Đồng nghĩa của oddball

Alternative for oddball

  • danh từ
    • người kỳ quặc, người lập dị

Tính từ

Having a strange or odd nature or manner
odd strange weird peculiar kooky crackpot batty misfit bizarre eccentric queer unusual curious unconventional funny quirky offbeat wacky outlandish abnormal crazy extraordinary freakish uncommon off the wall quaint off-the-wall anomalous atypical singular screwy aberrant wild irregular unorthodox erratic kinky remarkable rum cranky kookie freaky way-out out-of-the-way out of the ordinary unfamiliar far-out whacky deviant wacko off-centre unique bizarro different unexpected idiosyncratic rare funky freak unnatural zany uncustomary weirdo queerish outré spaced-out off-kilter untypical out there uncanny unwonted preternatural exceptional mad nutty mysterious whimsical way out out of the way fantastic insane absurd unaccustomed novel incongruous daft ridiculous left-field surprising phenomenal especial mystifying aberrated ludicrous far out droll preposterous puzzling foolish perplexing extraordinaire uncharacteristic unco cuckoo exceeding irrational dotty flakey flaky nuts original inconceivable exotic foreign silly dippy nonsensical divergent looney isolated cracked eerie fanciful dubious baffling creepy unreal daggy spooky unaccountable alien capricious unpredictable comical loony surreal lunatic inexplicable out in left field daffy balmy unhinged grotesque unbalanced unrepresentative demented barmy mental unthinkable special fishy dilly psycho whacko off-center potty outre incredible avant-garde deranged crazed cockeyed stupid loopy maniacal characteristic monstrous bonkers scarce incomprehensible suspicious loco questionable aberrational devious gaga crackers deviate crackbrained fruity haywire scatty slang gonzo bats nonstandard hare-brained in left field quizzical off the air unheard of comic amusing clownish Bohemian infrequent madcap disparate senseless humorous fatuous astonishing perverse individual extravagant deviating supernatural amazing unstable psychotic jarring non-typical screwball nonconformist fantastical doubtful nonconforming brainsick maniac unsound meshugge bughouse moonstruck certifiable prodigious bedlam unknown unimaginable cockamamie heteroclite alternative wud meshuga beat nutsy bent looney tunes loony tunes off-base non compos mentis off-color something else out of line out to lunch exclusive out of the common round the bend distinct farcical inept jerky fool brainless weak-minded witless harebrained simpleminded half-witted featherheaded asinine half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded bubbleheaded sappy off-key hilarious chucklesome diverting out of place goofy light-hearted waggish disturbed sporadic unbelievable unlike contrary newsworthy unlikely implausible improbable schizoid wayward laughable witty far-fetched unrealistic schizo wonderful malformed hysterical outrageous warped twisted perverted weird and wonderful idiotic awkward psychopathic unparalleled grandiose unprecedented suspect joshing camp campy conspicuous delirious astounding anomalistic doolally extreme eye-popping unglued distracted disordered berserk touched unheard-of untried unordinary inscrutable barking nutty as a fruitcake mad as a hatter away with the fairies off one's gourd foaming at the mouth out of one's mind around the bend off one's head new as daft as a brush thin on the ground unexplored raving mad stark staring mad not the full shilling off one's rocker mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad few and far between up the pole off the rails off one's nut stark raving mad make-believe sick in the head off one's trolley inconsistent offhand illogical progressive advanced wigged out skittish out-there experimental wandering chance arbitrary unconforming not tightly wrapped digressive rambling straying rogue old-fashioned untraditional esoteric disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent vagarious teratoid changeable fitful defective transgressing kookish arcane nondescript startling egregious few seldom rummy like nothing on earth loner cool out of keeping off the beaten track shady dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy incomparable inimitable occasional random unintelligible dissimilar problematical problematic sensational interesting newfangled breaking new ground stunning notable striking momentous miraculous obscure fresh unforgettable eye-catching arresting spectacular stupendous noteworthy serious tremendous wondrous remote intriguing little known uninvestigated recondite distinctive diagnostic discriminating identifying one and only diagnostical classic symptomatic unhealthy amazeballs distorted distinguished heavy flash gnarly forby heterodox corrupt custom customized specialized signature personalized distinguishing particular flipped off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world unnormal heteromorphic not in one's right mind off your trolley off your chump imaginary sectionable funny peculiar dumb unearthly frenzied manic unconvincing illusory incredulous not normal off-beat bugged out confused distraught neurotic schitzy unconceivable misleading romantic ambitious visionary uncompelling artificial unreasonable rabid raving uncontrolled ghostly entertaining risible frantic psychopathological schizophrenic buggy illusive suppositious hallucinatory nutso bushed derailed bemused bananas moonstricken unsettled paranoid sociopathic limited demoniac raging yarra sick dazed off dreamy squirrelly wrong jocular not right upstairs not quite right in the head a few cards shy of a full deck not all there as mad as a March hare having bats in the belfry of unsound mind flipped out deprived of one's wits one card shy of a full deck manic-depressive crazy as a loon stark mad over the edge non compos severely mentally ill mentally ill porangi one sandwich short of a picnic not together a few sandwiches short of a picnic out of one's tree not of sound mind in another world mentally deranged out of one's gourd having a screw loose in a daze not right in the head with a screw loose off the deep end as mad as a hatter in the ozone having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out out of sight cock-and-bull cock-eyed rollicking mirthful eldritch spookish eery other-worldly haunting antic wry sportive killing comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming tongue-in-cheek riotous uproarious hysteric engaging facetious personalised specialised customised awful horrific ghastly dreadful ominous fearful sparkling side-splitting rib-tickling uncouth awe-inspiring mystic occult secret magic numinous magical supernal gelastic laffer crack-up riot acting crazy for grins gagged up barbarous

