Đồng nghĩa của modified

Alternative for modified

modifies, modified, modifying

Đồng nghĩa: adjust, alter, change, diversify, fix, qualify, vary,


A form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard
variant alternative different derived divergent adapted altered disparate mutant other revised aberrant deviant exceptional rogue abnormal differing irregular optional various varying unlike distinct diverse dissimilar unalike distinctive heterogeneous varied unequal contrasting manifold separate unrelated diversified mixed assorted miscellaneous sundry omnifarious motley variegated multifarious divers incongruous contrastive contrary conflicting individual distinguishable discrepant opposed contradictory opposite incompatible clashing all manner of discrete legion inconsistent unsimilar nonidentical distant mismatched at odds at variance numerous many polymorphic many-sided peculiar changing multitudinal several multitudinous populous changeable unconnected poles apart unassociated discordant antithetical non-identical multiform protean indiscriminate unique eclectic alternate discriminable inharmonious disproportionate contrasted polymorphous deviating dissonant like night and day not the same like chalk and cheese ill-matched distinguishing opposing otherwise independent unallied offbeat myriad irreconcilable not alike disagreeing ill-assorted unsuited uneven antagonistic incomparable incongruent particular disharmonious asymmetric off-balance lopsided unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable streets apart single antithetic diverging as like as chalk and cheese another incommensurable unmistakable differentiable foreign contradistinctive contradistinct differential oppositional untypical unnatural off-key factious atypical anomalous factional an assortment of a mixture of a range of a number of a variety of out of keeping nothing like polar oppugnant in opposition not similar piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous weird antonymous mismated unfriendly irresoluble reluctant diametrically opposed hostile hateful mutually exclusive unattached composite mongrel multiplex jumbled mosaic mingled odd amalgamate conglomerate confused uncoupled unlinked far from far cry not capable of comparison isolated march to a different drummer impertinent nongermane irrelative inappropriate not kin not kindred not related colorful multifaceted varicolored exotic colourful many and various inconsonant adverse repugnant disconsonant unmixable antipathetic uncoordinated diametric counter antipodal reverse paradoxical unbalanced alien converse diametrical antipodean incommensurate unsuitable absurd extraneous improper unbecoming inapt bizarre incoherent out of line not in keeping out of sync shifting unpredictable distorted inapropos rambling fantastic unavailing illogical unintelligible twisted fitful out of step at loggerheads on the outs some uncongenial anti cross inimical jarring unmatched quarreling contrarient in disagreement quarrelling in conflict unharmonious unequivalent out of tune antipathic respective especial express bipolar discriminatory farraginous specific obverse discriminating discriminative precise reversed competing inverse scattered unsorted scrambled disordered muddled dissenting frictional acrimonious contrapositive violative contrariant unfavorable unfavourable discriminational sole detached disconnected not so not as such other than supposed many and different flip-side separated wrong at odds with diacritical varietal disunited strange out of place fluctuating unidentical variable on a sour note inept incorrect unfit perverse inapposite unhappy amiss unapt untoward indecorous infelicitous malapropos graceless unseemly sui generis variform multiple diversiform anthologized omniform collected a mixed bag unsteady erratic unstable random unsymmetrical asymmetrical ironic out of harmony at outs a few remote removed sticking out a mile not in harmony standing out a mile like a fish out of water incongruitous not uniform inequal not matching not very many a handful of a small group of alien to hostile to foreign to in conflict with contrary to antagonistic to inimical to at variance with incompatible with adverse to opposed to unacceptable to conflicting with oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to dissentient unrelated to facing battling controverting disputed crossing allergic defending warring enemy restrictive repelling exposing protesting denying confronting defensive objecting combating obstructive gainsaying disputing rival irrelevant to unequal to immaterial to incompatible to incongruent with incomparable to inconsistent with up against at cross-purposes tuneless unmusical flat against ambiguous nullifying ornery con negating contradictive counteractive agin unmelodic self-contradictory off-tone out of key screeching off-pitch sour sour note caterwauling not harmonious clinker untuned out of pitch no go


