Đồng nghĩa của full blooded

Tính từ

Vigorous, enthusiastic, and without compromise
complete vigorous strenuous thorough thoroughgoing uncompromising aggressive assertive committed dynamic emphatic energetic forceful full intense muscular resounding sweeping total unrestrained vehement violent wholehearted all-embracing all out exhaustive hard-hitting unbridled uncontrolled hardy hearty out-and-out powerful robust sound strong unmixed virile vital out and out pulling no punches active potent determined zealous bold spirited driving passionate forcible fiery feisty tireless enthusiastic go-ahead indefatigable pushing enterprising mettlesome high-powered red-blooded lusty in-your-face intensive effective high-octane pushy gutsy all-out punchy resolute keen eager lively ardent zippy peppy zestful animated effectual flamboyant ballsy spunky sparky brisk have-a-go go-go vibrant full of get-up-and-go storming full of life impassioned racy full of beans rugged full of vim and vigour dogged earnest Herculean tenacious stout persistent unremitting pertinacious strong-willed authoritative commanding insistent confident dominant bullish domineering competitive audacious self-possessed bossy self-confident self-assured fervent hard arduous tough taxing blunt wild exhausting rigorous not backward in coming forward sparkling exciting flourishing vivacious electrifying effervescent animate unflagging full of the joys of spring humming happening airy bright and breezy stirring frisky hopping full of pep colourful pizazzy buzzing jazzy astir bouncing pert vivid gay dashing alive and kicking rousing stalwart jaunty fresh sturdy springy bouncy perky snappy sensitive abuzz bright-eyed and bushy-tailed untiring abubble alive spanking spry coruscating high-spirited industrious vibrating bubbly kinetic sprightly aboil breezy full of spirit stimulating pizzazzy dazzling colorful thriving ball of fire zesty radiant bustling busy responsive magnetic electric go-getting positive flush gingery charismatic self-motivated influential highpowered compelling energizing hyped-up activating energising go-getter productive vitalizing play for keeps play hard ball coming on strong persuasive striking convincing ambitious telling impressive moving cogent dynamical firm imperious fierce exuberant strapping driven controlling buoyant eloquent hale dramatic efficient graphic mighty decisive irresistible weighty marked chipper brilliant pronounced pithy noticeable definite decided full of energy galvanic fluid invigorated manly macho all-male masculine fast-track zingy plucky breathless incisive hunky successful supreme authoritarian ruling quick motivating urging propulsive impellent major valid highly capable in control great locomotive demoniac motive mobile motile kinematic well founded in the saddle zappy expressive blithe succinct terse critical honest frank forthright unsparing direct hardline straight-talking condemnatory healthy assured constraining upfront puissant elemental strongly worded powerhouse demanding imposing militant forward no holds barred fit athletic fine overbearing able-bodied blooming fearless in good health playful not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder bright brassy daring collected composed strong as an ox strong as an lion strong as an horse in good trim in good kilter in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition hale and hearty upbeat resolved poised intrepid self-asserting wick breathtaking warm blinding take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge hard-driving staunch steely steadfast raring to go full of vim in the pink glaring notable hot gleaming exhilarating heady high thrilling strong-minded self-assertive self-reliant cool-headed can-do arousing gripping biting invigorating hair-raising spine-tingling envigorating sharp titillating refreshing conclusive fit as a fiddle significant kenspeckle bodacious prominent distinctive splashy eye-catching remarkable unmistakable momentous catchy noisy grabby conspicuous showy arresting thumping thundering

Tính từ

Fully developed
full-blown full-scale total complete advanced full developed entire whole full-sized fully developed thorough fully fledged fully formed fully grown exhaustive overall replete comprehensive undiminished faultless unbroken perfect broad grand extensive ample compleat lock stock and barrel unreduced thoroughgoing unshortened unimpaired unabridged undivided integral maximal uncondensed uncut all integrated full-dress full-out hook line and sinker whole enchilada full-on whole nine yards whole-hog whole-length all-out full-length wide-ranging intact far-reaching unabbreviated the works plenary gross unexpurgated unedited aggregate sound solid untouched undamaged unblemished in one piece uncensored combined outright all-inclusive unflawed unscathed unmarred unharmed composite absolute unspoilt seamless finished unified unspoiled inviolate clear continuous full-fledged imperforate inclusive unmarked organic virgin unhurt undefiled utter unsullied categorical scatheless pure pristine choate unrevised standard-length undocked unitary long uneaten bright impeccable consolidated final livelong round sweeping completed detailed consummate categoric conclusive plain all-in-one airtight unqualified sheer maximum unstained overarching unmitigated one-piece bulletproof unpolluted indivisible stainless undisturbed sacred unprofaned flawless uninjured uninterrupted unviolated all-encompassing long-range long-term unadulterated uncontaminated together unmutilated unsevered added before tax before deductions indiscrete accumulated whole shebang in sum whole schmear whole ball of wax all in one piece collected collective corporate mixed cumulative assembled piled heaped summative amassed

