Đồng nghĩa của immovable

Alternative for immovable

Đồng nghĩa: firm, fixed, stable, stationary, steadfast,

Trái nghĩa: movable,

Tính từ

Stubbornly, and usually unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
adamant inflexible obdurate steadfast resolute unwavering unyielding stubborn dogged unbending uncompromising firm unrelenting unswerving determined stiff-necked tenacious unfailing unshakeable adamantine bullheaded constant hard hardened hardheaded hard-nosed headstrong impassive implacable inconvincible inexorable intransigent iron-willed mulish obstinate opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded self-opinionated self-willed steely strong-willed unshakable wilful willful indurate rock-ribbed stony-hearted unchangeable unimpressionable unshaken dead set immutable permanent quiescent rigid set solid steady unalterable unmodifiable dug in locked in stand pat tough nut dead set on set in concrete set in stone stick to guns fixed single-minded relentless persistent staunch intractable unflinching unchanging unfaltering persevering stalwart refractory resolved recalcitrant dedicated strict stable committed stiff tough indefatigable strong-minded undeviating indomitable bloody-minded strong insistent invariable unflagging decided hard-line bull-headed enduring purposeful contrary uncooperative true abiding unvarying unmalleable intent unhesitating contumacious untiring fast hard-and-fast unpersuadable sure stout bound changeless tireless undaunted hard and fast reliable balky froward perpetual lasting unadaptable difficult consistent rigorous devoted faithful unmovable stubborn as a mule dyed-in-the-wool uniform loyal spirited cussed deaf to reason regular bold dependable bolshie entrenched incommutable stringent unbendable mettlesome harsh unmanageable gritty iron trusty vigorous unflappable inalterable hard-core earnest cast-iron established incompliant ardent diehard settled unaccommodating unreasonable continuing severe plucky assiduous remorseless courageous true-blue everlasting durable cantankerous obstreperous irreversible perseverant grim trustworthy stern pitiless devout hardline hidebound definite driven cross-grained allegiant unappeasable bulldog secure unvacillating disobedient brave deliberate eternal ruthless defiant invariant merciless uncompliant unsparing brassbound strenuous restive unswayable unfluctuating full of determination indestructible persisting stroppy stout-hearted gutsy exacting decisive static ironclad spunky good hanging tough rooted tried and true tried and tested importunate concrete impenetrable unqualified brick-wall unassailable awkward intense forceful purposive wrong-headed never-failing pig-headed immobile perennial manful unremitting bent upon ingrained cruel indelible even diligent dutiful wayward trusted certain long-lasting absolute fanatical true-hearted unchanged ungovernable insubordinate valiant patient deep-rooted unending patriotic unforgiving ineradicable imperishable perdurable ornery indefinite sedulous unbreakable serious impregnable standing contrarious domineering four-square down-the-line pious reactionary conservative bent dogmatic unswervable deep-dyed set in one's ways unprogressive meaning business bound and determined do-or-die tried-and-true fossilized hell-bent on bent on hell-bent upon long-standing zealous irremovable well-founded invulnerable unruly unamenable obstructive emphatic inveterate focused prevailing ambitious fossilised rebellious disobliging timeless immortal motivated assertive pushy invincible stationary frozen ageless undying enthusiastic genuine unfading keen lifelong enterprising draconian narrow-minded unmoved dateless unstoppable unvaried tiresome thrawn troublesome sticky not giving an inch sustained resistant safe rebel compulsive endless stanch recusant hardhearted standing pat fogyish continual sound fierce untoward sturdy out opinionative authoritarian passionate straight focussed monotonous demanding positive final mean business convinced die-hard deep-seated unattackable inviolable attached determinate fractious wholehearted inexpugnable cohesive true to life austere hell bent on tough nut to crack standing one's ground never-ending unpredictable seasoned fortified negative iron-fisted well fortified well defended tyrannical liege hang tough oppressive heavy-handed well-set hard as nails unbudgeable mullish firmly-based petrified direct unshrinking traditionalist stiffened inevitable renitent bony indurated rigidified immalleable blinkered tight ultra-conservative never-tiring fearless unblinking immoveable repeated stony intrepid haughty unintimidated clinging unimpressible coherent unhelpful unwilling unreceptive boneheaded redoubtable hard-working impertinent bullhead mean unrepentant uncompassionate unemotional wild heady pounding unabated mortal hard-headed jelled flat possessive unforgetful unquestioning on one's side forever unflexible crisp doctrinaire predictable incurable uncontrollable aloof proud hard-shell locked-in set-on