Đồng nghĩa của pumped

Alternative for pumped

pumps, pumped, pumping

Đồng nghĩa: heart, ticker,

Tính từ

(informal) Full of excitement for a particular subject, activity or event
enthused excited enthusiastic psyched eager keen stoked thrilled animated ardent aroused geeked great inspired juiced passionate raring stimulated stirred charged desirous high moved nuts wild agog antsy anxious athirst avid crazy delighted feverish hungry impatient solicitous thirsty voracious awakened hot fired up gung ho hopped-up keyed up pumped up geared up hepped up juiced up psyched up worked up beside oneself cranked up on fire rarin' to go champing at the bit chomping at the bit greedy zealous longing yearning fervent itching ready fanatical craving dying lively energetic spirited willing intent appetent hankering pining restless obsessed interested keen as mustard vehement vivacious desiring exhilarated ready and willing dedicated wholehearted raring to go ambitious aching exuberant gagging breathless as keen as mustard motivated devoted high-spirited game perfervid earnest sprightly fervid mad keen covetous delirious mad wishing nutty ebullient hot to trot committed determined titillated manic thirsting intense stirred up frenetic fevered hearty wishful itchy inclined amped crazed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed dying to desirous of pleased animate elated impassioned driven unrestrained atingle potty insatiable daft intent on fiery warm dynamic grasping acquisitive expectant amenable hopeful zestful disposed roused aflame afire ravenous gone on rapacious active diligent assiduous itching for dying for restive on tenterhooks in a hurry full of beans waiting with bated breath hankering after approving enamoured inflamed touched electrified very keen edgy bursting desperate enamored lusting avaricious curious chafing straining dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to impetuous restored refreshed revitalized burning hoping inspirited galvanized energized enthralled prepared encouraged uplifted influenced activated vigorous gotta have revitalised straining at the leash disorderly in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on aggressive proactive bullish banzai riled up up effervescent uncontrollable frantic raving frenzied uproarious hysterical bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless energised galvanised ripe heated rabid hung up habitual happy unreluctant engaged diehard glad set unruly fierce set on bent on on pins and needles self-starting on the edge of one's seat untrammeled tumultuous untrammelled full of enthusiasm fain take-charge can-do consumed with desire extremely enthusiastic self-driven angry furious high as a kite fascinated passional minded all agog all a-gog in a frenzy rhapsodic wacky forceful tantalized industrious concerned unqualified chafing at the bit partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust in suspense longing for hoping for wanting conscientious gaga tantalised bugged zesty warmblooded favourably inclined very excited turnt red-hot keen on in the mood jumping up and down up for on for of a mind pysched up wigged-out steamed up hyperactive anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for predatious gluttonous ready for willing for avid for edacious hoggish ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring lustful keen for hopeful for envious with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of in want of thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for turned on aspiring to euphoric exultant joyful jubilant cheerful ecstatic joyous exalted blissful elevated enraptured gleeful overjoyed cheered bouncy merry lighthearted puffed up light-hearted on cloud nine emotional steadfast demonstrative torrid devout sincere religious incandescent hot-blooded heartfelt warm-blooded superheated resolute flaming purposeful blazing staunch glowing unwavering obsessive deep single-minded strong profound true firm infatuated extreme genuine enterprising pushy faithful obstinate serious loyal persistent go-ahead go-getting tenacious steady resolved rapt fixated dogged unfeigned unfaltering assertive stubborn effusive fond untiring absorbed strong-willed rapturous militant responsive positive confident dutiful unreserved emphatic uninhibited intoxicated bent fanatic striving violent unflinching addicted constant progressive pioneering fixed deeply felt persevering loving optimistic pious honest insistent stalwart enchanted cordial uncompromising true-blue giddy loud possessed