Đồng nghĩa của bohemian

Alternative for bohemian

bohemian /bou'hi:mjən/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) Bô-hem
    • không chịu theo khuôn phép xã hội, tự do phóng túng (về mặt sinh hoạt, đạo đức)
    • danh từ
      • người Bô-hem
      • người không chịu theo khuôn phép xã hội, người tự do phóng túng (về mặt sinh hoạt, đạo đức)

    Danh từ

    A socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts
    nonconformist beatnik hippy maverick boho dropout free spirit iconoclast individualist avant-gardist counterculturist deviant eccentric heretic loner nonconformer radical rebel freak artist dilettante enfant terrible freethinker gypsy hippie lone ranger lone wolf longhair unconventional person writer artistic person flower child New Age traveler outsider dissenter dissident original oddball misfit unorthodox person free thinker dissentient malcontent weirdo protester bad boy individual renegade rarity odd one out weirdie rare bird wackadoo wackadoodle screwball kook rara avis odd fish fish out of water demonstrator hipster independent liberal New Ager outlier skeptic misbeliever offbeat exception nonbeliever sceptic extremist one-off revolutionary different breed one of a kind square peg in a round hole round peg in a square hole odd man out counterculturalist gonzo peacenik beat trendsetter basketweaver rocker character rationalist pervert outcast unconventional thinker independent-minded person unorthodox thinker unconstrained thinker oddity flake crank loser treehugger sicko infidel libertine oner yippie odd type flower person drop-out independent thinker subversive critic questioner reformer innovator mutineer detractor cynic ruiner non-conformist denouncer image-breaker revolutionist unbeliever apostate separatist schismatic recusant heresiarch sectary seceder swinger night person objector sectarian revisionist agnostic atheist non-theist non-believer rejectionist heathen separationist pagan paynim nullifidian nihilist militant activist miscreant disbeliever disputant opposer insurgent recreant idolatress idolater doubter secessionist opponent tergiversator doubting Thomas zealot withersake protestor agitator fanatic insurrectionist picketer social justice warrior SJW freedom fighter humanist complainer giaour gentile nonworshiper protestant deist scoffer rule breaker profaner misanthrope materialist pessimist bigot partisan dogmatist progressive dogmatizer partizan disciple insurrectionary refusenik leftist devotee adherent schismatist picket red socialist ultra crazy diehard supporter Young Turk cohort satellite protest marcher firebrand avant-garde traitor deserter defector ultraist rioter revolter anarchist turncoat heterodox thinker Bolshevik Bolshevist true believer Judas quisling serpent double-dealer betrayer double-crosser backstabber snake backslider rat renouncer deconvert

    Danh từ

    An itinerant person or any person suspected of making a living from dishonest practices or theft
    gypsy chal nomad roamer Rom Romany wanderer chai didicoi gitana gitano rover traveller vagabond wayfarer Zigeuner zingana Zingaro Bedouin Bohemian drifter gadabout gyppo knockabout maunderer migrant rambler stroller tzigane vagrant gippy sharper tinker transient traveler zingara zingaro New Ager New Age traveller bird of passage itinerant tramp hobo bum homeless person displaced person rolling stone pilgrim derelict refugee DP hiker globetrotter bag lady Gypsy explorer person of no fixed abode dosser beachcomber derro floater Romani streety walker journeyer person of no fixed address voyager beggar adventurer globe-trotter ranger sundowner exile backpacker expatriate swagman stray bummer down-and-out swaggie bagman outcast overlander evacuee whaler asylum seeker bindlestiff outie bindle stiff knight of the road trekker peddler hitchhiker footslogger excursionist barnstormer landloper tripper travelling people travelling folk maverick meanderer straggler gallivanter gad pikey ambler saunterer perambulator tramper street person traveling worker New Age traveler immigrant emigrant leper pariah incomer settler reject Romanichal Roma Sinti newcomer expat untouchable outlaw castaway in-migrant out-migrant departer migrator mover offscouring wretch outsider waif undesirable castoff foundling rascal Ishmael reprobate deportee persona non grata recluse fugitive mendicant pauper crusty panhandler have-not loafer bankrupt poor person indigent scrounger beggarwoman beggarman sponger cadger guttersnipe wastrel wino mooch schnorrer moocher down and out clochard quandong stiff good for nothing renegade lone wanderer tussocker fence insolvent unemployed person job-seeker bindle punk unperson poor unemployed needy destitute homeless bindle gutterpup monk solivagant zigeuner black sheep social outcast down-and-outer ne'er do well shopping-bag lady bag person shopping-bag person good-for-nothing no-goodnik no-good slacker ne'er-do-well do-nothing no-account urchin stumblebum grifter dawdler mudlark orphan skidrow bum gamin tatterdemalion runaway scarecrow freeloader supplicant gamine escapee starveling bludger child escaper deserter runagate supplicator deadbeat borrower rustler asker palliard spanger ragamuffin absconder street urchin street dweller hermit walkout hunted person lamster truant emigre fly-by-night bolter dodger criminal abscotchalater