one-sided unresponsive inconsiderate unsupportive cold fish proof against persuasion telelogical calculated indissoluble irreparable solid as a rock powerful undisciplined same unrelieved undiversified habitual exact blimpish impervious ceaseless deathless playing hard ball motionless statuelike be out for blood nose to the grindstone open-ended unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable biased ramrod unpermissive fervent imperturbable nerveless tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of on an even keel unmoving not changeable preconceived as stubborn as a mule do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns hold the line set in your ways unsinkable rugged perduring categorical fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians ineluctable not changing decided upon writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced insoluble thorny indocile unpliable locked problematic knotty robust impassioned supportive existing with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in forever and a day in for the long haul for keeps truculent stick-in-the-mud conformist necessary compulsory close in for long haul like bad penny sacrosanct well-established perfervid fervid whole-hearted industrious dominant in earnest inspired avid hungry consumed compelled obsessed disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book pressing astringent disciplinary uncharitable dour hard-hearted imperious dire no-nonsense browbeating extreme formidable rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave remaining unitary undifferentiated no going back explicit going eager thirsty desirous striving active possessed obsessive not cooperative surviving obedient truthful hardy reinforced well-built heavy-duty well-made heavy galvanized monomaniacal impelled unbeatable unconquerable like death and taxes negativistic averse loath reluctant indisposed hesitant living strengthened armoured rock-solid hard-wearing unbroken level through-and-through energetic induced fixated aspiring militant obsessional fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians confiding correct tried loving circumspect scrupulous honorable honest honourable believable sincere conscientious upright affectionate incorruptible well-armed airtight toughened armored storm-resistant well protected flourishing bombproof inured stormproof knockabout well-protected impassible hard-bitten monolithic ultraconservative button-down buttoned-down mossbacked old-line standpat orthodox paleoconservative traditionalistic traditional old-fashioned old-school archconservative pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised on the level behind one string along with self-starting go-getting hard-driving standardized nonstop equable homogeneous stabile regularised regularized standardised insurmountable bulletproof insuperable long-term long-established ongoing goal-oriented overbearing hard to please fussy solid as rock urged on self-assertive self-driven hell-bent sempiternal long-running picky fastidious boorish argumentative finicky like the Rock of Gibralter irritable vexed testy choosy captious snappy temperamental uptight chippy quarrelsome disputative oafish hypercritical prickly querulous bearish huffy delicate overcritical irascible particular over-particular dictatorial critical ungracious grumbly trying finical hard to handle invidious fiendish sensitive ill-natured crotchety uppity touchy feisty sour discontented dissatisfied rude crabby hard to satisfy irritating impolite disputatious perfectionist unreconstructed right philistine Tory extremist daring heroic lionhearted doughty valorous gallant dauntless game stouthearted audacious ballsy gutty unafraid confident vehement aggressive adventurous heroical greathearted undauntable nervy lion-hearted deep resilient dynamic concentrated venturous dashing daredevil responsible intensive have-a-go fiery unfearful manly assured high-spirited unwearied venturesome incessant inexhaustible sworn weariless unalarmed unabashed all-out unwearying jumping grind hyper perky ferocious sensible self-confident chivalrous trustable calculable undismayed adventuresome continuous lusty cool Herculean card-carrying unceasing engrossed forcible red-hot true blue complete violent concerted as game as Ned Kelly fire-eating profound resounding full-blooded furious radical adherent pledged terrible hearty hard-hitting studious self-possessed sedate unsentimental on the go ball of fire unblenching death-or-glory spartan confirmed temerarious in-your-face foolhardy two-fisted mad keen clamorous noble collected aweless eager beaver unsurpassable painstaking commanding entreating composed worthy thorough potent absorbed religious unaffected full attentive fearsome exigent muscular forbidding independent total preoccupied concentrating pure forward dreadful fearful urgent immersed undefeatable blunt uncontrolled unbridled unrestrained gung ho occupied thoroughgoing peremptory ethical righteous laborious burning