Tính từ

Contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted
nonconformist unorthodox unconventional dissenting dissident heretical heterodox eccentric original iconoclastic maverick offbeat dissentient weird nonorthodox heretic radical alternative individualistic rebellious bohemian schismatic freak sectarian hippie beatnik rebel out-there way-out idiosyncratic unusual irregular avant-garde bizarre outlandish off the wall off-centre off-the-wall uncommon abnormal zany out of the ordinary out there quirky freakish uncustomary anomalous aberrant wacky way out cranky kinky outré crazy far-out unwonted far out odd exotic strange extreme novel different queer singular fresh extraordinary left-field curious funny quaint kooky boho Bohemian freaky rum screwy wild wacko bizarro weirdo individual revolutionary new informal esoteric divergent rare unceremonious perverse heteroclite peculiar innovative madcap unique hippy flakey flaky whacky out in left field queerish remarkable kookie funky erratic daggy off-kilter spaced-out off-center out-of-the-way unconforming non-standard alternate marginal artistic arty improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal anarchic untraditional groundbreaking experimental arty-farty unaccustomed mod rad groovy modern modernistic cool ultramodern contemporary deep outre off the beaten path carefree laid-back relaxed left bank capricious whimsical out of this world nutty dotty quizzical eccentrical droll unnatural excentrical cockeyed in left field avant garde atypical unfamiliar distinctive unprecedented unheard of exceptional off the beaten track fringe subversive questioning irreverent sceptical critical renegade mutinous malcontent impious denunciatory nonconforming skeptical unaccountable perplexing ridiculous absurd inexplicable mystifying baffling fantastic ludicrous free thinking innovatory peripheral unofficial nonmainstream extremist off Broadway

Danh từ

An eccentric or unusual person
nut eccentric nutcase weirdo crank nutter kook screwball oddity crackpot character crackbrain flake fruitcake original zany crack codger quiz head case wacko lunatic loony maniac wack dingbat weirdie case crazy odd bod queer fish misfit wackadoo wackadoodle individualist cuckoo madman freak loon madwoman maverick nonconformist sicko card free spirit psychopath psycho odd fellow individual odd fish unorthodox person nutjob one-off radge rare bird wing nut odd duck whacko fool psychotic sickie madcap bug rara avis odd bird bohemian queer duck oner nutso headbanger geek schizo basket case bedlamite eccentric person headcase piece of work deviant dropout pervert daredevil fanatic perv strange bird zealot devil clown queer simpleton meshuggener live one loose cannon lamebrain ding-a-ling square peg in a round hole idiot dement raver nut case crazy person odd one out wackjob anomaly hothead dodo galoot peculiar person strange person one caution dumbbell numbskull bozo goof saphead bonehead blockhead lunkhead zombie spook tearaway schizophrenic nutbag nutbar insane gink nut job loner beatnik hippie odd man out fish out of water round peg in a square hole crazyman looney wild man odd person booby ninnyhammer charley nit ninny doofus turkey jackass simp featherhead charlie ding-dong mooncalf berk nitwit nincompoop goose git dipstick yo-yo half-wit nut ball rum customer jester comedian wag joker imbecile deranged mental case patient madperson insane man deranged person psychiatric patient harebrain bigot show-off prankster joculator farceur merry-andrew humorist buffoon wisecracker moron cutup comic non compos mentis practical joker gag person funny person hippy jock sociopath schizoid mad person scatterbrain softhead Section 8 madling creep unstable personality disturbed person antisocial personality insane person unbalanced person sick day birdbrain moonling demoniac paranoid sociopathic neurotic hotspur featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz desperado one who has a screw loose one who has bats in the belfry firebrand innocent nerd schlemiel stooge silly jerk illiterate twerp sucker boob twit tomfool bore simple lightweight clod victim sap halfwit adrenalin junky easy mark dumb ox fair game

