strategized about come up to diffused gussied up begifted vended enriched piled made a gift of had for sale rodded up jacked up gotten up measured out geared up obliged loaded up entrusted to trapped out clothed bestowed to belonged tricked out conveyed held out devolved made ready topped topped up made a pitch lent-lease lugged iron taken care of took care of lay down shope shapen putten begave begiven came across drawn up drew up given over gave over shown letten leet given with gave with given in gave in gave an opportunity given an opportunity adapted to adhered to came up to adjusted to given of gave of gotten in the act did your part got in the act done your part gotten it up

Động từ

(more contextual variations available below) To have uttered words using speech
said spoke declared pronounced stated uttered voiced exclaimed remarked announced mentioned put forth related reported responded answered came out with commented cried flapped gabbed gave away gave voice mumbled replied spieled yakked enounced mouthed muttered spouted talked vocalised vocalized whispered broke silence gave voice to blurted murmured noted observed shouted blabbered chirped drawled rapped rejoined jawed lipped sounded sounded out worded burst out intoned piped threw out indicated communicated suggested revealed divulged sayed cited specified disclosed told quoted inferred detailed continued continued to speak said further kept going stated further carried on persisted gone on went on went on to say alluded to gone on to say asserted attested proclaimed alluded argued alleged conveyed affirmed intimated contended claimed maintained opined vouched stressed testified crowed predicted recited read proposed protested enunciated professed insisted imparted expressed put forward broadcast set forth delivered put into words presented put across asseverated averred aired come out with avouched submitted made known articulated avowed showed expounded sweared spelled out set out spelt out broadcasted published vented put explained verbalized purported propounded promulgated warranted passed verbalised raised spoken spake spread rendered laid down pointed out brought out described ventilated evidenced narrated addrest addressed publicized denoted bespoke recounted admitted exposed declaimed clarified publicised given voice to testified to confirmed held displayed shown demonstrated reflected rehearsed sworn swore guaranteed betokened witnessed phrased designated offered signalled signaled advanced represented exhibited advocated framed stipulated evinced outlined interjected interposed repeated discussed emphasized talked about got across vouched for pointed to weighed in emphasised made public read out put in words reeled off corroborated made signified vowed certified substantiated orated verified proved tabled gave given formulated allowed summarized relayed relaid couched advertised advertized readen uncovered editorialized pressed prest commented on lay down reasserted reaffirmed elucidated confessed mouthed off passed on referred to returned popped off editorialised handed down summarised brought in given utterance to gave utterance to piped up with beared witness to modulated delineated bespake bespoken produced anchored list catalogued thrown out served gave expression to given expression to hosted particularized meaned meant adjudicated decreed manifested authenticated emceed disseminated holden implied illustrated established circulated enumerated symbolized annunciated portrayed acknowledged elaborated supported deposed decided judged mooted posited heralded trumpeted imported blared moved putten broached postulated debated preached praught blazoned told of flashed predicated identified explicated validated clad clothed notified soliloquized gotten across animadverted cataloged hinted insinuated informed given away poured out let on touched on allegated put over brought forward set down spoken about chimed in bore witness passed comment read aloud put it on record spoke about particularised wisecracked put one's finger on borne witness talked of symbolised put in two cents read out loud put down for commentated made out made clear brought into the open provided dropped prove proven attested to gave out given out gave vent to administered gave an account of given an account of sworn to swore to given vent to gave forth fronted espoused listed compered itemized betrayed reiterated breathed typified issued marked advised introduced arbitrated ruled sealed tabulated paraphrased endorsed numerated invoked ratified chipped in posted equaled blazed recorded equalled characterized registered released determined placarded adduced depicted defined vindicated foretold looked spelled ventured volunteered pledged stood for distinguished spilled chattered spilt pleaded pled bore out borne out embellished named epitomized recapitulated adjured circumstantiated instanced inflected intonated connoted pointed at brandished decided on pegged passed judgment sounded off deciphered resolved said aloud mounted yammered chimed pressed for stood up for passed judgement on made evident roared contributed analysed characterised sat in judgement on got over shot one's wad arranged showcased hung sign on passed comment on ejaculated unfolded appeared engaged gave evidence witnessed to asked laid down the law substituted for chinned translated sustained ruled on individualized retold pitched come to specialized pointed toward doped out spoken out reported on ticked off made it known figured out restated tagged gone into pinned down requested insisted on interpreted discovered countersigned given forth upheld passed down said something about analyzed gave testimony fingered featured laid out settled on solved epitomised given evidence remarked on given testimony said out loud sweated details cracked backed up arrived at itemised spoke out stuck up for cleared up subscribed yelled added up said so had your say quoted chapter and verse crossed heart corresponded to blabbed deposed to accosted individualised regurgitated individuated provided evidence of shot off one's mouth tokened gassed specialised went into made a ruling on got off tabbed had a say sat in judgment enforced shouted from the rooftops equated with perorated brought up broken silence given voice took the wraps off taken the wraps off gotten off spoke of spoken of spoke clearly spoke coherently spoken coherently spoken clearly given a recitation gave a recitation gone went gave words to given words to gave blow-by-blow given blow-by-blow gave rundown given rundown drawn up got down to brass tacks flown speck drew up lay out gotten down to brass tacks flew speck came to given utterance gave utterance gave expression given expression gotten over gave a verdict on gave a ruling on given a verdict on given a ruling on gave credence to given credence to given proof of threw your weight behind upholden thrown your weight behind gave proof of sang swore up and down sworn up and down gave facts given facts gave one's word given one's word sungen sung