Past tense for to change in some way
altered changed revised adjusted remodeled remodelled reworked rewrought varied adapted recast refashioned reformed converted redid redone revamped transformed amended remade reorganised reorganized reshaped improved tweaked redesigned restyled customised customized reconstructed refined remolded remoulded reoriented reorientated made adjustments to made alterations to permutated permuted tailored becomed become becomen corrected doctored made over mutated repaired transfigured transmogrified transmuted turned shifted gears switched over metamorphosed switched transposed interchanged set translated shifted renovated rebuilt evolved modulated transubstantiated developed made commuted reset distorted alchemized regulated fixed reordered manipulated overhauled falsified morphed tampered with misrepresented downloaded applied appropriated moulded downlinked fudged cooked recalibrated molded rigged rearranged attuned fashioned perverted shaped rehabilitated contorted metamorphosized fiddled diversified affected faked warped tuned restarted fixed up made changes to interfered with tinkered with messed about with trumped up fiddled with meddled with reconditioned refurbished formed moved modernized redeveloped upgraded renewed revolutionized recreated harmonized reconstituted refitted swapped inflected rejigged updated rendered fine-tuned edited diverged modernised rejiggered massaged revolutionised controlled transferred fluctuated rethought forged disguised reversed primed prepared geared to made ready made different harmonised dialed back turned around turned upside down changed round installed grew grown shope restored done up did up progressed hot roded initialised initialized balanced exchanged deformed metamorphized metastasized rejuvenated intonated defined reassembled generated segued tempered moderated toned re-formed rehashed reshuffled retooled inverted influenced overturned differentiated passed realigned transited transmutated readjusted snapped retracted restructured framed guided determined created produced redrafted reconfigured rectified regenerated denatured traded lowered restrained redecorated lessened reduced curbed aged matured ripened calibrated pitched misstated modeled modelled stirred up rehabbed veered replaced swung transitioned flip-flopped alternated vacillated substituted relocated changed completely juggled devised trimmed conditioned shuffled constructed built become different corrected mid-course made innovations turned the tables turned the corner switched round undergone a sea change played down about-faced made a clean sweep cleaned out changed drastically furnished performed magic added laid out turned over new leaf started again caused revolution recycled brought up to code flip-flopped on cleaned up changed gears on adapted to charted yo-yoed on swapped round started over autotuned choreographed retrofitted aligned with mapped out underwent a sea change cooked the books designed adjusted to toned down cleared out re-presented became different sung different tune sang different tune shaken up shook up lay out broken with past broke with past eaten your words ate your words did a U-turn on done a U-turn on done an about-turn on did an about-turn on done from scratch did again done over again went back to the beginning did from scratch gone back to the beginning done again did over again


Past tense for to affect or exert an influence on
had an effect on affected influenced touched swayed struck stricken decided determined controlled altered shaped shope biased biassed transformed governed changed guided formed conditioned infected hit hitten attacked impacted on acted on exerted influence on worked on had an impact on struck at took hold of taken hold of interacted with upset hurt impacted hit hard manipulated fazed stirred disturbed overwhelmed perturbed troubled distressed pained devastated damaged concerned involved grieved agitated saddened reached impressed moved constrained threw thrown distorted made an impression on turned someone's head knocked back inspired knocked for six steered told on prejudiced angled bowled over emotionally moved impinged upon overcome slanted prevailed over stretched tainted prevailed bended twisted bent tugged at your heartstrings regarded skewed exerted an influence on got to marked doctored warped impinged related impressed on induced colored garbled coloured interested shaken shook bore upon born upon borne upon shaken up gone to your head shook up overcame gotten to went to your head shapen hat spread to injured vitiated corrupted afflicted crippled destroyed spoilt contaminated spoiled ruined marred impaired ravaged annihilated demolished compromised harmed sabotaged occurred polluted defiled poisoned crushed debased weakened blighted struck down played havoc with wreaked havoc on obtruded imposed encroached interrupted trespassed pried meddled intruded had a bearing on made inroads made an impact on left a mark on broke broken brake wore away worn away stricken down done damage to wrought havoc wrought havoc on did damage to