    Tính từ

    Socially unconventional in an artistic way
    avant-garde unconventional alternative artistic eccentric nonconformist offbeat unorthodox arty way-out exotic oddball arty-farty experimental idiosyncratic irregular off-centre off-the-wall original boho outré carefree laid-back left bank relaxed out there off the wall weird radical left-field unusual bizarre quirky outlandish wacky far-out individualistic odd freakish strange innovative unfamiliar queer curious out of the ordinary funny quaint wild kooky far out kinky screwy bizarro rum crazy weirdo individual maverick heterodox esoteric different uncustomary groundbreaking uncommon modern way out singular rare extraordinary hippie abnormal freaky zany peculiar unique wacko hippy whacky out in left field queerish remarkable kookie funky cranky erratic spaced-out off-kilter out-of-the-way fringe very unconventional novel extreme mod rad groovy modernistic cool ultramodern contemporary deep Bohemian unaccustomed dissenting dissident daggy outre off-center fresh heretical iconoclastic dissentient nonorthodox out of this world heretic rebellious schismatic freak sectarian rebel beatnik progressive out-there advanced state-of-the-art pioneering innovatory new inventive forward-looking trailblazing trendsetting futuristic ultra-modern cutting-edge avant go-ahead revolutionary new-fashioned ground-breaking neoteric atypical ahead of the times underground leading-edge lead liberal hip beat head vanguard unwonted new wave mistakenly trendy distinctive unprecedented informal anomalous aberrant unheard of madcap unceremonious exceptional off the beaten track fantastic unexpected whimsical deviant unnatural mystifying surprising puzzling absurd mysterious out of the way perplexing uncanny ridiculous fanciful droll baffling unco flaky flakey untypical incongruous special grotesque surreal capricious nutty ludicrous aberrated phenomenal unaccountable extravagant inexplicable preternatural fantastical eerie insane dubious incredible especial creative unpredictable imaginative suspicious astonishing mad preposterous fishy unreal creepy inconceivable spooky extraordinaire alien exceeding quizzical in left field irrational untried nonsensical outrageous questionable dotty scarce dilly crackpot romantic ingenious cockeyed unknown foreign visionary avant garde originative innovational unheard-of up-to-date perverse daft nuts out of the common infrequent striking wonderful unbelievable unthinkable hare-brained foolish fashionable comical dreamlike characteristic bent inspired quixotic chimerical unordinary newfangled trendy poetic far-fetched illogical loony goofy silly batty balmy monstrous amazing cuckoo off-key dippy cracked isolated laughable noteworthy suspect amusing out of place slang sporadic implausible unhinged demented unbalanced fabulous notable nonconforming uncharacteristic awkward imaginary sensational old-fashioned doubtful eye-catching random off the air prodigious humorous arbitrary conspicuous mythical latest eye-popping unparalleled cockamamie unimaginable flighty weird and wonderful incomprehensible something else astounding dreamy illusory make-believe recent artful rummy few and far between nonstandard vivid chimeric phantasmal phantasmic cutting edge unlikely fertile blue-sky Promethean thin on the ground out-of-the-box breaking new ground interesting fictive oddish intriguing skittish chance offhand exclusive perverted wigged out schizoid schizo exciting memorable untraditional kookish warped mischievous playful happening earthy modish now fab eccentrical outstanding impressive not tightly wrapped excentrical wayward shady waggish depraved arcane nondescript startling egregious few dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy out of the box anarchistic vagarious malformed teratoid changeable fitful disconsonant inapropos irrelevant disparate incongruent incoherent problematical problematic loner touched anomalistic unhealthy twisted incomparable inimitable unexplored untested one of a kind out of line off-base inscrutable seldom off-color enterprising inspiring refreshing unsavoury sick degenerated corrupt pervy sadistic degenerate masochistic off-beat altered imported variant ready chic like nothing on earth unintelligible off the rails stunning momentous miraculous disruptive just out far cry seminal bugged out barbarous occasional improbable unforgettable arresting clever brand new up to date crotchety licentious deviative sicko immoral funny peculiar not prepared spectacular stupendous unrealistic mercurial senseless impracticable inane one and only resourceful colourful glamorous serious grandiose tremendous wondrous wackadoodle bewildering shocking infantile imbecilic unreasonable crazy-ass pointless idiotic wackadoo risible cock-eyed farcical diagnostic discriminating identifying diagnostical classic symptomatic this season's new-fangled dicey chancy uncertain insightful witty amazeballs fascinating unworkable harebrained imprudent fatuous puerile derisory foolhardy crinkly twisty unsavory cult stylish heavy flash gnarly forby marginal stimulating irresponsible poetical off beaten path never to be forgotten expressive peripheral unofficial nonmainstream foreign-looking marvellous marvelous attractive glamourous pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian breaking ground productive brain wave inspirational short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate extremist external enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine outside fancy ideal from abroad bonkers loopy barmy clownish comic fancied made-up brilliant genius keen potty off Broadway legendary astute brainsick screwball looney deranged crackers crazed lunatic loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic fruity haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko daffy psycho meshuga certifiable pretend invented fictitious fantasied tall phantom fictional notional mythic imagined imaginal fairy-tale head in the clouds out of touch with reality gonzo looney tunes loony tunes cock and bull hard to swallow shadowy suppositious pie in the sky aerial fairy tale blue sky hard to take pipe dream castles in the air floating on cloud nine non compos mentis acting crazy off the beaten path unfrequented unvisited not well-known