Tính từ

Tenacious, energetic, spunky
feisty combative argumentative aggressive belligerent quarrelsome bellicose pugnacious contentious confrontational truculent militant disputatious warlike scrappy agonistic chippy gladiatorial discordant assaultive brawly fiery ornery touchy tough difficult sensitive active courageous spirited spunky excitable enthusiastic gutsy alive bubbly energetic frisky game gritty gutty hearty lively mettlesome peppy zestful thin-skinned hot-blooded go-getting high-strung on the warpath full of pep antagonistic hostile cantankerous irascible stroppy threatening captious ill-tempered bad-tempered hot-tempered defiant fractious irritable contrary petulant quick-tempered violent choleric fierce warring aggers cross fighting testy litigious snappy crabby huffy prickly mean spoiling for a fight querulous perverse battling disputative angry surly bolshie grouchy pettish offensive uncooperative cavilling controversial militaristic obstreperous rebellious oppugnant bickering caviling adversarial grumpy cussed destructive cranky sullen inimical narky ill-natured ready for a fight unfriendly provocative polemical snappish peppery factious arsey peevish challenging nasty polemic hawkish uptight sabre-rattling warmongering wrangling obstinate martial biffo short-tempered crotchety passionate bearish have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick splenetic exasperated inhospitable loudmouthed miffy fretful malevolent jingoistic soreheaded ratty snarly bristly crabbed bilious dyspeptic ireful recalcitrant dissentious bloodthirsty snarky crusty tetchy curmudgeonly insolent hotheaded pushy contending ructious military snippy snippety iracund iracundulous edgy waspish stuffy war harsh refractory salty unruly brawling awkward churlish disagreeable out of humor raspy hasty intransigent rude temperamental critical sharp hot flip ardent sour discontented pertinacious troublesome intractable froward balky ill-humored hypercritical ungracious ferocious opinionated fussy trying dissatisfied at loggerheads ill-humoured out of sorts up in arms hot under the collar have it in for having a chip on one's shoulder on the outs ready to fight battleful disruptive adverse naysaying rough looking for trouble dissentient soldierly gung-ho plucky determined spiky wrestling tilting skirmishing under arms sanguinary attacking assertive vigorous tempestuous arguesome self-assertive itching to fight impassioned turbulent radical unpleasant discourteous ultra-active two-fisted forceful extremist extreme combating itching fanatical zealous embattled scathing deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising trenchant hateful mordacious frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing bullying mordant warrish revolutionary assertory in arms disobedient insubordinate contumacious non-compliant daring resisting audacious bold resistant mutinous dissenting willful restive subversive untoward ungovernable wilful wayward rebel recusant incompliant disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive abusive grumbly disobliging hardheaded overbearing importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways boorish unrelenting rigid hard-line inflexible finical bloody-minded hard-nosed obdurate tiresome vexed unpredictable pigheaded hard to handle unmanageable invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish uncompromising hard to please uppity unreasonable headstrong unamenable resolute immovable oafish demanding tyrannical unaccommodating picky thrawn stiff stiff-necked negative delicate dogmatic oppressive hard to satisfy irritating indomitable stubborn unflinching contrarious overcritical wrong-headed inexorable grim impolite unyielding opinionative unbending obstructive perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial rancorous unkind mighty antipathetic tense sulky huffish disgruntled glum curt moody unsociable impatient gruff volatile shirty whingy shrewish brusque misanthropic cynical pouty oversensitive bitter displeased snarling peckish resentful eggy whiny acrimonious whining miserable grumbling crybaby gloomy annoyed liverish brooding morose pouting waxy snaky scratchy waspy grousing acrid dour mardy acid mumpish growling tart sorehead saturnine sore blunt on edge carping griping complaining malicious venomous fretting vinegary short whingeing childish malignant vindictive filthy spiteful chuffy out of humour ugly having got out of bed the wrong side having got out of bed on the wrong side nasty-tempered as cross as two sticks in a mood fault-finding out of temper cross-grained like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse foul-tempered out-of-sorts short-fused easily offended in a bad mood vitriolic unsympathetic virulent hot-button biting jaundiced fire-eating eristic opposing adversary accusatorial vicious wrathful disapproving uncongenial unreceptive disputable cutting dissident conflicting acerbic opposed at odds sarcastic unwelcoming oppositional alien uncontrollable self-willed unwilling unpropitious maleficent malefic adversative undisciplined viperous catty undisciplinable cold inharmonious unhelpful litiginous litigatious behavioural tooshie vinegarish persuasive outspoken brief scornful allergic opposite reluctant ill-disposed oppugning heated incontrollable obstinately disobedient renitent pervicacious behavioral noncompliant withstanding wild foul sardonic bristling inflammable intolerant antisocial embittered vengeful manic hysterical icy uncomfortable lawless uneasy severe hard corrosive grating cruel stern stinging pungent astringent keen dysfunctional divided split delinquent unfeeling annoying brutal devastating piercing acidulous incisive wounding callous hurtful galling insensitive naughty badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous mortal acerb inconsiderate comfortless quarrelling tumultuous disagreeing socially impaired bad impudent erratic errant disturbed badly-behaved misbehaving pesky roguish rowdy ill-behaved problematic troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable irksome uncompliant rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile disorderly abrasive rubbing the wrong way hard to take disharmonious insurrectionary clashing seditious sectarian schismatic disputed debatable contended uncertain equivocal ambivalent unresolved moot unsure divisive malcontent insurgent estranged alienated disaffected troublemaking partisan rival undecided borderline controvertible unsettled quarreling at variance open to question open to debate

