Đồng nghĩa của misrepresented

Alternative for misrepresented

misrepresents, misrepresented, misrepresenting

Đồng nghĩa: belie, cook, fake, falsify, fudge, manipulate, wangle,

Động từ

Past tense for give a false or misleading account of the nature of
distorted garbled misstated perverted belied falsified misinterpreted warped disguised fudged misreported twisted misquoted bent bended colored coloured cooked misrelated parodied slanted strained concealed manipulated travestied adulterated angled bearded biased biassed blarneyed cheesed cloaked conned confused dressed drest embellished embroidered equivocated exaggerated lied mangled masked miscolored overdrew overdrawn overstated paltered pirated prevaricated promoted puffed skewed snowed snew snown stretched straught quoted out of context took out of context taken out of context blew smoke blown smoke built up covered up gave a false account of given a false account of gave a false idea of given a false idea of passed off put a spin on trumped up altered changed doctored massaged faked misconstrued tampered with corrupted fiddled muddled mistranslated rigged put words in someone's mouth misrendered tinkered with interfered with forged misust misused obscured abused juggled fabricated counterfeited misemployed misattributed influenced misled varnished fixed fixt prostituted deceived profaned magnified misapplied salted airbrushed padded cut dressed up fiddled with put the wrong slant on doctored up glossed over put on an act jumbled masqueraded slurred blurred pretended spun mutilated mixed up covered twisted around misarticulated invented diverted debased curtained blanketed veiled shrouded occulted screened enshrouded hid suppressed shaped molded moulded pointed prejudiced patched subverted deflected trained directed aimed focussed concentrated focused quoted dissimulated vitiated misappropriated made a pretense of quoted incorrectly dramatized enhanced affected fibbed contravened deaconed traversed contorted glossed blotted out papered over four-flushed mistreated veered spoilt outraged ruined alloyed brainwashed watered steered desecrated spoiled seduced spiked animalized hyperbolized falsely represented cooked up exploited mishandled poisoned framed up faked it dramatised romanticised romanticized wasted mismanaged dissipated defalcated squandered embezzled touched up varnished over made bad use of elaborated on span hidden shope shapen overdone overdid stole stolen given a false impression of gave a false impression of given a false identity to gave a false identity to gave a false picture of given a false picture of

Động từ

Past tense for to describe or express in too exaggerated terms
exaggerated overstated embellished magnified embroidered overdid overdone overplayed amplified overemphasised overemphasized inflated hyperbolized elaborated coloured dramatised dramatized expanded padded heightened colored overdrew overdrawn overstressed stretched straught distorted enlarged fudged boosted emphasised emphasized overvalued aggrandized overestimated catastrophized falsified misreported intensified oversold exalted fabricated pyramided lied puffed boasted bragged misquoted overpitched hiked romanticised romanticized corrupted upped overexaggerated caricatured romanced scammed laid it on thick built up elaborated on made too much of something piled it on stretched the truth put on made a big thing of added colour made a federal case of laid it on with a trowel blew something out of all proportion blown something out of all proportion blew up out of all proportion blown up out of all proportion laid it on with a shovel laid on lay on made a production out of drew the longbow drawn the longbow made a mountain out of a molehill shot a line cooked up blew out of proportion blown out of proportion went to extremes gone to extremes loud talked piled it on about prettied up laid it on thick about bigged up big upped made a drama out of a crisis laid it on with a trowel about enhanced played up emphasized too much made a big thing out of blew up blown up drew the long bow drawn the long bow gilded varnished gilt touched up spread on thick dressed up bended bent strained overrated interlarded enlarged on overembellished yeasted distended fleshed out overelaborated aggravated overcharged jazzed up added detail to gingered up added flesh to puffed up exaggerated information made a mountain out of expanded on made mountain of molehill made federal case made mountain out of molehill blew up out of proportion blown up out of proportion went into detail about gone into detail about

Động từ

Past tense for to make hurtful and untrue comments about
slandered defamed denigrated maligned vilified disparaged libelled libeled traduced calumniated smeared slurred aspersed decried belittled sullied blackened besmirched tainted derogated tarnished blotted slighted smirched scandalised scandalized dishonoured dishonored injured reviled insulted attacked vilipended defiled damaged slammed panned roasted assailed muckraked detracted depreciated scorched blistered backbit backbitten belied sneered blasphemed hit hat hitten plastered strumpeted bad-mouthed ran down run down spoke ill of spoken ill of dragged through the mud dragged through the mire cast aspersions on spoke evil of spoken evil of flung mud at slung mud at gave a bad name given a bad name threw mud at thrown mud at spread scandal about did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on tore down torn down told lies about cast a slur on slung mud ran a smear campaign against run a smear campaign against blackened someone's name ran smear campaign run smear campaign rubbished knocked stigmatized stigmatised spread tales about cast aspersion spread lies about lampooned accused impugned discredited slagged gossiped about stained befouled disgraced slagged off criticized criticised badmouthed burlesqued caricatured villainized dumped on blackened the name of marked wrong dragged name through mud dragged someone's name through the mud accused falsely given a black eye gave a black eye written false reports about wrote false reports about shamed besmeared soiled censured degraded debased brought discredit to spotted disrespected reproached spoilt spoiled brought shame on brought shame upon brought into disrepute lowered blotched ripped reduced derided breathed on reflected badly on tarred and feathered ripped up and down blemished embarrassed hurt poisoned done a number on did a number on undermined prejudiced perverted cast a slur put in a bad light cut down to size put down put someone in their place destroyed ruined blackguarded humiliated abased branded humbled demeaned chastened fouled cheapened blighted mortified attainted disregarded desecrated ridiculed snubbed disfavored mocked disfavoured owned touched harmed darkened showed up depraved lost face made someone eat crow dragged through mud blotted your copybook tarred caused to lose face poor-mouthed sunken sunk sank own took down taken down took down a peg or two taken down a peg given a bad name to gave a bad name to took down a peg taken down a peg or two

