Đồng nghĩa của most

Alternative for most

Đồng nghĩa: extreme, greatest, majority, maximum, supreme,

Tính từ

(also used as noun or determiner in some contexts) Superlative degree of much or many
greatest highest largest biggest greater lion's share best better larger max maximum furthermost maximal peak predominant prevailing record supreme top topmost ultimate utmost uttermost consummate hugest paramount unequaled unequalled unmatched unparalleled unrivaled unrivalled unsurpassed upmost uppermost nth extreme superlative outside last utter full major enormous greatest possible matchless incomparable preeminent maxi unsurpassable transcendent grander superior surpassing all-out mostest bigger greatest amount of more higher bulkiest absolute nonpareil inimitable complete total unqualified sheer unexampled peerless quintessential outstanding optimum only super leading unmatchable pre-eminent towering unequalable significant out of sight umpteenth loftier ideal majority crowning apogean downright categorical pure determined thoroughgoing concentrated bulkier preponderant weightier longer farthest first-rate first-class profound outright stark unmitigated final key central outermost furthest remotest farthermost unreserved very aftermost outmost endmost essential cardinal especial whole thorough unconditional unique out-and-out flat-out undiminished unlimited terminal terrific boss cooler beyond compare excellent perfect rare exquisite furthest away farthest away unparagoned faultless all-time solid-gold champion second to none gilt-edge aces tops alone without equal beyond comparison world class the most principal chief foremost primary premier main dominant prime sovereign master overriding grand first exemplary head great capital lead arch overbearing primal overmastering number one numero uno ruling big number-one commanding sovran prominent fundamental classic supereminent presiding prior archetypal model prototypical definitive crucial vital high core basic typical finest best possible idyllic representative prevalent exceptional paradigmatic underlying top-tier mother of all unprecedented extraordinary flawless standard optimal apex controlling classical salient notable idealized pivotal rudimentary unexcelled ascendant focal utopian important copybook idealised critical elementary staple transcendental top-notch top-drawer arch- authoritative stereotypical eminent premium textbook conventional archetypical singular stock illustrious culminating crack ace reigning senior select regnant governing elite predominate accomplished unbeatable fairy-tale industry leading infinite boundless directing stellar elemental dream come true unblemished intrinsic true to type top-class root original without peer pie-in-the-sky a cut above the rest topflight top drawer top-ranking par excellence in a class of its own hors concours distinguished influential star strongest worthiest integral royal climactic radical axial simple alpha regal unrestricted unrestrained unbounded constitutional top-priority untainted unsullied untarnished without match without parallel second-to-none imperial kingly elder all-time best without an equal stand alone overruling compelling determining famous well-known renowned exalted severe intense acute A-list one-in-a-million foundational basal monarchical monarchal high-class of prime importance of greatest importance of supreme importance intervening first and foremost superseding of greatest significance best-example chad majestic guiding monarchial lofty exclusive novel special decisive untouchable tremendous unchallenged characteristic unassailable one-off standout irreplaceable dominating domineering deadly indescribable raging mortal undefeated unbeaten extraordinaire signal sui generis one of a kind exceeding distinctive true proper signature fantasy predictable unmistakable symbolic habitual regular emblematic highest ranking very great sublime far-out unimaginable one and only in a class by itself usual idiosyncratic fitting magnificent excelling exhaustive top of the line top of the range vintage unrepeated something else remarkable incredible phenomenal unrepeatable noteworthy moving entire intellectual beyond grasp intuitive fantastic awe-inspiring uplifting primordial inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending unconfined intact innate abstract eternal theoretical finished magisterial reliable seamless immaculate irreproachable impeccable indefectible record-breaking first class imitable top-of-the-range prize-winning number 1 sans pareil dream recognized approved official established accepted at its best at her best at his best primo unheard-of unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime new one-of-a-kind separate amazing without precedent unordinary newfangled picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect fresh recognised have-it-all expert practised practiced good skilled skilful skillful versed adept gifted proficient virtuoso able talented experienced crackerjack superb masterful masterly veteran polished competent trained compleat virtuosic professed educated well trained well versed loftiest crown apical zenithal tiptop highest-ranking most extreme most significant most important most prominent most influential most excellent most outstanding most typical most perfect most scholarly most complete most reliable

