Đồng nghĩa của bulky

Alternative for bulky

bulkier, bulkiest

Trái nghĩa: tight,


Of an unwieldily great size
large big massive great huge hefty substantial gigantic enormous immense colossal hulking vast considerable mammoth monumental sizeable oversized giant tremendous sizable prodigious grand gargantuan monstrous humongous titanic heavy elephantine voluminous mountainous jumbo whopping weighty cumbersome monster mighty stupendous oversize handsome astronomical mega ginormous unwieldy goodly husky ponderous awkward largish epic thumping Brobdingnagian tidy outsize whacking biggish gross outsized unhandy ungainly cumbrous major overgrown inordinate boxcar unmanageable unlimited high long unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy king-size king-sized king size very large thumping great whopping great whacking great man-size man-sized of considerable size giant-sized giant-size dirty great extensive bumper towering astronomic herculean cosmic walloping humungous leviathan cosmical galactic solid vasty cyclopean ample pharaonic Herculean supersized super supersize Himalayan super-duper gigantesque oceanic heroical heroic planetary clumsy strapping burly very big clunky sturdy generous beefy significant stout imposing bunglesome cranky strong expansive brawny stellar abundant capacious muscular burdensome spacious respectable almighty immeasurable lumbering comprehensive wide broad well built good hunky healthy powerfully built grandiose substantive heavyweight thickset full plentiful roomy princely appreciable inconvenient commodious fat thewy solidly built muscly excessive mondo lavish magnificent behemothic powerful plenteous meaty boundless mesomorphic extremely large extreme portly tall brobdingnagian stocky robust stalwart buff well-built jacked stark ripped profuse fleshy large-scale leaden thick cavernous not to be sneezed at chunky lofty liberal extraordinary blimp copious extra-large formidable Bunyanesque mastodonic hulky monolithic serious barn door extravagant exorbitant super colossal a whale of a shredded clodhopping heavily built lumbersome unco marked sinewy reasonable rugged muscle-bound laborious lusty maxi well muscled infinite limitless troublesome majestic clunking impressive onerous prolific oppressive extra large sweeping decent staggering notable tough numerous eminent far-reaching august extremely big not inconsiderable bountiful jumbo-sized mahoosive socking great illustrious kingly bonny super-colossal magnific bounteous broad-shouldered clumpy megalithic pronounced detailed good-size good-sized full-size bull whale of a whopper massy thundering prosperous profitable tubby chubby demanding much noticeable lucrative sufficient worthwhile superabundant advantageous adequate difficult ill-shaped OS oafish lumpish entire rewarding whole elephantic material loutish cracking encumbering uncontrollable incalculable heavyset terrible complete paying eternal decent-sized weighing a ton whaling dense overweight endless measurable Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy glorious muscled bruising hearty splendid stately larger buxom greater zaftig steady fairly large protracted extended unsparing moving intense renowned irresistible dynamic remunerative gainful swelled great big deep fair-sized family-sized family-size fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized measureless illimitable widespread terrific striking noble superb sensible lengthy decided prolonged wide-ranging graceless awesome expanded overwhelming interminable roly-poly big and strong broad in the beam corn-fed well upholstered well fed sturdily built obdurate manly pumped up obese porcine statuesque behemoth athletic billowing slow-moving heavy-footed slow titan palatial global wholesale mundo Gargantuan unbounded vigorous hardy difficult to handle fine regal blundering uncoordinated maladroit baggy far-flung spread-out never-ending all-inclusive stretched-out very great resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable lubberly larger-than-life Cyclopean royal ambitious sublime gallant baronial dignified well-knit well knit impractical wide-reaching exhaustive mass splendiferous exalted haughty as strong as an ox able-bodied vital lumpy rich unreal consistent permanent universal nationwide spacey loose-fitting awe-inspiring something else Homeric like a bull in a china shop nubby galumphing tiresome clunker embarrassing wearisome leading heavy-duty packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash all-encompassing worldwide important brimming crowded legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple multitudinous covering various nubbly curdy inelegant unwieldly fantastic pythonic open unfathomable bottomless comfortable fathomless phenomenal remarkable thorough outstanding exceptional gaping rambling yawning inexhaustible wide open airy chasmal marvellous unending all-embracing catholic inclusive marvelous interdisciplinary multidisciplinary roaring rangy cross-disciplinary severe resounding abysmal memorable uncrowded astounding rip-roaring unusual surpassing awful unfathomed untold steep immoderate everlasting indefinite immensurable horizonless profound unfailing sky-high inestimable wonderful decisive conclusive emphatic consequential outspread numberless fabulous noteworthy unmistakable unqualified rolling amazing no end of incredible no end to panoramic out-and-out general encyclopedic compendious bombastic mind-blowing spectacular breathtaking stunning cavelike utmost mind-boggling thunderous sunken disproportionate unsounded pervasive abnormal stiff excellent classic mortal paramount encyclopaedic spread out deep-set historic countless far-ranging unconfined dreadful undue unplumbed unrestricted transcendent supreme fearful unconscionable overmuch across the board intemperate plethoric abounding plumbless prodigal momentous fair unreasonable insane overdue overweening intolerable prevalent overextravagant devilish plummetless scopious scopic exceeding lank teeming unmeasurable no strings mastodontic without limit without end earthshaking earth-shattering Moby grandiloquent Miltonian daunting booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing thrashing superhuman lasting Brobdignagian high-ceilinged startling miraculous dilatable distensible expandable enduring unforgettable crashing astonishing immortal cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical wide-open pleasing wicked top maximum unbelievable sensational flabbergasting dramatic soaring appalling very loud through the ceiling frightful fantabulous high-flown high-sounding uttermost wondrous desperate loud distinguished epoch-making chasmic fierce harsh horrific crucial spanking ominous shattering heightened increased escalated jacked up abiding sky-scraping multistorey radical acute rare max outstretched devastating arduous baroque fancy unmerciful altitudinous prime latitudinous beamy marathon above average intensified unplumbable unmeasured in-depth superlative pre-eminent abyssal blanket very long critical urgent fundamental ceaseless undying indiscriminate comprising soundless crushing paralysing preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping central pressing essential unfading unbottomed unceasing tolerable undetermined ethereal unexclusive far reaching pretty hollow elaborate paralyzing overcoming thoroughgoing wide physically meaningful worth taking into account sepulchral opulent plush classy luxurious very deep inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating exciting eye-opening broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged broad-ranging broad-based cyclopedic embracive all-in omnibus wall to wall no catch ultra dark flash flashy swanky real key extending far down thorough-going wall-to-wall discursive encyclopedical encyclopaedical stretchy extendable enlargeable distending streets ahead no holds barred no strings attached luxuriant eventful firm sound gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant dismal splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex theatrical fustian high-flying dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed useful durable valuable principal aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant alveolate socketed chambered big-deal tectonic major-league proliferous myriad innumerable rife multifold manifold full-out incomprehensible full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale curved inward overflowing thick on the ground uncountable multiple motley disparate replete unremitting assorted diverse miscellaneous well-provided varied incomputable populous unnumbered mixed uncounted multiplied rampant well-supplied frequent crawling with stink with a dime a dozen on tap ad nauseam unwarranted unbridled exaggerated superfluous unrestrained gratuitous needless extortionate surplus uncontrolled profligate wanton improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant outrageous wasteful dissipated uncurbed unhampered ridiculous unchecked supernatural overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited self-indulgent too many O.T.T. too much OTT over the top out of all proportion over the odds way out uncalled for a bit much


