Đồng nghĩa của dressed up

Tính từ

Dressed in livery, uniformed, especially of a servant or a chauffeur

Động từ

Past tense for to dress in (especially fine) clothes
arrayed attired clad clothed dressed drest appareled apparelled bedecked caparisoned costumed decked out dolled up did up done up enrobed garbed garmented gowned habited invested robed suited toileted vestured beautified decorated embellished got up gotten up improved overdressed preened prettified primped prinked revamped rigged out slicked smartened titivated fitted out fixed up gussied up spiffed up spruced up togged out togged up decked outfitted tricked out accoutred bedizened turned out tricked up draped suited up adorned cladded tarted up fit put on smartened up donned togged equipped tidied trapped out groomed put on evening dress put in order spiffed slipped on bundled up slipped into fitted brushed equipt smoothed trimmed swathed admired arranged plumed neatened cleaned up made neat glamorized trigged prettied glamorised prepared spruced got ready covered duded up put on your gladrags put on your best bib and tucker put clothes on kitted out figged up wrapped wrapt changed put on best clothes primmed sleeked washed worn wore cleaned ornamented garnished rigged furbelowed gilded gilt combed prettied up gentrified made pretty made attractive freshened pranked enwrapped fussed habilitated glammed up dressed in harnessed dizened got into rigged up dogged out coated furnished fussed over appareled oneself breeched had on redecorated dressed oneself endued liveried jacketed dressed to kill mantled disguised prinked up bedraped vested dressed up to the nines accoutered clad yourself in freshened up endowed attired oneself got on geared trigged up dandified clad oneself wore formal clothes worn formal clothes prankt got dressed gotten dressed given something a facelift gave something a facelift got dressed up gotten dressed up drew on gotten into gotten on drawn on supplied set up furnished with provisioned armed got dressed in togged oneself out in togged oneself up in flung on arrayed oneself in rigged oneself out in accoutred oneself in poured oneself into refitted changed into dressed oneself in girt fitted up pulled on kitted up decked oneself out in girded dolled oneself up in climbed into threw on thrown on

Động từ

Past tense for dress in a special costume for fun or as part of an entertainment

Động từ

Past tense for to make more beautiful or attractive by adorning or decorating
embellished adorned decorated decked dressed drest graced ornamented beautified enriched garnished trimmed enhanced bedecked festooned gilded gilt furnished bedizened caparisoned varnished arrayed bespangled blazoned did done did up done up draped emblazed emblazoned embossed fancified zhooshed befrilled bejewelled bejeweled brightened up furbelowed gingered up aggrandized amplified dolled up did out done out enlarged fancied up fudged gussied up jazzed up overdid overdone overstated prettified prettied up zhooshed up tarted up fixed up gave details given details spiffed up spruced up added bells and whistles set off decked out tricked out wreathed engarlanded got up garlanded swathed accessorized embroidered brightened accessorised bedight gotten up smartened idealized glamorized improved titivated pranked prinked beribboned glamorised idealised supplemented complemented augmented prettied suited romanticized bedighted equipped accented showed off freshened made beautiful larded gemmed hanged hung redecorated remodeled revamped remodelled glorified furbished added to glazed painted elaborated perfected burnished frilled primped finished prankt polished colored spruced coloured illuminated covered looped threaded exaggerated added on made up spangled hemmed fringed edged revitalised revivified revitalized vivified smartened up dressed out giftwrapped romanticised made more attractive added the finishing touch to added ornament to added some colour to glamoured up made better livened up equipt gone with went with shown off thridden thrid added ornament added finishing touches crowned fit set customized modded modified suspended clad clothed customised attired appareled apparelled packaged slung dangled styled fixed fixt slicked appointed accoutered rigged papered fastened fitted gentrified strung adapted renovated tailored wallpapered shaped rigged out mensed gift-wrapped slang shope shapen

Động từ

Past tense for make a performance of
dramatised dramatized exaggerated overdid overdone overstated amplified sensationalised sensationalized catastrophized embellished embroidered hyperbolized inflated magnified overemphasised overemphasized overplayed overstressed aggrandized colored coloured elaborated gilded gilt heightened play-acted acted blew up blown up burlesqued enacted executed expanded on melodramatized performed playacted presented produced showed shown splashed staged touched up tragedized hamming up hammed up laid on lay on played up gave color to given color to hammed it up laid it on laid it on thick made a performance of played on heartstrings played to gallery played to the gallery made a big thing out of made a production of blew up out of all proportion blown up out of all proportion padded stretched straught varnished spread on thick elaborated on gingered up added flesh to overestimated fudged stretched the truth falsified made mountain out of molehill jazzed up yeasted enhanced interlarded built up exaggerated information enlarged on expanded puffed romanticized made federal case overembellished romanticised enlarged distended lied fleshed out overelaborated added detail to went into detail about gone into detail about emphasized exalted boosted spread pyramided emphasised put on made a mountain out of a molehill increased augmented swelled extended intensified pumped up overrated escalated overdrew overdrawn misquoted bragged hiked boasted fabricated misrepresented misreported crammed widened ballooned bloated filled maximised surcharged maximized aggravated overcharged puffed up made a mountain out of swelled up beefed up drawn the long bow drew the long bow made a production out of made a federal case of made mountain of molehill made too much of emphasized too much swoll swollen blew out of proportion blown out of proportion drove up went up swollen up driven up gone up blown out of all proportion blew out of all proportion

Động từ

Past tense for to tell (usually fraudulently) in such a way as to render less severe or serious

Động từ

Past tense for to conceal or disguise (one's thoughts, feelings, or character)
dissimulated dissembled shammed faked feigned pretended counterfeited bluffed postured posed acted masqueraded disguised masked hid hidden veiled concealed deceived obscured cloaked suppressed lied camouflaged bearded made out put on an act let on put up a front went through the motions gone through the motions made a pretense made a show put on a false front presented a false face presented a false front put on a front put up a smoke screen simulated affected falsified whitewashed put on covered up assumed professed misled stonewalled shrouded veneered varnished downplayed misrepresented minimized pussyfooted covered passed for extenuated secreted airbrushed sugarcoated screened play-acted minimised made like played possum kept secret four-flushed shucked and jived hushed up de-emphasized swept under the carpet swept under the rug kept a lid on soft-pedalled kept quiet about soft-pedaled kept dark drawn a veil over drew a veil over put it on imitated fabricated made a pretence of kidded played impersonated playacted claimed put on airs made a show of purported fronted malingered reproduced mimicked cheated aped alleged forged adopted given the appearance of gave the appearance of copied invented devised contrived duped deluded suckered concocted pirated lift played at faked it made as if put on act put up a front of acted out went through the motions of glossed over knocked off made out like gone through the motions of put on a false display hoaxed imagined aspired messed pulled struck hoodwinked cozened fished fudged beguiled fooled jazzed jived supposed mocked replicated spoofed represented portrayed orchestrated schemed phonied palliated passed off faked out laid claim claimed falsely manufactured designed constructed defrauded dittoed minted cloned coined statted mimeoed did done favoured cribbed borrowed parroted featured favored lifted exaggerated mirrored parrotted prevaricated fenced created equivocated suggested resembled postured as seemed to be passed oneself off as made up staged done a bit did a bit made show of pretended to be acted like did like swung the lead made money mocked up circulated bad money professed to have conjured up papered over laid it on thick pretended to have varnished over done like stricken acted as if taken on took on assumed the role aspired to stole stolen gone like went like done a number did a number given appearance of gave appearance of took off taken off done a take-off

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