Tính từ

Very good indeed
sensational lovely wonderful excellent superb amazing dazzling exquisite first-class magnificent marvellous spectacular stunning bewitching captivating charming delightful enchanting entrancing fabulous fine first-rate impressive memorable radiant remarkable striking superlative arresting divine exceptional fab fantastic great outstanding stellar terrific unforgettable unique awesome formidable heavenly masterful masterly mean skilful skillful smashing virtuoso neat stupendous super tremendous ace capital delectable keen scrumptious topping wizard amazeballs bad brill brilliant magic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious swell unreal wicked A-OK bang-up banner beautiful blue-chip blue-ribbon bodacious boffo bonnie bonny bonzer boss brag brave bully bumper champion choice classic cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy dope down dynamite famous fantabulous first-string five-star four-star frontline gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gilt-edged gone grand groovy high-class hot hype immense jim-dandy marvelous nifty noble out-of-sight peachy phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous ripping slick spiffing splendid sterling superior supernal tip-top top topflight top-hole top-notch top-of-the-line top-shelf unsurpassed agitating breathtaking eloquent extraordinary glorious incredible mind-blowing moving number one numero uno out of this world par excellence peachy keen surprising unbelievable zero cool phenomenal sublime astonishing wondrous astounding supreme prodigious staggering rad good very good perfect notable awe-inspiring mind-boggling mega peerless gorgeous miraculous world-class admirable rare beaut select bosting matchless schmick dramatic too much unparalleled premium dreamy on fleek best jaw-dropping pre-eminent eye-popping distinguished thrilling enjoyable eminent imposing premier elite unusual crucial unrivaled exo far out sik def unrivalled accomplished eye-catching preeminent noteworthy exciting high-quality high-grade sound uncommon topnotch fantastical crack consummate beezer goodly overwhelming fabby singular startling special eye-opening splendiferous exemplary incomparable A-1 exclusive deluxe commanding conspicuous spanking too good to be true worthy marvy tiptop sovereign colossal of the first water of high quality attractive fascinating pleasant lank kif top-tier out of the ordinary leading top-quality electrifying belting elegant pearler barrie stirring extravagant prominent bizarre finest strange unimaginable A1 pleasing splendorous applaudable greatest chillin' top-drawer dominant wild outlandish bold pleasurable outrageous flawless gee-whizz of the highest quality of the highest standard desirable inconceivable unprecedented class transcendent ideal powerful illustrious winning nice vintage exhilarating top-class luxurious highest emphatic valuable unequalled inspiring top of the line top of the range extraordinaire priceless high considerable unequaled way-out majestic heart-stopping unheard of far-fetched optimal mind-bending peculiar fancy surpassing especial weird noticeable noted laudable highest quality signal agreeable rousing of the first order meritorious marked showy estimable pronounced out of sight abnormal distinctive shocking fly solid splashy top-grade commendable stupefying flamboyant catchy anomalous intoxicating unexcelled enthralling noisy portentous ridiculous lofty awful massive intense unmatched magical suspenseful monumental rip-roaring hair-raising beyond compare enviable spine-tingling out-of-this-world histrionic chic engaging preposterous gripping stimulating invaluable grade A second to none odd exaggerated alluring standout absurd satisfying riveting gratifying praiseworthy sweet to die for top-level faultless unwonted uncustomary theatrical exceeding atypical aberrated freak preternatural aberrant star celebrated awesomesauce superhuman momentous kenspeckle grabby flabbergasting salient renowned bosker unusually good inspired optimum large crazy mad quintessential tops exhilarative tense unco far-out electric exalted gnarly stem-winding farcical extremely good kicky delicious peak solid gold expert precious classy upscale upmarket very best hunky-dory grandiose super-duper climactic heroical the dog's bollocks never to be forgotten emotional without equal hard to swallow beyond belief effective towering sudden ominous proud royal awe-striking selected of the highest order adept lavish affecting stately huge unlikely improbable ravishing implausible able dubious adorable curious fanciful plush mighty competent picturesque skilled important rewarding tasty doubtful glamorous substantial crowning advanced dramaturgical hotshot demon proficient romantic cream blissful really good nonsensical ludicrous lead unrealistic flagship adroit lively unfamiliar idyllic obvious manifest bewildering unbeatable uncanny enticing uppermost rockin observable untouchable blinding whimsical glamourous fat significant blindsiding monstrous effusive excessive extreme offbeat charged galvanic galvanizing insane heady dumbfounding dumfounding attention-grabbing