Đồng nghĩa của plumb

Alternative for plumb

plumbs, plumbed, plumbing

Đồng nghĩa: clean, plum, plumb bob, plummet,

Tính từ

To an absolute degree
complete absolute total utter outright thorough downright unqualified categorical pure sheer thoroughgoing consummate unmitigated perfect unadulterated unconditional rank definite categoric stark profound arrant unalloyed fair simple clean dreadful regular flat dead blooming deadly stone bodacious blank very crashing out-and-out all-out flat-out straight-out cotton-picking positive unequivocal deep-dyed entire real unrestricted whole full unlimited unreserved plain right explicit veritable extreme gross direct dyed-in-the-wool undiluted wholesale right-down through and through clear ultimate surpassing proper certain infernal comprehensive unambiguous exhaustive final blatant unmistakable overt unquestionable unmodified indubitable blasted full-scale blessed confounded supreme full-bore no catch undeniable undiminished wholehearted naked firm patent emphatic unrestrained unmixed express conclusive undivided flagrant glaring solid sure plenary clear-cut point-blank all out in every respect no ifs ands or buts straight out unbounded maximum straight genuine prize inveterate utmost resolute unvarnished unstinting infinite limitless decisive intense brazen mere palpable uncompromising assured undisguised barefaced unconstrained open unabridged obvious unbroken actual determinate wide unquestioning without reservations out and out full-on full-blown no strings no fine print no holds barred no kicker candid frank honest pronounced sincere serious egregious capital transparent all insistent adamant fixed assertive bloody all-fired decided single altogether quite bald unregenerate terminal peremptory monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous enduring steady steadfast abiding unfaltering never-failing blunt no joke determined wholesome uncorrupted unadorned shameless point blank without reservation austere relentless undisputed overarching unstinted unembellished uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian rigid unabated optimum unremitting sweeping true-blue through-and-through paramount top nth max uttermost severe untempered unmollified unbending unmoderated concentrated in-depth oppressive matchless conspicuous persistent unsoftened unalleviated harsh grim unrelieved flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected chronic ideal finished peerless inimitable transcendent in every way resounding forthright definitive apodictic specific no strings attached one hundred per cent true incontrovertible indisputable irrefutable incontestable accurate exact authentic manifest evident confirmed undoubted factual constant unwavering unarguable distinct implicit inarguable confident precise established bona fide settled valid unassailable unswerving forceful hard straightforward unchallengeable faithful proven authoritative concrete significant unquestioned irrefragable particular unshakeable major beyond question detailed compelling beyond doubt unanswerable minute convinced unhesitating accomplished dedicated reliable sound unshakable strict rigorous staunch royal drastic inevitable virtual legit loyal satisfied self-evident unrelenting doubtless broad apparent exclusive correct unerring meticulous certified accepted verifiable legitimate undoubting sure-enough spot-on not in doubt good faultless literal committed open and shut diametrical eternal constructive inarticulate contained practical implicative inferential unuttered demonstrable dependable extensive unblemished understood set maximal undisputable radical intensive tacit implied secure beyond dispute certifiable acknowledged veridical unimpeachable unyielding crucial overwhelming scrupulous cocksure nailed-on undying draconian intact tangible true blue critical marked earnest tough far-reaching verified on-target dead-on prime crystal clear key unfailing bang on entrenched recognized pivotal determining devoted continuous unmistaken important black-and-white chief persuaded ardent undebatable special infallible especial unflinching deep unchanging individual violent immovable undeclared taken for granted latent unexpressed unspoken inferred unsaid last kosher desperate dogmatic focused cut-and-dried lucid univocal black and white personal watertight stable perspicuous inflexible self-confident essential striking well-founded focussed unflagging ringing undoubtable excessive observable card-carrying endless open-and-shut stringent recognised substantial cold outrageous hard-and-fast objective not in question sanguine existent effective invariable circumstantial well-grounded error-free de facto free from doubt assiduous inalienable all-inclusive perpetual undoubtful uncontested unchallenged full-fledged veracious authenticated extraordinary matter-of-fact trustworthy singular resolved wide-ranging long-established imperative on the money spot on on the nose influential grand long-standing overall deep-rooted binding fundamental diehard pat principal fervent polar intrinsic most demonstrative unshaken incorrigible only commanding everlasting double-dyed sober cogent irreversible momentous vital unfeigned elemental enthusiastic forcible unshared nonambiguous heartfelt deciding convincing uncontestable unambivalent unapologetic unashamed unrepentant unique warm credible settling unimpaired zealous immutable unvarying ingrained trenchant peculiar superior guaranteed aggressive unvacillating indelible irremovable known incurable hearty solemn pellucid inexpugnable frozen dinkum defined self-assured huge uncontroversial trusty inerrant unchangeable incisive unalterable perceptible so dogged obstinate well grounded well founded crisp imperious understandable encyclopedic transcendental sublime intelligible sensible well-established sure-fire bald-faced unsurpassed errorless mad keen sharp enormous inordinate integral habitual boundless stated bold intent dire truthful great no mistake seamless stern encyclopaedic consistent immoderate exorbitant hardened keen as mustard bright-line airtight substantiated inescapable demonstrated ultra undeviating right on in no doubt well-defined domineering demanding for real unconcealed uncut whole-souled official beyond a shadow of a doubt preposterous well defined grievous stiff diligent realistic lasting in the bag honest-to-goodness abundant uncontrolled fierce verbatim straight from the shoulder towering clearly expressed tried and true on the level too much exacting word for word tried-and-true dead on no-nonsense tried and tested on the