Having an excess of body fat


Awkward, clumsy or socially inept
klutzy clumsy awkward ungainly bumbling gawky lumbering uncoordinated inept graceless maladroit blundering ungraceful unhandy bungling inexpert gawkish unskillful coarse oafish stumbling unrefined uncouth stiff amateurish unpolished unskilled incompetent artless lumpish butterfingers rude floundering unfit green all thumbs having two left feet having two left hands gauche inelegant gangling cloddish clownish lubberly botched unco unwieldy fumbling fumbled inexperienced blunderous untoward weedy unable unadept undexterous untactful untalented spastic cack-handed clunky cumbersome ham-fisted ham-handed unskilful heavy-handed crude butterfingered wooden all fingers and thumbs stilted rough-hewn rustic ponderous clodhopping like a bull in a china shop rough tactless uncultured boorish uncomfortable uneasy loutish rustical uncultivated thoughtless bovine crass inconsiderate unmannerly unworldly handless injudicious indelicate raw uneducated with two left feet socially awkward socially unsure unsophisticated shambling heavy-footed careless unsubtle undiplomatic flat-footed vulgar unmannered hulking left-handed improper barbaric shameless barbarous heavy ill-judged impolitic splay bashful offensive indecorous impolite tasteless barbarian not agile all thumbs ill-mannered lacking in social graces outlandish corrupt socially inept accident-prone unsteady insensitive ill-shaped elephantine helpless inapt untrained inadept unproficient rough-and-tumble laborious stolid unfacile slouching clunking unproductive unsuccessful unworkmanlike hopeless fumbly two left feet coltish skill-less ill-bred out of your depth ingenuous guileless naive churlish hick lumpen hillbilly stupid ignorant foolish backwoods dull lifeless unnatural leaden flat rigid passionless dry stodgy nervous unimpassioned spiritless soulless nervy gangly shy inexpressive weighty obstinate inflexible deadpan unyielding unbending lacking vitality