    Tính từ

    More interested in individual people than in society as a whole
    individualistic original unique independent atypical idiosyncratic individual nonconformist off-centre singular uncommon unconventional unorthodox characteristic distinctive eccentric egoistic free-spirited freethinking groundbreaking liberated particular pioneering special typical unconstrained unfettered untrammeled untrammelled conceited egocentric egoistical egomaniacal egotistic egotistical individualist maverick megalomaniac narcissistic odd peculiar pompous self-absorbed self-centred self-centered self-concerned self-indulgent self-interested selfish self-loving self-reliant self-serving strange stuck-up vainglorious wrapped up in oneself radical different unusual weird heterodox innovative avant-garde dissenting heretical offbeat bizarre dissident freakish quirky dissentient outlandish oddball iconoclastic nonorthodox unprecedented heretic unfamiliar out-there irregular alternative queer abnormal aberrant esoteric anomalous wild left-field extraordinary novel way out wacky new out of the ordinary rebel imaginative creative fresh innovatory way-out inventive ingenious far out rebellious innovational off the wall hippie inspired refreshing resourceful revolutionary welcome stimulating essential private distinguishing representative distinct specific open-minded enlightened rational liberal tolerant personal extreme free not just another rad groovy deep mod modern modernistic cool ultramodern contemporary all your own subversive questioning unhampered undisciplined bold unrestrained irreverent idiocentric sceptical critical wilful contrary freewheeling headstrong out of this world malcontent renegade mutinous uncontrolled decontrolled unregimented impious denunciatory schismatic nonconforming skeptical free thinking freak sectarian beatnik seminal trailblazing uncustomary visionary clever fertile artistic disruptive unknown originative rare unwonted inspiring untried newfangled informal demiurgic Promethean unaccustomed productive funny quaint unheard of wacko freaky curious ground-breaking avant garde breaking new ground unheard-of far-out kinky kooky off-the-wall out there hippy rum unceremonious madcap zany screwy boho outré bizarro exceptional crazy weirdo off the beaten track out in left field remarkable erratic out-of-the-way cranky funky whacky kookie queerish unexpected off-kilter spaced-out deviant fantastic experimental exotic unnatural out of the way whimsical surprising untypical nutty ridiculous absurd progressive mysterious uncanny droll phenomenal mystifying advanced perplexing uncharacteristic flaky flakey alien puzzling ultra-modern fanciful new-fashioned cutting-edge aberrated leading-edge unco daggy insane off-center preternatural state-of-the-art outre extraordinaire futuristic neoteric surreal baffling especial unaccountable incongruous forward-looking mad capricious Bohemian ludicrous grotesque extravagant isolated something else out of the common astonishing incredible dotty noteworthy exceeding daft spooky cuckoo infrequent quizzical unparalleled unpredictable nuts in left field inexplicable scarce crackpot perverse eerie fishy dilly brand-new cockeyed creepy inconceivable goofy unordinary divergent foreign amazing dippy off-key suspicious preposterous cracked dubious questionable outrageous nonsensical memorable outstanding fantastical nonstandard beat front-line hip prodigious unconforming out-of-the-box irrational striking sporadic fringe silly unofficial loony unrepresentative batty comical aberrational devious heteroclite deviate perverted lunatic daffy wonderful foolish looney balmy exclusive amusing romantic screwball demented unhinged unbalanced conspicuous notable humorous twisted atypic artful anomalistic off the air inimitable obscure significant awesome eminent distinguished bent prominent fashionable happening up-to-date modish trendy cutting edge awe-inspiring unexplored one and only just out trendsetting haywire marginal waggish illogical clownish occasional stupid senseless comic fatuous warped witless brainless asinine unwise suspect harebrained simpleminded bubbleheaded lunkheaded seldom featherheaded schizoid bonkers jerky tomfool sappy inept non-typical fool barmy unhealthy underground wayward untested deranged crazed loopy recent monstrous psychotic latest touched mental