unflagging buoyant hard-driving noisy gushing extravagant on the make true blue expressive entranced vociferous consuming engrossed sworn stanch hooked lyrical settled urgent over-enthusiastic strong-minded self-assertive affectionate deep-seated compulsive enrapt unshakeable tender smitten impulsive good captivated raging cheery card-carrying outspoken over the moon ruthless indefatigable sure power-hungry assured jovial addicted to frank clamorous fulsome excitable upbeat feeling strident forthright full-hearted bona fide immoderate self-seeking lavish goal-oriented affable powerful transported indomitable bent upon unhesitating gung-ho from the heart sentimental excessive eager beaver bigoted gushy amiable preoccupied open cock-a-hoop vocal real reinvigorated raw occupied ravished welcoming heady focused overenthusiastic dyed-in-the-wool thorough deep-rooted sent sympathetic unbending concentrated in raptures immersed unyielding pledged supportive plucky voluble in transports mettlesome in seventh heaven gutsy thrilling warmhearted wrapped ungovernable focussed obsessional enlivened blissed out undeviating dreamy fast warm-hearted decisive in love studious OTT gone dinkum hard-working crazy about sanguine down-the-line deep-dyed over the top jolly adherent beside oneself with happiness beside oneself with joy solid self-confident certain power-loving high-reaching decided self-asserting hell-bent uncontrolled get up and go on top of the world disposed to look on the bright side tickled gritty tickled pink plain-spoken inveterate complete profuse full direct candid friendly kindly soapy forcible unrestricted unconstrained heightened genial fired oleaginous hagiographical hagiographic expansive adulatory unctuous unquenchable absolute total mushy wanton besetting abiding monomaniacal acute over-effusive rhapsodical beatific messianic opinionated pleasant kind sensitive full-throated sexy oily emboldened reassured deepest involved inspiring benevolent caring unswerving raucous adventurous steely comforting biased undaunted high-powered consumed hospitable bold feisty amicable compassionate empathetic red-blooded touchy-feely immovable tempestuous thoroughgoing heartwarming bound obdurate pertinacious irrepressible delightful attentive out glib unrelenting sultry eloquent stirring dependent ablaze gracious comradely riveted congenial good-natured concentrating sociable iron-willed licentious hopped up orgasmic hyped up all-consuming pleasing extremist bewitched neighborly bright floating satisfied gratifying companionable tireless authentic ferocious berserk mad about whole-souled bonhomous convivial matey chummy attached palsy spellbound floating on air very enthusiastic neighbourly solemn high-pressure buddy-buddy sizzling adoring sedulous nuts about palsy-walsy out-and-out irrational doubtless cocksure dead set dependent on habituated turned-on two-fisted secure full of determination desiring success like a ball of fire under the influence laid on with a trowel of good cheer jonesing for wrapped up strung out self-assured heart-to-heart given over to jonesing on self-directed queer amped-up reborn hardboiled buckled down responsible tried tried-and-true proselytizing evangelistic poetic self-motivated blunt temperamental allegiant rash inflexible arousing titillating abject entrenched dithyrambic engagé melodramatic susceptible overwrought dizzy severe hard-core rooted extraordinary intrenched exceptional resilient radical incensed aglow born-again revolutionary carried away explosive volatile spunky compelled dependable revived invigorated fortified heartened free-spoken exciting overcharged admiring consecrated aflutter revolutionist lacking supreme rousing grave intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be budding unshakable unbendable unshaken beguiled besotted charmed wild-eyed zealotic fireball doting big bubbling over irresistible compelling overwhelming open-mouthed passionate about enthusiastic about verklempt sentient peppery gingery articulate wild about fond of sweet on impelled adamant goody-goody worshipping worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic urgently requiring hard future possible prospective likely pronounced hyper potent moving poignant precipitate headlong affecting hotblooded quickened proselytising evangelical lovesick using hard-nosed induced fuming driving maudlin supported aided renewed deliberate do-or-die looking on the bright side chipper buoyed up peppy sparky piqued thrusting sagacious taken love-struck seduced pushed