Đồng nghĩa của nondiscriminatory


Just, honest, and free from bias or prejudice
fair unbiased unprejudiced just evenhanded equal square fair-minded impartial equitable objective dispassionate nonpartisan disinterested neutral even-handed indifferent non-partisan candid open-minded uncolored detached non-discriminatory honest balanced uninvolved unbigoted upright honourable honorable impersonal reasonable without fear or favour on the level good anti-discrimination independent straight rational with no axe to grind proper ethical principled egalitarian decent lawful trustworthy scrupulous nonaligned on-the-fence on the up and up free from discrimination right righteous legitimate moral conscientious virtuous legal clean noble unselfish uninfluenced uncoloured above board middle-of-the-road judicial unemotional sensible nondiscriminating sincere cold blameless unslanted according to the rules fair and square without favor on the fence equable even outside moderate unswayed uncommitted upstanding without distinction uninterested aloof right-minded pure without favouritism unprepossessed clinical respectable conscionable incorruptible sitting on the fence strictly business cool unruffled composed level-headed logical disconnected unmoved nonpassionate true truthful sporting forthright gracious sportsmanlike reliable dependable full of integrity stand-up rightful mannerly due law-abiding chivalrous gentlemanlike gallant sportsmanly proportionate sporty according to Hoyle fair-to-middling even-steven upfront cricket justifiable level stable square deal fair shake legit kosher pukka uncorrupted frank civil aboveboard on up-and-up unaffiliated unimplicated unaffected high-minded worthy nice reputable faithful high-principled all right anti-corruption saintly straightforward innocent correct exemplary irreproachable angelic lofty pious elevated laudable moralistic charitable benevolent morally correct dutiful godly sinless immaculate liberal chaste unimpeachable magnanimous saintlike tolerant admirable guiltless devout venerable meritorious trusty greathearted spiritual helpful generous kind humane free devoted altruistic considerate praiseworthy religious big true-blue respected open hospitable squeaky clean clean-living creditable beneficent estimable bounteous philanthropic faultless reverent big-hearted kindly kindhearted excellent thoughtful unbribable commendable of good repute great-hearted bountiful right-thinking responsible distinguished loyal squeaky-clean sainted divine munificent noble-minded constant great whiter than white pure as the driven snow dedicated self-righteous devotional godlike easy untainted pietistic sublime undefiled believing up front knightly hallowed prayerful perfect impeccable irreprehensible fitting lavish humble seraphic glorified god-fearing giving sympathetic unsparing holy esteemed courteous peaceable wholesome fair-and-square philanthropical solid incorrupt lordly true blue loose soft-touch on the up-and-up unstinting high veracious sanctified bighearted acceptable consecrated dignified blessed unworldly spotless pietistical obedient revered venerated uncorrupt sacrosanct self-sacrificing progressive peaceful seemly decorous punctilious orderly profuse civilized steady broad-minded understanding duteous unstained inculpable brave prestigious God-fearing tractable ungrudging prodigal open-handed dinkum genuine sound redoubtable freethinking of principle notable cultivated willing natural well behaved free-thinking heroic valiant respectful indulgent eminent freehearted fulsome openhanded freehanded courtly lily-white kind-hearted unobjectionable illustrious humanitarian selfless guileless civilised precise polite clean-cut benign safe salt of the earth large-hearted well-mannered above-board highly regarded above reproach unerring strict warm-hearted soft-hearted circumspect matchless deserving peerless compliant eleemosynary almsgiving rectitudinous condign deserved justified merited celibate modest competent warranted Christian unallied professional morally right morally acceptable matching incorrupted favoring glorious enlightened G-rated vestal on-the-level submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile well-behaved sanctimonious courageous heedful punctual exact fastidious critical well balanced kin without prejudice free from self-interest on up and up inoffensive chivalric intrepid bold valorous lenient favouring prim saving deferential disciplined right and proper on the square straight-arrow compassionate loving caring deified canonized ordained beatified honest-to-goodness equalitarian extremely careful thinking twice perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable dapper alright goody-goody unmarred precious daring gentlemanly proud equalized merciful sweet goodhearted public-spirited tender princely goodish classless equalised canonised reserved messianic special staunch