Đồng nghĩa của inveterate

Alternative for inveterate

Đồng nghĩa: confirmed, habitual, inveterate(a),

Tính từ

Having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change
deep-rooted entrenched deep-seated established ingrained incurable bred-in-the-bone confirmed deep deep-set hard-core ineradicable intrenched rooted settled congenital irredeemable long-established abiding accustomed adamant continuing customary enduring fixed habituated inbred indurated innate lifelong long-lasting long-lived obstinate old perennial permanent persistent persisting radicated seasoned set stubborn sworn usual chronic dyed-in-the-wool firm lasting habitual hardened constant accepted long-standing ceaseless continual inborn routine unshakeable firmly established secure lingering familiar proved conventional staid inured hard-shell ever-present continuous stable regular recurrent unyielding radical irremovable irradicable definite well established worn valid steadfast immutable rigid certain expected unabating universal typical acknowledged proven mainstream recognized standard unchangeable fundamental profound basic vested tenacious recurring unmitigated implanted built-in inbuilt protracted time-honored eternal determined precise indelible inherent subconscious explicit wonted prevailing recognised historic defined express exact well-established embedded time-honoured true inflexible durable longstanding remaining unchanging invariable deeply felt steady hard unbending frozen determinate final flat inexpugnable sustained undestroyable cast-iron indestructible unremovable hard and fast hard-and-fast long-l unforgettable ineffaceable unfading prolonged instinctive intrinsic gut long-drawn-out inannihilable longtime driven in slow dragging ritual ritualistic deep down endemic grounded lodged in one's brain spun-out drawn-out haunting based on folk val ancestral old-world age-old old-time strict concrete fast hardheaded solid stiff unvarying immovable lifetime well-set hidebound solid as a rock ironclad pigheaded stiff-necked bound locked in jelled set in stone unflappable livelong lifetime's all-time long-running for all your life for life long-term staunch uncompromising inexorable instilled perpetual everlasting infixed fortified diehard undying out-and-out through and through dug in out and out through-and-through deep-dyed true blue full-fledged deeply ingrained deep-down set firm immortal never-ending traditional imperishable unfailing ongoing uninterrupted unending dateless endless ageless timeless orthodox official unceasing incessant deathless never-changing annual perdurable returning yearlong yearly seasonal common normal general decided agreed arranged preset predetermined allotted specified prearranged popular decreed prescribed unalterable classical incommutable unwavering planned inalterable classic resolved undeviating unblinking irreversible acceptable widely used widespread sure writ in stone in the bag still stated not subject to change unmovable unqualified unmodifiable definitive stipulated never-failing approved old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound stock officially recognized sanctioned unshakable

Tính từ

Habitual, firmly established, and unlikely to change
chronic confirmed habitual hard-core hardened dyed-in-the-wool incorrigible incurable addicted bred-in-the-bone established long-standing obstinate compulsive deep-dyed hooked ineradicable obsessional obsessive pathological persistent irredeemable unreformable unrepentant diehard hopeless unapologetic impenitent unashamed ingrained shameless seasoned committed deep-seated deep-rooted entrenched extreme thorough complete rooted thoroughgoing intrenched settled deep unreformed regular long-established unregenerate obdurate irremediable irretrievable staunch dedicated irrecoverable abandoned set fixed unrecoverable steadfast uncontrollable uncontrite irreparable irreformable accustomed unredeemable intransigent constant ardent uncompromising fervent earnest devout true recurrent traditional torrid zealous explicit resolute vehement wholehearted hard-line devoted faithful unyielding fiery fanatical unshakable stubborn supreme unreconstructed die-hard through and through bona fide all-consuming red-hot utter addictive dependent congenital incessant rigid reprobate radical obscene pornographic X-rated irreversible frequent callous driven irresistible determined unwaivering remorseless unremorseful unrepenting lost impulsive unblushing unalterable absolute irrational unreasonable unabashed brazen prevalent recurring by habit conscienceless besetting old-fashioned unchanging illogical clinical not contrite intractable intense profound heartfelt strong impassioned unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic neurotic avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate genuine burning bad beyond redemption useless impossible recidivous uncorrectable beastly beyond hope loser wicked honest enthusiastic sincere heightened severe serious exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great grave deeply felt firm perennial lifelong enduring loyal proved immutable stalwart indelible unwavering longtime unshakeable inexorable definite staid inured habituated sicker firmly established deep-set card-carrying well established well-established hard-shell

