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Alternative for uncustomary

uncustomary /'ʌn'kʌstəməri/
  • tính từ
    • không quen thuộc, ít có

Tính từ

Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected
unusual odd peculiar uncommon extraordinary strange unique abnormal rare singular atypical curious weird exceptional anomalous queer aberrant funny unwonted offbeat freak unaccustomed especial phenomenal aberrated preternatural exceeding extraordinaire out-of-the-way bizarre out of the ordinary irregular unconventional eccentric unorthodox quirky freakish outlandish unfamiliar oddball different remarkable off the wall unexpected deviant untypical quaint way-out freaky unprecedented surprising novel off-the-wall erratic outré off-centre original far-out idiosyncratic wacky special kooky kinky uncharacteristic unnatural out of the way uncanny isolated screwy crazy kookie wacko mysterious divergent fantastic bizarro rum zany weirdo wild inconceivable distinctive unrepresentative prodigious incongruous exotic cranky infrequent whacky funky queerish unparalleled left-field way out nonconformist unaccountable scarce alternative off-kilter out there puzzling avant-garde noteworthy mystifying unheard of perplexing foreign spaced-out outstanding incredible alien unthinkable fresh something else unco out of the common notable baffling individual heteroclite unheard-of unimaginable nonstandard particular distinct astonishing amazing conspicuous new heterodox sporadic wonderful unreal aberrational devious unordinary dubious deviate daggy whimsical nonconforming exclusive radical supernatural signal seldom miraculous superior striking sensational astounding awesome deviating extreme monstrous non-typical jarring wondrous tremendous suspicious unconforming questionable stupendous perverse incomparable far out inimitable outre eerie Bohemian fishy perverted spooky creepy untried limited flakey flaky distorted off-base off-color occasional out of line distinguished unlikely characteristic eminent maverick informal bohemian specialized inexplicable significant madcap inconsistent revolutionary marvellous unceremonious hippy rogue superlative stunning unbelievable boho surreal unlike contrary incomprehensible disparate newsworthy spectacular absurd fabulous impressive off the beaten track out in left field mind-boggling mind-blowing terrific out-there doubtful warped twisted few and far between dilly insane droll ridiculous anomalistic fanciful specialised irrational thin on the ground ludicrous marvelous mad unknown off-key outrageous one and only out of this world grotesque non-standard marked alternate innovative rummy sparse progressive wandering arcane nondescript startling egregious few digressive rambling straying unearthly scattered intermittent unexampled atypic memorable awe-inspiring prominent refreshing loner cool defective transgressing marginal inscrutable like nothing on earth out of keeping custom customized signature personalized distinguishing aperiodic other specific in left field off-center breaking new ground one-off mental psycho episodic casual episodical discontinuous shady paranormal wayward altered imported variant ready dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy suspect seldom seen problematical problematic rarefied periodical scant periodic quizzical errant interesting discordant unharmonious transcendental transcendent magical unhinged touched demented unbalanced out of the box anarchistic creative malformed unhealthy diagnostic discriminating identifying diagnostical classic symptomatic scanty spasmodic semioccasional heretical otherworldly superhuman metaphysical supernormal unworldly other-worldly mystical not prepared magnificent staggering corrupt dissenting dissident nonorthodox heretic iconoclastic dissentient breathtaking unnormal heteromorphic unfrequent improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal brilliant surpassing stellar beatnik anarchic untraditional sectarian schismatic ghostly deviative supermundane occult supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good off the beaten path individualistic not normal substantial huge great personalised customised fluky dissimilar obscure unpredictable too good to be true extra special chance momentous unforeseen fortuitous unforeseeable unanticipated surprise unexplored improbable unforgettable eye-catching arresting unrealistic preposterous serious eye-popping fantastical extravagant nonsensical implausible grandiose intriguing unrecognized brand new previously unencountered little known uncharted unrecognised newfangled outside one's experience esoteric foolish cockamamie amazeballs comical heavy flash gnarly forby hare-brained far-fetched make-believe never to be forgotten off beaten path