obliging neighbourly firm in proportion above suspicion democratic accommodating spirited manly quixotic fast abundant ample that takes everything into account friendly amiable unswerving plain-spoken agreeable comradely amicable edifying uplifting true-hearted supplicant sociable pleasant free-handed ready supplicating outstanding refined sure steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable genial companionable regardful honoured trusted established pleading extraordinary remarkable beseeching neighborly non-erotic non-violent improving supportive calculable free-spoken round soliciting plentiful full recognized of repute reputed well thought of name well-thought-of well respected tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted ardent undistorted liege confirmed entreating well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up plainspoken believable meaning what one says unfeigned real veritable literal truth-telling outspoken unreserved ingenuous realistic like it is imploring equal-opportunity well known favored famous well-known renowned prominent popular famed high-ranking redoubted celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed honored apple-pie simple suppliant supplicatory plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted no lie invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary normal open-faced blooming favoured with a good reputation recognised tried and trusted of good report in high favor of good standing flexible catholic all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink receptive permissive undogmatic forbearing unorthodox nonconventional nonorthodox unconventional cosmopolitan unshockable radical libertarian nontraditional responsive forward-thinking advanced wide nonjudgmental untarnished free thinking without reproach in the clear of excellent character


Without human warmth or sympathy
impersonal aloof cold dispassionate remote distant businesslike cool formal indifferent reserved unemotional withdrawn frigid passionless unconcerned unfeeling unresponsive unsentimental detached matter-of-fact neutral restrained rigid self-controlled starchy stiff stilted wooden bureaucratic clinical gelid inhuman stand-offish abstract anonymous candid careful cold-blooded colourless colorless depersonalised depersonalized emotionless equal faceless featureless frosty gray grey impartial impassive inhospitable measured monolithic poker-faced soulless straight uncolored uncongenial unfriendly unpassioned unwelcoming cold turkey strictly business unsociable uncommunicative unsympathetic antisocial cold-eyed offish unapproachable apathetic chilly standoffish asocial unbending glacial haughty dry unclubbable undemonstrative standoff uninvolved uncordial icy phlegmatic antiseptic chill buttoned-up stolid disdainful disinterested objective unforthcoming clammy incurious brittle hard-eyed forbidding supercilious uninterested stony austere hostile calm affectless deadpan flat stoic laid-back lukewarm rational sober controlled unenthusiastic removed hard-headed Olympian stoical casual impassible numb wintery frozen arctic wintry coldish heartless hard-boiled cool, calm and collected unaffected unimpassioned abstracted preoccupied introverted introvert unaffable unneighbourly unamicable unexcitable unsocial level-headed uppity unpleasant ungracious negative callous unneighborly severe stern hard-hearted thick-skinned unkind uncivil cold-hearted unexpressive lifeless discourteous uncurious stuck up staid putting on airs dead blank bland hollow vacant expressionless toneless spacey nowhere imperturbable nonemotional immovable laid back spaced-out out of it cold as ice stony-eyed avoidant focused introspective analytic ungregarious nondescript characterless flinty steely half-hearted tepid offhand unsmiling passive unremarkable focussed logical diffident repellent off unloving outside unenthused cold-shoulder unexceptional undistinguished insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious muted solitary pococurante non-emotional spiritless hardhearted insensible complacent insouciant nonchalant perfunctory stony-hearted collected cool-headed unruffled serene unmoved unagitated uninquiring equable unimpressionable composed tranquil uncommitted unbiased unprejudiced pokerfaced insensitive quiet coldhearted obdurate reticent marble uncompassionate listless inexpressive blah straight-faced along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches antagonistic disagreeable surly sour inimical misanthropic down-to-earth aggressive ill-natured practical realistic plain quarrelsome pragmatic dull nasty mundane sensible prosaic rude antipathetic menacing jaundiced mortal obnoxious adversary impolite adversarial unmannerly literal straightforward unvarnished unimaginative no-nonsense factual unembellished ill-disposed cross commonsensical uncharitable opposite competitive estranged