arrestive worthiest inflated unnerving unsettling unthinkable action-packed refined jolting jarring above average unexpected dramaturgic freakish pointed congenial touching deep heavy confounding model heroic vivid award-winning impassioned galvanising unsurpassable high quality top quality major better than expected off the wall classical of a high standard heart-stirring costly foremost central dear pricey expensive the best august of highest order can't miss it resplendent opulent spendy big-ticket the palatine in a class all by itself high-end melodramatic histrionical celestial regal palatial ultraexpensive princely magnific epic theatric solemn kingly swanky sumptuous queenly like wow statuesque above and beyond pricy expressive top-end sightly baronial Homeric comic high-ticket reliable certified mint legit sharp quick coruscating key splendent hypnotic top-of-the-range particular rapturous sophisticated polished beauteous frabjous smart agile deft clever bestselling posh ritzy A-list splendacious fashionable unorthodox rocking foxy juicy disturbing disquieting handy apt stylish well-designed natty convenient ingenious spruce immaculate impeccable well-known cherished crashing pick something else creditable positive really nice sunny dexterous paradisal paradisaic paradisic ambrosial yummy lush spiritual saintly choicest first awing hand-picked elect principal dignified prize-winning eventful chur proper paragon practised compleat versed veteran educated practiced complete experienced master professed dextrous predominant humbling dainty what left-field high-test invigorating amiable unblemished banging providential titantic utmost chief hundred-proof elevated ka pai top-flight popular preferential favored 10 preferred best ever not too shabby joyous A-number-1 mostest sup rior all very well well and good surpassing belief better improved enhanced eximious explosive compelling unaccountable inexplicable the very best state-of-the-art a standout handpicked plum favorite hallucinatory mind-altering with it pretty cool slap-up superfine diverting not bad cat's meow five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality enigmatic grade-A pure favoured cherry-picked favourite nonpareil paradisiacal inimitable paradisiac unexampled wonderworking numinous supranatural supermundane better than usual first class of the best quality better than average daring absorbing influential profound weighty one in a million in a league of their own what great promising well-favored very agreeable very pleasant very nice carefully chosen first-line sensorial psychedelic arousing cliffhanging dynamic 24-karat chimeric incomprehensible imaginative out there romanesque the utmost nerve-racking envigorating knife-edge some empyreal world class chimerical deviating illusory adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat enormous vast luscious pretty mammoth gigantic imperial ostentatious portly venerable extra special discernible baffling befuddling beguiling appealing graphic weird and wonderful measurable perceivable distinguishable appreciable clear unmistakable evident detectable recognizable perceptible plain distinct shock-horror high-octane unforeseen flustering freaky devastating sexy seductive tragic thespian colourful different clear-cut studied unannounced unanticipated inordinate gargantuan delightsome babelicious welcome drop-dead adorbs savory grateful knockout darling blessed dulcet savoury blest jolly felicitous palatable bootylicious breath-taking unconventional off-centre apparent decided palpable visible easily seen undeniable patent spirited animated questionable misleading overblown giant sizeable extremely attractive comely pulchritudinous fair shaking inspirational emotion-charged trembling passionate emotive blatant sensible humongous fishy untruthful untrue embellished fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable false illogical suspect serious queer funny out-of-the-way unaccustomed irrational avant-garde alternative foreign-looking Bohemian mysterious bizarro shivering vibrating soul-stirring anthemic shuddering quaking inspiriting wacky comical oddball foolish cockamamie zany recognisable unconvincing shady impossible farfetched laughable hyperbolic incoherent flash forby hare-brained frantic swinging blood-tingling oceanic pharaonic gigantesque walloping titanic galactic humungous cosmical cyclopean astronomic Himalayan oversized king-sized cosmic planetary leviathan vasty king-size Brobdingnagian supersize whopping jumbo monster whacking mountainous elephantine supersized astronomical herculean unheard-of off-the-wall make-believe external outside exotic extrinsic extraneous colorful interesting kinky peregrine under one's nose in plain sight in full view right under your nose big as life open and shut immeasurable ginormous flimsy distorted incongruous disputable equivocal embroidered debatable undependable untrustworthy iffy arguable unreliable off beaten path copious profuse king size gross big mortal avant garde way out from abroad cock and bull tall blown up out of the common complicated honorable honourable paramount gifted talented