sublime dramatic overwhelming eye-opening shocking jaw-dropping imposing considerable intense important glorious splendid excellent impossible superb monumental powerful supreme major stupefying grand portentous indescribable strong noticeable peerless unequalled awful dazzling massive towering unequaled matchless big acute unrivalled jolting flabbergasting profound exciting fascinating famous deep paramount perfect bewildering unrivaled meaningful commanding beyond belief enormous unutterable super dumbfounding thrilling consequential unmatched vast blindsiding historic unconvincing large emphatic bold pronounced unreasonable material incredulous beyond compare exquisite unconceivable uncompelling sizeable sizable formidable unsurpassed dumfounding capricious consummate immense celebrated pre-eminent solid typical ample excessive high appreciable without equal sudden gee-whizz lavish unpredicted majestic incogitable extensive exorbitant smashing inordinate red-letter showy weighty electrifying splashy illogical flamboyant catchy hard to swallow salient renowned top ultimate unexcelled beautiful groundbreaking noisy bodacious hefty substantive famed colossal astronomical record utmost attractive eventful healthy one of a kind mythical ground-breaking heroic fine without parallel cockeyed abundant confounding second to none horrendous unknowable divine splendorous stirring epic ideal steep unsettling romantic magic unconscionable essential laughable immoderate stiff nonpareil voluminous intolerable landmark kenspeckle grabby manifest observable legendary unimagined unfathomable whopping generous obvious handsome giant tidy standout severe respectable earth-shattering harebrained good much moving earthshaking preeminent dynamite primo unsubstantial sui generis weird and wonderful far-reaching unintelligible from left field scarcely credible alarming incommunicable thin proud gorgeous royal out of the question cock-and-bull undreamed of elevated inane resplendent celestial stately luxurious unholy tall risible frightening God-awful lofty differentiating fatuous best glamorous disturbing enigmatic ungodly scary uncommunicable engaging evident barbarous proper undue arrestive befuddling profuse labored laboured glamourous illusory senseless cock-eyed ineffable gigantic overmuch imaginary farcical unspeakable unsurpassable plethoric frightful tectonic recherche dreadful untold headline mystic overextravagant nutty enthralling unmistakable personal overdue unnerving devilish illustrious out of place fancy awkward unmerciful critical touching boundless overweening suspenseful baroque attention-grabbing unthought of supranatural pioneering impenetrable perceptible titanic mammoth private hallucinatory hulking hypothetical insupposable numinous humongous forceful vital large-scale mythological theatrical fab inspiring best ever above average crucial major-league goodly out-of-this-world par excellence phony weak august uplifting fateful better than expected highly unlikely buzzworthy influential urgent front-page first-time phoney principal imperial undreamed-of flimsy largish not in the least likely out of sight steady of note pivotal out of the blue awe-striking too much remote opulent palatine avant garde in a league of its own swell elegant regal won't wash palatial first-rate in a class of its own hair-raising full of it princely magnific without warning recondite solemn kingly difficult to believe swanky beyond the realm of reason sumptuous first-class queenly statuesque splendiferous noble uninvestigated heavenly heroical beyond the bounds of possibility venerable ominous very great sightly baronial Homeric very unique immortal bigger than life very unusual odd strange leading finest chief foremost confusing inexpressible determining blinding unbeaten offhand unsocial cherished topmost star providential pretend imitation concocted ersatz made-up staged representative slang disconcerting perturbing chimeric imaginative romanesque without peer asinine pointed wonderworking dotty copious captivating humorous arbitrary humbling reasonable upsetting exhilarating colourful whopping great what old-fashioned faultless flawless immaculate impeccable flustering devastating chimerical eccentrical vagarious changeable teratoid fitful shock disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent incoherent unexplainable only excentrical off-beat the utmost exemplary model prototypical quintessential disproportionate unannounced astronomic gargantuan off the rails larger than life very different dope sick legit enjoyable mind-altering beat ambitious visionary misleading artificial inapprehensible raving antisocial whacking lunatic tense bent psychic irreplaceable fat titantic bugged out suppositious potty illusive barmy daft