(of a person) Deliberately unreasonable or uncooperative
awkward difficult uncooperative unreasonable belligerent annoying disobliging exasperating perverse stubborn trying unhelpful obstinate obstructive unpredictable intractable prickly troublesome unaccommodating contrary irritable pesky refractory thrawn tiresome touchy vexing chippy contumacious froward pervicacious renitent vexatious balky bolshie complex cramped cussed disagreeable discommodious incommodious obdurate stroppy unmanageable bloody-minded hard to handle difficult to handle recalcitrant wilful unruly disobedient headstrong wayward obstreperous ungovernable willful insubordinate uncontrollable defiant rebellious restive untoward pigheaded self-willed undisciplined mulish rebel recusant incompliant inflexible bull-headed fractious unyielding unbending cantankerous disorderly disruptive mutinous naughty truculent unadaptable uncompromising intransigent badly behaved contrarious immovable stiff-necked rock-ribbed mischievous indomitable errant wild delinquent cross-grained incontrollable tough unbiddable impish noncompliant determined rascally roguish unsupportive capricious opinionated unmalleable unwilling resolute pertinacious turbulent ornery tenacious non-compliant insoluble rowdy uncompliant persistent strong-willed attention-seeking pig-headed not helpful irrational peevish morose biased illogical unamenable shrewish crabby ill-natured inconsiderate unresponsive blinkered arbitrary flyaway nonobservant prejudiced intolerant sticky violent troublemaking resistive insurgent seditious riotous limit not giving an inch blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying not cooperative obstinately disobedient unconstructive hindering burdensome demanding treacherous factious disaffected dissentious uncomplying contrariant nonconforming adverse dissident discordant arsey nonconformist disagreeing antagonistic paradoxical hostile argumentative resistant resisting opposing insubmissive undisciplinable withstanding radical antipathetic converse negative inimical wrongheaded dissentient frustrating making difficulties adamant dogged indurate maleficent resolved malicious malign malevolent spiteful firm inexorable relentless out of control stalwart steadfast hardheaded impossible to cope with out of hand rigid fixed persevering ossified steely adamantine unpersuadable implacable unshakable unflinching inconvincible hardened unshakeable unrelenting hard bullheaded hard-nosed iron-willed self-opinionated strong-minded single-minded bad set in one's ways stubborn as a mule misbehaving misbehaved playful incorrigible rude impolite wicked tricksy puckish brattish scampish prankish sinful teasing gallus fiendish wanton worthless rough wrong evil bad-mannered ill-disciplined full of mischief incurable hard-line pat thorny unpliable locked knotty problematic indocile hang tough locked in tough nut unwavering staunch indefatigable unfaltering set unswerving purposeful unflagging insistent spirited dedicated stiff settled committed intent steady constant untiring vigorous earnest decided strict strong unhesitating driven tireless enduring solid rooted bound undaunted valiant inveterate deep-rooted deep-seated assiduous undeviating gritty mettlesome dead set forceful serious ingrained plucky dead set on decisive unbendable abiding sure doughty diehard brave bold courageous devoted unshaken entrenched ardent perseverant true stout bent on gutsy ineradicable hardline importunate bent set in stone stout-hearted lionhearted bound and determined unmovable dyed-in-the-wool full of determination deaf to reason confirmed diligent enthusiastic persisting harsh established iron grim rigorous definite spunky hard and fast sedulous purposive ruthless patient inbred hard-core perennial manful lifelong stringent deliberate unsparing obsessed stable faithful bent upon unchanging zealous remorseless wrong-headed assertive fanatical rugged chronic dogmatic cynical long-standing devout die-hard continuing severe cast-iron bulldog ironclad stern long-lived usual strenuous do-or-die unswayable avid hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited loyal unalterable immutable keen unappeasable focused obsessive unflappable unchangeable hidebound unabating pitiless set on continual eager narrow-minded hanging tough compulsive ceaseless pushy certain wholehearted lasting habitual four-square passionate feisty hardy fervent meaning business out dour focussed hard-bitten unmitigated routine recurrent recurring inborn continuous ever-present hell-bent sustained self-assertive hard as nails intrepid protracted unfailing unremitting invariable true-blue merciless emphatic illiberal closed-minded extreme heroic ambitious unrepentant deep motivated aggressive determinate intrenched case-hardened immobile enterprising fierce active long-lasting indurated unswervable doctrinaire domineering seasoned sturdy bred-in-the-bone energetic monomaniacal positive explicit unqualified intense self-confident never-failing hard-and-fast go-getting fearless stanch picky fervid pious resilient brassbound draconian uptight oppressive fussy hard-edged impassioned sworn tried-and-true gung ho fast frozen as stubborn as a mule stony cruel exacting overbearing reliable prolonged unbreakable concrete unvacillating good mean hooked critical