Đồng nghĩa của well set


Not able to be changed
set rigid entrenched firm inflexible steadfast concrete deep-rooted fixed invariable strict deep-seated hard hardened hardheaded ingrained settled stable stubborn unbending unyielding definite immovable obstinate rooted solid stiff unchangeable unchanging unvarying bound certain determinate final flat frozen hidebound inexpugnable inveterate ironclad jelled pigheaded unflappable cast-iron hard and fast hard-and-fast stiff-necked locked in set in stone solid as a rock biased preconceived unalterable immutable constant changeless established decided enduring abiding permanent incommutable inalterable irreversible lasting steady unwavering perpetual absolute undeviating consistent uniform precise unfluctuating unmodifiable explicit definitive conclusive regular sure predetermined preset invariant specified unfailing eternal incontrovertible irrevocable determined clear specific express decisive unmovable exact static ineradicable unchanged continuing persistent unfading indelible stipulated agreed arranged stated positive unqualified indisputable unquestionable never-failing unvaried defined unequivocal predictable unfaltering indestructible unrelieved distinct even binding lifelong same perdurable ultimate stationary categorical durable emphatic ageless ceaseless imperishable outright equable continual stabile never-ending set in concrete clear-cut well defined pegged straight nonnegotiable stringent rigorous inevitable strong unadaptable resolute adamantine quantified known limited independent level not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians uninterrupted sustained continuous unswerving exacting written dictated mandatory compulsory intent determining unshakeable irremovable well-established sacrosanct interminable unceasing unabated unabating incessant monolithic non-stop absolutist unremitting relentless calm everlasting telling unshakable doubtless unshaken uncompromising convinced free from doubt convincing satisfied confident incontestable valid indubitable for a fact undeniable real unquestioning genuine persuaded assured authoritative never-changing well grounded fast carved in stone perennial staying put long-lived long-standing literal monotonous habitual undiversified irrefutable unending direct unambiguous close faithful true fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians undying endless indefinite forever plain non-relative non-variable standing indissoluble irreparable unappealable not changing dateless immortal deathless narrow unchallengeable unmistakable in black and white undoubting clearly defined cut-and-dried black-and-white unanswerable determinative peremptory irremediable unreversible obvious perduring accurate manifest unrectifiable finished unrepealable for keeps forever and a day in for the long haul straightforward univocal crystal clear allotted confirmed prearranged decreed prescribed planned resolved unblinking still writ in stone not subject to change in the bag

Trái nghĩa của well set

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