steered guided unstinting unambiguous categorical pushing implicit clear competitive confirmed bred-in-the-bone dear agreeable collegial goody two-shoes overemotional overdone mawkish nostalgic erotic steamy sensual visionary unlimited unmitigated unequivocal unconditional undivided unremitting relentless hardy brave tough courageous ultra cozy polite mellow social coming on strong telelogical calculated smooth-spoken facile plainspoken fluent free venting stentorian round crying out in great need of alive upfront cutthroat sustained rigorous rigid endeavoring endeavouring reassuring affectious clubby cosy thunderstruck astounded flabbergasted participating unalloyed unadulterated utter corny jejune languishing affected insipid overacted inane impressionable bathetic icky cloying idealistic moonstruck bloodthirsty unabated stringent wackadoodle wackadoo hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow independent perceptive heroic mean take charge ridibund undoubtful in good heart wasted shooting up abusing with a … habit prone unpretending meant fearless up for it in urgent need defiant bullheaded warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy rebel busy enduring undiluted unquestioning outright shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about nutso over neurotic on edge eulogistic hell-bent on mean business hell-bent upon gratified satisfying thankful chuffed erratic partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious incorrigible twenty-four carat actual undissembled honest to God pretensionless undesigning urged on firm in spirit stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful entire fullhearted playing hard ball dead set on be out for blood nose to the grindstone pyretic febrile pleasurable heavenly enjoyable foaming at the mouth off the air on the warpath with bated breath fit to be tied understanding uplifting nurturing affirmative inspiriting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke bound and determined self-possessed terrorist unchecked rampant contributing influential activist over-the-top concupiscent salacious lewd lubricious libidinous satyric lascivious lecherous randy horny peaceful idyllic spaced-out harmonious wonderful flying cool perfect overpowering clamant obstreperous helpful employed working in ecstasies whole-hearted sweating nuts for high on in the twilight zone in ecstasy loudmouthed dewy-eyed maniacal intolerant hopping bustling forward overflowing mad on hundred percent protective cheering heartening appreciative calming soothing gladdening runaway uncurbed watchful transfixed gripped lost lovey-dovey overzealous overexcited jumping for joy athrill delirious with happiness in exaltation sunny blubbery hammy romantic prurient intrigued observant mesmerized yawping yauping ranting vociferant vociferating blatant shouting squawking demanding caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling burning up nervous flushed febrific without reservations never-failing unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided partisan walking on air hypnotized held upwardly mobile stimulating boosting fulfilling encouraging tied-up alert enticed prodigious infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko outpouring flying high very happy rowdy boisterous distracting shrill mesmerised hypnotised anticipative through and through unhampered unhindered unstoppable uncontainable unbounded full-on abandoned riotous welcome infected naked insane corybantic deranged freaked out overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased bitten unwell virulent flipped ill really into head over heels deep in caught up locked in dialed in pleased as punch tickled to death in transports of delight anticipating trusting trustful hectic predisposed imbued accustomed hyped full of hope looking forward to calm comfortable keeping the faith at ease content anticipant expecting omnivorous unappeasable self-indulgent turbulent undisciplined unmanageable ungoverned unconcealed chaotic madcap generous given to abusing spaced out used to in the habit of using wedded to given to prone to given to using single-hearted old faithful free-flowing wolfish backslapping true to the end unbridled all over someone devouring gannet-like gay empty gorging gross sating piggy starving starved dog-hungry back-slapping deep-felt good natured fatherly benign very hungry inviting liberal approachable likable maternal charitable starved to death likeable softhearted motherly kindhearted paternal good-humoured good-humored