hungry possessive trusty changeless unstoppable fixated querulous industrious vehement perfectionist tyrannical hard to please hard-headed thirsty desirous brick-wall inspired opinionative standing pat iron-fisted unforgiving dictatorial independent high-powered lingering permanent inured aspiring dug in irredeemable standing one's ground possessed inexpugnable militant unquestioning stand pat deep-set fiery assured hypercritical unabated toughened long-established accustomed habituated confident deep-dyed impulsive stupid self-starting hard-driving goal-oriented stop at nothing over-particular self-driven well-set two-fisted mean business hard-shell as tough as old boots hell bent on hard to satisfy shortsighted blind deaf unbudgeable unconverted unreformed self-disciplined haughty direct unreceptive boneheaded firmly-based implanted mullish stiffened aloof proud petrified long-drawn-out unfluctuating durable immalleable formidable dependable never-tiring hardboiled buckled down unfading impassive unimpressible gallant unbeatable invincible straight fossilized bony rigidified impertinent hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional unregenerate cohesive stony-hearted unimpressionable authoritarian unconquerable valorous unmoved heady responsible tried forbidding disciplinary unvarying coherent incessant unmodifiable quiescent close-minded cold fish proof against persuasion convinced down-the-line hellbent dauntless dragging slow great game robust unforgetful categorical cocksure fossilised jelled final flat gut instinctive intrinsic pounding mortal undefeated unflexible crisp tough nut to crack in for long haul obscene pornographic X-rated locked-in puritanical unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable set-on one-sided congenital iron-jawed single-minded about firm about remaining undiscouraged undeterred powerful fit thick-skinned unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable unending acute dangerous stick to guns set in concrete agreed in the bag arranged planned stated prearranged telelogical playing hard ball calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone sagacious allegiant self-centered liege going all the way trustworthy solid as a rock like bad penny stuffy unpermissive clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out radicated customary old innate undismayed with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in untameable insurmountable bulletproof unassailable insuperable unwaivering irrepressible set in your ways do or die hold one's ground hold the fort hold the line manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical drawn-out spun-out haunting ineluctable whole-hearted dire alarming grave driven in heavy-handed no-nonsense with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way tough as old boots red-blooded not put off not discouraged sticking to one's guns obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about intent on undefeatable impassable competitive consumed compelled dominant in earnest perceptive take charge like death and taxes no going back necessary compulsory tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of lion-hearted prevailing dynamic striving consistent going hopeful cutthroat ferocious firm in spirit keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful never-ending clamorous judgmental disapproving progressive bloodthirsty pioneering galvanized impelled preconceived triumphant fastidious boorish finicky nonmoving through-and-through warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy induced obsessional overexacting exigent imperious cavilling nagging unbudging self-asserting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke self-assured can-do eager beaver power-loving high-reaching self-possessed oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied pushed steered guided besetting galvanised nonmotile unsentimental hard-boiled quibbling disparaging sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous immotile testy choosy snappy temperamental quarrelsome grumbly irritating shrewd practical realistic urged on demeaning carping censorious thorough matter-of-fact down-to-earth unbowed sour indelible proved complete irremovable callous world-weary over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious high-maintenance frenzied torrid thoroughgoing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed unreformable longtime compacted packed hard-handed compact rocky impenetrable concentrated consolidated compressed overcritical piggish self-centred vexed captious disputative huffy delicate particular ungracious finical invidious sensitive crotchety uppity disputatious staid immoderate infatuated lacking sentiment sicker as hard as nails toughened by experience burning mad over-enthusiastic secure well established red-hot through and through all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying well-established dotty frenetic crazy potty visionary nuts gung-ho anchored nailed quiet hitched situated unmoving attached stationary still located tight rabid perfervid bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo passional made fast nuts for erratic partial bugged raving feverish high on credulous fanatic turned on addicted

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