Đồng nghĩa của reenergized


Past tense for to energize again or anew
galvanised galvanized reactivated rebooted restarted resurrected resuscitated revitalised revitalized revived revivified recrudesced regenerated renewed rejuvenated rekindled reanimated rewaked rewakened recreated refreshed repaired freshened refreshened restored recharged invigorated bounced back breathed new life into energized boosted come to life energised brought back to life envigorated unwound rewoken rewoke came to life kick-started reinvigorated stimulated inspirited reawakened awakened renovated enlivened aroused animated roused rallied enkindled encouraged reinforced re-established exhilarated reproduced reestablished redeveloped changed strengthened waked up relieved brought around brought back reconditioned brought to brightened made whole touched up quickened vitalized uplifted triggered stirred vivified recalled activated reconstructed jump-started started excited braced cheered comforted fortified improved amended reintroduced relaunched reinstituted overhauled reorganized woken up woke up brought round injected new life into saved solaced reorganised overcome given a shot in the arm to recovered stirred up pleased pepped up snapped out of it recuperated raised from the dead produced gladdened changed radically consoled rediscovered livened up breathed life into gave a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm sprang up sprung up overcame gave the kiss of life to given a new lease of life to given the kiss of life to gave a new lease of life to

Trái nghĩa của reenergized

reenergized Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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