Đồng nghĩa của after a period of time

Phó từ

Following, afterward in either time or place
later after subsequently afterwards then afterward eventually next thereafter thereupon after that after the event after this following that following this later on at a future date at a later date at a later time in due course in the future in time to come at a future time at some point in the future in time after a bit sometime someday finally sooner or later one day in the long run some day hereafter by and by after some time slowly but surely one of these fine days in the course of time after a while at some point yet in the fullness of time at some time in the future in due time ultimately at some time or other beyond this at some time sometime or other one time or another in a time to come one of these days at some future time one fine day consequently latterly ensuingly infra behind thence duly thenceforth thenceforwards thenceforward from then on in the aftermath before long after while soon after at a subsequent time next off from there on down the line the next day next day down the road next time on the next day and then in the end at length some time in future after a long time hence from now on henceforward henceforth hereinafter after that time in a while from this day forward from this day forth from this day on from this time on at another time following ever since onward since then post hoc forward forever after from that day on from that day forward as of now more recent succeeding come Sunday again followed by whereafter ensuing from here on in from here on out from here on from here close ulteriorly forth onwards on closely soon late intra thereon after which hereupon ahead afterwhile within a short period of time another time from this moment forth into the future from this time from this time forth ex nunc from this point forward

Trái nghĩa của after a period of time

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