Đồng nghĩa của in due time

Phó từ

All in good time

Phó từ

In or after a short time
soon shortly anon momentarily early quickly betimes erelong expeditiously sharpish before long in an instant in the near future in time in two ticks on time pretty soon any day any minute any moment now any second now any time in a jiffy in a little while in a minute in a moment in a second in a short time in a tick in less than no time in no time in no time at all in short order in the twinkling of an eye quite soon any day now any minute now any time now at any minute at any moment at any second before one knows it before you can say Jack Robinson before you know it coming down the pike in a couple of shakes in a short while in a twinkling in next to no time ere long in two shakes in two shakes of a lamb's tail by and by in less than no time at all briefly very soon instantly immediately promptly instantaneously straightaway rapidly right away at once straight away like now in double quick time in a flash this minute on the double before the ink is dry on the page before one can say knife tout de suite in nothing flat this instant without delay without hesitation directly presently in a mo in a trice in a snap in a wink in a blink before you can say knife in the blink of an eye in the wink of an eye just now speedily in a sec before too long any second in a nanosecond in a while proximately in a bit by-and-by tomorrow then afterward again down the line down the pike down the road posthaste suddenly swiftly at the speed of light very quickly post-haste beforehand seasonably punctually prematurely occasionally first thing in good time

Trái nghĩa của in due time

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