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Động từ

To have set up on a long-term basis
established set up founded instituted formed initiated created based incorporated assembled inaugurated enacted launched started up built constructed started stationed centered ensconced entrenched erected grounded implanted organized put in place rooted secured setted brought about centralized got going landed lodged moored planted positioned put set down centralised centred consolidated domiciliated embedded fixed installed organised placed stuck constituted introduced structured sticked anchored found set in motion put in motion originated developed instigated commenced pioneered began produced made innovated begun brought into being set off generated effected put together effectuated inducted engendered ushered in opened kicked off laid the foundations of catalyzed invented catalysed caused ordained set triggered started off hatched brought on activated incited devised formulated invested bred set about spawned started the ball rolling set the ball rolling forged appointed legislated induced occasioned fostered prompted invoked decreed gotten going opened up designed precipitated embarked on engineered actualized put up composed kick-started provoked elicited gave rise to sparked off put in brought into existence brought to pass brought contrived laid the first stone of authorized instated fashioned enkindled crafted fabricated passed affected authored laid down cast authorised triggered off come out with come up with translated into made up ratified put into force executed shaped spearheaded anointed cooked up put in force put through promoted fathered given rise to crowned kindled yielded inspired actuated set forth brought in gotten under way got under way materialized floated whipped up masterminded machinated knocked up knocked together dreamt up rendered got underway set a trend entered into set upon set going moulded dictated conceived inculcated molded discovered concocted proclaimed materialised turned out contributed to ordered begot begat begotten got in operation got working got functioning enthroned consecrated blazed a trail framed stirred up came up with came out with launched into worked up jumped into gotten off the ground got off the ground fired up made a start on revolutionized got the ball rolling sown the seeds of led the way sowed the seeds of laid the cornerstone of sanctioned laid foundation shope conceived of transpired heralded voted in carried through issued did crystallized started out knocked off revolutionised made into law ushered tackled commanded evoked unveiled commissioned evolved instilled trailblazed compelled entered lay down sparked yolden yold ruled brought forward directed prepared drafted baptized brewed planned programmed set in cultivated admitted led off seated thought up delegated threw together started on mustered imposed drew up led to taken up took up come into existence come into being bowed entered on kicked something off got things rolling gotten things rolling got something moving got going with got something going crystallised accomplished got the show on the road set out blazed put into practice set an example dealt with embarked baptised burst into hit the ground running mapped out got stuck into embarked upon draughted fixed up put foot down put forward admitted into office paved the way got cracking on started ball rolling got something off the ground entered upon got off done made the first move struck into put into operation got something working predicated corroborated built up realized realised broken new ground broke new ground rigged pieced modernized germinated thrown together drawn up exercised threw up practised practiced got going on sworn in gave birth to gotten going on broken the ice rang in modernised announced given birth to broke the ice swore in appeared emerged eventuated occurred broached emanated dawned initiated things resulted surfaced happened presented proposed arranged unfolded erupted manifested led leaded offered fomented undertaken undertook run manufactured laid the foundation coordinated started ball rolling on inserted approved coined enjoined provided advanced brainstormed spurred necessitated scheduled inseminated empowered impressed imprinted picked abetted raised fermented imagined validated arrived sprouted orchestrated choreographed prepared the way stimulated laid the first stone made a start called pronounced mandated prescribed accepted blueprinted designated administrated chartered mobilized enrooted conducted managed infixed made for started to implemented legalized improvised beared kicked in become apparent become established come to pass come out preceded prefaced sketched proceeded with tore into torn into imbedded deputed schemed made law conjured OKed marshalled charted marshaled projected made to happen made happen debuted hammered out settled came into existence came into being vamped thrown up revved had a crack at made possible voted favorably touched off endorsed dealt sorted out had a shot at mounted gotten show on road fallen to scratched the surface legalised colonized turned one's hand to got to brought to bear introed got up parented made arrangements for drawn on mobilised broke in rung in blessed gotten off ventured into achieved phased in called forth jammed through procreated got weaving on sketched out steamrolled knocked out explored laid the groundwork on laid down the law laid railroaded through blest patented blocked out laid the groundwork for run up foresaid fell to budgeted for motivated setted in place schemed out commenced on timetabled ringed up the curtain on wrought broken in drew on had a go at got show on road brought out pushed the envelope facilitated worked got weaving railroaded admitted to office plunged got down to prepared the way for settled down to gotten down to got something functioning knocked down laid out made laws elected colonised looked after multiplied walked heavy straightened out strategized about brought into effect lit the way brought up the curtain on determined jacked up licked into shape took the lead in opened the door caused to be rolled out setted the ball rolling on performed taken the lead in concerted hashed out leaded the way for plunged into settled up transacted adjudged endowed nominated brought up arose arisen broke ground broken ground putten ran sowed sown driven drove wrote written risen rose bore borne drew drawn gotten up administered an oath to ran up taken the first step took the first step took the initiative taken the initiative came out came to pass became established became apparent took on taken on gone about went about sprung up sprang up broken the seal broke into broken into broke the seal gotten ball rolling took action on broke the ice on got feet wet taken action on gotten feet wet got ball rolling broken the ice on engagde in gone into went into engaged in gotten one's feet wet gotten down to business gotten cracking got one's feet wet got cracking got down to business went ahead gone ahead were responsible for was responsible for gotten together been responsible for taken care of saw about took care of seen about got together lay out seen to saw to given the seal of approval to gave the seal of approval to gave the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the OK to given the go-ahead to got the floor gave the go-ahead to given the green light to given the thumbs up to gotten the floor gave the OK to went ahead with got on with gone ahead with gotten on with gotten to taken the lead on showed the way on broken through shown the way on showed the way taken the initiative in took the initiative in broke through shown the way went out in front took the lead on gone out in front taken the lead took the lead

Động từ

(of one's physical presentation) Past tense for to groom or put in order

Động từ

Past tense for to take an injection of a narcotic drug

Động từ

Past tense for to remove the reproductive organs of

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