Đồng nghĩa của desensitised


Displaying a lack of sympathy, empathy or general emotions
compassionless callous heartless indurate stonyhearted unfeeling unsympathetic hard hardened insensate insensitive ironhearted obdurate ruthless stoney stony affectless inhuman inhumane merciless pitiless remorseless soulless uncharitable unmerciful unsparing pachydermatous cold-blooded hard-hearted thick-skinned case-hardened hard-boiled take-no-prisoners slash-and-burn cruel harsh uncaring cold brutal cold-hearted unforgiving hardhearted stony-hearted unkind severe unpitying uncompassionate tough savage barbarous inflexible stern with a heart of stone unemotional indifferent relentless unmoved implacable unbending lacking compassion unrelenting sadistic mean unconcerned uncompromising inconsiderate hard-nosed inexorable barbaric unresponsive fierce apathetic grim coldhearted unfriendly steely unyielding intolerant marble-hearted strict vicious hard as nails impassive thoughtless unremitting hard-bitten frigid rigorous mean-spirited unsusceptible bestial cutthroat cut-throat dog-eat-dog monstrous austere inclement wanton vindictive dispassionate exacting sanguinary as hard as nails fiendish diabolical indurated ferocious adamant stolid selfish deadpan heinous evil wicked spiritless insensible lifeless feral unappeasable icy bloodthirsty unloving stone-hearted atrocious draconian rigid impervious firm bloodless inured illiberal surly fell unkindly brute truculent beastly dastardly butcherly toughened obtuse unaffected hostile ironfisted flagitious egregious emotionless imperturbable hurtful disinterested inattentive feelingless without sentiment matter-of-fact tyrannical cold fish stringent demanding ungenerous depraved hellish solid brutish hatchetjob coldblooded satanic heedless uncommiserating dead premeditated cynical unpleasant self-centred untouched appalling armour-plated invulnerable unsentimental punishing stingy unfair ungracious killer instinct killer rancorous mortal malevolent revengeful hard-headed world-weary mechanical tyrannous punitive constant vengeful repellent halfhearted lukewarm aversive repugnant benumbed hard-as-nails seasoned unchristian censorious crass intense without pity avaricious unregenerate murderous greedy forbidding unrepenting bloody indefatigable uncontrite sour tactless imperceptive gray subhuman faceless grey utilitarian inexpressive bleak anesthetized unamiable churlish sensationless crotchety anaesthetized deadened cantankerous unempathetic uncordial stiff unimpressionable torpid stubborn insentient careless impenitent unsympathizing spiteful self-centered lacking sentiment hard-line hard-edged hard-shelled rough obstinate headstrong incurious unsensitive aloof oblivious with a hide like an elephant browbeating gruff oppressive authoritarian no-nonsense heavy-handed bullying toughened by experience inured to unflinching as tough as old boots blind to deaf to wolfish malicious malign cannibalistic malignant hateful iron-fisted uncalled-for mean machine having a killer instinct cool blank expressionless stoical heavy flinty frosty chilly undemonstrative bovine placid unwelcoming fixed adamantine Rhadamanthine lethargic passionless impassible numb unflappable poker-faced groggy uninvolved lymphatic listless flat dry tranquil passive unexcitable phlegmatic sluggish detached blah dull along for the ride desensitised vile horrible abominable nefarious terrible infernal devilish nasty dreadful odious awful loathsome violent shocking villainous bad base execrable offensive ghastly foul demonic detestable outrageous coarse horrid diabolic despicable unspeakable grievous black-hearted disgusting frightful contemptible hideous bitter rugged demoniac dark crude gross infamous abhorrent low disagreeable immoral insufferable onerous revolting ungodly black wild fearful obnoxious dire demonical horrifying hardhanded Mephistophelian low-down scandalous intolerable iniquitous sinful calamitous cacodemonic trying excruciating repulsive burdensome uncultured alarming maleficent frightening harrowing searing unutterable demoniacal uncouth vulgar rotten accursed horrendous unrefined inhospitable gruesome corrupt uncivil boorish degenerate homicidal indescribable reprobate untamed dirty satanical ghoulish nightmarish uncivilized perverted wretched torturous uncultivated grisly horrific stark primitive rude sickening demonian Luciferian perverse obscene debased damnable criminal unprincipled dour crazed shameful animalistic animal natural virulent dishonourable ignoble hellacious unruly unsavory tortuous unsavoury dishonorable deplorable uncivilised disgraceful dangerous flagrant wooden abusive crushing reprehensible macabre terrific grewsome lurid nightmare nauseating carnal senseless ferine facinorous shabby unsophisticated swinish loutish degraded aggressive unlawful bearish comfortless desperate upsetting objectionable lewd indecent heathen pernicious Hadean tormenting wrong