Đồng nghĩa của reconditioned

Alternative for reconditioned

recondition /'ri:kən'diʃn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • tu sửa lại, tu bổ lại, xây dựng lại, chỉnh đốn lại
      • a reconditioned car: một chiếc xe ô tô sửa mới lại
    • phục hồi (sức khoẻ)


To have become something different
changed evolved transformed converted reformed turned metamorphosed morphed mutated resolved shifted naturalized shaped transfigured transmuted diverged merged progressed commutated materialised naturalised reduced transmogrified deformed transubstantiated materialized recast altered reconstructed remodeled remodelled renovated revamped overhauled reoriented remade modified revolutionized renewed fashioned restyled rebuilt reorganized remoulded reordered reshaped rearranged shope rehashed reworked adapted refined rewrought reorientated reshuffled retooled translated adjusted varied tweaked rejigged transposed alchemized amended molded revised improved upgraded metamorphosized edited customized reconstituted developed redesigned doctored fixed updated refashioned modulated readjusted redeveloped regulated turned around redrafted made alterations to reorganised recalibrated switched reconfigured made innovations made over refurbished regenerated tampered with denatured rectified corrected fixed up refitted stirred up permuted rehabilitated transferred permutated tailored turned over new leaf turned upside down commuted cooked affected warped moulded turned the tables remolded shifted gears made adjustments to interchanged rejiggered diversified switched over changed completely turned the corner revolutionised tuned customised redid redone sung different tune did up done up sang different tune made rendered downloaded applied appropriated downlinked become passed substituted swapped fluctuated becomed becomen exchanged traded moved metamorphized metastasized restructured formed grew grown bartered blended segued blent distorted contorted innovated modernized transcribed snapped realigned transited transmutated trucked altered dramatically generated aged matured ripened undergone a sea change veered transliterated replaced modernised swung made far-reaching changes in transitioned differentiated flip-flopped become clearly visible as repaired graded made different alternated become different dialed back vacillated corrected mid-course made changes to underwent a sea change shapeshifted changed gradually shaded gone went became different became clearly visible as broken with the past shaken up shook up broke with the past


Past tense for to restore to a functional state, or to a condition resembling the original
repaired renovated revamped overhauled restored remodeled remodelled renewed reconstituted refitted doctored fixed mended patched rebuilt reconstructed refurbished reinstated modernised modernized recovered redeemed regenerated rehabilitated rejuvenated furbished reanimated reestablished refreshed retouched revitalised revitalized revived revivified serviced spruced tuned fixed up made over vamped up did up done up re-established got into shape gotten into shape breathed new life into brought up to date touched up gave a new look to given a new look to improved updated redeveloped set right redecorated upgraded rewrought reworked revised amended spruced up rehabbed reformed set to rights brought up to code adjusted put right retreaded put back together recast refurnished patched up corrected rectified remade refashioned recreated restituted transformed salvageed salvaged put to rights put in order redone redid face-lifted tarted up brightened up fettled bettered recycled modified tuned up emended gussied up straightened out smartened up made good fiddled with developed reassembled restructured remastered converted regulated reused re-created debugged cleaned up restored to working order made as good as new freshened up brought back altered brought into the twenty-first century changed resuscitated reutilized fit reclaimed gentrified upcycled replaced resurrected rescued streamlined maintained retrieved reinforced contemporized reprocessed remedied vamped set up cured sorted redressed ameliorated built up settled pieced together rebranded reerected innovated got something working righted given something a facelift gave something a facelift put back into its original condition made better set straight made whole finished reorganized seen to saw to painted reoriented adapted reproduced furnished revolutionized reshuffled covered redesigned wrapped saved cleansed rekindled cleaned reactivated retooled freshened varied remolded fitted brightened equipped recharged remoulded reorganised refinished reinstalled repainted repapered rearranged realigned refreshened reinvigorated checked healed technologized appointed enhanced re-formed brushed up emendated meliorated clouted botched conditioned tinkered reequipped reequipt enriched refined freecycled variegated reskinned strengthened cobbled glued readied redrafted reenforced resolved solved perfected reindustrialized revolutionised decked out went over gone over tidied groomed helped customized rationalized examined retuned checked over customised remanufactured rationalised built tidied up beautified pimped out pimped up straightened squared sorted out avenged converted into kitted out turned around made smarter recalibrated doctored up made neater made right made tidy balanced recompensed rigged out shaped up made amends for jazzed up perked up made well made up for dealt with got the latest version of gave a face-lift kept in good condition given a face-lift dialed back neatened smartened scrubbed compensated for laundered rewarded made fit for use worked on dolled up did done equipt shaken up shook up redrew rewritten rewrote redrawn gave facelift given facelift gave a facelift to given a facelift to added to gave a face-lift to went straight gone straight did justice done justice given a maintenance check to gave a maintenance check to gotten working again got working again


Past tense for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
reanimated revitalised revitalized restored renewed rejuvenated revived revivified regenerated refreshed resurrected rekindled recharged repaired renovated enlivened rewoke rewaked rewoken rewakened envigorated invigorated awakened energised energized roused reawakened strengthened aroused animated inspirited recovered exhilarated rallied enkindled quickened reactivated encouraged relieved brightened woke up waked up woken up breathed new life into bounced back touched up made whole brought around resuscitated reinvigorated kick-started put new life into put some spark into freshened refreshened recreated updated stimulated modernized modernised uplifted vivified braced replenished regained prompted prodded pepped up bucked up put new heart into fortified bolstered reconstructed helped overhauled reorganized revamped restituted reorganised rehabbed refurbished reclaimed retreaded spruced reintroduced relaunched re-established reinstituted saved restarted built up added some zest to spruced up made younger restored vitality to given a boost to gave a boost to brought back brought back to life gave new life to given new life to made young again made someone feel young again got going again given a shot in the arm to brought to propped up gave a shot in the arm to did done did up done up given new strength to gave new strength to gave face lift to given face lift to gave the kiss of life to given a new lease of life to given the kiss of life to gave a new lease of life to given a new lease on life gave a new lease on life recalled perked up revisited relived recaptured recycled rediscovered stirred up experienced again vitalized reestablished triggered stirred reproduced redeveloped activated reinforced galvanized improved reexperienced rescued reinstalled reincarnated excited galvanised changed mended recollected recuperated boosted convalesced remembered refound replayed ameliorated livened up brought to mind got better dug up summoned back found again picked up discovered again looked up returned to lived through again summoned up went over went through again gone back to gone through again went back to gone over taken a turn for the better took a turn for the better gotten better

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