moral virtuous decent ghastly frightful level-headed veracious punchy undisturbed entire explosive irrepressible torrid serious-minded high-powered revering intrenched red-blooded lively brisk venerating infallible reckless undeterred clamant unworried swashbuckling progressive pioneering self-assured vicious exquisite high-pressure tough-minded unfearing can-do peppery gingery hopeful clear-sighted hard-boiled all out out-and-out rash bred-in-the-bone wrapped up heartfelt resolved to free-swinging brash emboldened nerved herolike pulling no punches through and through adoring single-minded about firm about impavid self-asserting go-ahead desperate self-seeking get up and go power-hungry high-reaching built to last obsessive about inflexible about stop at nothing fixated on fanatical about strongly made truehearted power-loving puissant carefree self-disciplined hardboiled buckled down predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed uncomplaining long-suffering restless realistic not joking bravehearted unaltered sporting cocksure vital uninfluenced perseverative hellbent unretiring great hardworking illiberal resolute about unbothered untouched uninterrupted unmodified steamroller powerhouse iron-jawed untameable unthinking quick hasty snap sagacious brassy frightless impassable self-motivated undiscouraged observant puritanical fundamentalist plugging go-go unstinted fireball continued plodding fit foolproof effective unmistakable tested bullish orped perceptive take charge capable competitive all exclusive enrapt whole undivided madcap riveted dinkum stuffy reverent obscene pornographic X-rated in place in position cynical going all the way flat-out insistent about thrusting prayerful imposing authoritative thick-skinned meaning what one says cutthroat devil-may-care risky firm in spirit animated resourceful goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic unstinting controlling watchful alert unconcerned unapprehensive imprudent chin-up fortitudinous going for broke bloodthirsty on task engaged enthralled straight out flinty bossy frisky sprightly mettled overbold overconfident warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy balanced single-hearted old faithful not put off not discouraged keen as mustard cocky icy never give up unwaivering as keen as mustard true to the end given over to pushful engagé feverish difficult to keep down death-defying impatient pleading unquenchable bitter granite goody two-shoes as thick as thieves boon inseparable bosom cold regimented error-tolerant poised doting rabid fond big exuberant rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back bantam assuming exhaustive like a ball of fire on the make desiring success cut-throat imperative crying reiterative just nice superheated ungoverned uncurbed tough as old boots uncaring disciplined controlled beseeching begging substantial right-minded intensely competitive fiercely competitive having killer instinct dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke chronic long-lived arduous taxing pugnacious veridical no lie undistorted up front square creditable all right on the up and up estimable high-principled well balanced well-balanced charged heated warm volatile emotional demonstrative warm-blooded hot-blooded as tough as old boots confining binding hard-shelled exhausting persuasive detailed in-depth comprehensive in the bag shoo-in conclusive unanxious undoubtful sanguine easy nailed down able locked on self-reliant proved incorrigible incandescent passional principled credible cool-headed massed impermeable all-absorbing all-inclusive all-encompassing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable longtime humble authentic solidified husky taut minding well-constructed implicit accustomed habituated staid sealed blocked impartial unfeigned uncontrived equitable unpretentious reputable fair all-embracing minute meticulous methodical made to last sicker out to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to fixed on obsessed with resolved on impatient to decisive about determined on compact dimensional consolidated sharp-witted sharp shrewd smart canny savvy clear-eyed knowing astute searching sweeping blistering acute almighty excruciating elaborate widespread careful extensive hellacious compacted rocklike impliable closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced mighty alarming bona fide thick congealed macho swift forthright prompt rapid dense accelerated speeded-up impressive remove well established deep-set all-consuming firmly established jellied awful shocking terrifying awe-inspiring horrendous dread hair-raising daunting horrifying spine-chilling scary intimidating horrible frightening direful tremendous brick wall rock-hard non-flexible unreserved Ramboesque quality like a rock calm really hard very hard rational logical businesslike sober constructive undeclared taken for granted tacit accurate implied understood inarticulate unquestioned latent contained unexpressed unspoken virtual undoubting practical implicative unconditional inferential unuttered inferred unsaid imminent awesome unperturbed unruffled peaceful recollected untroubled coolheaded serene limpid equal tranquil unfazed together placid self-composed smooth at peace

