Đồng nghĩa của symptomatic

Alternative for symptomatic

symptomatic /,simptə'mætik/ (symptomatical) /,simptə'mætikəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) triệu chứng
      • symptomatic treatment: (y học) điều trị chứng, sự chữa triệu chứng
    • có tính chất triệu chứng

Tính từ

Serving as a symptom or sign, especially of something undesirable
characteristic typical indicative suggestive representative classic diagnostic diagnostical discriminating distinct distinctive distinguishing identifying individual peculiar proper signaling signalling symbolic warning associated demonstrative denotative denotive designative emblematic evidential indicating indicatory significant pointing to particular idiosyncratic unique signature specific singular exhibitive special individualistic differentiating evincive personal exclusive expressive especial connotative reflective significatory emblematical denoting evocative allegorical representational different original token symbolical indicial appropriate prognostic ominous testatory augural testimonial auspicious inauspicious telling telltale revealing signifying illustrative extraordinary noteworthy uncommon meaningful unmistakable discriminative figurative remarkable marked diacritic separate individualizing intrinsic individualising essential local endemic restricted inherent innate peculiar to particular to found only in apocalyptic expository recognizable recognisable explanatory exemplary unusual determining discrete quintessential reserved archetypal particularised prototypical particularized standard inborn inbred ingrained typical of native exclusive to characteristic of private individualized in character natural personalized identifiable precise set patented express subjective privy exhibitory designatory pointed knowing notable idiomatic conspicuous concrete personalised individualised inimitable convincing eloquent pregnant compelling insightful sententious calculating hinting allusive moving connoting valid insinuating graphic giveaway illuminating oracular informative relevant revelatory pithy solemn purposeful redolent respective own independent single disparate distinguished odd exact regular unconventional select off-centre eccentric categorical strange sole definite usual distinguishable customized very patent impressionistic certain monogrammed tailor-made explicit internal resident fixed claimed absolute customised exceptional isolated very own actual only abnormal weird aberrant quirky queer irregular anomalous lone solitary freakish bizarre outlandish one-off alone one sui generis one and only archetypical definitive true all your own copybook paradigmatic model vintage textbook classical stock ideal stereotypical prime prototypic prototypal stereotyped archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect unorthodox nonconformist atypical liberated unconstrained bohemian egoistic untrammelled groundbreaking free-spirited pioneering freethinking unfettered self-loving self-indulgent selfish vainglorious pompous narcissistic egomaniacal self-serving egotistical megalomaniac conceited individualist egotistic self-absorbed self-interested egocentric maverick self-reliant stuck-up egoistical self-concerned self-centered untrammeled self-centred wrapped up in oneself most typical

Tính từ

Characteristic of a particular person, thing or group
characteristic typical diagnostic idiosyncratic regular archetypal archetypical habitual predictable standard true usual average classic normal representative in character appropriate essential inborn inbred ingrained inherent innate local native customary common stock orthodox natural expected accepted ordinary traditional routine consistent familiar conventional prevalent prescriptive reliable anticipated chronic accustomed foreseeable frequent indicative commonplace emblematic unremarkable foreseen everyday unsurprising distinguishing formulaic likely proverbial ubiquitous proper distinctive unexceptional steady established recognized individualistic clichéd cliched acknowledged recognised wonted set in keeping bog-standard true to form to be expected par for the course true to type time-honoured cut-and-dry only to be expected old hat cut-and-dried run-of-the-mill … all over on the cards standard-issue general prevailing universal popular settled fixed mainstream widespread current pervasive rampant household time-honored predominant rife confirmed stereotypical going endemic overall long-established classical repeated constant rooted quotidian stereotyped public well-known shared received fashionable inveterate proven generic vested well worn persistent recurring admitted extensive broad majority collective ruling well established plain approved mundane garden-variety mechanical hackneyed acceptable prosaic sanctioned formal well known ongoing across the board understood day-to-day vulgar daily permanent regulation preferred old widely held in vogue pervading obvious favoured what one would expect definite explicit determined precise default gut comfortable favorite favourite defined express exact legendary famed notorious famous recurrent canonical numerous typic acquired honored perpetual certain derived domestic agreed in use self-evident unquestioned axiomatic renowned known profuse reiterated incessant continual honoured adopted authorized favored great acquainted endorsed reputed infamous monotonous unsophisticated standard operating procedure same old wont in the groove playing it safe by the numbers sop stipulated according to Hoyle in a rut workaday recognizable touted prescribed staple periodical periodic given used habituated homespun humble recognisable unopposed passed legit okayed authorised serious highbrow garden mass wide congruous in the habit of of choice chosen addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined reiterative perfunctory iterated systematic cyclic seasoned methodical automatic long-term overused trite banal garden variety concert heavyweight heavy symphonic agreed upon unoriginal derivative global national joint blanket communal overarching outright common or garden common variety matter-of-fact overworked platitudinous tired basic comprehensive tried and true tried and tested arrived at corny hacky sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush middle-of-the-road all-round broad-spectrum nationwide societal wholesale all-around across-the-board total in circulation official readily available worn out widely available worn-out ready-made dull dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established historic stable deep-rooted widely used old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable

Tính từ

Unusual or original in characteristics
individual original unique exclusive singular novel different unorthodox atypical unusual off-centre unconventional incomparable inimitable unprecedented offbeat peculiar unparalleled whimsical alternative curious eccentric extraordinary fresh idiosyncratic left-field nonconformist nonstandard oddball off-key outlandish out of the ordinary quaint quirky special uncustomary untried bizarre freakish nonconforming odd off the wall outrageous queer strange uncanny uncommon unfamiliar untypical unwonted wacky way-out weird one and only classic diagnostic diagnostical discriminating identifying distinctive distinct characteristic distinguishing one-off one abnormal anomalous solitary single rare lone particular sole only isolated typical individualistic irregular aberrant funny kooky alone far out sui generis onliest only possible proper freak bohemian avant-garde radical exceptional esoteric private way out kookie freaky kinky zany screwy far-out off-the-wall rum bizarro out there crazy weirdo solo out-of-the-way wild one shot essential representative specific personal unshared distinguished all your own remaining ace separate custom customized signature personalized specialized random only one monstrous unthinkable divergent unlike unreal unnatural disparate deviant inconceivable contrary incongruous incomprehensible newsworthy foreign mysterious unrepresentative preternatural supernatural jarring unaccustomed uncharacteristic exotic extreme groundbreaking innovative final Bohemian whacky remarkable funky queerish limited rad groovy deep hippie mod modern modernistic cool ultramodern contemporary maverick informal cranky erratic outre in left field fanciful unpredictable capricious spaced-out off-kilter unheard of wacko unrelated stray last only remaining only surviving only one left sole remaining unaccompanied personalised specialised customised unrepeated hippy heterodox unceremonious madcap boho outré by oneself unequalled matchless off the beaten track out in left field out of this world once in a lifetime unrivaled peerless unrivalled unmatched unequaled unsurpassed one of a kind supreme without equal without parallel fantastic unexpected absurd ridiculous mystifying droll out of the way puzzling perplexing ludicrous nutty flaky flakey baffling daggy off-center aberrated phenomenal insane especial mad quizzical surreal inexplicable surprising grotesque unaccountable unco alien extraordinaire exceeding preposterous dotty suspicious dubious dilly perverted cockeyed devious deviate aberrational daft nuts crackpot irrational amusing comical silly nonsensical warped fantastical eerie twisted questionable perverse foolish scarce bent illogical cuckoo spooky out of the common dippy farcical comic cracked experimental loony clownish extravagant goofy waggish incredible something else astonishing laughable balmy humorous infrequent hare-brained witty unknown creative deviating beat non-typical off the air fishy anomalistic creepy heteroclite off-base off-color out of line new progressive risible senseless batty hilarious chucklesome diverting harebrained fatuous light-hearted screwball looney lunatic daffy unhealthy dreamlike incoherent half-baked imaginative inventive sick wayward unsound quixotic corrupt suspect old-fashioned wonderful unreasonable pervy avant garde sporadic rummy mental psycho flighty digressive rogue slang chimerical unhinged demented unbalanced joshing camp campy sicko stupid transgressing wandering distorted unheard-of arbitrary unconforming few and far between thin on the ground far-fetched offhand forward-looking oddish intriguing out of place advanced fringe disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent wigged out schizoid schizo mischievous playful unordinary depraved out-there untraditional kookish eccentrical not tightly wrapped excentrical weird and wonderful unintelligible non-standard rambling straying out of the box anarchistic unsavoury degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic unrecognized defective cockamamie doubtful conspicuous out of keeping shady arcane nondescript startling egregious few obscure unrecognised very unconventional seldom licentious deviative immoral varying heretical variant dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy off-beat off the rails bugged out crotchety problematical problematic touched occasional errant other interesting discordant noteworthy unharmonious mercurial impracticable inane malformed inscrutable crinkly twisty unsavory dicey chancy uncertain wackadoodle bewildering shocking infantile imbecilic crazy-ass implausible pointless idiotic wackadoo cock-eyed unbelievable like nothing on earth disorderly unworkable imprudent puerile derisory foolhardy funny peculiar unnormal heteromorphic inept jerky fool brainless weak-minded witless simpleminded half-witted featherheaded asinine unwise tomfool lunkheaded bubbleheaded sappy barbarous awkward irresponsible not normal dumb short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate entertaining eye-popping jocular expressive rollicking mirthful bonkers loopy barmy antic wry hysterical sportive killing comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming tongue-in-cheek riotous uproarious hysteric engaging facetious romantic fabulous potty sparkling side-splitting rib-tickling dreamy brainsick deranged crackers crazed loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained psychotic fruity haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko meshuga certifiable gelastic laffer crack-up riot inspired artistic mythical poetic fancy originative gonzo artful brilliant fertile ingenious illusory genius imaginary keen looney tunes loony tunes for grins gagged up non compos mentis innovational chimeric visionary vivid phantasmal revolutionary phantasmic astute unreasoning invalid inconsequential fallacious acting crazy illegitimate inconsequent nonrational weak head in the clouds out of touch with reality blue-sky Promethean contradictory loose full of hot air ill-tempered vacant inconsistent all wet bad-tempered stroppy thoughtless reasonless unreasoned wrong

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