lordly ultimate aristocratic intellectual genteel higher delicate reputable high-ranking prestigious honoured privileged honored courtly main primary discerning handsome seminal rich respected gallant essential esteemed authoritative greater upper-class highly regarded high profile high-level high-powered luxury cultivated bigger cultured advantageous tasteful decorous intelligent graceful polite respectable prevailing cardinal high-minded head recherche finished integral famed recognized favorable favourable learned larger arch- trusted iconic uplifting well-bred high-up senior top-ranking puissant resonant well known grander top drawer recognised more formal topmost brainy largest genius urbane bright gracious astute civil happy consequential shipshape gentlemanly transcendental trained entire up to snuff whole intact capable creative acute modish irreproachable couth pivotal preponderant red-carpet VIP artful workmanlike bravura knowledgeable scholarly imperious core fundamental patrician dashing hulking gentle precocious arch revered penetrating inventive erudite cerebral perspicacious titled airy well-connected notorious prized courteous valued ladylike win-win aesthetic fabled archetypal refreshing snazzy highborn acclaimed suave excelling rational fast alert knowing of influence historical alpha all-important potent magisterial unmatchable industry leading highbred wellborn pompous Einstein sharp-witted well born eggheaded silk-stocking supersmart very intelligent a la mode well versed whip nimble esthetic hyperintelligent quick-witted major league whiz kid blue-blooded whip-smart big-time ultrasmart upper-crust high-born big league far-reaching piked professional best in class definitive outshining loftier unimpeachable artistic tough world efficient seasoned controlling blameless critical eclectic oratorical upper cogent successful of note deciding virtuosic acceptable unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt super-eminent unbroken super-excellent undamaged satisfactory pro tophole apex utopian marquee supereminent golden deadly vital beyond words beyond description pretentious number-one biggest streets ahead well trained strong a million dollars like a million dollars a dab hand at habile glittering magnolious tip top without parallel without match beyond comparison without peer only worthwhile ornamented affected ornate debonair a cut above the rest best possible elder supernatural meritable dream intrinsic requisite novel typical prototypical bulkier longer weightier deserving one-in-a-million well-dressed overdone stylized material focal well-born copacetic hunky dory worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu unearthly in a class of its own hors concours one-off irreplaceable indispensable high-priority major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league necessary needed skookum soaring gentlemanlike blue upper crust Brahmin silver-spoon born with a silver spoon in one's mouth knightly ennobled aristocratical festive unmarred of mark of great consequence well thought of in the public eye public steep exacting historic unparagoned sui generis one of a kind no-expense-spared A-grade staid paranormal fortunate lucky astral self-important immodest highest-ranking spesh purpose-built new without precedent unrepeatable fresh one and only once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate unordinary in a class by itself newfangled reserved ceremonious partisan covetable dominating celebratory sky-high sky-scraping multistorey traditional magnanimous correct decent conventional sedate upright civilized metaphysical irregular mystical otherworldly supernormal unworldly other-worldly preferable immoderate exorbitant unconscionable overextravagant undue plethoric baroque unmerciful altitudinous overmuch overdue overweening stiff intolerable devilish partial ripe mature overbearing primal first rate admired of the first rank prior legendary triumphal idealistic redoubtable highly rated presentable highbrow composed unnatural grandiloquent higher up high up plushy swank cooler sombre somber distingué highfalutin' starchy grave right accepted untypical ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative desired sought-after red-letter swish tony in uptown trendy dicty mod self-respecting just so very fine spiring aerial unmeasurable towery skyscraping of moment tempting in vogue high-toned precise biased discriminatory pukka comme il faut well-respected well-placed exciting envy much to be desired worth having ascendant close progressive rigorous accurate late evolved developed sensitive forward pinpoint spot-on mathematical discriminating fastidious punctilious well-mannered noble-born luminous of noble birth of gentle birth restrained civilised spiffy high-brow well mannered well bred infinite unlimited beyond grasp intuitive absolute eternal original primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined boundless innate abstract theoretical largish ambitious voluminous sizable outsized biggish boxcar tidy haughty bulky husky oversize outsize hefty more desirable most successful most important most desirable