button stupid plenipotentiary outstanding signal staring incessant customary shallow simplistic brute swift prompt rapid usual hopeless systematic quintessential self-conceited jejune naive glib crass very great effusive gushing tyrannous admitted arbitrary necessary affirmative establishable blithering without reserve immediate nothing other than main unconditioned stone-cold beyond hope irrepressible noticeable cordial specified intricate experienced freely admitted not disputed bare clinching obligatory unappealable runaway canonical discernible quantified eminent double-checked unfabled diametric horrible appreciable material right royal bulletproof clear in your mind rightly so called limited pervasive open-ended without doubt down pat for certain dyed-in-the wool substantive penetrating firsthand cinched in person without error unrefuted with no strings as plain as a pikestaff beyond the shadow of a doubt hellacious obedient unthinking automatic without qualification without limit highest unsubtle unified easily understandable all-embracing all the way plenty blow-by-blow whole-hog efficient from A to Z soup to nuts clocklike particularized itemized careful full-dress conscientious slam-bang painstaking flaming uncanny to the exclusion of everything else measurable unacknowledged beyond a shadow of doubt untarnished untouched unaltered compleat integrated that's a fact staring one in the face strong from the heart vested stalwart biggest topmost elaborate pinpoint advanced iconoclastic bleeding effing flipping blinking chuffing perceivable quantifiable detectable acute almighty tremendous real-life real-world believable attested validated indefatigable iron tireless bull's-eye fit on the ball on target just so shocking on ice for sure impassioned passionate fullhearted inerrable just greatest energetic vigorous no ifs ands or buts about it ruddy plurry bally intimate close farthest uniform vehement audacious heinous brutal well documented inexhaustible cast-iron all-encompassing even surgical farthermost hidden embedded plausible weighty first-hand permanent whole-hearted scandalous disgraceful shameful terrible reprehensible ceaseless inch-perfect outermost furthermost basic primary thundering uber well-proven invariant persuasive villainous iniquitous wicked universal revolutionary top-to-bottom root-and-branch furthest all-in-one hundred percent calculable lifelike fail-safe surefire can't-miss unfading continual changeless fateful central elementary outspoken greatest amount of greatest possible logical remotest sacrosanct ageless upfront safe documentary nonfictional bottomless in one piece one-piece full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic brass-necked unvaried inalterable static ineradicable incommutable unchanged veristic historical verisimilar unexaggerated outmost mandatory dictated irrevocable carved in stone written set in concrete compulsory responsible tried shoo-in unanxious easy nailed down able locked on trustable carefree hopeful plain-spoken undistracted collective unmodifiable unprejudiced unbiased scientific same delivering there counted on come-through continuing rock solid uninhibited sole endmost aftermost true-to-life telling it like it is fact-based straight from horse's mouth true-life as it really happened well-marked graphic clean-cut distinguishable noteworthy audible visible undubitable silhouetted vivid engrossed die-hard bred-in-the-bone fatal forthcoming stressed impressive pointed accented potent united absorbed fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians given hard and fast out-front openhearted luculent pukka echt satisfactory pucka unanimous attentive continued concerted unguarded tactless plainspoken bluff unblurred litmus test thoroughpaced particularised itemised instilled congenital infixed deep-seated deep-down as plain as daylight clearly defined cut and dried not vague preeminent furthest away last straw out of bounds farthest away too-too worst case free-spoken speaking as one finds undiplomatic up-front straight to the point freehearted not beating around the bush not afraid to call a spade a spade comprehensible luminous in a straight line fast deliberate circumspect vigilant admissible granted limpid lucent crystal unparalleled pre-eminent for a face as plain as the nose on your face undistorted immaculate amen assumed honest-to-God deeply ingrained empyrean empyreal authoritarian lock stock and barrel indemonstrable presupposed crystal-clear to the core believing questionless private restricted pushy incomparable unrivalled axiomatic prima facie aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic proverbial unreasonable undue exaggerated consequential heavy remorseless unusual exceptional strong-willed self-assertive easily understood unshaken in one's belief easy in one's mind secure in one's belief having no questions about exclusory segregated discriminative restrictive exceeding superlative predominant unequalled ascendant hardheaded disciplinarian hard-line hard-nosed obdurate callous cruel hard-core unforgiving ascetical iron-fisted by the book hardhearted mulish ossified pressing astringent disciplinary heavy-handed bullheaded uncharitable pitiless single-minded dour intractable hard-hearted tyrannical browbeating formidable stiff-necked rough ascetic unsparing merciless unsympathetic inexorable autocratic grave fanatical extravagant punishing punitive steep in-your-face on the up-and-up really-truly sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff intemperate unconscionable unconventional overkill baroque unmerciful unseemly uncommon remarkable devilish ferocious forward feisty can-do self-possessed having no doubt goes without saying exclusionary circumscribed prohibitive confined closed swingeing overextravagant imprudent nonsensical insane fabulous plethoric lavish fancy improper overmuch overdue overweening intolerable irrational self-asserting enterprising assaultive dominant ambitious high-pressure go-getting militant bullish magnificent excelling O.T.T. over the top out of proportion holding the unwavering view overbearing carnivorous pushful independent licensed privileged preferential licenced uninclusive noninclusive moving unrivaled intellectual beyond grasp intuitive fantastic awe-inspiring uplifting inspiring inspirational original unmatched second to none primordial unequalable unequaled obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined innate abstract theoretical not backward in coming forward believing in oneself self-respecting most influential most extreme most distant

