Đồng nghĩa của not cooperative


Unwilling to help others or do what they ask
uncooperative bloody-minded obstructive unreasonable awkward difficult disobliging unaccommodating unamenable unhelpful unwilling cussed inconsiderate inflexible recalcitrant stiff-necked unadaptable unbending unresponsive unsupportive unyielding wilful bolshie contrary disobedient immovable obstreperous perverse rock-ribbed stubborn thrawn tiresome troublesome obstinate sticky stroppy truculent balky uncompromising trying exasperating refractory froward disagreeable not helpful pigheaded determined strong-willed not giving an inch inhibiting blocking delaying stalling restrictive self-centered unobliging hindering unconstructive discourteous unsympathetic uncivil making difficulties contrarious frustrating disruptive unpleasant unfriendly uncongenial rude unamiable ill-natured belligerent annoying unpredictable piggish self-centred prickly intractable irritable vexing pesky touchy vexatious chippy contumacious pervicacious renitent obdurate complex incommodious bulky unmanageable cramped discommodious invalidating disconfirming hard to handle deterring discouraging dissuading difficult to handle opposing perfectionist importunate strict tough fussy dictatorial critical overbearing querulous fractious hardheaded hypercritical unflinching stiff hard to please hard to satisfy hard-line over-particular demanding tyrannical clamorous judgmental rigorous disapproving imperious cavilling harsh nagging insistent overexacting stringent exigent hard unsparing firm sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous hairsplitting quibbling disparaging needy caviling censuring possessive cavillous fault-finding demeaning over-rigorous carping over-censorious over-strict censorious high-maintenance serious cynical over-exacting delicate grumbly dogmatic strong-minded pitiless intransigent oppressive picky single-minded captious dissatisfied snappy sensitive temperamental irritating crotchety indomitable bearish ornery crabby set in one's ways overcritical boorish unrelenting rigid uppity wrong-headed inexorable finical huffy grim cantankerous impolite uptight hard-nosed opinionative disputatious irascible argumentative headstrong feisty opinionated vexed quarrelsome particular resolute fastidious finicky testy invidious disputative sour bull-headed negative oafish pertinacious discontented ungracious steadfast choosy fiendish

Trái nghĩa của not cooperative

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