Đồng nghĩa của allotted

Alternative for allotted

allots, allotted, allotting

Đồng nghĩa: allocate, apportion, assign, budget, distribute, divide, share,

Trái nghĩa: monopolize, withhold,

Động từ

To have set aside or reserved for a particular purpose
allowed set aside allocated left reserved earmarked designated spared devoted deducted gave provided remitted afforded apportioned made available assigned set apart dedicated set by consigned saved appropriated put in consecrated kept maintained committed applied pledged laid aside put aside surrendered sacrificed given fit budgeted given up to gave up to put to one side fixed fixt equipped stocked rigged accoutred arrayed prepared fitted armed outfitted readied offered fitted out kitted out gave over to supplied fixed up given over rigged out gave over given over to spent tagged labeled labelled accoutered divvied girt geared girded obligated concerned bound marked flagged vowed regaled kitted identified hypothecated kept back named allocated to facilitated marked down committed to allotted to slotted geared up entrusted stipulated for pledged to fitted up tabbed marked out decked out devoted to kitted up restricted equipt bounden furnished planned implemented procured accommodated arranged for advanced brought forth issued distributed donated extended ponied up added laid out put up parted with came up with turned out lay out lent lined forked out anted up put forward catered to granted came with lined up set up deeded meted out ran prorated handed out yielded purveyed rigged up rendered dealt out made over handed managed gave out attired organized parcelled out transferred organised stumped up presented stocked up doled out made up portioned installed ceded rustled up plied with provisioned staked raised parceled out bestowed imparted proffered produced dispensed delivered served freed up cleared contributed beared catered come up with ministered released put out set out put at someone's disposal yold yolden freed liberated endowed relinquished sold dealt disbursed conferred deployed lavished stored plied awarded bore borne obliged fed feed brought accorded volunteered laid at one's feet traded in laid on granted access to plated up dished out turned over served up found held out to catered in placed at disposal made space for spooned out presented with ladled out emptied nursed handed round dealt in made provision held out dished up shelled out handed over given out lay on given an opportunity gave an opportunity

Động từ

Past tense for to distribute or apportion by (or as if by) lot
allocated apportioned assigned distributed divvied issued administered designated devoted dispensed doled granted meted appropriated earmarked lotted rationed shared admeasured appointed awarded budgeted cut gave given sliced shared out dealt out divided out divided up handed out dished out doled out gave out given out meted out parceled out parcelled out portioned out rationed out shelled out split up divvied up measured out set aside cut the pie divided split dealt prorated portioned disbursed partitioned bestowed carved up parcelled parceled allowed passed out passed round dispersed disseminated cut up measured sliced up sent delivered transferred supplied presented furnished pieced up forked out handed over reassigned relocated detailed provided consigned conferred accorded offered seconded moved lent circulated imparted proffered donated shifted tendered extended forked over yielded handed round cut in lotted out given away gave away saved proportioned served parted partitioned out halved prescribed discharged assessed relegated inflicted advanced dispatched handed produced afforded provisioned endowed dished up come across with sliced the pie diffused fitted out kitted out passed around fixed up stocked fitted up yold yolden payed out submitted trotted out turned over placed at disposal paid out gave with given with came across with broke up broken up begave begiven gave round given round gone even-steven went fifty-fifty went even-steven gone fifty-fifty applied imposed spread exacted enforced hit wreaked wrought fed feed struck transmitted affected conveyed caught fetched landed passed on disposed of carried out deposited levied served out passed stricken hitten