Động từ

Past tense for to avoid providing a clear answer or statement
fudged hedged avoided dodged evaded waffled prevaricated stalled ducked equivocated skirted tergiversated vacillated faked flanneled flannelled pussyfooted shilly-shallied shuffled weaseled weaselled falsified minced words parried questions shifted ground about copped out hummed and hawed beat about the bush beaten about the bush evaded the issue sat on the fence beaten around the bush put off put on lied cavilled paltered caviled quibbled fenced sidestepped deceived temporized fabricated fibbed shifted invented dissembled distorted exaggerated misstated garbled belied jived conned dithered dodged the issue temporised sidestepped the issue begged the question stretched the truth ducked the issue stalled for time misspoke misspoken given a false colour to gave a false colour to pussyfooted around ducked the question fudged the issue hesitated wavered stonewalled parried flip-flopped hemmed and hawed shucked shuffled about copped a plea passed the buck blew hot and cold blown hot and cold avoided the issue procrastinated fluctuated havered faltered swithered tarried dilly-dallied rambled blathered eluded adumbrated escaped eschewed yo-yoed changed blarneyed beguiled blandished contested foiled baffled maneuvered outwitted manoeuvred feinted shirked run around straddled the fence covered up glossed over bypassed circumvented fought off balked told white lie clouded the issue baulked skirted the issue quibbled about shuffled around copped out of found a way round played it close to the vest dodged the question used flattery talked blarney fast-talked avoided answering beat around bush skirted round played your cards close to your chest beat about the bush about hedged your bets fended off straddled an issue changed mind buttered up ran around given run around gave run around gave nothing away given nothing away gave the run around given the run around beaten about the bush about beaten around bush got out of gotten out of

Động từ

Past tense for to give or deliver false, fake, or misleading information
misinformed deceived fooled deluded hoodwinked misled misguided beguiled bluffed conned duped misdirected bamboozled disinformed hoaxed misstated prevaricated snookered tricked cozened suckered gaffed hornswoggled lied snowed snew snown buffaloed burned burnt distorted fabricated gammoned had humbugged juggled perverted propagandised propagandized spoofed caught gulled mousetrapped led astray lay to lain to took in taken in covered up had on strung along faked out led on put on sucked in did a number on done a number on pulled one's leg put on an act put on false front took for a ride taken for a ride gave wrong information to given wrong information to led down the garden path led up the garden path put on the wrong track put up smoke screen gave someone a bum steer given someone a bum steer pulled the wool over someone's eyes threw off the scent thrown off the scent sent on a wild goose chase wrong steered put one over on scammed hosed bilked swindled inveigled illuded seduced cheated shafted defrauded fudged bunked betrayed tempted enticed outfoxed rooked kidded baited lured entangled outwitted overreached victimised ensnared victimized enmeshed imposed on jived given the wrong impression gave the wrong impression ripped off roped in double-crossed pulled a swifty on played trick on pulled a fast one on led up garden path gypped stiffed diddled mulcted entrapped swizzled finagled buncoed euchred reamed used outsmarted stung baffled chicaned circumvented dusted flimflammed did done outmaneuvered sold a pup to pulled jerked around outmanoeuvred hustled fixed taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners fleeced shortchanged flammed

Động từ

Past tense for represent in a false, absurd, or distorted way
travestied mocked caricatured parodied burlesqued distorted perverted ridiculed spoofed derided did done imitated mimicked shammed lampooned aped satirised satirized sent up took off taken off played on put on made fun of made a mockery of copied mimed disparaged jested jeered twisted joked exaggerated roasted impersonated laughed at poked fun at did an impression of done an impression of took the mickey taken the mickey did a takeoff of took the piss out of done a takeoff of taken the piss out of monkied monkeyed personated dittoed parrotted parroted emulated copycatted mirrored represented made like counterfeited played faked affected simulated portrayed guyed acted did like done like assumed feigned enacted echoed masqueraded as posed as interpreted pasquinaded repeated passed oneself off as reflected embodied gone like went like pretended to be acted like put on an act hoked performed pantomimed squibbed pastiched ragged teased paralleled parallelled falsified pretended japed railed followed playacted patterned after modeled after modelled after reproduced made a monkey out of purported to be represented oneself as professed to be followed in footsteps played a part did an impersonation of done an impersonation of performed as dressed as passed off doubled as tried to be like made a fool of epitomized modelled personified modeled played a role acted out symbolised buffooned typified played the part of followed example farced followed suit clowned behaved like epitomised expressed incarnated symbolized followed the example of depicted did likewise done likewise did an impression done an impression assumed character acted a part taken the part of took the part of acted as phonied did a take-off taken leaf out of book took leaf out of book done a take-off took the role of taken the role of appeared as acted the part of

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