Tính từ

With all parts included
full complete comprehensive thorough exhaustive extensive whole entire unabridged detailed encyclopaedic encyclopedic broad grand intact perfect absolute abundant adequate ample compendious copious cyclopedic embracive global integral plenary plenteous plentiful choate compleat inclusive itemised itemized largest long omnibus panoramic total uncut universal unlimited all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive in depth in-depth all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all sweeping wide-ranging general overall far-reaching thoroughgoing blanket wide widespread overarching across-the-board all-out catholic wall-to-wall wholesale umbrella deep across the board expansive worldwide profound intensive meticulous all-round common careful all-around unrestricted out-and-out broad-brush large-scale interdisciplinary multidisciplinary generic full-scale pervasive indiscriminate minute cross-disciplinary painstaking international full-dress whole-hog overwhelming unconditional broad-ranging prevalent rigorous clean radical rampant pervading unmitigated nationwide scrupulous pandemic countrywide mass exact particular efficient panoptic extended coast-to-coast from A to Z rangy full-blown unqualified blow-by-blow far-flung elaborate discursive encompassing rife outspread eclectic ubiquitous categorical omnipresent broad-based outright epidemic one-size-fits-all major thorough-going integrated permeating utter inescapable popular without exception diffuse bird's-eye company-wide straight-out vast assiduous circumstantial conscientious soup to nuts clocklike particularized tough all the way slam-bang royal plenty open plenipotentiary encyclopaedical encyclopedical quorate everything all immense unbounded significant final definitive fully constituted latitudinous panned searching categoric catchall sedulous outstretched particularised thoroughpaced scopic pure sheer all in prevailing predominant the word aggregate gross broad in content including all members including all categories boundless systematic wholistic replete maximal bright clear no stone unturned preponderate diligent extensively considered thoroughly proper rounded holistic non-selective leaving no stone unturned catch-all all-together on a large scale all over the place generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn drastic full-out life-size one-to-one unrestrained personal immediate collective in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax desperate severe serious forceful stringent long-range long-term intricate experienced full-on big picture undiminished plain violent draconian cosmopolitan ecumenical exclusive revolutionary encircling containing infinite comprising synoptic unanimous multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted firsthand direct penetrating the works essential elemental specific the whole shebang the big picture of great scope all-over lock stock and barrel consummate intimate special first-hand public varied far-ranging large broad-spectrum conventional nonspecific standard usual shared expanded diverse customary wide-reaching diversified liberal heterogeneous miscellaneous motley mixed assorted promiscuous scopious ragtag non-exclusive patchwork majority ruling multifarious typical piebald everywhere mainstream raggle-taggle kitchen-sink commonplace accustomed received orthodox mingled all-purpose stock joint undisputed established net cosmic planetary communal in circulation in force in vogue enlarged balanced widened spread broadly-based ubiquitary normal master effective endemic important momentous non-specific recognized unconfined limitless traditional traditionalist huge great well-rounded endless recognised life-changing ambitious big sizable lengthy basic nonexclusive jumbled bulk quantitative protracted massive humongous all-pervasive very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading influential weighty consequential broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar well established variegated run-of-the-mill hefty flexible undogmatic of moment of significance in quantity in bulk unexclusive taken as a whole general-purpose open-minded world-wide unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced of consequence of great import in the mass extreme indeterminate receptive charitable wall to wall average nondiscriminatory national wonted without end widely distributed ordinary routine open-door non-restrictive welcoming wide-stretching vulgar habitual natural societal all-encompassing all-embracing wide-extending many-sided widely held far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending free-for-all open to the public mutual magpie manifold multifaceted selective middle-of-the-road free to all accessible to everyone dilettantish cumulative composite multiform combined cooperative united compiled concentrated social consolidated socialistic collated assembled unified

Danh từ

The whole of something
whole entirety all extent majority aggregate entire lot sum total collectivity full summation works gross bulk fullness lump totality assembly assemblage everything aggregation oneness best part better part entire amount every part greater part larger part nearly all sum total whole enchilada whole shebang more than half whole ball of wax whole nine yards body amount mass the works grand total full amount quantity alpha and omega tally be-all and end-all whole bit beginning and end collection quantum result number count whole shooting match whole kit and caboodle tale integral net A to Z worth score addition product jackpot budget final total final amount lock, stock and barrel output list whole caboodle tout ensemble toll absoluteness entireness perfectness completeness wholeness unity magnitude outcome omnitude integrity complex undividedness intactness plenitude omneity integrality comprehensiveness universality collectiveness ensemble allness perfection total number cluster quota volume abundance pile size proportion measure agglomeration combination accumulation mixture heap capacity amplitude greatness bundle clump build-up concentration conjunction mix synthesis alloy blend amalgam compound miscellany jumble hotchpotch marriage skandha conglomerate group conglomeration agglomerate mixed bag whole schmear whole amount purity thoroughness consummateness unmitigatedness final figure utterness totalness record census measurement assessment tab reckoning figure value running total

Danh từ

The greatest amount, extent, or intensity possible, permitted, or recorded
maximum ceiling peak top utmost uttermost crest greatest limit extremity height pinnacle summit apex apogee extreme max outside zenith acme upper limit vertex climax culmination highest maxi nonpareil preeminence record supremacy greatest extent the end top figure crown meridian capstone sum head noon tip-top crescendo noontime high point tops ne plus ultra high noon high-water mark best hardest ascendancy highest level eminence high spot crowning point steeple peak of perfection tower ultimate greatest possible extent apotheosis crowning moment sublimity up there spire roof superlative culminating point highest point high water mark tip brow prime mountaintop cap heyday ridge brink perfection epitome hilltop bloom highlight aiguille end flower consummation tiptop springtime golden age best part highest part optimum serac flowering blossom salad days golden years best days best years glory days time day in the sun quintessence fastigium tor pitch florescence halcyon days flush floruit upper extremity day elevation depth cream prime of life crag nonesuch nadir edge termination payoff highest degree mountain top pike spring maximum height youth success point full flowering pole heights high finale furthest point denouement last word terminal cusp copestone best bit boundary pay-off pink nth degree utmost extent dernier cri maturity margin end point critical mass vitality result the last word crowning glory greatest degree vigor vigour prime time prime of one's life bitter end blossoming cope best example perfect example ultimate example apoapsis apocenter apsis floodmark watermark tidemark latest most fashionable finest extreme case achievement nab newest intensification capsheaf le dernier cri excess verge feature needle most up to date inordinancy upper surface upper part upper layer top part nib nose highest extent triumph completion rim brim verdure finish conclusion very top superiority accomplishment best moment top form maximum point all-time close blooming lead memorable part capper exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal glorification deification byword most memorable part most outstanding feature upshot leader maximum value breaking point choicest part finest point greatest point best of times icing on the cake pick prize pride elite past adolescence youthfulness tender years crème de la crème beau idéal blow off immortalization idealization choice chief crowning touch world record first place punch line idealisation beau ideal very limit highest rank mother of all acuteness marge ambit bourn cat's whiskers cat's pyjamas the bee's knees best thing since sliced bread butt last extremes fulfillment fruits fruit farthest point cut-off point fulfilment grand finale