Past tense for to modify, especially so as to better fit a given purpose or circumstance
adjusted adapted altered changed fixed regulated converted tailored arranged customised customized set tuned accommodated balanced calibrated conformed ordered rearranged reconciled rectified rejigged revamped reworked rewrought shaped shope enhanced improved reformed repaired reshaped revised settled transformed tweaked amended conditioned corrected doctored edited fashioned fitted fit normalised normalized readjusted remodeled remodelled varied aligned attuned coordinated jiggered organised organized overhauled put putten recast redressed squared focused focussed graded harmonised harmonized mended quadrated sharpened sorted straightened suited tightened troubleshot troubleshooted twiddled fine-tuned fixed up tailor-made tuned up brought into line fiddled with made good put right set right patched up put in working order saw to seen to set to rights made conform emended redrafted touched up refined lift rescripted upgraded perfected polished updated bettered rephrased reworded acclimatized retouched acclimated cut acclimatised shaped up righted rewritten rewrote ameliorated debugged helped personalized personalised remedied renovated honed qualified reconstructed straightened out designed rebranded red-penciled red-pencilled reorganized lifted raised boosted reorganised developed elevated made to order brushed up picked up refashioned made proportioned restored reconditioned clarified restyled renewed emendated cut to fit custom-made made improvements put in position put in place manipulated increased heightened realigned advanced progressed redrew redrawn made alterations to made adjustments to individualized made improvements to cleaned up scrubbed paid dues cultivated put differently augmented put another way put in other words made over individualised recuperated put finishing touches on set straight purified set the record straight put in order redone redid made strides made perfect methodized perked up reacclimated turned the corner styled optimized optimised finished moulded redesigned geared integrated rejuvenated redeveloped accustomed familiarized trimmed reinforced assimilated habituated custom-built molded dovetailed bended bent prepared metamorphosed polished up cured matched revivified revitalized sized disposed measured acculturated domesticated composed restituted replaced resurrected meliorated enriched complied refreshed remastered reenforced familiarised corresponded subedited redacted paraphrased revitalised made to measure made appropriate for made fitting to made fitting for made appropriate to come to terms with become seasoned refurbished made consistent got accustomed become naturalized learned to live with familiarized oneself with got used sorted out remade expurgated censored bowdlerized fitted in repainted become accustomed to come to accept familiarized with risen rose reclaimed reviewed found your feet glossed freshened re-created ironed out cleared up dealt with made up for doctored up rehashed smartened up scanned made distinctive turned around added a rider to scrutinised made conditional recalibrated added reservations to made right compared made specially contrived remapped beefed up looked over expressed differently bowdlerised made additions to rounded off scrutinized differentiated blue-pencilled finished off blue-penciled specified souped up found one's way around reexamined laundered cleaned up your act freshened up boned up took off taken off became seasoned came to terms with got used to became naturalized gotten used to came to accept became accustomed to gone through went through been through gotten your bearings got your bearings went over done over gone over got with it did over gotten with it added to done up did up gave a face-lift given a face-lift gave a personal touch to given a personal touch to


Past tense for permeate or imbue slightly with a feeling or quality


Past tense for to look at again, to reflect on
revised changed reconsidered reviewed reappraised reassessed re-evaluated rethought altered disconfirmed thought over had another think about took another look at taken another look at took a fresh look at taken a fresh look at looked at in a different light reevaluated budged backtracked reversed redefined reconceived reweighed readdressed revisited moderated reexplored reanalyzed reexamined recapitulated backpedalled backpedaled shifted run over moved changed your mind looked at again had second thoughts shifted one's ground had another look at changed opinion made another study of changed mind changed one's tune ran over went over again gone over again took another look taken another look did an about-turn did an about-face done a U-turn done an aboutface done an about-turn sung a different song did a U-turn did an aboutface done an about-face sang a different song thought better of reworked rewrought recontextualized reconceptualized went over gone over retraced replanned reimagined thought twice thought again corrected polished rechecked run through considered again worked over slept on returned to checked went back over gone back over saw in a new light seen in a new light rehashed emended amended rearranged respecified re-explained refashioned ran through gone back to went back to considered analyzed reopened reframed analysed relooked thought twice about thought again about had second thoughts about resituated reinterpreted got cold feet about checked thoroughly second-guessed changed course relooked at changed direction defined again changed tack got a feel for again started afresh weighed up again come round worked over again done a volte-face did a volte-face gotten cold feet got cold feet came round


Past tense for to omit a sound or a letter from a word

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