Tính từ

Involving physical conflict, or having a propensity to use physical force
violent fierce aggressive rough wild brutal savage vicious bullying ferocious berserk bloodthirsty murderous rabid cruel frenzied intemperate ruthless callous furious harsh maniacal pugnacious terrorising terrorizing threatening barbaric barbarous destructive fiery mad merciless pitiless sadistic thuggish delirious heartless homicidal impetuous inhuman assertive explosive forceful frenetic hotheaded maddened agitated crazy demoniac feverish forcible frantic fuming headstrong hysterical impassioned potent radge hot-headed hot-tempered blood-and-guts cut-throat drag-out hammer and tongs knock-down knock-down-and-drag-out out of control bang-bang volatile intense tumultuous turbulent hot cyclonic stormy animated tempestuous convulsive paroxysmal volcanic grim brutish bloody dangerous crazed beastly fiendish sanguinary truculent inhumane brute bestial unrestrained raving uncontrolled remorseless fell excited raging untamed insane distraught swivel-eyed deranged monstrous feral manic overwrought hectic butcherly atrocious corybantic wicked tough severe unmerciful wanton unruly hard cold-blooded fraught worked up panic-stricken diabolical chaotic beside oneself hyper sanguine murdering sanguineous vile rugged malevolent uncontrollable bloody-minded demented desperate fevered slaughterous disorderly angry in a tizzy keyed up fanatical freaked out rapacious wired unscrewed rowdy death-dealing harmful weirded out wigged out deadly heinous flipped out unsparing evil abominable hyperactive oppressive wolfish unfeeling terrible energetic abandoned hellish unrelenting mean stern unkind malicious malignant crude intimidating depraved flinty nasty confused berko unhinged distracted hard-hearted lawless physical weird zonkers unzipped unglued boisterous spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered at wits' end lawbreaking menacing lethal ravening enthusiastic zealous hurtful intolerant mortal riotous baleful relentless abusive unmanageable tigerish irrational illiberal gruff criminal obsessed infuriated dour devilish bitter insensitive austere horrible restless villainous onerous unreasonable killer animalistic infernal obsessive passionate uncaring intimidatory exciting unsympathetic frightening draconian perverse abhorrent killing maleficent flipped nervous immoral spiteful panic-struck panicky confusing virulent coercive venomous vindictive nuts unforgiving hardhanded nefarious distrait maniac possessed hysteric overexcited fast and furious strong-arm inclement in a state in a frenzy beside yourself damaging predatory warlike madding injurious bellicose beastlike hardened ruffianly gory perverted lupine implacable voracious ravenous hideous ghastly trying treacherous gloating ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited uncharitable heavy stony-hearted grievous cold-hearted gay bloodless unemotional excruciating fleshly bodily red in tooth and claw emotional burdensome ferine coarse neurotic unrestrainable consumed overcome hostile stiff dastardly unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent pernicious undisciplined troublemaking fractious overwhelmed uncompassionate wrathful hateful roughshod searing swinish unsafe sinister incoherent bad foul corrupt struck overawed affected stunned incredulous bully-boy dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous belligerent intractable disruptive contumacious punishing unbalanced awful infamous degraded dreadful degenerate worthless babbling tormenting torturous gone subhuman irrepressible carried away vehement driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved out of one's wits in a panic rampant blazing spasmodic in a fit seething debased profligate unprincipled sinful uncivilised rancorous minatory viperous minacious serpentine uncivilized dark furibund phrenetic animal out of one's mind two-fisted anarchic overpowered licentious contaminated flagitious faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid impious base insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous strong powerful forced tyrannous despotic tyrannical exacting dictatorial distressed suppressive authoritarian ugly lost it hallucinating disturbed light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant disordered bewildered hallucinatory unsettled deviate devastated rigid unpitying ramrod uptight critical destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a lather heavy-handed last-minute wound up worried anxious het up fatal extreme out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull in a flap having kittens in a tizz hard-nosed hard-boiled fervent at your wits' end in a cold sweat in a flat spin at the end of your tether hard-shell heated deathly uncompromising extremist bigoted terminal overactive over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard forbidding fearsome ungentle steely impatient biased prejudiced one-sided partisan gung-ho louring frightful busy pestilent incessive cutthroat stark lowering enraged undomesticated fearful narrow-minded perfervid devastating nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant ill keen primitive biffo aggers vital high-strung ruinous like one possessed internecine destroying

