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Alternative for incommutable

  • tính từ
    • không thể thay thế, không thể thay đổi cho nhau


Not commutable
fixed inflexible unalterable unchangeable immutable invariable inalterable hard-and-fast set rigid immovable established unvarying stable firm irreversible unmodifiable constant changeless permanent unchanging unwavering cast-iron perpetual steadfast abiding enduring undeviating hard and fast invariant consistent decided stringent rigorous strict ineradicable lasting hard unadaptable unchanged entrenched unshakeable unmovable set in stone unvaried steady static unbending final uncompromising hard-line exacting brassbound regular inexorable severe rooted uniform not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians unfailing predictable unfluctuating fast indelible irremovable well-established unyielding sacrosanct ageless same monotonous habitual unrelieved undiversified persistent absolute not changing fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians settled agreed preset arranged adamantine stiff ironclad allotted confirmed specified prearranged definite predetermined defined determined precise prescribed decreed frozen explicit exact planned flat inexpugnable certain express determinate unblinking resolved still sure stated unqualified definitive stipulated inveterate writ in stone not subject to change in the bag never-failing deep-rooted inevitable strong indestructible eternal unfading continuing lifelong perdurable resolute specific continual ingrained deep-seated binding particular continuous even ceaseless limited concrete perennial circumscribed delimited stubborn obstinate given stationary chronic controlled everlasting measured unabating designated incurable clear-cut inborn ever-present inbred restricted conclusive fated recurring irrevocable bounded long-lived demarcated finite chosen equable never-ending sustained long-standing assigned indefinite incontrovertible decisive uninterrupted unmitigated routine recurrent usual tenacious imperishable ordained solid standing narrow protracted identified clear lingering long-lasting standardized durable level unending reliable stabile methodical quantified cut-and-dried bound standardised distinct persisting repeated scheduled selected irremediable ultimate tight nonnegotiable unrectifiable irreparable commissioned known destined unreversible unbreakable named unappealable sole nominated incessant single peremptory confined indissoluble unrepealable written hardened endless straight hardheaded qualified unbroken prolonged systematized symmetrical systematic finished appointed homogeneous orderly terminable outright iron-fisted ordered regulated consonant ossified plain systematised reserved well-set locked in solid as a rock set in concrete marked sine qua non unaltered incontestable pegged unbothered unmoved untouched unmodified unaffected accustomed long-l contracted approved guaranteed granted inseparable long-drawn-out positive open-ended incorruptible serious irrefutable indicated declared timeless indisputable existing pigheaded hidebound jelled habituated unflappable listed delineated dragging slow categorical unswerving undying forever unchallengeable concluded stiff-necked regimented unabated interminable unceasing non-stop dangerous acute pre-planned preplanned programmed arranged in advance intended pre-established intent determining dictated mandatory compulsory determinative unanswerable emphatic unmoving decided upon dateless immortal deathless unfaltering clinched disciplined curbed checked remaining relentless unremitting predestined irretrievable independent noted calm dire alarming extreme grave familiar plotted trite hard-nosed dyed-in-the-wool detailed constrained assumed never-changing confining perduring well grounded worked out unrepairable spun-out drawn-out haunting restrained arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand definable staying put unquestionable absolutist nailed for keeps carved in stone doomed lost forever and a day in for the long haul on an even keel conditioned spelled out laid down postulated direct black-and-white authoritative wrapped up sewn up biased rhythmic hampered draconian similar laid out beyond repair discrete preconceived closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced not infinite equivalent identical matching predefined equal convinced well defined periodical periodic remove regularised regularized nonstop supervised managed structured monitored organized true incorrigible fateful well-proportioned normal compatible plumb smooth monolithic well-balanced non-relative non-variable distinctive sorted out old hat in the cards done and dusted clearly defined patterned dependable solid as rock subject to limitations topical sectional in black and white balanced congruous mechanical harmonious successive accordant alternating punctual cyclic serial adapted adjusted coordinated preordained delegated elected installed authorized beyond doubt outmoded outdated passé old-fashioned démodé like the Rock of Gibralter specialised selective of a piece specialized identifiable straight-out authorised directed governed special deliberate exclusive in order especial organised ruled unique singular lone one only alone purposeful out of date careful scrupulous fastidious fussy finicky choosy picky punctilious discriminating conscientious persnickety prim mathematical puritanical tough meticulous choosey sticklerish priggish prissy scientific nit-picking nit-picky

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