Động từ

Past tense for to assign to a particular class or category
classified categorised categorized classed grouped sorted graded ranked ordered arranged codified pegged ranged placed assorted compartmentalised compartmentalized distinguished typed labelled labeled catalogued organised organized separated filed pigeonholed relegated branded systematised systematized indexed distributed compartmented assigned digested typecast typecasted rated tagged listed list tabulated cataloged systemized tabbed bracketed named divided put putten alphabetized allocated coordinated segregated sized ticketed collocated docketed consigned stratified matched correlated numbered regimented broke down broken down buttoned down sized up put down as put down for put into sets put away ranked out took measure taken measure characterized marked designated characterised denominated put a label on specified defined stamped described termed typified nominated stereotyped cleped titled appropriated apportioned meted slotted identified triaged judged regarded gaged held considered accounted evaluated reckoned assessed gauged appraised parted scored marked down clept clepen holden delineated sorted out denoted indicated showed charactered constituted illustrated individualised individuated individualized exemplified stickered portrayed represented presented marshalled marshaled outlined recorded flagged depicted logged styled qualified put in order featured sketched enrolled put in shape symbolized symbolised betokened put labels on peculiarized singularized personalised personalized set out set forth put stickers on put down shown ghettoized partitioned assembled sequenced counted detailed ghettoised structured methodized entered standardized painted culled combed riddled sifted screened winnowed picked selected settled valuated fixed estimated established included valued registered posted inventoried type casted displayed rendered evoked modeled chronicled epitomized recounted modelled personified standardised drawn drew introduced interpreted related unfolded exhibited narrated pictured expressed inscribed documented reported epitomised emblematized signalised realized signalized realised embodied stated instantiated booked inserted specialised attached labels to underlined notated pinpointed discriminated differentiated informed specialized ticked made up evinced marked off checked off pointed out met the requirements of pointed to traced chosen chose book belonged to shown the position of showed the position of

Động từ

Past tense for to redistribute or reallocate

Động từ

Past tense for to cause something to change from being concentrated at one point to being distributed across a number of points

Tính từ

(of a time or place) Decided on beforehand
appointed chosen decided assigned fixed arranged determined established prearranged set settled agreed designated scheduled specified commissioned named selected authorised authorized decreed delegated elected installed nominated ordained preordained prescribed predetermined preset defined stipulated resolved confirmed planned given explicit stated indicated declared identified quantified listed noted detailed concluded destined clinched fated qualified laid down spelled out postulated programmed controlled pre-planned arranged in advance preplanned pre-established intended laid out worked out concrete nailed arranged beforehand advance wrapped up decided beforehand set in stone sewn up inflexible unchangeable definite precise unalterable firm frozen exact incommutable unwavering flat inexpugnable certain inalterable express determinate invariable immutable final hard steady stable unblinking rigid irreversible unbending undeviating abiding still sure enduring cast-iron writ in stone not subject to change unmovable unqualified unmodifiable hard-and-fast definitive inveterate in the bag never-failing hard and fast unchanging unvarying constant strict immovable changeless stringent particular rigorous specific permanent consistent limited absolute binding uniform uncompromising steadfast circumscribed ironclad regular stiff clear-cut entrenched restricted conclusive delimited exacting lasting rooted unfluctuating irrevocable bounded invariant demarcated finite unyielding perpetual unadaptable unchanged deep-rooted incontrovertible decisive hard-line narrow clear indelible measured monotonous cut-and-dried bound distinct inevitable resolute even ineradicable unshakeable unvaried irremediable static ultimate tight nonnegotiable unrectifiable known predictable unreversible unappealable sole ingrained fast single peremptory confined stubborn unrepealable written hardened habitual hardheaded stationary obstinate finished solid terminable outright iron-fisted deep-seated plain reserved well-set locked in marked sine qua non incontestable pegged brassbound strong indestructible unfading eternal severe inexorable straight contracted granted approved guaranteed lifelong perdurable continuing positive irrefutable indisputable delineated hidebound pigheaded jelled unflappable categorical unchallengeable not changeable intent determining stiff-necked unanswerable determinative emphatic regimented decided upon uninterrupted checked curbed predestined irretrievable unmoving independent dictated mandatory compulsory disciplined familiar plotted trite constrained assumed fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians solid as a rock irremovable well-established sacrosanct ageless unrepairable irreparable confining dyed-in-the-wool hard-nosed unbreakable restrained persistent definable unquestionable absolutist adamantine doomed lost conditioned discrete direct black-and-white authoritative set in concrete carved in stone biased hampered unfailing unbroken level continual beyond repair preconceived draconian not infinite predefined closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced distinctive convinced well defined regularized equable standardised homogeneous stabile nonstop standardized regularised non-relative non-variable remove procrustean sorted out done and dusted old hat in the cards clearly defined same unrelieved undiversified specialised selective solid as rock fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians subject to limitations sectional topical in black and white identifiable straight-out specialized beyond doubt like the Rock of Gibralter not changing exclusive special deliberate especial unique singular lone one only alone purposeful careful scrupulous fastidious fussy finicky picky choosy punctilious methodical conscientious discriminating persnickety prim mathematical sticklerish puritanical tough priggish meticulous prissy choosey scientific nit-picking nit-picky

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