censorious grouchy unpromising combative grudging gruff malicious contrary disaffected against warlike malignant vengeful conflicting hateful acrimonious spiteful opposed hardheaded uncreative earthy pragmatical unadorned humdrum pedestrian stuffy accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered faithful serious undistorted exact naked prosy feasible straight-thinking unidealistic truthful proud not on speaking terms snooty lofty on ice cold fish lone wolf unflappable self-possessed placid unperturbed unworried untroubled sedate together unfazed relaxed undisturbed nonplussed peaceful unflustered uncaring even-tempered unshaken coolheaded poised level steady self-composed possessed recollected at ease moderate temperate limpid smooth chilled empty inscrutable self-contained guarded stable reasonable taciturn secretive easygoing untouched unbothered confident levelheaded inhibited self-assured unexcited equanimous torpid lethargic languid glazed catatonic undismayed impervious patient still wise resigned self-restrained as cool as a cucumber at peace contained inert unstirred unflinching unreadable silent sane philosophic retiring inanimate fixed mature circumspect forbearing sound easy dependable sluggish judicious prudent balanced lackadaisical grounded mild philosophical reliable constrained easy-going unaffectionate deliberate gentle couldn't care less assured in check private full of common sense well balanced close cool as a cucumber heavy unimpressed dry-eyed fearless even long-suffering under control vacuous supine unafraid lacklustre draggy wimpy moony impotent glassy blasé bovine fatalistic conventional tolerant feeble heedless accepting uncomplaining tough unaroused heedless of Laodicean uptight shy hard oblivious to deep modest discreet unassuming dumb lazy uncompanionable could care less what the hell shrinking unflurried lackluster self-confident don't give a damn unshakable reclusive self-effacing soft-spoken in control well adjusted well-adjusted sangfroid enduring indomitable absent negligent strait-laced tamed restricted disciplined limited unimpressible insusceptible nonresponsive regular pacific selfish unrevealing hardened indurated inexcitable unchanging unvarying unwavering ungenial insular restful unvexed urbane calmed inactive uniform longanimous devoid unintelligent desensitized groggy lymphatic ardorless loveless unromantic benumbed numbed asleep nonpassionate sexually unresponsive desensitised fierce clearheaded constant consistent invariable unpassionate civil analytical scientific secure unhappy depressing senseless insipid anesthetized assertive centred peaceable unaltering unfluctuating unalterable meek devoid of emotion halcyon iceberg demure close-mouthed mousy oblivious unanimated limp paralyzed anaesthetized paralysed hushed stilly lown mild-mannered stress-free centered with the patience of Job unshrinking unfaltering with one's feet on the ground well-balanced not caring inapproachable immune good-natured irenic docile media-shy cautious resolute unmindful vapid wishy-washy closemouthed timid tight-lipped laconic prim cynical inaccessible contemptuous withering seclusive desultory cursory superficial retired snobbish accommodating immune to insensate impervious to stubborn unyielding cold-fish daring brave unassertive blithe impenetrable enigmatic indulgent unblinking backward bashful ceremonious noncommittal eremitic non-committal bored faint weak anaesthetic slow indolent bloodless anesthetic breezy unmindful of proof against deaf to mellow cool cat stupid fish-eyed lusterless plucky courageous gutsy unambitious unmotivated informal unwilling tame irresolute reluctant deliberative farsighted enlightened profound moral ethical deep-thinking learned lax hard-bitten mysterious affable droopy dispirited friendly leisurely nobody home cryptic undemanding nerveless intrepid unhurried understated all there downbeat unconcerned about equitable devil-may-care uncanny enigmatical arcane mystic occult happy-go-lucky offhand about uninvolved with apathetic towards casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless nonchalant about uncaring about uninvolved in careless uninterested in free and easy low-pressure soft thoughtful low-key frivolous about bored by evenhanded just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of fair careless of cavalier about square sphinxlike easy-peasy live-and-let-live chilled out unresponsive to inattentive weary of lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unenthusiastic about indecipherable hidden sphinx-like unexcessive inobtrusive unexpansive nonaggressive unextreme highbrow scornful superior impossible to interpret not given to excesses in charge under wraps bottled up corked up on a leash in control of yourself not giving a monkey's sanguine sure unperturbable keeping your cool good-tempered

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