Tính từ

Not easily perturbed, upset or excited
imperturbable calm collected composed cool unflappable sedate serene tranquil undisturbed unmoved nerveless self-possessed unexcitable unruffled complacent equanimous unfazed cool-headed poised relaxed self-controlled stoic stoical easy-going even-tempered phlegmatic placid unbothered unperturbed untroubled nonchalant together unagitated undismayed unflustered unshakable assured disimpassioned laid-back level-headed nonplussed self-satisfied smug steady thick-skinned unaffected untouched at ease as cool as a cucumber cool as cucumber hard as nails roll with punches stiff upper lip cool, calm and collected equable unworried unemotional impassive dispassionate coolheaded peaceful possessed self-composed recollected unshaken sober controlled easygoing confident quiet easy level stolid chilled smooth equal limpid stable self-assured patient staid well balanced insouciant self-confident dignified levelheaded mellow grounded mild indifferent temperate forbearing detached unexcited serious emotionless unconcerned sensible at peace rational philosophical cool as a cucumber businesslike passionless secure tolerant assertive reserved blithe cold-blooded proper resigned casual seemly decorous realistic apathetic somber undemonstrative reasonable mature practical dependable balanced stiff formal solemn sound impassible restrained numb affectless commonsensical wise reliable stately unfeeling moderate still cold sombre aloof philosophic indulgent sure of oneself long-suffering in control full of common sense matter-of-fact sane uncomplaining pragmatic grave fearless circumspect judicious accepting prudent gutsy deliberate clearheaded good-natured sanguine pacific urbane gentle self-asserting well-balanced sure of yourself heartless positive expressionless poker-faced unimpassioned laid back lenient understanding happy-go-lucky accommodating considerate breezy undemanding unhurried agreeable brave certain courageous fatalistic easy-peasy settled remote audacious even frigid glacial suave free and easy longanimous bold halcyon self-reliant intrepid hushed stilly lown dauntless upbeat unhesitating distant unexpressive sure elegant logical calmed self-respecting filled with aplomb gung ho enduring inexcitable serious-minded good-tempered dead blank bland vacant toneless wooden deadpan stony hollow centered passive keeping your cool devil-may-care chill nowhere icy impersonal nonemotional centred flat down-to-earth dry self-restrained with the patience of Job well adjusted stony-eyed well-adjusted even-keeled liberal daring unperturbable plucky flexible carefree no-nonsense clubby benign graceful unafraid complaisant restful straight hard-headed debonair amenable permissive unflurried stabile orderly systematic unfluctuating methodical lackadaisical happy discreet deliberative farsighted broad-minded amiable measured forgiving civil cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear hard-boiled with one's feet on the ground soothed repressed suppressed quieted indomitable open-minded cordial good-humored pleasant generous good-humoured euthymic persistent persevering kind overconfident well-disposed neutral mild-mannered stress-free all there pellucid content satisfied reconciled resting fair quiescent comfortable rosy high responsible submissive untiring mild-tempered calm and collected unsentimental unswerving good calculable fortitudinous keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together earnest puffed up pumped up nonpassionate clinical unpassionate demure having both feet on the ground analytical scientific uncaring unsympathetic enlightened profound deep moral ethical deep-thinking learned tough abstract iceberg prim stuffy cold-fish cool cat non-emotional couldn't care less peaceable stick-in-the-mud boring starchy bovine irenic docile callous self-contained cold sober informal inscrutable lax affable friendly insensible leisurely pokerfaced understated unimpressible insusceptible straight-faced downbeat unrevealing reticent hardened indurated taciturn spiritless self-sufficient can-do surefooted sure-footed low-pressure low-key believing in oneself self-assertive live-and-let-live chilled out with both feet on the ground careless offhand heedless uninterested cozy disinterested loose cosy cheerful pococurante perfunctory lazy unceremonious slack comfy inattentive negligent incurious open blasé gay irresponsible simple slipshod natural sloppy uninhibited unresponsive congenial neglectful remiss cursory lighthearted relaxing disregardful unmindful slapdash derelict homely snug feckless airy sunny delinquent cushy jaunty intimate light-hearted buoyant unpretentious lukewarm unconstrained lightsome genial uncurious regardless unanxious reckless improvident