certifiable random crackers far-fetched witty loco gaga half-witted corrupt malformed half-baked weak-minded hare-brained bats dreamy old-fashioned meshuga gonzo unreal arbitrary slang incomparable flighty chimerical vivid poetic interesting blue-sky one of a kind rummy few and far between remote recondite uninvestigated unhackneyed quixotic unimaginable classic superior thin on the ground out of line off-base off-color little known non compos mentis one-off signal gray grey back-door unexampled mould-breaking very unique very unusual anarchistic out of the box spearheading innovating non-standard half-cracked birdy exciting wigged out schizo offhand alternate arty skittish other impressive mischievous playful not tightly wrapped dissimilar chance untraditional out of place eccentrical specialized discordant specialised arty-farty excentrical earthy now fab out of keeping disorderly startling egregious few arcane nondescript disconsonant irrelevant disparate inapropos incongruent incoherent transformational unrecognized unharmonious vagarious changeable teratoid fitful laughable unthinkable loner sparse cockamamie relaxed left bank carefree laid-back variational depraved up to date brand new marked potty unrecognised very different fundamental scattered intermittent deviceful seldom seen kookish expressive maniacal scatty crackbrained fruity psycho brainsick maniac wud unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse moonstruck whacko drastic avant go-ahead very unconventional nonmainstream peripheral limited errant intriguing incomprehensible unintelligible weird and wonderful crotchety unlikely deviating inscrutable enterprising off-beat off the rails bugged out extremist aperiodic loony tunes looney tunes this season's new-fangled fabulous like nothing on earth doubtful episodic casual discontinuous episodical unsavoury pervy sadistic sick degenerated degenerate masochistic uncertain dicey chancy altered imported not prepared variant ready ahead of the times vanguard head lead funny peculiar distorted diagnostic discriminating symptomatic identifying diagnostical shady colourful glamorous up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering acting crazy far cry beyond your ken disputable shaky equivocal dodgy dubitable disquieting debatable doubtable mind-boggling mind-blowing rarefied periodical scant periodic neat stylish pathbreaking hot in modernist with-it nontraditional dreamlike fancy mythical unnormal heteromorphic problematical problematic fascinating immoral licentious deviative sicko scanty semioccasional spasmodic genius keen brilliant illusory imaginary insightful eye-catching new wave mistakenly trendy chimeric phantasmal phantasmic astute unfrequent sensational off Broadway crinkly twisty unsavory barbarous awkward poetical head in the clouds out of touch with reality attractive glamourous foreign-looking marvellous marvelous not normal inspirational fictive pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine eye-popping breaking ground brain wave from abroad disturbed unstable frenzied distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable raving bananas delirious frantic manic light-hearted farcical barking hysterical nutso buggy squirrelly nutsy hilarious chucklesome diverting bushed porangi yarra impractical mentally ill nutty as a fruitcake not all there mad as a hatter have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head stark mad raving mad not together mad as a March hare round the twist not right in the head sick in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head have kangaroos in the top paddock away with the fairies of unsound mind mentally unbalanced as daft as a brush stark staring mad not the full shilling barking mad have a screw loose up the pole stark raving mad joshing dumb camp campy ultimate exemplary model ideal unequalled prototypical quintessential superlative unsurpassable unrivaled exquisite paramount unparagoned without equal purpose-built transcendent beyond compare without precedent sui generis nonpareil supreme unrepeatable unsurpassed unmatched archetypal matchless utmost primo unexcelled second to none standout once-in-a-lifetime best peerless one-of-a-kind unrepeated consummate unequaled separate unrivalled in a class by itself perfect irreplaceable

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