Tính từ

Regular and even throughout
uniform unvarying even consistent constant steady unchanging undeviating regular invariable unfluctuating unwavering equable fixed similar stable static equivalent identical invariant matching same sustained unvaried equal homogeneous monotonous compatible consonant fated fateful habitual immutable incorrigible inflexible irreversible level methodical monolithic normal ordered orderly ossified reliable rigid smooth straight symmetrical systematic true unalterable unbroken undiversified unmodifiable well-balanced well-proportioned of a piece changeless continuous persistent flat flush uninterrupted set unfaltering perpetual continual plane immovable unchanged firm horizontal rhythmic unswerving unchangeable stationary steadfast solid abiding levelled enduring unremitting stabile leveled permanent ceaseless eternal predictable unfailing regulated planate relentless never-ending metrical homogenous lasting planar resolute dependable settled unshakable standardized standardised systematized incessant unshaken sure decided monochromatic nonstop monochrome hard-and-fast systematised arranged as flat as a pancake set in stone calm fast tranquil monochromic unaltering continuing unrelieved organized undying unflagging untiring parallel unceasing unwrinkled plain measured repeated periodical periodic self homaloidal resolved unhesitating balanced unending endless self-colored staunch unrelenting dedicated determined indefatigable unyielding tireless unvacillating neat featureless precise together tidy frozen determinate established dogged pat unshakeable inexorable unqualified intense unflappable single-minded planed hard certain alike well-organized flat as a pancake exact brick-wall never-failing in order on an even keel well-ordered organised steady-going dead set on flowing fluent faithful everlasting standing timeless unaffected expected unaltered perennial indefinite long-lasting fluid frictionless graded regularized regularised true to type outstretched solid as rock moderate temperate incommutable inalterable tabular oblate unrough like the Rock of Gibralter fair non-extreme gentle rippleless complanate frequent unpatterned pancake nonrandom agreed final inexpugnable not changing single-color cadenced rhythmical definite specified durable recurring supine predetermined nonnegotiable preset patterned composed all-year-round round-the-clock interminable unabated unabating non-stop well grounded aligned accumbent recumbent congruous alternating punctual mechanical harmonious cyclic successive accordant serial hard and fast unruffled serene imperishable unfading cadent deep-rooted staying put solid as a rock long-lived long-standing controlled absolute perfectly vertical perfectly horizontal homologous unicolor never-changing ageless coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed impenetrable intractable loyal unequivocal total disciplined lined up dead flat of same height on one plane on a line strict unworried unperturbed parallel with the ground in a straight line metric unbending homochromous homochromatic deliberate self-possessed self-composed even-tempered one-color strictly regulated dull hidebound fossilized undamaged regimented restricted undifferentiated unitary closely controlled strictly controlled businesslike on a tight rein fossilised trim logical careful coherent methodic structured punctilious efficient meticulous well-kept well-regulated shipshape well organized framed well planned all together thorough correct neat as button neat as pin in apple-pie order well regulated slick spick-and-span in shape formal rangé scientific in good shape set-up clean to rights conventional stubborn tenacious uncompromising unflinching obstinate committed stalwart obdurate persevering strong-willed purposeful pertinacious intransigent adamant devoted strong implacable intent vigorous earnest spirited indomitable ardent driven strong-minded tough zealous insistent forceful undaunted indurate devout hardened willful steely assiduous hard-nosed bold stout stiff headstrong bullheaded mulish enthusiastic diligent rock-ribbed stiff-necked dead set bound true-blue assertive pigheaded keen rigorous passionate wholehearted wilful adamantine serious hard-line fervent gutsy gritty grim iron-willed self-willed mettlesome trusty valiant perseverant patient emphatic fanatical unmovable plucky sedulous decisive dyed-in-the-wool cast-iron opinionated sturdy full of determination hardheaded inconvincible bound and determined industrious pious bent courageous diehard persisting secure good stringent active unmalleable deep-dyed stout-hearted unappeasable perverse dutiful brave stanch ruthless bent on self-opinionated stern motivated avid trustworthy strenuous confirmed inveterate genuine allegiant exacting down-the-line hardline ambitious card-carrying harsh purposive aggressive spunky unwearied enterprising eager doughty energetic lionhearted complete bent upon manful pushy entrenched severe sworn true blue fervid unsparing hell-bent obsessed fierce ironclad unbendable focused continued bulldog go-getting importunate unstoppable tried and true tried and tested militant sincere hard-working confident perdurable hard-core focussed die-hard unquestioning locked in unpersuadable hanging tough do-or-die iron fearless mad keen hard-driving running self-starting long-established ongoing self-driven rooted goal-oriented self-assertive thoroughgoing tried-and-true chronic unadaptable ingrained remorseless hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited vehement positive aspiring rugged set on inexhaustible meaning business out-and-out out unswayable unafraid immortal through and through impassive hearty immobile conscientious resilient impassioned tried tight close draconian long-term unblinking indelible deep patriotic impervious merciless sound unswervable four-square utter weariless unwearying compulsive dynamic attached dateless bloody-minded pitiless adherent thirsty brassbound inspired pledged hungry desirous obsessive striving iron-fisted unapologetic unashamed explicit