Đồng nghĩa của differing

Alternative for differing

differs, differed, differing

Đồng nghĩa: disagree, dissent, take issue,


Unlike or dissimilar
conflicting contrary contradictory opposite different clashing divergent opposing incompatible disagreeing inconsistent at variance irreconcilable opposed antithetical incongruous discrepant contrasting at odds discordant inconsonant dissimilar oppugnant inharmonious adverse repugnant polar counter disparate poles apart in opposition mutually exclusive reverse dissonant antipodal varying diverse out of keeping diametric converse antipodean disconsonant in disagreement antipathetic unmixable not in keeping antagonistic out of line out of step out of sync quarreling diametrical quarrelling paradoxical incongruent irregular in conflict unlike at loggerheads on the outs unalike dissenting frictional acrimonious inverse separate obverse anomalous unsimilar unrelated anti hostile inimical dissentient diametrically opposed against fighting squabbling bickering disputatious antipathic contrariant unfavorable unfavourable sour note polar opposite uncongenial contrarient at odds with ambiguous ornery nullifying counteractive con contradictive antithetic negating agin self-contradictory on a sour note contrastive diverging deviating variant no go distant untypical atypical unnatural unequal off-key factious factional various out of harmony out of tune at outs foreign mismatched alien alien to hostile to conflicting with incompatible with foreign to adverse to oppugnant to unusual for repugnant to in conflict with opposed to inimical to at variance with unacceptable to contrary to antagonistic to confronting controverting defensive warring disputed crossing facing enemy restrictive allergic repelling objecting battling combating defending obstructive exposing protesting gainsaying disputing denying antonymous rival up against at cross-purposes contrasted cross unconnected competing reversed independent contrapositive violative streets apart flip-side


Differing from one another or a broad range of
various diverse diversified different varied varying dissimilar disparate assorted distinctive mixed multifarious omnifarious variant sundry miscellaneous distinct manifold variegated heterogeneous divers all manner of a mixture of an assortment of a number of a range of a variety of divergent contrasting contrary contrastive unalike unrelated inconsistent mismatched discrepant unlike contradictory distinguishable nonidentical unconnected incompatible conflicting incongruent unequal at variance non-identical incongruous alternative unsimilar distant other antithetic deviating irregular disproportionate alternate incomparable separate poles apart eclectic like night and day unique not the same at odds motley opposite discordant discriminable unassociated inconsonant distinguishing uncoordinated irreconcilable clashing opposed streets apart differentiable myriad indiscriminate shifting dissonant aberrant uneven antithetical foreign offbeat individual many and various contrasted independent particular altered incommensurate far cry like chalk and cheese discrete otherwise contradistinctive contradistinct another incommensurable differential multiple multifold multitudinous numerous multiplex opposing diverging disharmonious single anomalous as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable oppositional a mixed bag of ill-matched in opposition bipolar not similar unequivalent of every description weird mismated antonymous respective not alike express especial far from not as such not so other than supposed inapt unbecoming extraneous alien unintelligible twisted bizarre improper disconsonant absurd unsuitable inappropriate unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided out of keeping fitful jumbled unavailing inapropos rambling incoherent unsuited fantastic unmixable illogical not capable of comparison modified derived remote unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with irrelevant to removed incompatible to immaterial to incongruent with unrelated to march to a different drummer adapted mutant revised colorful exceptional deviant rogue varicolored multifaceted exotic optional abnormal fluctuating extending colourful ranging


In opposition to a majority or official opinion
dissentient dissenting dissident nonconformist anti- contradicting contrary disagreeing discordant heretical heterodox negative unorthodox complaining heretic iconoclastic maverick non-compliant nonorthodox objecting opposed opposing out-there protesting rebelling rebellious revolutionary unconventional gainsaying recusant conflicting freethinking revisionist schismatic agnostic impious apostate idolatrous sceptical atheistical renegade unbelieving sectarian heathen non-believing pagan separatist non-theistic paynim recreant nullifidian controversial dissentive sacrilegious profane infidel misbelieving atheistic deviating skeptical miscreant rebel radical eccentric individualistic original mutinous alternative irreverent nonconforming blasphemous splinter subversive irregular insubordinate malcontent seceding offbeat insurgent oddball weird unceremonious informal insurrectionary breakaway beatnik way-out uncanonical disrespectful opposition unsound questioning doubtful violating innovative critical inorthodox secessionist groundbreaking denunciatory disobedient defiant ungovernable recalcitrant fetishistic disaffected contumacious modernizing political pragmatic ideological progressive idol-worshipping icon-worshipping free thinking unconnected independent separate autonomous nonaligned refractory intractable froward incompliant resistant obstreperous restive bohemian clashing dissonant divisive polemical factional freak hippie willful untoward wilful insurrectionist wayward balky unmanageable unruly mutinying traitorous idol worshipping unusual unwonted abnormal modernising off-centre avant-garde uncommon novel new idiosyncratic exotic Bohemian fresh divergent off-the-wall anomalous bizarre aberrant extreme outlandish perverse zany cranky improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal heteroclite uncustomary out there far-out flakey kinky crazy anarchic different untraditional flaky out of the ordinary way out off the wall off the beaten path


Of, pertaining to, or as if using parentheses

Trái nghĩa của differing

differing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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