ogreish wrathful snide amoral overwhelming felonious lawless godawful unscrupulous immoderate tigerish oafish ill-natured distressing extreme unbearable steep yucky ill-bred unpolished unendurable crooked dishonest exorbitant excessive red in tooth and claw Neanderthal intimidating ill-mannered from hell dissolute scoundrelly shady unethical catty profligate licentious mad bent unrestrained unrighteous louring extravagant barbarian unhallowed ungentle unconscionable heathenish serpentine lowbrow uncongenial improper intemperate great lowering not nice inexpressible despiteful ogry ogrish unnatural difficult ravening stonehearted ignorant reptilian unlettered gloating Stygian destructive impenetrable spartan unholy morbid aberrant ominous frenetic maniacal possessed piggish gluttonous God-awful unclean irrational prurient barren grinding Spartan bare-bones desolate wounding philistine uncomfortable discomforting drastic ravenous lupine voracious untold uneducated undescribable ignominious low-minded wearing scummy currish despotic dictatorial illiterate thuggish slaughterous roughshod biting suppressive glazed hellborn cursed cloven-footed ill wilful Neandertal benighted undue inordinate crippling menacing furious ramrod worthless deliberate needless unjustified arbitrary unmannered yobbish fiery debauched critical unbelievable inconceivable swingeing sharp towering strong overweening threatening unprovoked abysmal unimaginable sinister shameless rabid fearsome inert graceless contaminated faulty putrid insubordinate impure libidinous demoralised miscreant impious abandoned demoralized ineffable impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful unreasonable hardheaded overextravagant insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue gratuitous groundless motiveless deceitful devious raving uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated illegal illicit numbed hollow asleep hard-shell delinquent slippery two-faced defiled scheming disreputable sly underhanded shifty unconscientious insupportable unjustifiable frantic infuriated rapacious angry illegitimate robust terrifying indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable indescribably evil unwarranted maddening impossible OTT preposterous exasperating venomous biffo aggers self-indulgent vitiated disparaging errant exploitative libertine evil-minded self-seeking contemptuous conscienceless morally wrong dodgy decadent questionable corrupted crafty scrofulous squalid incorrigible scornful disdainful indictable sordid transgressing insipid vacant glassy O.T.T. extortionate willed unmotivated ruffianly blackguardly roguish underhand scurrilous too great shaming disgracing debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious opprobrious brusque blunt curt impolite thievish malfeasant stinking warped rascally toneless paralysed paralyzed still aimless discourteous over the top very bad painful remote physical galling ribald indelicate profane indecorous bluff unmannerly neanderthal troglodytic undisciplined unjust contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing culpable not cricket knavish peccant undesirable distant poignant bodily inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy filthy agonizing disturbing heartbreaking withdrawn reserved businesslike formal heart-rending vexatious disquieting fleshly less than human bad-mannered untutored unwelcome unhappy distasteful afflicting heartrending chilling unlovely unpleasing tragic sad yukky traumatic miserable unpalatable displeasing tasteless lowbred foul-mouthed artless unceremonious common loud distressful icky sore mortifying afflictive provoking annoying agonising roughneck incult unladylike ungentlemanly raffish neutral restrained self-controlled stilted starchy sensual unforgivable gut-wrenching corporeal intuitive visceral corporal mammalian inborn biological innate bureaucratic clinical gelid stand-offish sick-making scurvy disgustful sick loathly subconscious instinctive somatic organic instinctual featureless straight impartial colorless colourless impersonal equal measured uncolored depersonalised candid unpassioned careful depersonalized nondiscriminatory abstract anonymous monolithic hairy grody beyond the pale fleshy appetitive material strictly business cold turkey earthy earthly beastlike


Accustomed or desensitized to strain or hardship