Động từ

To have made a quantity bigger
increased raised enlarged improved incremented boosted enhanced furthered expanded extended proliferated advanced amplified elevated heightened maximized optimized augmented developed enriched inflated progressed strengthened consolidated magnified multiplied compounded doubled escalated aggrandized ameliorated bettered broadened built grew lengthened lifted reinforced upped accelerated added to amassed beefed up built up bumped up cranked up deepened hiked up inflamed jacked up reenforced snowballed spread stepped up swelled tripled widened annexed blew up dilated distended fleshed out marked up mounted padded protracted pumped up ratcheted up redoubled sharpened shot up slapped on supersized supplemented tacked on upraised upscaled went up added drew out elongated followed up hyped made better made bigger made greater made larger maximised optimised parlayed prolonged pullulated teemed thickened topped up waxed lift swoll swollen soared developt rocketed accrued accumulated ballooned bloated aerated climbed puffed up grown blown up rose risen skyrocketed bourgeoned tumefied burgeoned gained clumb clomb intensified spiralled spiraled swarmed gone up collected jacked got larger filled with air piled appreciated ramped up increased in value leaped up filled up blew blown gone up in price went up in price gotten bigger got bigger exacerbated aggravated mushroomed worsened accentuated exaggerated made worse amped up hiked stoked upgraded boomed fortified exalted cultivated bolstered intensated rolled up stretched straught emphasized fostered picked up pyramided mounted up emphasised scaled up perfected roused upsurged promoted added fuel to the flames run up embellished overstated embroidered encouraged cemented increased in size spiked complicated colored buttressed coloured hyperbolized become larger refined fudged put on polished filled out uplifted sweetened added insult to injury put up set off put salt on the wound touched up fattened helped supported elaborated renewed overemphasized nurtured stimulated substantiated corroborated overestimated empowered stiffened stressed made stronger catastrophized dramatized gathered falsified fabricated boasted bragged puffed lied elaborated on souped up dramatised overemphasised fanned the flames of piled up added fuel to the fire rubbed salt in the wound heated up het up updated secured loudened shaped up straightened out made strides quickened hastened amended established ran up fueled fuelled excited inspired concentrated sprouted seasoned toughened restored hardened set right emboldened sustained justified upheld bloomed invigorated underlined inspirited steeled flourished surged overstressed overplayed became larger underpinned distorted complemented provoked become louder tightened backed up firmed up made firm confirmed misrepresented misreported misquoted gained strength caricatured corrupted spread out stretched the truth increased rapidly pushed up outspread set up jazzed up made a mountain out of a molehill romanticised dressed up sent up envigorated cooked up become greater buoyed up spread on thick hit on toned up made too much of fanned the flames played up jumped up shored up turned up made louder laid it on thick romanticized holp holpen improved on overdone overdid built on worked up prospered fast-tracked smartened brushed up smartened up fine-tuned increased in extent blown out of proportion blew out of proportion reformed reaffirmed corrected made headway increased in complexity adjusted forced up stirred up revamped worked out honed moved forward aged made progress forged ahead revised assured reiterated reasserted restated emended purified edited rectified recuperated suited fixed fixt evolved delighted pushed animated stabilized authenticated thrilled galvanized made perfect bred flowered modified spurred perked up exhilarated turned the corner upholden crescendoed overvalued overdrawn overdrew electrified enlivened championed motivated maturated aroused elated infuriated irritated endorsed settled oversold opened thrived propagated bulked meliorated bulged maddened solidified vexed cumulated vitalized vext exasperated enraged candied heartened overpitched grown louder advertised grew louder advertized beefed revitalized became louder transported incentivized assisted maintained rewarded mellowed incentified buoyed aided damaged inured gilt gilded varnished become distended endowed envenomed embittered lent more weight to added colour filled nourished indurated rejuvenated harshened aggregated manifolded expatiated vaulted towered escaladed diffused piggybacked upsized rubbed salt in a wound scammed poured it on made a big thing of became greater annoyed tagged on highlighted boosted up rattled one's cage romanced rubbed salt in the wounds gingered up filled with joy ascended given a boost to got to made more rigorous laid it on with a shovel shot a line become bigger darkened sent through the roof laid it on with a trowel made higher bolstered up rounded out hopped up become stronger fed the fire intumesced fired the imagination of bigged up started to be loud talked made a production out of impaired magnified importance made matters worse made healthy made a federal case of geed up heaped on went to extremes revitalised welled increased suddenly enlarged on piled it on about overembellished made complex made a drama out of a crisis sinewed galvanised scaled confused increased exponentially fattened up emphasized too much spurred on piled it on yeasted become worse piled on grew in heated fetched up energized went from bad to worse egged on lightened overelaborated big upped made stricter prettied up toughened up become more numerous energised hotted up increased in weight laid it on thick about ratcheted pointed retraced laid on made more stringent laid it on with a trowel about made a big thing out of rallied got stronger harmonized with made federal case gone from bad to worse deteriorated made secure stabilised added detail to bulked up gone to extremes blew up out of all proportion added flesh to repeated whetted exploded jumped gave a boost to potentiated puffed out grown in accented braced up made intricate made richer twisted the knife made more rigid backed become strong overexaggerated het become large blown up out of all proportion confounded exaggerated information defended fruited regenerated pushed one's button goosed up increased dramatically integrated with compounded the problem stocked up brightened toned made mountain out of molehill ripened bucked up enforced made stable become loud sprung up sprang up taken off took off driven drove drave druv got higher gotten higher thriven uprose throve uprisen became distended arose arisen gave weight to given weight to stuffed added fuel became more numerous became worse became bigger went into detail about gone into detail about lay on drew the longbow blew something out of all proportion drawn the longbow blown something out of all proportion got taller gotten taller grew full became large gotten to grown full grown stronger grew stronger given strength to gave new energy to added fuel to given new energy to added fuel to fire gave strength to grown quickly grew quickly drew the long bow drawn the long bow gone with went with blown up out of proportion blew up out of proportion went through the roof risen rapidly gone through the roof rose up went through the ceiling gone through the ceiling risen up rose rapidly became stronger became strong became loud grown loud grew loud