Tính từ

To a complete or utter degree (in the negative sense)
arrant categorical absolute complete outright total unqualified definite thorough utter consummate gross pure thoroughgoing unconditional categoric downright positive profound rank surpassing unadulterated blatant egregious flagrant glaring real regular sheer simple stark unalloyed unmitigated brazen fair naked overt perfect plumb barefaced dead extreme flat right undisguised unregenerate atrocious blank blooming bodacious clean crashing deadly dreadful infamous monstrous notorious stone undiluted very vile all-out flat-out out-and-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking in every respect deep-dyed full-bore right-down true-blue dyed-in-the-wool full comprehensive exhaustive undiminished veritable uncompromising whole proper shameless obvious undivided solid unreserved huge through-and-through full-scale rightly so called straight out full-on stone-cold unremitting perpetual unrestricted horrible supreme extraordinary eternal unequivocal entire plain unlimited wholehearted clear explicit patent unmistakable unambiguous open genuine palpable ultimate infernal transparent unquestionable direct unconcealed unrestrained certain indubitable manifest unmodified unmixed firm emphatic blasted true sure utmost undeniable evident clear-cut concentrated wholesale blessed confounded all out plenary intense decisive unbounded bald sweeping severe conclusive resolute unquestioning unstinting bold without reservations strong no catch out and out unconstrained authentic outrageous resounding express steadfast constant all-fired unfeigned assured final straight decided actual committed overwhelming maximum conspicuous mere unrelieved steady pronounced serious unbroken no ifs ands or buts no holds barred visible prize vigorous factual frank assertive forceful infinite limitless unfaltering fixed straightforward strenuous vehement indisputable sound violent audacious point-blank unwavering apparent uncontrolled terrible insistent unvarnished royal full-blown determined neat full-strength earnest unabridged bona fide bare-faced striking dedicated ardent fast matchless determinate capital no kicker no strings no fine print wide unmistaken accurate unhesitating dinkum undoubted unblended acute incontrovertible deep implicit intensive hellacious all almighty faithful pointed definitive noticeable strict energetic hard unshakeable keen apodictic true blue dynamic honest good aggressive rigorous unblemished everlasting double-dyed chronic specific confirmed muscular enormous shocking enduring abiding never-failing solemn devoted scandalous peremptory staunch heinous detailed loyal forthright enthusiastic ringing without reservation stalwart rigid all-embracing bald-faced scrupulous zealous radical brutal harsh sincere concerted unswerving fervent hearty endless abundant persistent iniquitous brass-necked matter-of-fact assiduous full-blooded paramount unalleviated in-depth shameful villainous deliberate top robust max passionate grievous peerless reprehensible wicked minute disgraceful diligent one hundred per cent without limit potent nth unsurpassed uttermost terminal stupid nonblended perceptible drastic crass very great customary quite single altogether blithering grand brute incessant usual staring continuous faultless unstinted adamant unrelenting unexaggerated legit kosher optimum no joke without qualification overall bloody without reserve nothing other than unveiled effusive gushing convinced confident with no strings open-ended unconditioned totalitarian overarching uninterrupted undisputed inclusive systematic unimpaired maximal immoderate inordinate exorbitant significant excessive major last quintessential most no strings attached relentless austere main only trenchant sober accented unabated untarnished untouched artless unaltered habitual undying right royal point blank satisfied doubtless persuaded untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending concrete unsoftened in every way oppressive grim unflinching heartfelt impassioned fullhearted hundred percent warm whole-souled whole-hearted sovereign fierce self-assured self-conceited self-confident excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable finished heavy ferocious unbound omnipotent superlative preeminent predominant tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful for real boundless purified distinct affirmative cold free from doubt unshaken vicious awful excruciating blistering fine as it comes refined straight up uncut furious frightful explosive flaunting irrefutable cocksure incontestable inarguable forcible ghastly exquisite self-evident fearsome ostentatious immodest great tremendous fearful discernible free-spoken plainspoken candid heartless up-front no-nonsense unembellished forthcoming blunt brutally honest upfront guileless unguarded upright outspoken unsparing natural plain-spoken unadorned uninhibited unshakable unhidden exact precise pellucid unambivalent perspicuous lucid open-and-shut luculent bright-line luminous nonambiguous broad flagitious hanging out flagitous grody stick out like sore thumb flaming crying unashamed meticulous preposterous extensive embedded constructive virtual practical inevitable implicative inarticulate intrinsic hidden inferential unquestioned unuttered contained full-bodied rich thick lusty elaborate painstaking glaringly obvious prominent crystal clear open and shut observable recognizable thundering uber sedulous careful spot-on searching conscientious close accelerated heavy-duty high-pressure widespread demanding all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing speeded-up methodical hard-hitting unbridled single-minded fervid eager sworn fanatical dutiful pious studious down-the-line driven purposeful stanch as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful given over to mad keen card-carrying pledged devout true to the end hard-working valid recognized plain to see unchallenged uncontested writ large accepted dead-on certified pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable exclusive virile hardy powerful vital pulling no punches recognisable as clear as day recognised admissible focused undistracted collective as plain as a pikestaff watertight veridical immaculate amen inerrant bang on undistorted engrossed unshared consistent united absorbed unflagging focussed standing out a mile unanimous circumspect lock stock and barrel attentive continued vigilant intent right on sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb

Tính từ

Implanted within the body
indwelling innate natural inherent inbred native inborn intrinsic ingrained indigenous congenital elemental inherited connate connatural latent unacquired complete utter thorough built-in constitutional fundamental integral immanent rooted deep-seated ingrain constitutive fixed hereditary hardwired essential deep-rooted indelible brassbound inbuilt ineradicable in the blood confirmed chronic in-built instinctive engrained basic intuitive instinctual hard-wired unlearned underlying primitive characteristic intuitional gut organic central in your blood vital involuntary original key in the family typical automatic spontaneous primeval habitual visceral regular primal elementary normal untaught primaeval radical indispensable necessary reflex genetic impulsive unthinking bred in the bone unpremeditated accustomed knee-jerk second-nature primary rudimentary quintessential principal subjective unprompted structural inseparable internal important cardinal implicit permanent distinctive core main true foundational chief intimate animal primordial critical root material natural-born pivotal mechanical capital mechanic robotic deep-down unconscious natal subconscious unmeditated incorporated subliminal standard unconditioned genuine existing from birth ingrown by seat of one's pants prime crucial basal ineffaceable focal staple diagnostic idiosyncratic ingenerate inmost rudimental symptomatic salient beginning particular introductory individual requisite representative born bottom-line part and parcel appropriate local contained compelled entrenched embedded congenite genetous implanted wild inwrought included temperamental native-born dominant base foremost real predominant needed infused instilled in the genes frequent physical en suite dyed-in-the-wool inexpungible resident unalienable inward inner integrated emotional predictable archetypal usual archetypical average classic in character first initial exclusive specific meat-and-potatoes abecedarian symbolic special peculiar profound personal unique singular indicative particular to individualising characteristic of especial discriminating proper individualizing differentiating individualistic peculiar to typical of signature emblematic exclusive to distinguishing found only in marked discriminative ultimate significant paramount deep supporting sustaining substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical major bottom underived axiological groundlaying most important