slap-happy blithely unconcerned without a care in the world without care warm lively subdued muted unrestricted cheery reposeful vivacious free familiar sprightly jolly effervescent overindulgent homey cavalier soft blithesome listless slaphappy unstudied uninvolved welcoming hospitable optimistic hard-hearted flippant blah half-hearted languid unstirred unassuming forgetful unheeding uncircumspect tardy incautious unaccountable obliging undependable uncommitted unobservant untrustworthy good-for-nothing unreliable unrestrained liberated untaxing unostentatious inconspicuous bright animated subtle joyful merry homelike sparkling free-and-easy contented jovial uncritical unforced sparky bored glad spirited hassle-free spontaneous unflinching freewheeling easeful played down toned down unfussy frolicsome thoughtless at home chirpy peppy indolent insensitive leisured unthinking oblivious supine unserious lethargic superficial high-spirited light objective non-committal unstuffy soothing frivolous neglecting non-restrictive uninterrupted Laodicean modest unbroken withdrawn sociable trouble-free could care less wimpy non-formal slovenly full of beans amicable moony draggy expansive don't give a damn what the hell behindhand retiring resilient sympathetic plain limp unstressed in a relaxed manner compromising harmonious conciliatory overfamiliar unreserved taking your time unimpressed uninfluenced self-indulgent weary comforted unvexed unrestrictive lacking concern effortless artless jaded glutted outgiving hang-loose protected free from worry free from care comforting calming laissez-faire reassured matey take-it-or-leave-it couldn't-care-less world-weary impervious chummy not formal gratified unbuttoned pally bouncy cloyed fun rested asleep at switch unheedful oscitant failing to take proper care balmy fancy-free free-spirited transparent free-wheeling unstructured off the hook unenthusiastic cold fish nonaffected restored fresh homestyle idyllic tractable cautious unoppressive careful unburdensome safe bubbly laissez faire free-minded snug as a bug in a rug delightful folksy down-home gleeful boon nonformal convivial footloose carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley torpid sluggish joyous ebullient vital homy uninquiring unofficial inert unambitious unmotivated downhome gamesome frolic winsome gladsome zestful eupeptic perky chipper exuberant zippy crank bullish hopeful canty jocund uneager versatile sketchy zingy playful impartial removed spacey unprejudiced spaced-out out of it unpassioned unbiased funny footloose and fancy-free approachable supple invigorated full of zip elastic droopy dispirited desultory jocular unglamorous humorous chilly laodicean indecisive uncertain unenthused irresolute undecided wishy-washy hesitant halfhearted unresolved tepid receptive available gemütlich accessible easy to get along with communicative well disposed easy to get on with conversable non-hostile door's always open unobtrusive minimalist unspectacular unflashy hurried fleeting quick mechanical brief summary passing token hasty facetious toned-down played-down modulated muffled low-profile softened conservative soft-sell low-keyed self-effacing free as the wind free as a bird unexacting commodious phoning it in dismissive going through the motions rapid walking through it jokey volatile feelgood unimpressionable obdurate inexpressive coldhearted marble uncompassionate brisk everyday frisky thoughtful inhibited leisure ventilated easy-breezy guarded compassionate tender caring pleasing along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches under wraps uptight inobtrusive under control nonaggressive corked up unaffable unexcessive in charge bottled up in check on a leash unexpansive not given to excesses in control of yourself shrinking unextreme benevolent kindly lovable meek humane vague indefinite broad inaccurate general spicy racy workaday slouchy loose-fitting baggy day-to-day sporty ordinary non-dressy normal sportif flabby flaccid nonspecific imprecise over-tolerant shapeless inexact yielding bright-eyed and bushy-tailed humble merciful likeable softhearted fatherly loving non-confrontational sweet-tempered lamblike sisterly brotherly likable gracious kind-hearted angelic soft-spoken unoffensive shy goodhearted motherly respectful decent dovelike tenderhearted tender-hearted maternal reverent large-hearted dove-like warmhearted kindhearted harmless paternal asleep on job nonjudgmental floppy paying no mind any way full of the joys of spring not bothered self-centered blind self-centred deaf undaunted not giving a toss

Tính từ

Not showing any emotion