Động từ

Past tense for move in spurts as though driven by a pump
spurted jetted flooded flowed poured ran run spouted squirted streamed coursed gushed spilled spilt surged cascaded discharged rushed spewed spewn welled disembogued fired shot shotten slooshed let off burst swooshed erupted sprayed issued ejected disgorged expelled emanated sprung emitted belched fountained eructed spritzed belched forth rolled bursten brast sprang swirled squeezed spitted spat emerged oozed exuded poured out flowed out sent forth spewed out shed leaked cast out spit out excreted vented trickled dripped released seeped sluiced cast dribbled vomited overflowed sent out ejaculated evacuated secreted deluged spat out poured forth put out output radiated extruded rippled exhaled swelled expired welled forth irradiated gave out given out sputtered threw out thrown out drained gave off given off bled irrupted diffused welled up effused reeked transmitted passed yielded teemed gurgled percolated emptied regurgitated tumbled exudated whirled voided produced evolved spilled out breathed out swoll swollen brimmed inundated proceeded drizzled burst out exploded hurled glided glid dropped burst forth belched out let out brimmed over streamed forth spread weeped wept coughed up sprouted escaped expended beamed hiccuped hiccupped distilled spewed forth yolden yold outsent let flow perspired breathed purged expectorated leaked out oozed out seeped out gushed out spurted out sweat spiralled wafted spiraled splashed burped eddied heaved hove given vent to gave vent to steamed purled babbled eructated billowed flushed welled out abounded stemmed pullulated swept drifted slipped rilled bucketed transferred sheeted dispensed drenched lashed ruptured boiled extravasated seethed upchucked regorged watered strained eliminated dislodged forced out slid rustled swished whizzed touched off transuded thrown up threw up exhausted sent chucked it down repeated gulped ventilated posseted drained away spoke spake spoken drooled loosed threw off thrown off breathed forth gushed forth run out sweated spilled over issued forth churned out trilled flushed out squirted out broke broken brake risen rose sodden sod driven out drove out slidden sprung up sprang up gone went blew lunch blown lunch arose arisen given forth gone bang gone off went off gave forth went bang ran out broke out broken out fallen in drops fell in drops

Động từ

Past tense for to throb, especially with a thumping sound
thumped throbbed pulsated pulsed palpitated pounded thudded vibrated hammered drummed quopped thrilled raced panted pitter-pattered went pit-a-pat gone pit-a-pat beat heavily beaten heavily beat pitapatted quivered fluttered reverberated thrummed pit-a-patted beaten trembled pitpatted twitched beat rapidly ticked undulated oscillated fluctuated quoke quaked shivered juddered twittered surged heaved hove beaten rapidly roared ebbed and flowed shuddered palpated jounced writhed bobbed quavered resonated strummed rose and fell risen and fallen writhen wrothe echoed resounded ringed swayed wobbled rippled re-echoed reechoed boomed hummed waved sounded wavered moved shaken shook bustled tapped whirled buzzed stirred clacked rung rang convulsed rocked agitated vacillated rolled flowed wabbled tremored jittered twisted seesawed pattered rattled clattered moved to and fro clacketed bickered tingled flapped pealed rumbled swelled swung curled jiggled bucketed joggled jolted jerked quailed billowed threshed flitted wafted swirled flailed wagged twirled tottered reproduced dithered ruffled flicked thrashed swept wigwagged reeled streamed had an air of were busy was busy been busy trilled thundered warbled wiggled droned murmured flickered faltered ached reflected clicked repeated swished coiled motioned swollen recoiled reacted rebound rebounded redounded flinched noted pelted pendulated beat irregularly started tick-tocked snicked blew blown spattered patted worked moved spasmodically doddered wrought beat weakly jarred flown flew bounced back moved back and forth exhibited arrhythmia moved from side to side filled the air caught the wind skipped a beat missed a beat weaved swaggered aken beaten irregularly ticktocked beaten weakly shook like a leaf shaken like a leaf woven wove

Động từ

Past tense for to produce or cause to produce loud continuous music or other noise

Trái nghĩa của pumped

pumped Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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