incurable unshrinking unmoved irremovable never-tiring not giving an inch red-hot irrepressible robust unreserved stand pat trusted eager beaver orthodox full responsible impermeable keen as mustard stop at nothing unconditional remaining true-hearted intrepid prearranged surviving uncooperative planned entire cruel prevailing sealed stated dour rock-solid in the bag unquenchable stiffened refractory profound unwaning redoubtable lusty categorical authoritarian daring painstaking fiery bull-headed impregnable heroic gung ho unforgiving recurrent lifelong seasoned unsinkable still ferocious unmoving supportive domineering concrete laborious staying repetitive revering monomaniacal burning quiescent venerating heartfelt sempiternal honorable honourable full-bore unrepentant independent feisty indestructible studious undeterred whole-hearted unpermissive assured liege resistant arrant right-down oft-repeated around-the-clock progressive pioneering bosom tough nut dug in heavy-handed boon tough-minded bred-in-the-bone incompliant through-and-through self-confident deep-seated well-established round the clock standing pat mean business bona fide hardy self-asserting hell bent on self-seeking get up and go power-hungry ever-abiding writ in stone hard as nails power-loving high-reaching unassailable direct hardboiled buckled down self-disciplined firmly-based well-founded restless unaccommodating ever-enduring recalcitrant bombproof emotionless realistic immoveable unbudgeable gallant day-and-night unintimidated mullish radical oppressive valorous perseverative hopeless cocksure balky uninfluenced Herculean consecutive unalleviated connected aeonian forbidding disciplinary illiberal dauntless perfervid hardworking imperturbable nerveless hellbent uptight picky narrow-minded formidable hopeful cohesive renitent stony-hearted unimpressionable adventurous immoderate extreme game immalleable uncompliant without respite high-powered unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable trustable true to life uncontrollable iron-jawed puritanical possessive unforgetful austere thrusting unsentimental dinkum beyond hope self-motivated unerring safe hard-boiled ungiving inseparable prolonged pounding mortal hard-headed stubborn as a mule real unstinting unambiguous going all the way audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse calculable bulletproof sticky world-without-end amaranthine ramrod honest truthful upright incorruptible nose to grindstone telelogical calculated stuffy ineluctable adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic undiscouraged pressing urgent demanding plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball plodding sagacious unlimited unmitigated unrestricted undivided manly greathearted gutty stouthearted undauntable heroical intent on single-minded about firm about like a ball of fire on the make desiring success necessary compulsory inexpungible indissoluble longstanding old forever pig-headed well balanced well-built stick to guns set in concrete unalloyed unadulterated undismayed no-nonsense clear-sighted in place in position all out flat-out straight out engagé dyed-in-the wool on a treadmill day and night tough nut to crack decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced playing hard ball be out for blood nose to the grindstone allotted lion-hearted tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of fundamentalist never give up as thick as thieves truehearted thick-skinned toughened behind one nonmoving dogmatic unflexible crisp doctrinaire interminate unfeigned undiluted warm outright exigent goody two-shoes defined decreed prescribed religious consumed compelled firm in spirit perceptive animated mean two-fisted resourceful take charge not put off not discouraged perfectionistic principled poised unbudging single-hearted old faithful in good faith intrenched traditional conservative reverent in for long haul express inextinguishable unconstrained instilled congenital infixed deep-down full-fledged like bad penny as keen as mustard true to the end given over to authentic fullhearted confining binding never-ceasing nonmotile pure prayerful in for the long haul till the cows come home obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about proved competitive do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns standing one's ground hold the line dominant in earnest no going back galvanized impelled torrid impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime definitive stipulated immotile like death and taxes pushful peremptory cutthroat unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable unrestrained going to the core out and out deeply ingrained bitter stony furious granite induced fixated obsessional accustomed inured habituated staid motionless statuelike bloodthirsty not subject to change living sicker imperative clamant crying resounding reiterative imperious dire pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised defiant warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy hundred percent whole-souled wild massed without reservations solidified husky taut cut-throat self-assured can-do rigidly enforced idealistic well established deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke implicit blocked hang tough out of control concentrated remove compact dimensional consolidated urged on long-running anchored compacted rocklike impliable nailed quiet hitched hooked situated locked located thick congealed made fast swift forthright prompt rapid dense jellied brick wall rock-hard non-flexible detail oriented like a rock on one's side water-resistant imperviable watertight invulnerable waterproof really hard very hard constructive undeclared taken for granted tacit accurate implied understood inarticulate unquestioned latent contained unexpressed unspoken virtual undoubting practical inevitable implicative inferential unuttered inferred unsaid untouched immune closed water-repellent impassable unreceptive hermetic proof unfeeling unpierceable inaccessible unapproachable hermetically sealed rainproof