Danh từ

A large number of people or things
plurality multiplicity profusion diversity mass multitude range galaxy lot wealth abundance heap host load majority pile plethora quantities quantity score stack bulk large number numerousness preponderance shedload slew swag tonne ton variety wide variety advantage group lead number pluralism overwhelming number greater part nearly all mountain plenitude horde swarm bunch plenty crowd throng drove collection army legion mob sea flock myriad much congregation assembly assemblage push heterogeneity array expanse many conglomeration manifoldness caboodle gathering assortment bundle loads oodles scads store reams gobs spate raft mess chunk volume lashings wad boatload plentitude fistful barrel bushel basketful truckload pot bucket yard potful deal passel shipload carload lashins sight plateful sheaf dozen pack hundred a lot peck shock sum entirety good deal corpus combination totality sum total great deal crush press rout scrum bike herd cram great quantity concourse large quantity jam great number infinity ocean infinitude turnout aggregation large group cluster accumulation agglomeration batch stockpile clump bank stock amassment aggregate lots hoard masses total heaps quite a bit all kinds of lump supply piles amount fund mound reservoir mine tons deposit body pool tonnes stacks reserve cumulation set jumble gob whole cornucopia concentration hill clutch battery constellation suite accretion package million superabundance band cache jillion inventory grouping stash block oceans knot trillion parcel scores crop trove backlog extent hunk copiousness thousand rick millions mountains scad fullness haul congeries pileup large amount quantum buildup measure all opulence bounty ream cargo agglomerate capacity build-up great amount drift clot summation flood budget affluence mixture bountifulness portion muster amplitude proportion feast thousands sufficiency bing fruitfulness bags repository avalanche boodle prosperity huddle billions hundreds increase gazillions consignment harvest plenteousness rickle source repertoire excess nest full riches area treasure a great deal accrual growth logjam nest egg size exuberance selection miscellany quota armful wodge riot lavishness mix luxury ample well composite luxuriance numerous part weight tangle surplus richness bounteousness fount hotchpotch treasury whole lot dose magnitude dosage conglomerate nimiety ampleness overflow mint deluge torrent enough storehouse blob mixed bag hodgepodge unit force zillions gross bazillions full house a large amount fountain lode a good deal garner treasure-trove a pile the works result treasure house whole shooting match grand total a shedload full amount more … than one can shake a stick at degree muddle floods busload truckful share bag box confusion glut jumb crate carton pallet deposition plentifulness superfluity rabble distribution profuseness surfeit several contingent extravagance oversupply ensemble pyramid hummock plentiful a number copious considerable abundant substantial innumerable an amount countless prodigality repertory provision bar vein thicket tuft prosperousness outpouring medley droves a good few a good number considerable amounts series stretch fortune shipment loadsa mat tussock tuffet infinite number unlimited number gang party crew ridge dune hideaway net quite a number shedloads pots miles wads jackpot sweep breadth tract armamentarium expansion escalation enlargement development mishmash potpourri pot-pourri clutter bevy fall-back a considerable number fountainhead wellspring amalgamation integrality denomination alluvion addition product arsenal region combo hodge-podge bevvy the whole kit and caboodle the whole enchilada list output promotion puff plug advertising hype gain publicity a deal treasure trove very great number stream allocation holdings a fair amount a great quantity a wealth a profusion lodgment cumulus lodgement a great many a large number portfolio concretion a mountain a swag an abundance crescendo length amalgam conjunction synthesis blend compound alloy marriage skandha everything but the kitchen sink walking encyclopedia well head appreciable amount generous amount huge amount copious amount substantial amount vast amount sizeable amount ample amount decent amount power whole schmear whole enchilada greatness allotment integral figure compilation works beginning and end lock, stock and barrel whole caboodle worth alpha and omega be-all and end-all whole shebang whole ball of wax number of oeuvre entity staple substance core opera omnia extant works complete works