Tính từ

Unwilling to compromise or moderate a position
intransigent uncompromising obstinate stubborn unyielding immovable inflexible obdurate unbending stiff-necked tenacious adamant intractable resolute tough unrelenting unaccommodating uncooperative unmalleable unpersuadable unshakeable unwavering bull-headed diehard hardline hard-line iron-willed single-minded adamantine bloody-minded bullheaded determined dogged firm hard hardened hardheaded hard-nosed headstrong implacable inconvincible inexorable mulish opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded rigid self-opinionated self-willed unbudgeable wilful willful balky indurate hard and fast narrow-minded steadfast relentless refractory fixed recalcitrant persistent strong-willed persevering unshakable contrary staunch unflinching contumacious strong-minded unswerving set strict indefatigable purposeful steely froward incompliant indomitable insistent stalwart unmanageable cussed stiff resolved rebellious insubordinate difficult unreasonable remorseless cantankerous rock-ribbed unfaltering disobedient harsh intent defiant unflagging unbendable grim bound bolshie ungovernable committed undeviating obstreperous stern stubborn as a mule rigorous restive decided brassbound strong hard-core tireless dedicated wayward untoward die-hard locked in dead set on stringent deaf to reason uncompliant unruly earnest dead set assiduous set in stone severe dyed-in-the-wool iron unappeasable decisive steady set in one's ways cross-grained unhesitating importunate unsparing recusant mutinous unadaptable exacting solid ruthless spirited pitiless constant extreme unshaken stroppy definite sedulous true immutable untiring contrarious rebel stout-hearted wrong-headed merciless cruel bold unchanging deliberate ornery brave settled plucky pig-headed courageous mettlesome gritty forceful stout unmovable gutsy unswayable perseverant spunky fanatical unchangeable awkward cast-iron entrenched unalterable undaunted dogmatic deep-dyed purposive long-standing irreconcilable mortal bound and determined troublesome do-or-die draconian uncontrollable authoritarian manful bent on hell-bent on hell-bent upon bent upon unforgiving bulldog hostile radical resistant antagonistic oppressive emphatic devoted vigorous faithful strenuous valiant full of determination patient immoderate unpermissive explicit diligent hanging tough sure thrawn fractious feisty persisting serious four-square out heavy-handed not giving an inch unswervable bent meaning business invincible stand pat unconquerable driven disobliging obstructive rooted problematic blinkered deep non-compliant haughty intrenched unsurpassable invulnerable tiresome mule unstoppable contentious invariable challenging confirmed bitter insurgent seditious lionhearted uptight picky iron-fisted deep-rooted bred-in-the-bone deep-seated noncompliant intrepid combative unbreakable sworn deadly austere brick-wall militant savage rugged incurable renitent undefeatable doughty domineering seasoned wholehearted loyal focused argumentative incorrigible assertive obsessive compulsive enduring quarrelsome demanding disputatious positive standing pat opinionative ramrod focussed tough nut to crack standing one's ground hell bent on as stubborn as a mule hard-and-fast tough nut hang tough dug in sticking to one's guns hard-shell reactionary traditionalist conservative narrow factious estranged alienated disaffected ultra-conservative unprogressive stiffened mullish pushy firmly-based frozen petrified dour immalleable durable hidebound irrational unhelpful indurated rigidified fossilized bony forbidding disciplinary illiberal unbeatable wild unresponsive unfailing categorical pervicacious hard-boiled ungiving cohesive unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable undismayed dauntless stony impassive coherent biased annoying vexatious illogical unimpressible energetic blimpish unmoved heady undisciplined cocksure boneheaded unreceptive stony-hearted unimpressionable unrepentant uncompassionate impertinent hardhearted bullhead unemotional mean fossilised possessive sturdy unforgetful monomaniacal hellbent obsessed ineluctable puritanical convinced game assured stop at nothing unmodifiable quiescent permanent delinquent fierce proud aloof locked-in sticky out-and-out crisp doctrinaire unflexible necessary ironclad immobile compulsory set-on one-sided iron-jawed cold fish proof against persuasion unabated pounding hard-headed arbitrary impregnable with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way irreversible exact concrete stuffy in for long haul like bad penny arch brutal static unvarying spartan fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist insoluble thorny unpliable locked knotty indocile clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out set in your ways set in concrete unmoving changeless no-nonsense despotic badly-behaved mean business barbarous ferocious fearless bulletproof heroic unassailable insuperable untameable insurmountable whole-hearted do or die hard as nails hold your ground hold the line hold the fort onerous ironhanded prejudiced intolerant with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in no going back disturbed maladjusted intent on in earnest determinate dominant stable certain go-getting hell-bent impassable flinty murderous unfeeling unpitying unmerciful prevailing inexpugnable unqualified set on going consistent like death and taxes determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon obscene pornographic X-rated tricky writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon never-failing through-and-through at each other's throats unwaivering chronic habitual problem established aggressive perennial lifelong thorough devout truculent proved fervent vehement indelible complete ardent daring provocative resisting audacious fiery torrid irredeemable unreformable ineradicable thoroughgoing zealous impenitent longtime supreme unapologetic unashamed staid ingrained accustomed inured habituated belligerent insolent confrontational anti sicker dissenting bellicose pugnacious long-established grumbly overbearing irritable trying boorish finical vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity touchy chippy unamenable disputative sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby huffy negative delicate hard to satisfy irritating fussy overcritical impolite irascible perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious unwilling dissident against opposed subversive through and through well established deep-set red-hot all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying well-established scrappy progressive reforming revolutionary disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive reformist ready for a fight revisionist progressivist anarchistic extremist hostile to inimical to opposed to opposing averse to spoiling for a fight insurrectionary fanatic revolutionist rabid unflappable dead set against disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unenthusiastic about unwilling to accept far-out loony looney way out ultraist swivel-eyed nihilistic lawless riotous absolute genuine fast reliable authoritative unequivocal conclusive dependable clear final trustworthy true-blue confident trusty abiding undeniable unquestionable secure imperious indubitable indisputable unmistakable unambiguous incontrovertible sound irrefutable sincere good pious dutiful enthusiastic incontestable allegiant flat stanch passionate safe commanding tight compelling tried and true tried and tested peremptory keen powerful bossy intense honest real down-the-line convincing guaranteed definitive infallible evident undoubted autocratic demonstrable upright self-confident inarguable verifiable tried-and-true ambitious fervid in the bag valid uniform unfluctuating conscientious tried unerring irremovable attached imperative known self-assured unremitting unquestioning clear-cut responsible true blue confirmable establishable lordly self-assertive true-hearted even bullish magisterial masterful eager patriotic straight plain hard-working patent forward binding robust doubtless ascertained profound beyond doubt beyond question trusted provable honorable honourable obvious self-possessed motivated lasting unvacillating drastic callous mad keen effective hearty inalterable invariant industrious rough sure thing high-handed active having down pat high-spirited lusty stationary unanswerable unchallengeable unarguable watertight imposing collected regular dynamic composed proven liege direct satisfied scrupulous predestined destined manifest undisputable persuaded sharp truthful unconditional impassioned influential concentrated unsympathetic avid enterprising persuasive eternal salted away on ice fixated continuing hard-hitting well-founded irrevocable supportive telling heartfelt incommutable unafraid irrefragable urgent trustable adherent pushful studious impressive accomplished calculable level dire indestructible pledged ultimate overweening trenchant sustained precise forcible beyond dispute tyrannous autocratical tyrannic impervious undisputed arrogant high-principled not in doubt implanted nailed-on unfading incorruptible absorbed engrossed orthodox poised keen as mustard confining behind one pure excessive hopeful gallant valorous potent outright immotile heavy perpetual redoubtable gung ho unshrinking basic fundamental in-your-face unaffected violent concentrating can-do preoccupied inbred anchored agreed foolproof implicit self-asserting unruffled occupied resilient immersed free from doubt perfect utter arranged independent express airtight downright continuous resounding inbuilt built-in calm dominating cool unfazed hitched riveted unsentimental burning nonnegotiable specified consummate desperate hooked still solemn cold inevitable undying possessed subconscious lingering inherent innate long-lasting embedded exigent cogent pressing nailed revering unchanged accepted fortified full-bore self-reliant venerating greathearted gutty stouthearted undauntable heroical rocky coercive decent imperial predictable arrant right-down cynical irrepressible righteous incisive palpable unimpeachable true to life made fast hardy accurate instilled hard-hearted unquestioned recognized wrapped up effectual plausible efficacious weighty lucid intelligent actual undeterred clamorous infixed hard-bitten finished sure of oneself two-fisted distinct transparent monotonous dinkum factual deeply felt pertinent officious equable impeccable formidable single-minded about firm about stabile not in question deep-down full-fledged recognised by the book well-set obedient well-defined not backward in coming forward resolved to veracious deeply ingrained fail-safe confiding obsessive about loving circumspect as sure as eggs is eggs on the level inflexible about out and out sure-fire fixated on fanatical about carved in stone solid