Phó từ

Exactly or precisely as specified or in a given position or location
exactly directly flush precisely right square squarely straight bang dead direct slap smack plump slap bang spot-on smack dab just sharp full spang due smack-dab accurately prompt immediately point-blank spot on on the nose on the button on the dot absolutely correctly strictly literally even expressly specifically dead on bang on smack bang for sure the ticket to the letter no mistake on the money for a fact distinctly on the dot of … diametrically slap-bang slam bang close headlong clearly at close quarters completely entirely quite totally truly definitely entire scrupulously fully faithfully explicitly perfectly out flat thoroughly altogether fast truthfully wholly rigorously utterly all soundly unequivocally heartily wide enough clean well faultlessly methodically unerringly veraciously positively severely all of carefully in every respect all over every inch on the nail indeed through and through in every way to the hilt to a T for certain one hundred per cent promptly sure word for word square on smack on slap on as well sure thing the very thing to a tee neither more nor less no ifs ands or buts closely verbatim properly letter for letter punctually on time rightly unswervingly literatim without error on the knocker line for line in every detail ad verbum with strict attention to detail to the minute aright religiously punctiliously undeviatingly sic without flaws without deviation on target flawlessly by the book with a literal interpretation without mistakes veridically fairly considerately straightforwardly objectively justly reliably minutely unambiguously validly authoritatively meticulously word-for-word on the stroke of … at first hand straightly fair beeline in detail true at the right time primly on-target as a crow flies to the second dead on time without deviating word-perfectly verbally ipsissimis verbis spot on time at the proper time bang on time without variation with precise aim appropriately verbatim et litteratim word by word fittingly really according to the letter word for word and letter for letter in the same words plainly actually simply appositely genuinely congruously suitably duly factually undisputably indisputably veritably unmistakably strictly speaking not figuratively letter by letter

Phó từ

To a great, extreme or complete degree
completely totally fully thoroughly entirely utterly wholly altogether perfectly quite absolutely well soundly clean dead exactly all heartily downright flat enough full wide fast entire even out stark through and through all over all of outright in all respects one hundred per cent to the hilt unconditionally in every respect comprehensively categorically all the way flat-out undisputedly unreservedly unqualifiedly unmitigatedly positively roundly in toto all in all unrestrictedly consummately wholeheartedly just totes without reservation every inch to the maximum extent exhaustively lock, stock and barrel inside out plain really to the core in every way down to the ground unquestionably bang conclusively without exception to the max heart and soul from A to Z a hundred per cent to the nth degree sweepingly systematically extensively radically firmly unequivocally ultimately definitely purely solidly to the end in full in entirety on all counts to the limit detailedly extremely minutely very simply truly right decidedly very much profoundly undeniably incontrovertibly veritably resolutely at length effectively precisely directly undoubtedly deadly out-and-out en masse hook, line and sinker without a doubt without omission top to bottom in all in depth in detail greatly terribly plainly explicitly vehemently full blast at all deeply unconstrainedly emphatically adamantly staunchly finally without qualification undividedly reservedly uniquely certainly heavily up and down hook line and sinker root and branch to the fullest extent abundantly decisively strongly amply round immensely exceedingly surely manifestly plentifully intimately one-hundred percent royally from first to last out and out from soup to nuts all out without question full on no doubt unco uncommonly extraordinarily most widely majorly fair mighty jolly real seriously properly exceeding way lekker powerful devilish surpassingly for fair to bits to pieces in whole down the line clearly throughout unremittingly ever so indeed to the full whole hog in spades genuinely largely certifiably implicitly in reality actually in fact in truth authentically all told unlimitedly limitlessly infinitely