Phó từ

To a great extent
highly very really exceedingly extremely immensely remarkably decidedly deeply exceptionally extraordinarily hugely mightily profoundly real strikingly super supremely tremendously vastly awfully eminently greatly right surpassingly terribly terrifically awful enormously especially fabulously incredibly majorly particularly seriously so specially wildly uncommonly frightfully mighty extra way intensely desperately jolly severely stinking fantastically blisteringly heavily exceeding colossally fiercely unco achingly almighty roaringly too dang deadly sorely far filthy thumping badly vitally ever archly much beastly mortally full that cracking corking spanking roaring wicked bone whacking rattling sore monstrous passing such well ultra mega dead thoroughly oh-so unusually ever so truly devilishly mucho devilish excessively distinctly markedly powerful plumb inordinately lekker outstandingly utterly to a great extent fearfully significantly fair notably darned singularly a lot dreadfully good and as all get-out madly abundantly hellish bloody quite acutely very much positively considerably totally overly staggeringly monumentally absolutely downright astronomically monstrously all that completely entirely dirty largely too-too extensively amazingly fully heartily signally in the extreme superlatively substantially noticeably appreciably to a fault over uniquely astonishingly surprisingly conspicuously gravely immoderately perfectly to the nth degree mad prodigiously stupendously massively sizably wholly broadly altogether materially to a great degree critically big-time exorbitantly drastically peculiarly painfully hard radically powerfully indeed wonderfully obscenely palpably infinitely dangerously strongly vehemently passionately immeasurably one hundred per cent obviously incomparably plenty emphatically rather horribly pretty discernibly visibly by much by leaps and bounds simply hellishly unduly unreasonably perilously prominently grievously suitably unwontedly intently outrageously ridiculously precariously to fatally in every way in every respect clearly in all respects to the hilt firmly hopelessly to the core a hundred per cent easily every inch chronically parlously irretrievably disturbingly dramatically too … for words strangely unnecessarily unconscionably hysterically beyond over- very badly extremely badly par excellence dearly uber preeminently by far très on a grand scale in a marked degree too much by a great amount to too great an extent in excess to too great an degree by a great deal like mad like crazy by a mile by a long way distressfully heartbrokenly positive sufficiently screamingly thundering stonking socking hazardously manifestly roughly flaming confoundedly blasted blooming unhappily discouragingly unfortunately notoriously unbelievably verily actually forsooth admittedly unequivocally frankly honestly truthfully somewhat carelessly harmfully really bad thrice dashed sizeably incalculably undoubtedly veritably certifiably flat-out genuinely … enough exaggeratedly plentifully marvelously marvellously abnormally uncustomarily oddly unaccountably curiously utmostly principally disgustingly glaringly inimitably abominably revoltingly fast wide entire even out flat all soundly enough clean exactly Esp on a large scale by a considerable amount famously in great measure before all else in specie all over all of through and through lots a great deal a fair amount as all get out no end by half crackingly prohibitively violently deathly grandly extravagantly lavishly intemperately steeply stiffly unrestrainedly fancily intolerably plethorically profligately insanely toweringly extortionately overweeningly prodigally disproportionately wantonly unmercifully baroquely recklessly wastefully unwarrantedly expensively indulgently uncontrolledly profusely luxuriously fanatically needlessly imprudently unbridledly abandonedly thriftlessly preposterously harshly superfluously unjustifiedly unjustifiably riotously improvidently overindulgently decadently dissolutely opulently copiously dissipatedly unmeasurably hedonistically unwarrantably unboundedly licentiously generously sybaritically uninhibitedly rampantly unrestrictedly fulsomely richly liberally unfairly overabundantly dizzyingly rabidly rigorously gratuitously uncontrollably unjustly pretentiously unconstrainedly irrationally toughly unthriftily unfetteredly superabundantly lushly unrulily unprovokedly rashly bountifully preciously unlimitedly heedlessly luxuriantly poshly debauchedly senselessly boundlessly inexcusably irresponsibly revolutionarily ruinously amply elaborately indefensibly sumptuously pricelessly sensually pricily direly unacceptably forcefully ungovernably valuably ostentatiously cripplingly punishingly grandiosely undisciplinedly swankily audaciously voluptuously unyieldingly rawly punitively oppressively bounteously zealously improperly criminally openhandedly strictly handsomely unpardonably limitlessly hardly unforgivably incontinently shockingly stratospherically greedily stringently exactingly fierily unmeritedly unstintingly illogically plushly excruciatingly draconianly unsparingly ornately freely egregiously unmanageably impetuously frenziedly ritzily burningly voluminously lawlessly crushingly ferociously furiously sharply vigorously wickedly swingeingly epically plushily turbulently effusively grossly exuberantly comprehensively irrepressibly magnificently uncompromisingly redundantly shamelessly hedonically superly exhaustingly overgenerously demandingly supererogatorily devastatingly ludicrously depravedly ambitiously foolishly imposingly prolifically militantly aboundingly burdensomely rigidly pompously munificently austerely sinfully gushingly brutally inappropriately tryingly unseemlily undeservedly corruptly classily ardently open-handedly onerously teemingly strenuously intransigently rebelliously unreservedly degenerately elegantly chaotically agonizingly immorally swishly indiscriminately regally wrongly palatially iniquitously gigantically imperiously bigly explosively reprehensibly showily plentily rakishly impressively unrelentingly lusciously murderously louchely carnally titanically dissipatively giantly unmitigatedly consumingly supernaturally inflexibly hellaciously whoppingly difficultly grotesquely disorderlily rowdily uneconomically absurdly impossibly arduously torturously gruelingly challengingly dauntingly charitably groundlessly chiefly mainly unthinkably heftily flagrantly unsuitably tediously tortuously gruellingly wearisomely magnanimously undeviatingly primarily inexpiably cruelly single-mindedly fervently destructively intensively formidably ponderously ragingly predominantly compellingly unselfishly urgently crazily plenteously overwhelmingly troublesomely generally bloatedly backbreakingly laboriously grimly intractably unbendingly sternly splendidly momentously culpably unworthily frivolously blameworthily remissly 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impurely naturally degradedly villainously apparently catastrophically bigotedly unchastely lustfully robustly torridly unsupportably reasonlessly assumedly lecherously enticingly attractively pleasingly erotically delightfully lubriciously appealingly desirably enthrallingly perversely capitally cataclysmically ravingly labouredly giddily flightily promiscuously mercilessly gallingly heartfeltly penetratingly heatedly vividly piercingly libidinously without restraint without control to excess clamorously unwholesomely openheartedly casually eleemosynarily sensationalistically forcedly affectedly stagily compulsively avidly perfervidly emotionally seditiously insurgently sickly uncleanly candidly impotently spontaneously plenarily impertinently bluntly injuriously camply overemotionally sentimentally emotively spiritedly engagingly intriguingly fascinatingly interestingly rivetingly essentially restively loonily laboredly consumptively recalcitrantly nihilistically sweatily overenthusiastically fatefully noxiously perniciously witheringly damagingly damningly almost entirely above all banefully balefully deleteriously suicidally hurtfully