Tính từ

Capable of producing great physical force
strong tough burly muscular big brawny formidable rugged beefy mighty athletic great sinewy stalwart stout strapping hearty overpowering redoubtable substantial manful manly heavyweight buff hefty Herculean hunky husky jacked lusty meaty powerfully built ripped shredded well built obdurate sturdy robust vigorous powerful hardy well-built solid muscly hulking thickset thewy firm stark able-bodied potent mesomorphic healthy bulky broad-shouldered forceful stocky sound hard heavy durable fit rich well muscled toughened hardened masculine inured full cast-iron concentrated hard-bitten full-bodied heavy-duty virile plush heady sturdily built energetic herculean hunk manlike male powerhouse staunch hale and hearty stable macho red-blooded mannish iron active resilient two-fisted hale muscle-bound solidly built tenacious hard-wearing well-developed chunky beefcake bruising hulky in good shape in good health butch well knit pumped up as strong as an ox heavily built influential all-male important sporty man-size man-sized significant flourishing physical thick well-knit dumpy resistant stubby indomitable agile nimble lithe puissant fighting fit squat stiff seasoned secure wiry enduring capable able jock stud tiger muscled heavyset in fine fettle strongly made well-made in good condition stumpy in rude health squatty built cobby tall nuggety fit as a fiddle pyknic he-man hard as nails built to last bull-necked as strong as a horse as strong as a lion long-lasting toned finely honed invincible portly gorillalike fleshy well made spunky green vital lean supple enthusiastic stouthearted decisive strong-arm strenuous unflagging acclimatised acclimatized well fresh indefatigable upright bullish musclebound ropy stringy swole imposing physically fit lion-hearted colt audacious jockstrap stately confident self-reliant noble dignified undaunted sound in body and limb lumbering towering huge gargantuan massive gigantic upstanding fast trim aerobicized colossal mammoth ultramasculine leading doughty dominant bombproof in trim well-proportioned in good trim short rigid inflexible authoritative prestigious controlling predominant bursting with health in tip-top condition fubsy unbreakable leathery wieldy omnipotent steamroller boss strengthy almighty brick-wall as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea indestructible weighty scrub thick-bodied plump chubby rotund cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded withstanding hulk ox bold brave strong as ox made to last forcible gallant resolute tough as nails unfeminine well set-up stout-hearted fixed steady reinforced unyielding ape adult stallion honourable boyish courageous hairy caveman generative honorable Amazonian unladylike swashbuckling squabby well-founded stodgy chauvinist aggressively masculine viragoish viraginous in fine feather tomboyish mannified masc unwomanly hoydenish all man big-boned