Động từ

To have made a quantity bigger
increased raised enlarged improved incremented boosted enhanced furthered expanded extended proliferated advanced amplified elevated heightened maximized optimized augmented developed enriched inflated progressed strengthened consolidated magnified multiplied compounded doubled escalated aggrandized ameliorated bettered broadened built grew lengthened lifted reinforced upped accelerated added to amassed beefed up built up bumped up cranked up deepened hiked up inflamed jacked up reenforced snowballed spread stepped up swelled tripled widened annexed blew up dilated distended fleshed out marked up mounted padded protracted pumped up ratcheted up redoubled sharpened shot up slapped on supersized supplemented tacked on upraised upscaled went up drew out elongated followed up hyped made better made bigger made greater made larger maximised optimised parlayed prolonged pullulated pumped teemed thickened topped up waxed accrued developt exacerbated hiked spiked intensified run up grown swoll swollen ran up accumulated burgeoned mushroomed ballooned climbed bourgeoned lift appreciated boomed gained rolled up stoked risen rose rocketed upgraded clomb clumb fortified aggravated mounted up soared flourished spiralled spiraled surged skyrocketed thrived gathered accentuated prospered worsened made worse exaggerated amped up buttressed roused supported worked up picked up put up cultivated bloomed stimulated filled out exalted elaborated refined evolved pyramided hardened intensated uplifted increased rapidly become more numerous piled up jumped up collected stretched straught braced bolstered matured toughened made progress invigorated made headway thriven throve embellished feed fed cumulated shored up upsurged built on blown up spread out jazzed up souped up envigorated made stronger leaped up increased in size perfected promoted blossomed gone up scaled up gotten bigger got bigger nourished made strides fattened seasoned sustained steeled sprouted stiffened indurated propagated emphasized inured cemented exploded flowed aroused become larger jumped grew rapidly grown rapidly flowered got larger filled sweetened boosted up come on made healthy emphasised increased exponentially buoyed up toned up run riot fostered produced polished updated secured substantiated shaped up touched up brushed up smartened up fine-tuned puffed up whetted worked out moved forward awakened became more numerous forged ahead fueled fuelled concentrated nurtured acquired diversified shored stockpiled encouraged succeeded revitalized defended vitalized backed up leaped leapt modernized transformed modernised revolutionized restored meliorated endowed swarmed stressed confirmed propped poised readied nerved toned sprung up sprang up emerged lightened ascended brightened sprung topped speeded up put on a spurt bloated increased in scope pushed up burst outspread set up revitalised sped up put on put fuel on fattened up come along revolutionised got stronger set off come of age perked up heated up held up het up burst forth prepared increased dramatically ripened spread quickly turned up bulwarked bucked up expounded detailed improved on enlivened arose arisen explicated fast-tracked smartened became larger straightened out grew in grown in excited went through the roof raked together rounded out reequipped injected gone through the roof spurred on reequipt toughened up ran riot raked up came on dredged up tended upheld tempered mustered overstated unfolded issued underpinned gladdened bred rigidified ensued followed honed complemented shore protected dramatized overplayed embroidered annealed coarsened luxuriated undergirded stayed propped up opened beared carried unrolled moved pushed changed kept burning overestimated mended poked metastasized garrisoned stirred forearmed rekindled favoured advantaged inspirited titivated helped favored become bigger amended renewed aided