emotionless cool cold impassive remote undemonstrative unemotional unfeeling detached dispassionate frigid glacial indifferent controlled distant restrained unexpressive aloof calm passionless phlegmatic affectless apathetic bland blank dead deadpan expressionless hollow impassible numb reserved stoic stoical stolid stony toneless vacant wooden chill flat heartless icy impersonal imperturbable nonemotional nowhere unaffected unimpassioned pokerfaced cold-blooded matter-of-fact cool, calm and collected self-controlled stony-eyed poker-faced straight-faced laid back unresponsive lifeless inexpressive dull unconcerned empty inscrutable unsympathetic unfriendly callous dry unmoved frosty stiff uninterested glazed vacuous fixed sober withdrawn unwelcoming unexcitable uncaring insensitive catatonic passive formal chilly unsentimental inanimate businesslike standoffish uncordial spiritless gelid antiseptic cold-eyed uncommunicative unflappable glassy disinterested inhospitable uninvolved unapproachable clinical unsociable inhuman cold-hearted clammy stand-offish unruffled brittle collected lukewarm placid hard-eyed motionless neutral unbending offish incurious hostile rational level-headed hard-headed listless composed serene forbidding reticent torpid unreadable lethargic objective thick-skinned heavy impartial unenthusiastic hard-hearted impervious absent austere rigid stupid equable tranquil haughty colourless wintry unclubbable antisocial asocial standoff prosaic stony-hearted solitary blah hard-boiled wintery uncompassionate soulless buttoned-up logical unloving self-contained coldish frozen arctic colorless insensible unfazed taciturn nonchalant ruthless down-to-earth inert insipid unimpressed vague merciless offhand inane disdainful unperturbed hardened lacklustre practical realistic plain supercilious pragmatic quiet mundane sensible uncharitable obdurate annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent straightforward unvarnished no-nonsense unembellished literal unimaginative factual sluggish severe hard laid-back uncongenial nonplussed anesthetized absent-minded heedless heedless of unsocial commonsensical starchy stern desensitized oblivious to anaesthetized hardhearted hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative unadorned lusterless lackluster candid equal tough abstract unkind prosy non-emotional insensate humdrum pedestrian desensitised unembroidered undistorted exact unidealistic straight-thinking along for the ride with both feet on the ground sangfroid analytic uncurious reptilian unaffectionate contained enduring resigned philosophic indomitable half-hearted negative tepid reactionless devoid ice-cold stone-faced removed close unforthcoming secretive guarded cool-headed bovine off unagitated steely Olympian unenthused unimpressionable supine inactive faraway benumbed numbed asleep devoid of emotion fierce dumb unintelligent groggy lymphatic fishy unmoving untouched coldhearted marble muted dazed unstirred senseless fish-eyed unamicable ungenial unimpressible insusceptible inimical paralyzed still antagonistic inapproachable paralysed dry-eyed undismayed untroubled false insincere fake unaffable unrevealing sedate indurated inexcitable unworried nobody home inaccessible contemptuous withering seclusive unneighbourly uncompanionable stilted oblivious dreaming dreamy going with the flow rolling with the punches cold-faced ardorless inhibited repellent cold-shoulder loveless impotent unromantic immune unhappy hateful unneighborly depressing abstracted thoughtless idle bureaucratic resolute unmindful unthinking uncomprehending ditzy featureless uncolored strictly business straight depersonalised faceless cold turkey unpassioned careful depersonalized gray grey measured nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic impenetrable enigmatic immune to impervious to stubborn unyielding witless foolish daydreaming vapid silly feigned unmindful of proof against deaf to pitiless static mysterious cruel drab unexciting tedious cryptic temperate inhumane dreary slow boring monotonous wearisome nonpassionate brutal harsh unflustered unpassionate mechanical uninspired pointless lacking vitality analytical moderate scientific unpitying compassionless unforgiving indurate case-hardened pachydermatous remorseless stonyhearted stoney unsparing sadistic slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted uncanny deep enigmatical arcane mystic occult unexcited characterless uninspiring two-dimensional hard-nosed iceberg sphinxlike cold fish crotchety surly cantankerous unempathetic with a heart of stone feelingless exacting unamiable churlish sensationless deadened draggy slothful pabulum nothing uninteresting zero spent masklike meaningless noncommittal immobile indecipherable hidden sphinx-like self-possessed unconcerned about unbiased equitable impossible to interpret cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less offhand about uninvolved with apathetic towards casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless nonchalant about uncaring about unprejudiced insouciant uninvolved in careless uninterested in faithful serious naked truthful accurate feasible frivolous about bored by evenhanded just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of fair careless of cavalier about square pococurante unresponsive to inattentive weary of lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unenthusiastic about blasé unaroused diffident highbrow scornful silent superior not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