Phó từ

(informal, chiefly US) Almost to the same level, amount or degree
almost nearly practically all but close to just about virtually well-nigh about approximately around bordering on close upon essentially near nigh roughly borderline more or less next to fairly feckly much fair somewhere as good as pretty much approaching to all intents and purposes not quite pretty nearly nearing nigh on verging on not far from pretty well within an inch of not far off some circa in effect in essence in the ballpark in the neighborhood like say plus-minus plus or minus basically fundamentally something like of the order of in the region of upwards of in substance in the vicinity of for all intents and purposes as near as dammit give or take a few give or take a little on average thereabouts very close ballpark figure effectively effectually positively really as much as almost entirely very nearly almost completely in the neighborhood of guesstimate implicitly well nigh morally absolutely veritably simply in all but name actually decidedly for all practical purposes not actually not absolutely in practical terms plumb plain round about somewheres scattered someplace elsewhere or thereabouts or so in the neighbourhood of in general getting on for there or thereabouts in a manner of speaking in the area of someplace or other kicking around someplace or another any old place in one place or another parts unknown here and there around somewhere in the ball park in the ballpark of roundly nearabout round pretty near close on within a little close but no cigar near enough substantially intrinsically inherently at heart on the edge of on the point of on the verge of on the brink of principally primarily potentially in reality chiefly in fact materially in truth bordering in actual fact generally loosely kind of in the main in all important respects probably vaguely relatively verging pushing give or take sort of about to near to indirectly impliedly for practical purposes if truth be told in sooth in actuality in practice tacitly for the greatest part within sight of elementally nominally firstly predominantly at bottom above all impendingly operatively imminently first and foremost au fond first of all most of all constructively pragmatically actively at the end of the day when all is said and done when you get right down to it operationally bindingly centrally determinately characteristically truly factually naturally intimately originally significantly

Trái nghĩa của most

most Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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