Đồng nghĩa của unattackable

Alternative for unattackable

unattackable /'ʌnə'tækəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể đánh nổi, không thể tấn công được


Incapable of being injured
invulnerable invincible impenetrable safe secure indestructible unassailable impregnable insusceptible immune impervious insensitive bulletproof indomitable insuperable insurmountable inviolable strong unbeatable unconquerable unshakeable unstoppable impassable powerful untouchable proof against safe and sound unyielding solid fortified well fortified well defended firm stout unshakable immovable hard unbreakable impassible resistant fortress-like sacred hallowed sacrosanct holy well-defended unsurmountable unflinching dauntless indefatigable unbending irrepressible supreme undefeatable irresistible holdable protectable defensible able to be protected impermeable robust thick dense durable stable unpierceable steady puncture-proof sturdy reliable waterproof closed tight sealed hermetic hardy well-made well-built enduring reinforced heavy established heavy-duty sound tried-and-true well-founded substantial unpiercable hermetically sealed close compact murky armoured rock-solid strengthened dependable hard-wearing hard as nails hardened tightly packed flourishing imperishable everlasting cast-iron cohesive storm-resistant fast stormproof bombproof well-armed well-protected fixed lasting concrete steely long-lasting airtight toughened seasoned hard-bitten inured knockabout armored well protected tough vigorous rugged lusty stalwart resilient forceful rigid hearty staunch potent iron concentrated resolute muscular set inflexible tenacious big healthy strongly made steadfast adamantine mighty stiff permanent rich strapping protected unwavering full perdurable well-constructed indurate plush heady hale solidified brawny made to last able-bodied windproof full-bodied important immutable influential stiffened frozen determined trustworthy significant upright taut puissant constant responsible unchangeable secured fit cemented stony built to last tried riveted consolidated rigorous committed deep-rooted unmalleable steeled earnest uncompromising rocklike honourable honorable set in stone true balanced indurated rock-hard rocky unrelenting energetic faithful husky unfaltering unfailing forcible active infrangible anchored rooted infallible beefy athletic sure braced burly congealed abiding trustable long-lived long-standing nailed calculable stark hulking snug thickset moored hefty tightened continuing well honest jammed fastened impliable capable able trusty eternal good weatherproof acclimatized compacted lifelong lodged stuck compressed repellent acclimatised cynical case-hardened consistent hard-boiled unsentimental heavyweight bound callous hale and hearty hard-edged rock-like as hard as iron as hard as stone compelling effective cogent indubitable wholehearted emphatic shatterproof wear-resistant inexpugnable assertive shellproof non-breakable well-defined well-established aggressive strenuous green tiptop galvanized galvanised tempered nonbreakable purposeful bulky immalleable zealous bold perduring long-continued diuturnal upstanding massed foolproof stocky indissoluble brass-bound incorruptible intensive clenched clinched brick-wall blocked leathery tied unpliable vice-like risk-free serious high-level granite dimensional convinced low-risk surviving molded conditioned moulded distinctive inspiring individual salutiferous water-resistant unaffected as hard as a rock recognized attested withstanding serviceable riskless muscly fresh fighting fit unflagging all-out intense renitent clasped fitted locked certain error-tolerant jellied fixed firmly in good health in good condition proven reputable brick wall non-flexible tough as nails remaining long-established long-running whole fit as a fiddle in rude health in fine fettle physically fit steel like a rock done up buttoned down concerted loyal straightforward trusted never-failing adamant sinewy really hard very hard immune to unsusceptible to unaffected by repellent of impervious to invulnerable to solid as a rock in good shape invariable unalterable prevailing persistent persisting leading dominant doughty intact predictable unswerving credible predominant manful authoritative prestigious controlling perennial immortal traditional long-term ongoing time-honoured accustomed habituated embedded stationary motionless in fine feather wieldy omnipotent steamroller strengthy boss almighty powerhouse rock hard sterling recognised bouncing well-conditioned unimpaired undamaged wholesome hard-nosed irreversible changeless invariant hard-headed tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted imperviable to practical shrewd realistic decided incommutable equable safe as houses wide-ranging sane undecayed flawless vibrant vital normal perfect unhurt unblemished down-to-earth matter-of-fact settled desensitized experienced deadened wedged unmoving welded unfluctuating characterful strong as ox world-weary perpetual unfading ineradicable inevitable inalterable hard-and-fast unvarying mounted bolted screwed soldered irremovable immobile packed hard-handed stubborn coarsened used well balanced well-balanced right as rain alive and kicking hanging together up to snuff holding together in the pink lacking sentiment unmovable unmodifiable unchanged proofed rainproof imperviable treated toughened by experience unfeeling uncaring benumbed inaccessible coldhearted cruel uncompassionate heartless contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent hardhearted hard-as-nails unrepenting impious unemotional desensitised prepared disdainful unashamed obtuse childproof soundproof tamper-proof fireproof leakproof as tough as old boots as hard as nails hard and fast proof damp-proof caked precast calcified conglomerated dried poured petrified monolithic able to withstand

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