(of a building) Very large and characterless
monolithic giant huge gigantic massive colossal monumental enormous immense vast imposing mammoth solid substantial characterless faceless featureless impenetrable intractable big bulky consistent elephantine gargantuan grand great hulking permanent titanic towering whopping sizable humongous monstrous cosmic prodigious ginormous sizeable oversized astronomical tremendous vasty husky walloping mastodonic broad Bunyanesque galactic humungous strong stupendous brobdingnagian leviathan extreme cavernous mountainous heavyweight astronomic cosmical wide spacious thumping oversize jumbo appreciable biggish largish outsized goodly king-size king-sized large king size numerous decided fat abundant massy protracted excessive Himalayan bull supersized extended long outsize boundless extensive voluminous herculean high whacking terrible expansive pronounced mondo prolonged ample bumper considerable lengthy super lofty mighty monster grandiose inordinate tall overgrown muscular sturdy thick meaty Herculean muscly fleshy pharaonic heavy beefy chunky weighty cyclopean hulky staggering powerful brawny formidable strapping commodious heavyset stout thickset burly stellar capacious well-built liberal roomy Falstaffian boxcar fubsy paunchy flabby hunky greater larger zaftig buxom whacking great giant-sized man-size whopping great thumping great giant-size gross of considerable size blimp man-sized dirty great barn door not inconsiderable roly-poly corn-fed solidly built well upholstered big and strong broad in the beam powerfully built muscle-bound broad-shouldered well fed hefty mega handsome Brobdingnagian generous heroic extraordinary epic heroical gigantesque tidy supersize oceanic planetary super-duper very large significant major profuse very big plentiful lavish immeasurable full plenteous infinite intense copious impressive serious magnificent remarkable marked noble deep bountiful superabundant overwhelming substantive elevated fantastic incredible terrific gallant sublime comfortable almighty large-scale exceptional princely bounteous very great respectable healthy profound limitless ponderous splendid acute awesome severe dramatic good prolific lordly far-reaching superb rich comprehensive indescribable phenomenal inexhaustible wonderful marvellous supreme overflowing complete august majestic marvelous sweeping extravagant magnanimous exorbitant glorious teeming chivalrous cornucopian lank outstanding much striking imperial consequential stately magnific material widespread unwieldy Homeric regal open noticeable greathearted galore opulent aplenty plenty royal impossible abounding flush immoderate unutterable utmost awful expanded palatial cumbersome reasonable baronial astounding important stunning notable sufficient natural unlimited decent high-minded meaningful superior not to be sneezed at proud luxuriant crucial rife thorough dreadful statuesque critical amazing exalted behemothic a gogo endless fabulous momentous spectacular thick on the ground kingly sensational unreal outrageous mind-blowing surpassing paramount behemoth spread out earthshaking portentous earth-shattering replete far vital dignified exceeding worthwhile excellent thundering fearful no end prosperous profitable incalculable uncrowded wide-ranging long-lasting unbelievable cumbrous distinguished miraculous advantageous lucrative entire roaring airy marathon wondrous maximum shocking whole productive titan rip-roaring unusual countless resounding breathtaking innumerable sky-high full-size uttermost mind-boggling myriad historic decisive awe-inspiring pythonic packed lengthened top eventful far-flung real multitudinous memorable larger-than-life lumbering stuffed very long incommunicable great big whopper chock-full no end of awkward clumsy a whale of a superlative ungainly a dime a dozen super colossal gaping soaring frightful yawning eminent deadly long-drawn-out outspread unqualified chasmal ultimate fundamental out-and-out resplendent ambitious unreasonable eternal illustrious astonishing urgent uncommunicable cracking long-term rare long-lived long-drawn interminable pressing harsh mortal steep illimitable abnormal increased sovereign magisterial extra-large measureless wholesale splendiferous brilliant stiff thunderous lumpish sumptuous sky-scraping spacey jumbo-sized mesomorphic transcendent Cyclopean unbounded of considerable length super-colossal multistorey all-embracing universal well-provided munificent exhaustive extremely large wide open altitudinous fancy many socking great fertile unrestricted inclusive fair mahoosive crammed skyscraping prodigal several Gargantuan pivotal grave rangy outstretched bonny fruitful all-inclusive noteworthy swarming steady exuberant fateful conclusive emphatic smashing fab all-encompassing unstinting swelling tectonic dense forceful wealthy affluent legion rambling