whacking great immeasurable can't miss it undescribable the foreign-looking unrestrained disorderly surpassing belief random insoluble unsolvable unblemished not on insupportable beyond possibility festive all your own psychedelic bountiful goofy silly impracticable mercurial what great streets ahead unparagoned heart-stopping godlike deranged not understandable beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams rad oversize decent loony infantile imbecilic crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle idiotic wackadoo funny peculiar wicked maximum imcomprehensible reachy exaggerated overblown happy maniacal stupid featherheaded external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine beyond your ken bad ill imprudent dreamlike derisory foolhardy unworkable puerile quixotic balmy pure gripping riveting lively Herculean herculean fundamental unacceptable offensive undiscovered topical extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful archetypal in a class by itself clear-cut visible overdone nasty late horrid unseemly uncivilised atrocious uncivilized spesh hidden dark uttermost inexplainable abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding world class graphic climactic vivid citable mentionable namable nameable red-carpet primary main celebratory drop-dead clear over-the-top OTT not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe reaching infeasible daring impassioned groovy dandy delicious absorbing affecting like wow hunky-dory rousing wildering omnipotent bionic irresponsible plentiful oversized bulky outsized outsize biggish maximal from abroad extramundane phantom non-rational hypernormal unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded very good relevant lamebrained scatterbrained shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady forcible heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up limitless unrepeatable unrepeated of particular interest worthy of note delightful admirable ostentatious gilt-edged telling charming jazzy compelling cogent gratifying studied bird-brained half-baked out of all reason short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason spectral zero cool worthy of mention murder splash boss hot underlined stand-out patent high-profile nameless never before encountered little-known unrenowned golden beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer portly won't hold water full of holes open to doubt for the birds past belief discrete diacritic mythic decisive milestone breath-taking purpose-built without precedent once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind separate highest greatest beyond human intensified fairy invisible unrevealed superordinary ghostlike secret uncomprehensible concealed predominant ascendant rip-roaring action-packed fairy-tale of substance preponderant cardinal impactful high-priority mighty capital keynote burning conclusive glaring high-level pressing heavy-duty earnest resonant all-important worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum ponderable potent climacteric grave triumphant fulfilling real worthwhile key of moment epoch-making the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at all-time subtile subtle tenuous attenuate short light attenuated deficient firm sturdy sound folkloric fictitious soaring cheering shining satisfying honorable exalted pleasurable rewarding bright pleasing honourable epochal heart-warming deadly raging sovereign mortal excelling useful durable valuable heavyweight recognizable fictional imagined apocryphal traditional proverbial untenable superabundant infinite unlimited entire intellectual intuitive absolute inspirational eternal accomplished primordial unequalable transcending whole unconfined intact innate abstract theoretical finished mother of all greatest possible strained uncredible distinguishable familiar identifiable allegorical parabolic symbolic storied earth-shaking terrifying rings phony hard to believe hard to take sky-high sky-scraping multistorey mountainous big-deal horrifying recognisable individualised enchanted storybook made up fabled well-known of importance beyond grasp altitudinous Brobdingnagian not able to hold water spine-chilling of consequence of significance independent idiomatic subjective intimate patented individualized privy detectable express decipherable cock and bull ginormous petrifying airy spiring aerial unmatchable unmeasurable towery skyscraping chilling fearsome blood-curdling scaring appalling forbidding ghastly hairy dread sinister bloodcurdling intimidating dire terrible eldritch horrible redoubtable direful spine-tingling nightmarish fearful hair-curling cliff-hanging causing excitement more than human

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