Danh từ

A person who does not conform to prevailing ideas or practices in their behavior or views
nonconformist maverick heretic individualist bohemian dissenter dissident iconoclast loner rebel eccentric deviant boho counterculturist nonconformer protester freethinker beatnik renegade apostate hippy dissentient outsider radical freak separatist misfit original schismatic recusant dropout demonstrator heresiarch weirdo weirdie malcontent kook screwball wackadoo wackadoodle sectary misbeliever offbeat seceder liberal swinger outlier free spirit lone wolf enfant terrible lone ranger unorthodox person fish out of water bad boy odd fish different breed night person hippie exception odd one out square peg in a round hole round peg in a square hole pervert sicko avant-gardist odd type oddity crank flake loser independent skeptic nonbeliever odd man out rationalist character extremist rarity rare bird free thinker New Ager flower child infidel sceptic one of a kind individual one-off rara avis revolutionary libertine oner unbeliever objector sectarian revisionist agnostic atheist unconventional person non-theist non-believer rejectionist heathen separationist pagan paynim nullifidian nihilist militant activist mutineer revolutionist longhair miscreant disbeliever disputant cynic opposer subversive insurgent recreant idolatress idolater unorthodox thinker doubter secessionist opponent tergiversator questioner doubting Thomas zealot withersake reformer protestor agitator fanatic independent thinker insurrectionist picketer social justice warrior SJW counterculturalist freedom fighter gonzo humanist unconventional thinker independent-minded person unconstrained thinker trendsetter outcast complainer giaour gentile nonworshiper protestant deist scoffer rule breaker peacenik beat critic profaner misanthrope materialist pessimist dilettante gypsy artist writer detractor ruiner innovator non-conformist denouncer image-breaker artistic person hipster basketweaver bigot partisan treehugger New Age traveler dogmatist rocker yippie flower person progressive dogmatizer partizan disciple insurrectionary refusenik leftist devotee adherent drop-out schismatist picket red socialist ultra crazy diehard supporter Young Turk cohort satellite protest marcher firebrand avant-garde traitor deserter defector ultraist rioter revolter anarchist turncoat heterodox thinker Bolshevik Bolshevist true believer Judas quisling serpent double-dealer betrayer double-crosser backstabber snake backslider rat renouncer deconvert

Danh từ

The characteristic of being innovative
innovativeness originality creativity ingenuity inventiveness imagination creativeness invention imaginativeness ingeniousness cleverness innovation freshness newness uniqueness unfamiliarity creation modernity original strangeness surprise change crazy mutation oddity origination permutation recentness sport vicissitude weird newfangledness dernier cri last word newfangled contraption unusualness unconventionality difference modernness novelty break with tradition new thing resourcefulness inspiration genius vision artistry enterprise brilliance creative power ideation contrivance initiative creative talent individuality insight expressiveness quick-wittedness phantasy fancy fantasy shrewdness acuity sharp-wittedness astuteness sharpness flair talent cunning productivity finesse modernism brightness sophistication wit avant-gardism creative skill creative thought mental agility creative gift canniness acuteness stimulation design artfulness wiliness craftiness artistic power powers of invention thought thoughtfulness fertility daring boldness fecundity new ideas unorthodoxy skill currency unprecedentedness distinctiveness nonconformity spirit progress radicalism modernization contemporaneity gift knack perceptiveness faculty perception intuition adroitness intelligence mastery acumen creative spirit new idea quickness smartness ability brains gumption wisdom dexterity contemporaneousness trendiness snazziness coolness fashionableness vogue stylishness thinking outside the box sparkle cleanness bloom glow vigour shine dewiness clearness wholesomeness youth dew cleanliness vigor inexperience viridity callowness rawness greenness

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