crowded interdisciplinary multidisciplinary radical towery detailed eye-opening headline cross-disciplinary scopious scopic lush principal impactful megalithic lots of good-size good-sized in abundance all-important stinking with distinct a lot of plenty of brimming awash populous lousy with whale of a spread-out out of this world no end in sight crawling with heavy-duty a great deal of adequate rewarding paying max laborious disproportionate daunting remunerative gainful aristocratic Moby OS unrestrained maxi imperious elephantic pre-eminent inexpressible cavelike moving renowned irresistible dynamic extra large drastic ecstatic robust well-stocked undescribable startling Brobdignagian whaling decent-sized oafish prime heightened intemperate escalated jacked up classic unsparing wide-open rank unmistakable appalling arduous fierce horrific philanthropic loutish heavily built clodhopping clunky well-supplied in plenty high-ceilinged flabbergasting what legit fairly large mundo tolerable billowing booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing fantabulous proliferous mucho pretty unco thewy stark global sensible above average intensified central essential streets ahead fine all that and a bag of chips surprising pleasing wicked baggy measurable dripping crashing through the ceiling gorgeous life-size shattering never-ending incorrigible dire showy unmitigated solemn maestoso telling ominous rolling plenitudinous the extremely big Olympian sonorous fair-sized family-sized economy-size swelled family-size fair-size economy-sized wide-reaching mass stretched-out haughty stink with very loud devastating eloquent formal high-flown queenly right latitudinous beamy what great amazeballs jaw-dropping ascending rising raised high-rise loose-fitting ultra nationwide pompous key ridiculous silly titantic dynamite abysmal desperate loud ceremonious cool worth taking into account something else unconscionable overextravagant undue insane plethoric baroque unmerciful overmuch overdue overweening intolerable devilish firm sound surpassing belief proper high-reaching leading intercontinental worldwide across-the-board international sundry simple various convoluted multifarious covering far reaching wide physically too much unhandy useful durable valuable exciting paralyzing crushing paralysing overcoming unmanageable inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating obese overweight unmanoeuvrable competent swimming fulsome superfluous enough flowing improvident incommodious preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable unmeasurable girthy outlandish preposterous absurd high rise upraised alpine uplifted stretchy extendable enlargeable distending corpulent landmark pervasive faraway big-deal major-league tough preponderant obvious cardinal especial high-priority special unforgettable capital keynote burning milestone glaring high-level newsworthy particular distinctive earnest signal resonant worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon front-page unordinary ponderable potent climacteric conspicuous dilatant unsuppressed sprawling portly expansile unrepressed apocalyptic prevalent blanket lasting distant transcendental supernatural godlike uncanny preternatural unearthly supernormal magical rugged epochal blubbery pudgy tubby podgy catholic indiscriminate comprising across the board maximal earth-shaking athletic sinewy stalwart porky plump chubby bloated lardy rotund round unexclusive omnipotent superhuman bionic life-and-death life-changing of consequence epoch-making of moment world-shaking of importance world-shattering of significance pursy abdominous overpowering hearty porcine adipose redoubtable highest greatest wall to wall elongated enough and to spare lard-arsed beyond human consummate multiple buff obdurate full-blooded manly jacked ripped lusty manful shredded enlarged elongate umpteen untold filled raging covered unfurled proffered widened drawn-out unrolled conferred crawling innumerous jammed choked thronged seething greatest possible stretched drawn out dragged out spread unfolded strung out stretched out spun out continued close bursting congested numberless uncountable compact bristling fraught tight pullulating lousy serried thronging mother of all jam-packed like Piccadilly Circus heaped overrun by abounding in bursting at the seams chock-full of cram-full of chock-a-block having a considerable amount of full of having a copious amount of like sardines chocker compressed populated millions of loads of all kinds of a shedload of infinite numbers of very many billions of quite a few an abundance of gazillions of a multitude of a multiplicity of heaps of bazillions of a slew of quantities of a quantity of hundreds of scads of stacks of scores of a great many oodles of a swag of a bunch of zillions of a profusion of masses of beaucoup bags of dozens of tons of a great number of piles of thousands of a fair amount of more than enough more than human

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