Phó từ

In a vertical direction or orientation

Phó từ

In a prompt manner, without delay
immediately instantly promptly forthwith pronto instantaneously now straightway straightaway instanter presently incontinently headlong right away straight off right now right off PDQ directly right bang at once quickly on the spot on the double in no time on a dime speedily off the bat straight away without delay in a flash dead first off posthaste post-haste this instant straight this minute there and then then and there double quick in a second toot sweet as soon as possible in double quick time due shortly anon forthright ekdam that instant that minute without more ado like a flash here and now that very minute this very minute tout de suite before you can say Jack Robinson instant contiguously momentarily lickety-split without further ado without hesitation in short order as quickly as possible with all speed soon fast direct rapidly swiftly expeditiously abruptly unhesitatingly suddenly spontaneously plump on the instant in two shakes in a jiffy quick as lightning in a fraction of a second like a shot in a moment in less than no time by return in the twinkling of an eye in a trice before you know it outright ASAP hastily fleetly without any delay right off the bat from the word go hotfoot sharp in the same breath in the bat of an eye at this moment in time right at this time with little delay flat-out in nothing flat by and by in a little while before long in a tick in a bit in two ticks in two shakes of a lamb's tail in a mo in no time at all in a split second like greased lightning at a stroke like lightning in an instant all of a sudden in the blink of an eye like an arrow from a bow double-time at the speed of light in a minute in a wink away at warp speed snappily briskly quick hurriedly chop-chop punctually apace summarily early presto double-quick before you can say knife on time full tilt in a hurry swift very quickly hell-for-leather at full tilt hell for leather like now at the double like the wind like the clappers at full speed at a rate of knots like a bat out of hell nimbly readily at short notice precipitately without warning hot without notice without a second thought very soon actively at speed sharply like the deuce a mile a minute like a bomb like billy-o like a scalded cat at a gallop timelily urgently unexpectedly smartly soon afterward all at once ahead of time in good time as fast as possible seasonably in haste first in the wink of an eye like wildfire like mad like crazy out of the blue in a snap in a sec like a madwoman like a madman in a blink on schedule enthusiastically on the spur of the moment within a short time on the nail ahead of schedule meteorically in a New York minute on the dot before the ink is dry on the page nippily now or never with time to spare like blazes at full throttle at high speed by leaps and bounds like gangbusters at breakneck speed with dispatch in a short time in due time at a lick before one can say knife in a very short time at the right time quick-wittedly alertly acutely on the barrelhead this second this moment almost immediately soon after sooner gladly eagerly very willingly pretty soon by when any moment now any second now asudden hereupon thereupon unanticipatedly unawares fast-paced a.s.a.p. this day with no delay with all haste soon enough in a rush in a jiff at this point at this moment at this juncture in the near future fast and furious like a streak like nobody's business peremptorily arbitrarily at a fast pace with great speed as swift as an arrow without losing time very fast as fast as your legs can carry you by surprise before the deadline prompt punctual at this point in time any second in a twinkling any minute now in next to no time any minute in a nanosecond on spur of moment beforehand acceleratedly fastly hurried without formality without discussion without due process expressly short responsively zippily blisteringly spiritedly quick as a flash quick as anything quick as a fox in time chop chop vigorously heedlessly in high gear in double time agilely subito unpremeditatedly not too late early enough at the appointed time efficiently brusquely on spur of the moment like a whirlwind at a run with all possible haste too quickly duly before the appointed time firmly energetically decisively incisively at the proper time at the stated time in a lively manner

Phó từ

In a manner which leaves little question
decidedly markedly noticeably obviously patently absolutely clearly distinctly expressly manifestly positively undeniably unquestionably certainly definitely downright especially exceedingly exceptionally extremely indisputably particularly singularly uncommonly unmistakably unusually desperately devilishly majorly mega mucho tremendously ultra unco awful dead decisively emphatically fair jolly mighty powerful real right terrifically unequivocally well bloody determinedly devilish exceeding hellish lekker really sore strongly sure surely terribly ever so flat-out in spades no catch no mistake of course straight out by all means for a fact no holds barred no strings attached no ifs ands or buts very immensely awfully seriously thoroughly most so oh-so frightfully extraordinarily remarkably hugely way intensely highly greatly extra truly eminently mightily supremely stinking vastly enormously severely incredibly fantastically badly surpassingly sorely too fearfully darned to a great extent excessively super blisteringly achingly filthy fabulously wildly far beastly that colossally fiercely specially ever heavily thumping roaringly full dang bone corking quite deadly much almighty cracking vitally spanking rattling archly wicked roaring whacking mortally significantly dreadfully inordinately monstrous passing abundantly such madly acutely outstandingly all that utterly heartily profoundly very much completely totally dirty indeed in the extreme to a fault deeply perfectly overly too-too mad painfully entirely genuinely over to the nth degree superlatively staggeringly simply gravely actually notably plain keenly verily sincerely wholly altogether legitimately to the core without a doubt prodigiously considerably veritably extensively monstrously massively largely sizably broadly astronomically monumentally stupendously drastically truthfully fully disturbingly easily grievously fairly passionately big-time categorically sharply a lot certifiably inarguably by leaps and bounds abjectly on a grand scale distressingly good and undoubtedly dearly as all get-out unarguably to a great degree in every respect beyond doubt one hundred per cent beyond question from the bottom of your heart hands down sufficiently too … for words to forsooth admittedly frankly honestly horribly unhappily discouragingly unfortunately notoriously unbelievably enough really bad alarmingly … enough thrice soundly exactly rightly to a marked degree through and through all over darn all how beyond the shadow of a doubt solemnly sadly grimly feelingly powerfully earnestly movingly affectingly mournfully assuredly authentically to the heart to the quick to be sure conclusively unambiguously plainly irrefutably undisputedly almost practically unreservedly doubtless demonstrably incontrovertibly nearly doubtlessly unconditionally far and away without question in fact just no doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond a doubt beyond any doubt without doubt about somewhere near virtually well-nigh borderline feckly nigh all but next to more or less to all intents and purposes in a manner of speaking critically exorbitantly strikingly firmly wonderfully immeasurably vehemently immoderately prominently unduly incomparably intently suitably ridiculously dramatically unnecessarily materially unreasonably dangerously unconscionably substantially appreciably plenty hopelessly chronically fatally hysterically conspicuously signally hard perilously precariously uniquely parlously irretrievably beyond outrageously lots a great deal a fair amount par excellence by far by much very badly as all get out by a great amount to too great an extent in excess by a great deal in a marked degree by a mile by a long way extremely badly too much in all respects in every way a hundred per cent no end to too great an degree by half like mad to the hilt every inch over- like crazy