Tính từ

Having or showing passion in the pursuit of a goal
fierce ambitious enterprising aggressive assertive determined driven earnest hungry resolute ardent bold committed competitive eager indefatigable keen motivated steadfast unwavering active aspiring assiduous avid confident desirous diligent dogged dynamic enthusiastic intent relentless ruthless spirited tenacious thirsty tireless uncompromising unfaltering unflagging unremitting unshakeable untiring unyielding zealous cutthroat decisive energetic feisty ferocious obdurate obstinate persistent pertinacious purposeful rigid rigorous sedulous staunch steady sustained undeviating unflinching vigorous assured bloodthirsty forceful industrious inspired militant pioneering progressive pushy stringent stubborn unabated unrelenting brutal bullheaded defiant gladiatorial scrappy warlike hard-driving self-asserting self-assertive single-minded strong-willed can-do cut-throat go-getting self-assured self-confident self-driven self-willed get up and go goal-oriented gung ho self-possessed self-seeking hang-tough high-pressure self-starting eager beaver fiercely competitive high-reaching in-your-face iron-willed bound and determined having killer instinct intensely competitive power-hungry power-loving dog-eat-dog go for broke stop at nothing strong insistent firm fanatical intense dedicated bossy domineering emphatic vehement unbending powerful resolved steely audacious commanding bullish strong-minded authoritative passionate dominant tough demanding forward persevering overbearing undaunted gutsy sure striving pushing obsessed plucky thrusting pushful imperious go-ahead compelling positive fervent impassioned bent upon fervid persuasive devoted fixed wholehearted unshakable strenuous perfervid hot unshaken burning hopeful high-powered decided gritty fiery hearty bent stalwart zestful obsessive possessed mettlesome adventurous indomitable unhesitating carnivorous keen as mustard certain dead set like a ball of fire hell-bent on the make two-fisted full of determination desiring success immodest hardline influential convincing potent robust stout effective violent brassy hard-hitting resilient dogmatic assaultive rabid absolute believing in oneself sincere devout hard-nosed upwardly mobile combative compelled consumed imposing not backward in coming forward self-respecting controlling emulous contentious loyal sagacious set unbendable immovable brash bludgeoning intensive vying galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal impelled itchy ripe zealotic extreme antsy fired frenetic fanatic fireball afire gung-ho wild-eyed fearless irrepressible faithful courageous hardy brave importunate coercive daring collected composed fixated compulsive obsessional induced competing driving bumptious loud obnoxious presumptuous officious obtrusive independent perceptive heroic take charge mean poised intrepid pressurizing impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised warring opposing antagonistic oppositional offensive inflexible pressured stressful difficult forthright provocative outspoken shocking direct firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad animated resourceful stout-hearted arrogant unswerving pressurising coming on strong spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action cocksure overconfident self-reliant urged on athirst hard cocky cool-headed excited willing full-on not taking no for an answer hardened raring crazy strident sharp-elbowed nervy loudmouthed voracious longing conscientious enthused warmblooded full of oneself sturdy ebullient solicitous wild iron lusty yearning lively craving grim bitter stony unquenchable furious granite desiring interested mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed constant studious hard-working bent on focused bound set on focussed settled laborious hardworking sworn dyed-in-the-wool operose out do-or-die patient as keen as mustard valiant hell-bent on hell-bent upon unflappable intransigent painstaking attentive perseverant busy deliberate stanch pumped true self-motivated exuberant pious itching anxious vivacious true-blue pigheaded agog exhilarated dutiful bustling sprightly persisting stoked pledged impatient thrilled nuts good pleased animate titillated appetent ready juiced geeked hepped up hopped-up high-spirited intent on keyed up deep-dyed single-minded about chomping at the bit firm about card-carrying true blue ready and willing raring to go self-directed red-hot obsessive about inflexible about fixated on dead set on fanatical about career-focused enduring restless solid hardboiled buckled down headstrong tried-and-true responsible tried inveterate unfailing unswervable radical never-tiring hanging tough purposive involved career-minded implacable manful careful hellbent bulldog extremely motivated very motivated telelogical calculated four-square meticulous warm unmovable indurate stiff inexorable optimistic intending aspirant wannabe would-be budding potential wishful unchanging rock-ribbed thorough exacting punctilious particular meaning business spunky mean business be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone heedful ball of fire possible prospective likely future absorbed engrossed through and through fast Type A with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone engaged pig-headed fascinated passional great employed rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky concerned tantalized unqualified down-the-line concentrated slogging swotty plugging working plodding out-and-out single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end hot to trot turnt gone on tantalised bugged zesty greedy champing at the bit gaga full of beans imaginative inventive ingenious wishing expectant endeavoring endeavouring observant concentrating liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking entrepreneurial creative innovative modern original dying entire preoccupied all occupied enrapt exclusive whole undivided enlightened forward-thinking up-and-coming vital engagé attached adherent fast-track high-octane deep alert watchful immersed minding highly motivated new rising weighty effectual mighty authoritarian ruling go-go successful supreme efficient forcible avant-garde wrapped up out to determined to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to insistent on fixed on decisive about obsessed with resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on gumptious highly capable in control full of get-up-and-go in the saddle

Trái nghĩa của full blooded

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