as a rock beyond a shadow of a doubt affectionate string along with clinging self-disciplined mature ended not joking predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed hardboiled buckled down sine qua non like granite pegged for a fact unforgettable ineffaceable competitive unblinking immoveable uninfluenced unaltered unintimidated brassy formal gut instinctive intrinsic rocklike regimented hopeless endemic moored fastened risk-free undoubting disciplined controlled planned stated prearranged straightforward self-evident clinching masterly jelled high-stake winner-take-all zero-sum win-or-lose irradicable inannihilable worn low-risk unbothered untouched unvaried uninterrupted unmodified high-powered bosom never-tiring unabashed undebatable punishing punitive Draconian credible engaged enthralled steamroller nervy powerhouse riskless in place in position resolute about driven in boon grave specific self-conceited defined quantified bidding ordering beyond hope systematic meticulous painstaking sagacious predetermined preset attentive impatient imperturbable nerveless rank affirmative preconceived apodictic on one's side limited perdurable manly engagé telelogical calculated surefire assaultive high-pressure punitory unsinkable congenital undiscouraged rock-hard tried and trusted dashing inspired hungry consumed compelled unquenchable furious granite lion-hearted carnivorous fundamentalist open and shut mandatory dictated written brusque grounded last deciding perceptive take charge religious adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic thirsty desirous striving going all the way reputable respectable dyed-in-the wool unwearied incessant Herculean inerrant questionless failsafe uncharitable believing in oneself going for broke controlling closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced satisfying great material crystalline abrupt summary brisk traditional reverent serious-minded meaning what one says in good faith galvanized impelled nasty insistent about careful incorrupt vicious virulent prayerful as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful true to the end given over to can't-miss playing hard ball to the core not put off not discouraged uncontested unchallenged sealed acknowledged firm in spirit animated tough-minded resourceful observant fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians not changeable hardhanded disciplinarian ascetical astringent browbeating ascetic induced aspiring obsessional stone cold determining no ifs ands or buts clamant crying reiterative well grounded etched in stone nonmoving remove procrustean based on self-respecting be out for blood nose to the grindstone goody two-shoes adventurous have-a-go intuitive insightful relevant ingenious abrasive unjust unfair fortress-like correct believable entire all exclusive enrapt whole undivided pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised unbudging long-lived staying put inexhaustible weariless unceasing close daredevil nonmotile repressive unappealable self-starting hard-driving uncaring venturesome ballsy death-or-glory inborn longstanding unbroken continual salient total watchful alert unkind inconsiderate heartless insensitive perfervid there are no two ways about it all sewn up goal-oriented plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball continued plodding venturous lofty all-or-nothing cocky dogmatical Neronian urged on self-driven determinative irremediable unreversible imprudent herolike chivalrous chin-up foolhardy as game as Ned Kelly fortitudinous in a straight line rowdy curt optimistic high and mighty crack-the-whip throwing weight around egotistic pompous dictative standardized nonstop homogeneous regularised regularized standardised unrectifiable unrepealable case-hardened cool-headed hard-shelled principled sanguine in charge intensive rational adult deep down like the Rock of Gibralter solid as rock moral right just virtuous ethical nice minding certified univocal eager beaver undisturbed competent capable of being trusted efficient capable qualified able shrewd practical realistic right-minded flawless matter-of-fact down-to-earth affirmed veridical undistorted square worthy truehearted creditable all right estimable out to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to fixed on obsessed with resolved on impatient to decisive about determined on toughened world-weary unperturbed secured attested lodged in one's brain hard-edged compacted packed hard-handed compact impenetrable consolidated compressed quiet situated located no lie up front judgemental judgmental disapproving iron-clad lacking sentiment undubitable peaceful recollected untroubled coolheaded serene limpid equal unworried tranquil sedate together placid self-composed smooth as hard as nails as tough as old boots toughened by experience overexacting cavilling nagging black-and-white trusting set firm muscular on the up and up copper-bottomed unalarmed quibbling disparaging sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous ringing pointed sober accented acrimonious drawing unshakeable in one's belief have no doubt demeaning carping censorious in no doubt easy in one's mind secure in one's belief hold the unwavering view not question full-blooded one hundred per cent at peace without loopholes over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious high-maintenance by the numbers

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