Đồng nghĩa của accustomed to


Past tense for make someone aware of or familiar with
acquainted enlightened familiarised familiarized told advised informed announced apprised made familiar revealed briefed cleared communicated disclosed hipped instructed let know made conversant notified versed advised of apprised of divulged grounded in informed of kept posted made aware of made known to primed on briefed as to caught up clued clued in educated in explained filled in got up to date gave information about given information about habituated indoctrinated in initiated into instructed in introed kept up to date posted schooled in taught in warned wised up filled in on brought out clued in on clued up about fixed up genned up on got together gotten together gave a rundown of given a rundown of gave the gen about given the gen about gave the low-down on given the low-down on knocked down made aware ran by run by came out with come out with let in on made familiar with kept up to speed with put in the picture about put wise to put on to let next to let down hair accustomed coached primed trained seasoned schooled coached in habituated to trained in inured primed in naturalized adapted popularized drilled popularised used cased adjusted introduced to naturalised mixed wonted conditioned clued up on gained friendship tipped off made clear checked out come to know got to know about become aware of become adept in brought into common use brought into use made used to got in gotten in awakened to came to know gotten lowdown on became adept in became aware of broke the ice gotten to know gotten with it got to know got lowdown on broken the ice got with it gotten lay of land got lay of land put in the picture updated put wise educated taught prepared initiated disciplined grounded ground alerted counseled counselled edified forewarned announced to tipped directed sent word to familiarized with made conversant with brought up-to-date acquainted with introduced tutored intimated guided informed about imparted to cautioned indoctrinated upskilled communicated to clued up leaked to levelled with reported to imparted waked sent word laid it out given the lowdown passed on put on the line put someone through their paces put someone on notice put on guard gave the lowdown put wise about put on the alert given notice gave notice reported based related related to welled informed about indicated appraised touted made knowledgeable exposed presented with suggested leaked tattled illuminated lessoned predicated rested made acquainted with made cognizant kept abreast orientated reminded oriented communicated knowledge grassed up filled someone in snuck on plugged into welled up on hanged hung led engineered brainwashed leaded levelled leveled steered piloted inculcated lectured told about notified of updated on woke woken brought into contact with kept up to speed updated about pointed out declared to hinted dinned something into brought up to date on explained to gave the gen given the word given the gen described the state of affairs to offered information kept informed made known brought up to speed enlightened as to genned up brought up to date explained the circumstances to raised the alarm gave the word sounded the alarm upped to date with signalled described kept up to date with prompted run past opened eyes opened up signaled drummed into explained the situation to gave lessons to given lessons to gave the latest given the latest gave details to given details to gave information to given information to ran past gave intelligence given intelligence gave a pointer gave a tip gave the low-down to shown the ropes given two cents given a pointer gave someone to understand given the low-down to showed the ropes gave two cents given a tip given someone to understand gave lessons broke it to given lessons broken it to broke in gave lessons in given lessons in broken in given instructions gave instructions given a rundown given the rundown on shown the lay of the land given rundown gave rundown gave the gen on gave a rundown gave the rundown on showed the lay of the land given the gen on gave the low-down given the low-down given the rundown gave the rundown blown the whistle on blew the whistle on given a warning to gave fair warning to gave a warning to given fair warning given warning gave the high sign gave warning given the high sign gave fair warning given fair warning to given information given the skinny on gave information gave the skinny on

Trái nghĩa của accustomed to

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