inured hardened accustomed habituated toughened acclimatised acclimatized familiarised familiarized trained strengthened tempered annealed case-hardened sturdy hardy tough vigorous strong cast-iron stout seasoned hard-bitten hard experienced rugged deadened used coarsened indurate inaccessible hardhearted prepared coldhearted indurated contemptuous callous unfeeling heartless cruel impenetrable uncaring steeled hard-as-nails cynical unrepenting resistant irreverent disdainful impious hard-boiled unsubmissive benumbed unashamed obtuse hard-edged uncompassionate unsentimental unemotional desensitised robust solid resilient durable sound stalwart firm well-built substantial hard-wearing adapted indestructible stable hard-nosed staunch stubborn long-lasting strongly made heavy-duty hard as nails resolute conditioned iron fit unbreakable lusty imperishable mighty uncompromising brawny tenacious bombproof enduring well-made built to last disciplined adjusted gritty hearty healthy rigid stiff inflexible used to impervious strapping reinforced fortified muscular fast feisty capable indefatigable familiar secure able-bodied powerful unflagging safe given wont heavy acquainted unyielding reliable broken in invincible cohesive dependable addicted made to last as tough as old boots settled in in the habit schooled stark bulletproof learned modified athletic perdurable hulking forceful husky beefy inexpugnable made ready thick thickset indomitable well-constructed galvanized galvanised accustomed to leathery dogged determined hale aggressive liable practised practiced inclined hooked prone dense molded tight moulded withstanding hefty well fresh fighting fit able burly obdurate obstinate hale and hearty in good health in good condition doughty tough as nails fit as a fiddle in fine fettle in rude health physically fit in good shape steady red-blooded two-fisted self-assertive impregnable invulnerable unassailable hard-headed tough as old boots self-confident high-powered inviolable everlasting rock-solid storm-resistant stormproof well defended tried-and-true well-protected fixed lasting steely impassible knockabout well protected flourishing armoured established unattackable well fortified well-founded well-armed concrete immovable airtight armored shrewd practical realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact world-weary irrepressible spirited consolidated adamantine set compressed compacted hard-handed packed stony compact concentrated rocky serviceable valiant plucky intrepid headstrong lacking sentiment stouthearted toughened by experience as hard as nails difficult to keep down quick to recover quick to bounce back rolling with punches exercised familiar with grooved acquainted with at home with experienced in versed in no stranger to conversant with habituated in in the habit of given to


Past tense for to make or become brutal
brutalised brutalized dehumanised dehumanized hardened bestialized toughened animalized corrupted degraded case-hardened inured coarsened debased debauched demoralised demoralized depraved perverted vitiated warped made callous made unfeeling cut down to size put down cut down cast down mechanised automatized barbarized robotized mechanized imbruted automated demeaned disgraced cheapened shamed humiliated humbled abased discredited injured prostituted mortified dishonoured reduced devalued harmed smirched bastardized dishonored lowered poisoned lessened subverted cankered profaned fouled deteriorated damaged chastened marred weakened spoilt undermined spoiled disparaged detracted bastardised slammed bemeant diminished derogated bemeaned decried destroyed panned belittled run down lowered the status of brought shame to shot down sunk sank sunken took down taken down ran down took down a peg taken down a peg tore down torn down desensitised defiled downgraded polluted demoted tainted crushed contaminated sullied put to shame depreciated ruined deflated embarrassed brought down abashed impaired busted abused put someone in their place subdued disrated brought low befouled denigrated stained infected desecrated tarnished broke broken brake discomfited blemished squashed led astray hurt soiled violated defaced dragged down made someone eat humble pie adulterated minimized quashed blighted crippled stooped betrayed dirtied distorted made a fool of besmirched descended made someone eat crow devaluated blackened made degenerate minimised diluted embittered depressed smeared wasted relegated discolored despoiled chagrined discoloured lowered in rank owned lowered in status snubbed blasphemed confounded trashed flattened tarred pulled down marked down influenced messed up showed up treated with disrespect made ashamed settled someone's hash misust misused cowed disfigured decreased sold out undervalued undercut vanquished attenuated overcome declassed cut tamed alloyed set back ravaged vandalized upset outraged dragged through the mud reduced the status of discountenanced put away confused maculated caused to lose face cast a slur put one away treated sacrilegiously axed reduced to the ranks vandalised committed sacrilege mucked up let down cut to the quick reduced in importance took down a peg or two taken down a peg or two appalled put someone to shame put in your place put out of countenance put double whammy on had the last laugh on own unsettled seduced coloured biased biassed prejudiced turned misemployed flawed twisted jaundiced condescended deigned misapplied soured dispirited defeated colored squandered crawled