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Phó từ

In such a way as to put an end to doubt and dispute
conclusively decisively definitely permanently irrevocably categorically consummately decidedly exactly infallibly manifestly surely totally unambiguously unconditionally undeniably undoubtedly unequivocally unmitigatedly unquestionably unreservedly absolutely completely convincingly definitively for ever inexorably positively for good inescapably assuredly certainly determinately enduringly once for all settled beyond recall done with past regret with conviction for all time beyond shadow of doubt once and for all beyond the shadow of a doubt forever forevermore evermore eternally for always in perpetuity for keeps for ever and ever clearly irrefutably incontrovertibly indisputably indubitably unmistakably incontestably genuinely really unqualifiedly firmly evidently truely inarguably unarguably unassailably thoroughly emphatically demonstrably plainly irrefragably perfectly utterly obviously outrightly unanswerably downrightly unchallengeably authoritatively accurately thoroughgoingly purely precisely patently hardly unalloyedly reliably provenly soundly compellingly explicitly entirely fixedly undisputably expressly verifiably flatly unadulteratedly sheerly wholeheartedly actually provably determinedly solidly confirmably verily rankly factually self-evidently ultimately directly palpably fairly arrantly transparently resoundingly simply undividedly unerringly undilutedly confirmedly supremely safely cleanly unlimitedly forcefully undebatably unstintingly demonstratively unrestrictedly clinchingly profoundly validly starkly regularly veritably undisputedly airtightly uncontroversially deadly trustworthily authentically dreadfully bloomingly apodictically bodaciously blankly straightforwardly dependably exhaustively effectively specifically unfalteringly persuasively doubtlessly cogently concretely distinctly observably truly forcibly acceptedly acknowledgedly altogether unquestioningly coldly one hundred per cent in every respect uncompromisingly undoubtably earnestly comprehensively unwaveringly confidently faultlessly uncontestedly resolutely committedly tangibly strongly fully soberly wholy rightly lastly ardently heartily questionlessly plausibly weightily securely markedly pronouncedly wholly unimpeachably seriously downright steadfastly steadily materially abidingly trenchantly impressively unmixedly unrestrainedly in every way beyond any doubt a hundred per cent straight out convincedly unfailingly inevitably unshakably implicitly grandly foolproofly forthrightly credibly frozenly inexpugnably stably unchallengedly overwhelmingly faithfully unhesitatingly self-confidently self-assuredly flawlessly apparently uncontestably trustily affirmatively overtly barely patly superiorly effusively gushingly peremptorily cocksurely infernally blessedly blastedly confoundedly determinatively revealingly irrefrangibly austerely relentlessly undoubtingly unconstrainedly extremely openly maximally systematically unimpairedly literally particularly rigidly unabatedly logically plenarily widely severely unbendingly grossly intensely energetically vigorously oppressively vehemently assertively insistently uninhibitedly concertedly unrelievedly unbrokenly grimly harshly persistently coercively sharply powerfully influentially incisively tellingly veridically intelligently lucidly efficaciously urgently strenuously muscularly violently dynamically aggressively greatly intuitively relevantly formidably insightfully satisfyingly pertinently ingeniously effectually substantially straightly objectively unshakeably dogmatically ringingly importantly potently glaringly pointedly significantly solemnly sincerely zealously fervently enthusiastically unflinchingly staunchly sensibly unswervingly dedicatedly devotedly detailedly corporeally heartfeltly warmly stalwartly unfeignedly outright doubtless easily loyally passionately constantly extensively plumb plain whole-heartedly roundly far and away without question beyond doubt in fact without a doubt beyond question just no doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond a doubt without doubt hands down dead sweepingly clean sure as can be through and through lock, stock and barrel to the core to the max to the fullest extent to the maximum extent no strings attached flat-out en masse all over down to the ground to the end in all respects from top to bottom in full without omission on all counts to the limit come hell or high water from beginning to end inside out all the way without reservation to the hilt every inch without exception no ifs ands or buts from A to Z all out to the nth degree