Động từ

To think about or explore in detail
explore probe comprehend examine fathom inspect investigate scrutinise scrutinize search unravel grasp penetrate sound understand delve gauge know follow gage measure delve into get to the bottom of go into sound out take soundings test estimate determine survey measure the depth of take a reading of research look into study dissect analyse sift query analyze verify enquire into dig into dig look-see inquire inquire into enquire pierce quiz interrogate ask catechize carry out an inquest into work over search into conduct an enquiry into check out check up conduct an investigation into put out a feeler test the waters feel out check over question review check evaluate go over assess consider cross-examine appraise scan grill pore over look over vet look at audit pump canvass prospect go through interview give the third degree sweat scout view go over with a fine-tooth comb eyeball cross-question put questions to seek case give something the once-over weigh up chew over check up on ponder take stock of scrutinate size up reconnoitre try reconnoiter recce observe look put the screws on debrief weigh subject to an examination suss out think about assay scope out find out inquire of ask questions of make enquiries into try out peruse overlook interpret put through the wringer contemplate screen give the third degree to put through the third degree make inquiries into follow up roast watch conduct investigations into check into pry into hunt anatomize put through the mangle oversee put to the test try to get to the bottom of brainstorm comb pry excogitate make inquiry confirm spy mull over think through give something a going-over hit up examine closely give something a once-over monitor pick at probe into shake down put under a microscope put the screws to look at carefully stake out nose around see enquire about give the once over experiment with judge con sample forage make enquiries about frisk pursue experiment trial hit eye inquisite rummage kick around prove double-check reexamine bombard discuss pick apart brood over dive into make inquiries perlustrate turn over pick one's brains experimentalize take a look at search for sort out track down give the once-over run down poke around inquire about worm something out of someone put someone through the wringer put through its paces try on carry out trials on try on for size give a tryout make a trial run ask about solicit regard nitpick find out about fossick ask questions about treat canvas candle turn ruminate deliberate cogitate meditate revolve perpend debate ascertain behold identify compare scour criticize scope tackle bug tap poke entertain consult criticise deconstruct peg pan wrestle with press look through cut stare drill ask questions size inquisition think over substantiate seek an answer knock seek information of request information request information of palpate seek information do research validate demonstrate skirr ferret notice dive in scout out take stock pilot seek out take apart break down rate read read into deliberate on listen in give something a look-see play around with quest have a look at eye up take a dekko at read up on think out follow a line of investigation do research into be all ears make inquiries about sift the evidence concerning prove out run reconnaissance make a survey of conduct an inquiry into stack up match up look around search the evidence concerning make a recce of check something out snoop make enquiries drill down poll request conduct an enquiry balance wiretap muckrake underseek redact censor get down to brass tacks discern perceive examine carefully smoke talk about cover report browbeat sum up burrow into sweat out feel critique mine dowse spy on make an observation of esteem third-degree sit in give the third open up leave no stone unturned burn up establish discover make enquiries as to run one's hands over pass under review certify note root look upon think of look on run over pass through bone up read over learn clarify go after deliberate about reflect on put a question to enquire of needle want to know record register tally worm something out of conduct research into figure diagnose get a load of take the measure of put on the hotseat ask pointed questions unpack put the pressure on third degree give somebody the third degree put somebody through the mill ruminate about muse on look out keep an eye out patrol question intensely parse tell scavenge take a good look at stare at peer gaze at gaze witness pioneer give a look-see give a going-over burrow ferret out look up and down put out feelers buzz resolve decompose decompound mind entertain the idea of rehash give thought to track attempt essay endeavor strive question persistently give opinion correct count ensure put something through its paces see how wind blows send up a balloon run something up the flagpole see how it flies put something to the test run idea by someone run it up a flagpole put someone through their paces put something to the proof put to trial fool with carry out tests mess around do tests on futz around carry out trials field-test road-test conduct experiments conduct research test drive practice with deliberate upon meditate upon think on pop the question concern itself with deal with question closely comment upon give an opinion pass judgment on look closely fine-tooth-comb meditate on hash over reflect upon write about test out draw out cross examine supervise petition frain apprise valuate undertake endeavour value consult the archives look up superintend find fault pick holes conduct a survey of make sure of look see keep account sieve seek answers search for answers raise question show curiosity do tests clock take a shot at take a stab at give a go search through ferret in rummage through talk converse hold out for turn inside out turn upside down worm out of subject to an inspection dig down search high and low root about in root around in ferret about in put to the question sweat it out of kick the tires drain ferret around in poke around in select sort grade separate colander clean recon fossick through spot have a discussion with confer with get for the record hold a meeting with have a dialogue with talk to converse with give oral examination hold inquiry sort through roust around in rootle around in spy out make a reconnaissance of have a look-see take in look out for take a shufti round see how the land lies set eyes on case the joint look for scout around find out the lie of the land rustle up make a reconnaissance gather intelligence put through a sieve go through with a fine-tooth comb doubt challenge dispute suspect oppugn impeach contest mistrust distrust disbelieve raise doubts about harbour suspicions about call into question express reservations about throw doubt on harbour reservations about impugn cast doubt on feel uneasy about object to demand raise objections to express suspicions about have reservations about call in question cast aspersions on put out a feeler question entertain doubts about have suspicions about chase up get back to make sure