debilitated blotted endamaged wrecked rotted sold sacrificed overwhelmed smashed enfeebled overpowered subjugated crabbed bent skewed blotched speckled bended bloodied mongrelized dumped on destabilized sabotaged consumed manipulated inflicted rusted devalorized sapped suppressed incapacitated dismissed beat down grimed muddied begrimed stigmatized denatured lived in the gutter deformed overcame extinguished impoverished curbed touched compromised branded smudged exposed envenomed corroded bumped reverted demolished reduced in value worsened withered blistered ripped minified stigmatised enervated spotted routed kicked downstairs downplayed crossed up softened dropped discounted restrained disciplined silenced squelched succumbed delegated reduced in rank reduced in quality scourged splashed spattered sored disappointed destabilised scuzzed up made foul spoliated afflicted devastated pillaged repressed desolated devoured sacked slashed checked insulted depredated curst voodooed cursed reviled cussed darned viced sweared scorned flamed mocked hoodooed annoyed made eat dirt popped one's balloon mucked gaumed bemired daubed splattered distained mired slowed dipped blasphemed against brought down a peg made one feel small caused instability brought to ruin rattled vexed displeased vext disconcerted fazed nonplussed affronted flustered wasted away made dirty made filthy got filthy forced to eat humble pie played down horrified kept down nosed dive debased yourself demeaned yourself talked dirty committed sin lowered yourself debased oneself demeaned oneself lowered oneself caused to feel small brought someone to their knees mussed bedraggled ridiculed stripped someone of their rank mussed up took the wind out of someone's sails harassed taken the wind out of someone's sails committed sacrilege against crumbed made lose face got the better of laid waste to worried gotten the better of made mucky messed moved down beaten down went bad gone bad gone to hell went to hell ulcered gave a bad name given a bad name got dirty gotten dirty struck dumb stricken dumb sworn swore done wrong did wrong taken apart took apart shown in a bad light showed in a bad light took the wind out got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out wrote off wrote down written off written down took to pieces taken to pieces took to bits taken to bits

Trái nghĩa của desensitised

desensitised Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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Đồng nghĩa của sensational Đồng nghĩa của sense Đồng nghĩa của sensitive Đồng nghĩa của senseless Đồng nghĩa của senselessness Đồng nghĩa của sensible Đồng nghĩa của sensation Đồng nghĩa của sensitivity Đồng nghĩa của sensibility Đồng nghĩa của sensual Đồng nghĩa của sensuous Đồng nghĩa của sensory Đồng nghĩa của desensitized Đồng nghĩa của sensitiveness Đồng nghĩa của sensuality Đồng nghĩa của sensitize Đồng nghĩa của sensationalism Đồng nghĩa của sensibleness Đồng nghĩa của sensorial Đồng nghĩa của sensualist Đồng nghĩa của sensitization Đồng nghĩa của desensitize Đồng nghĩa của sensationalist Đồng nghĩa của sensualistic Đồng nghĩa của sensor Đồng nghĩa của sensationalistic Đồng nghĩa của sensuousness Đồng nghĩa của sensualism Đồng nghĩa của sensical Đồng nghĩa của sensibilities Đồng nghĩa của sensibly Đồng nghĩa của sensitively Đồng nghĩa của sensed Đồng nghĩa của sensitized Đồng nghĩa của senses Đồng nghĩa của sensing Đồng nghĩa của senselessly Đồng nghĩa của sensationless Đồng nghĩa của sensationally Đồng nghĩa của sensualness Đồng nghĩa của desensitization Đồng nghĩa của desensitise Đồng nghĩa của sensationalize Đồng nghĩa của desensitisation Đồng nghĩa của sensate Đồng nghĩa của sensitise Đồng nghĩa của sensations Đồng nghĩa của sensitivenesses Đồng nghĩa của sensorily Đồng nghĩa của sensuousnesses Đồng nghĩa của sensorially Đồng nghĩa của sensately Đồng nghĩa của sensationalized Đồng nghĩa của sensationalised Đồng nghĩa của sensationalise Đồng nghĩa của sensationalizing Đồng nghĩa của senselessnesses Đồng nghĩa của sensually Đồng nghĩa của sensitised Đồng nghĩa của sensitizing Đồng nghĩa của sensitizes Đồng nghĩa của desensitizes Đồng nghĩa của desensitizations Đồng nghĩa của sensuously Đồng nghĩa của sensors Đồng nghĩa của sensationalistically Đồng nghĩa của sensualists Đồng nghĩa của sensings Đồng nghĩa của sensationalizes Đồng nghĩa của sensationalisms Đồng nghĩa của sensationalises Đồng nghĩa của sensitising Đồng nghĩa của desensitizing Đồng nghĩa của sensitivities Đồng nghĩa của desensitising Đồng nghĩa của sensationalising Đồng nghĩa của desensitises Đồng nghĩa của sensualistically Đồng nghĩa của sensualities Đồng nghĩa của sensitises Đồng nghĩa của sensualisms Đồng nghĩa của sensitisation Đồng nghĩa của sensitizations Đồng nghĩa của sensualize Đồng nghĩa của sensically Đồng nghĩa của sensualizing Đồng nghĩa của sensualized Đồng nghĩa của sensualizes
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