Phó từ

After a long time, typically when there has been difficulty or delay
eventually ultimately belatedly subsequently tardily at last someday sometime lastly after some time by and by sooner or later at long last despite delay after a while at the end at the last in the end in spite of all in the eleventh hour after a long time when all is said and done when all was said and done at the last moment in the fullness of time at the end of the day yet in time one day some day at length in due course at a future time in time to come at a later date after a bit in the future in the long run at a future date at some point in the future at a later time latterly one of these days at some time in the future one fine day next in the final analysis afterwards in a while hereafter after that afterward later then thereafter ensuingly following this following that thereupon in due time at some time or other next off one of these fine days after a period of time before long one time or another in a time to come sometime or other soon after when the time is ripe followed by anytime somewhen beyond this slowly but surely at some time at some point at some future time in the course of time one time with time on a day periodically former quondam erstwhile occasional late once previous intermittently formerly as time goes on as time goes by at some stage climactically conclusively in conclusion in consummation at the close as a conclusion in the sequel towards the end when push comes to shove consequently after infra thenceforth behind thence duly from then on later on the next day after this and then next day after the event after while at a subsequent time from there on down the line in the aftermath down the road thenceforwards next time on the next day thenceforward

Phó từ

To an absolute extent or degree
enough completely entirely fully totally absolutely clearly utterly definitely exactly extremely downright positively thoroughly unquestionably categorically decisively obviously wholly heartily soundly unequivocally certainly dead unconditionally quite surely truly genuinely precisely well comprehensively undoubtedly perfectly unreservedly altogether conclusively undisputedly flat-out without question beyond any doubt in all respects in every respect without a doubt in every way through and through a hundred per cent one hundred per cent to the fullest extent all outright effectively unmitigatedly ultimately extensively solidly plain just unqualifiedly to the limit down to the ground to the end lock, stock and barrel deadly to the core heart and soul plumb to the max hook, line and sinker to the maximum extent all of from A to Z exhaustively en masse up and down in full all over all in all inside out in toto totes all the way flat hook line and sinker to the nth degree without omission root and branch clean in all in entirety on all counts to the hilt every inch full even fast wide entire out really consummately without reservation roundly wholeheartedly greatly seriously way veritably right decidedly very much unrestrictedly bang very purely without exception properly exceedingly real immensely mighty far jolly severely uncommonly sweepingly majorly surpassingly heavily stark radically indeed undividedly manifestly detailedly systematically minutely in depth in detail unconstrainedly reservedly uniquely widely at length without qualification firmly directly implicitly vehemently resolutely full on no doubt top to bottom one-hundred percent unlimitedly limitlessly infinitely staunchly drastically downrightly thoroughgoingly largely certifiably strongly in reality actually in fact in truth authentically all told unco extraordinarily most fair profoundly undeniably incontrovertibly simply throughout unremittingly exceeding lekker powerful devilish royally fairly rightly out-and-out to the full whole hog in spades too awfully ever so so incredibly terribly awful especially mightily desperately frightfully blisteringly achingly beastly enormously particularly that badly eminently sorely filthy extra super supremely thumping fantastically stinking roaringly colossally dang bloody bone fiercely corking specially ever fabulously darn hugely wildly highly darned intensely accurately correctly strictly literally substantially prompt scrupulously faithfully explicitly smack-dab expressly sharp truthfully rigorously squarely due faultlessly methodically specifically unerringly veraciously significantly appreciably unambiguously infallibly carefully on the nail square no strings attached from top to bottom come hell or high water from beginning to end no ifs ands or buts all out straight out on the money spot on emphatically comfortably abundantly considerably the ticket on the nose to the letter no mistake for sure on the dot bang on to a T for certain for a fact on the button materially rather plentifully markedly noticeably somewhat remarkably signally immeasurably tremendously to a marked degree to a great extent a great deal to a large extent easily to a marked extent to a great degree

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