heartened surged up nutrified advertised underlined advertized altered metamorphosed revived elated developed rapidly benefited benefitted established uprose uprisen maintained jacked overemphasized hyperbolized embattled added fuel to gained strength quickened adapted complicated headed transmogrified differentiated proceeded rejuvenated harshened justified inclined sprang supplied subsidized confused confounded stuffed spurted aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted towered escaladed diffused piggybacked charged up came along billowed become better stretched the truth broadened one's horizons trucked poured it on added insult to injury adapted yourself pushed on totted tagged on psyched up been successful practised empowered given strength to practiced reflated gingered up given a boost to got to acclimatised added fuel to the flames darkened sent through the roof acquired more of something bolstered up contributed to hopped up pushed ahead branched out pervaded started to be corroborated geed up heaped on reached came of age welled increased suddenly ramped up pressed on swelled up increased in value opened out peaked encouraged the growth of made complex worked one's way surcharged sinewed spruced up scaled eked out stacked up increased in piled on pressed forward worked on rearmed fetched up moved onward crammed entrenched subsidised increased in weight sent up dramatised pointed covered ground made a big thing out of rallied straightened up safeguarded added on overemphasised deteriorated become greater given a lift to turned over new leaf fanned the flames of girt went through the ceiling nursed pushed forward brightened up detonated shot gave a boost to puffed out fed up firmed up derived educed accented braced up rounded off made intricate acclimatized made richer conditioned got something into shape poured got better climatized become large rained provided for developed quickly piled become more powerful marched on stoked up rubbed salt in the wound gone through the ceiling were successful was successful regenerated added fuel to fire made strong continued speeded added value walled made first rate gave substance to goosed up polished up sped stocked up moved on gave strength to cheered up added value to made louder overrun extended operations filled up gained ground made firm acclimated enforced got on girded gave a lift to upholden given a boost gave a boost holp holpen got higher gotten higher became bigger bore borne overdone overdid added fuel became greater aped up went up in price gone up in price added fuel to the fire grown quickly grew quickly overran driven drove drave druv given substance to went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse got taller gotten taller grown greater grew greater grown larger grew larger grown stronger grew stronger done well did well rose in value risen in value grew full became large gotten to grown full gave new energy to given new energy to gone went became more powerful brast gone off went off bursten did up gave a facelift to done up drove forward driven forward given a facelift to blown out of all proportion swollen up drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blew out of all proportion moved ahead gone forward shotten went forth gone forth went forward risen rapidly rose rapidly gotten hold of got hold of grown up became better gotten better grew up gotten on took steps forward taken steps forward bore fruit gone great guns gotten on well got on well went great guns borne fruit unfurled disentangled padded out played out transitioned animated wrought worked panned out finished brought alive

Động từ

Past tense for to incorporate new, or additional, elements or ingredients into a mix


On top of one or ones previously referred to

Phó từ

In addition

Trái nghĩa của added

added Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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