Động từ

To connect an appliance or device to water and drainage pipes

Động từ

To evaluate or estimate the extent, amount, or size of
measure calculate compute estimate quantify rate size assess determine evaluate gauge judge weigh appraise survey count metre meter value figure gage grade scale span calibrate gradate average mark mete peg portion rank read reckon square measure out time check out dope out look over pace off size up take account mark out take the measurements of check guesstimate ascertain assay work out test guess probe consider analyse valuate put a figure on weigh up analyze take account of set fix sound fathom investigate enumerate place tally establish call examine quantitate figure out cipher total suppose conjecture make put cast inspect sum add up class totalize penetrate subtract add divide multiply tot classify scrutinize add together count up cypher price tot up tote up keep tabs apprise adjudge account set at form an opinion of form an impression of put a value on get the measure of scrutinise clock record get a fix on put a stopwatch on review cost discern confirm identify track specify tell eye have one's number figure in forecast adjust number foretell verify take measure of eye up find out discover take a reading of learn take check up on detect divine pick up try keep score question seek attempt essay strive endeavor prove explore quiz regard note down decide criticize take a shot at see take a stab at eyeball undertake endeavour give a go criticise make up one's mind about catechize esteem hold deem comprehend search unravel view take measure pass judgment assess the worth of price out check something out surmise grasp understand put a price on believe stand position categorize tote categorise tab tag delve know pigeonhole sum up reckon to be put down as guess at deem to be mark down as hold to be typecast make of think to be judge to be put down for think of set down button down look upon find to be look on consider to be cast up set an examination for get to the bottom of go into take soundings sound out subject to an examination delve into follow measure the depth of run down cut ice count noses count heads take one's measure think conclude deduce gather suspect reason expect appreciate resolve approximate infer feel opine adjudicate calculate roughly conceive find derive predict imagine be of the opinion assume correct perceive score budget prophesy decree maintain say distinguish pronounce extrapolate speculate settle draw order suggest form opinion run over think through look into rule hold that regard as see as come to the conclusion make out look on as theorize postulate theorise take for roughly calculate intuit be of the view fancy presume make an estimate of project explain recce audit view as set a price on think of as interpret as treat dare say budget for account for decide on interpret cost out admire contemplate revere consider it right solve see as being set a figure on class as being think of as being regard as being view as being look on as being respect come to the conclusion that be under the impression syllogize ratiocinate be of the opinion that provide for factor into allow for factor in construe have a hunch draw conclusions trust count on think likely bank on anticipate declare proclaim show mistakes in indicate errors in group direct dictate ordain philosophise tumble to savvy recognize venture grok presuppose cognize decipher register dig observe twig notice hypothesize apprehend recognise sense philosophize cotton on to assimilate catch on to hypothesise decode ween note codify asseverate allow brand announce prescribe command point out faults in type designate sort lay down label class as rank as rate as form the opinion make a judgement compartment distribute separate relegate bracket assort compartmentalize index range file digest take to be look at lay down the law pass upon characterize assign triage compartmentalise mark down allot break down characterise arrange part scheme outline plan tax set a figure take the measure of

Danh từ

A weight attached to a line for determining vertical depth or height

Trái nghĩa của plumb

plumb Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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