Đồng nghĩa của canonical

Alternative for canonical

Đồng nghĩa: basic, canonic, sanctioned,

Tính từ

Accepted as being accurate and authoritative
accepted approved authoritative authorised authorized orthodox recognised recognized sanctioned established normal ordinary received standard stock usual acknowledged canonic customary lawful legal natural official regular sound statutory traditional uncontested undisputed undoubted unquestioned conventional prevailing popular prevalent common current typical mainstream commonplace fashionable predominant routine classical accustomed going legitimate everyday expected general wonted favoured prescriptive widespread in established usage tralatitious well-known ritual formal great favored classic definitive magisterial best commanding accredited sovereign average set executive supreme ex cathedra mandatory bureaucratic imperial ruling ex officio administrative departmental conservative correct proper conformist characteristic habitual staple quotidian unexceptional prosaic representative basic unremarkable doctrinal traditionalist workaday run-of-the-mill archetypal archetypical vanilla true garden-variety universal regulation button-down standpat reactionary unoriginal old-fashioned traditionalistic buttoned-down familiar die-hard hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative brassbound old-line paleoconservative old-school archconservative unheretical unprogressive cut-and-dry settled day-to-day boilerplate garden variety daily fixed cut-and-dried one-size-fits-all standard-issue well established well-established derivative kosher punctilious religious right straight rightful admitted square pious bien pensant straight arrow in line by the numbers according to the book plain bog-standard frequent ubiquitous common or garden middle-of-the-road undistinguished humdrum predictable dull simple mediocre pedestrian so-so household mundane indifferent stereotyped middling characterless medium hackneyed stereotypical fair rife banal generic nothing to write home about unmemorable plain vanilla uninspired public no great shakes uneventful colourless OK a dime a dozen unexciting formulaic overall bland nondescript colorless passable rampant boring unpretentious majority modest tolerable stale second-rate not up to much ornery lacklustre lackluster prescribed trite overused pervasive median rooted hacky time-honoured shared uninteresting garden confirmed forgettable homespun chronic mean well worn constant run-of-the-mine run-of-mine time-honored intermediate standardized half-pie corny methodical uninspiring old hat typic par for the course homely standardised second-class moderate proverbial central unnoteworthy widely held decent insignificant proven tired matter-of-course fair-to-middling endemic nothing special in circulation platitudinous not so hot overworked acceptable middle collective long-established halfway adequate dreary inferior plastic systematic worn-out clichéd steady mechanical humble broad drab medial informal comprehensive amateurish amateur native centre sweeping dime-a-dozen determined dominant obligatory inveterate casual across the board explicit neutral fairish center nothing to get excited about fair to middling express appropriate not much cop adopted ten a penny scheduled idiosyncratic vested defined symptomatic periodic orderly unimpressive valid ritualistic ceremonial tame repeated white-bread congruous in-between obvious inconspicuous ongoing mass-produced blanket monotonous inherent consistent in character taken for granted domestic favourite favorite mid historic played out comfortable old stable midway intermediary wide ingrained stipulated permanent worn out vulgar automatic global preponderant regnant widely used terrestrial practical ready-made nowhere lowly plebeian only to be expected mediate midmost midsize midsized nitty-gritty bush-league across-the-board broad-brush middle of the road off-the-shelf in vogue not very good unadorned rehearsed required unspontaneous extensive definite precise compulsory fitting discreet age-old ancient artificial pervading present lamestream diagnostic diurnal seasonal exact gut default unexceptionable trivial dyed-in-the-wool anodyne grind next acquired honored unspectacular numerous full-size anonymous mutual known time-worn overdone certain derived no-frills entrenched folk vintage ancestral core threadbare honoured mimetic in use acquainted unextraordinary unvaried embraced united what one would expect like meh mimic cornball dime-store bog standard unsophisticated conventionalized moderately good of poor quality jake starch straightforward two a penny imitative family unimaginative plain-Jane blank expressionless deadpan recognizable recurring apish shopworn cliche musty moth-eaten hackney typecast hack cobwebby timeworn well-worn whitebread circulating tedious deep-rooted recognisable familiar tune boiler plate intermutual commutual essential inborn local inbred primary innate sop understood wont serviceable O.K. indistinctive featureless faceless noncommittal old-style officially recognized run of the mill traditionary strict well known ho-hum businesslike good satisfactory okay cliché-ridden mean value slavish secure unshakable persistent decided superior all right common variety matter-of-fact intervening mass standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut same old in the groove according to Hoyle periodical epigonic epigonous regimented documented staid anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable emblematic bought transitional interposed agreed arranged specified afoot neither one thing nor the other canned distinctive likely unsurprising distinguishing predetermined national communal overarching joint outright store pabulum diddly nothing blah lusterless zero actual practicable irksome prosy prose yawn clean certified ceremonious existing about unadventurous individualistic cliched appointed emulative worn thin repetitious practised practiced reiterative iterated long-term addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic seasoned in keeping immemorial prearranged bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of inclusive all-encompassing ceremonialistic formalistic leisure relaxed total epidemic nationwide societal wholesale methodic rigid commonest intermedial true to form to be expected on everyone's lips matter-of- fact predominating at the halfway point equidistant between two points equidistant between two stages in the middle compromising between tried and true tried and tested off-the-rack off-the-peg on the cards store-bought … all over true to type bona fide par influential operative main preponderating principal broad-spectrum in force all-round all-around planned umbrella non-specific all-inclusive non-dressy not formal non-formal sloppy medium-sized middle-sized catholic all-embracing in style fundamental worldwide ecumenical assigned recommended suburban interdisciplinary multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary in fashion readily available widely available not bad nonspecific all-purpose nonexclusive most scholarly most reliable most common most usual most frequent

Tính từ

Allowed by the rules
legit authorised authorized legal legitimate proper licit permissible kosher constitutional legalised legalized valid official warranted just statutory rightful justifiable due established condign decreed enforced enjoined innocent judged ordained passed protected commanded enacted judicial jural juridical jurisprudent legislated legitimatized mandated ordered ruled vested warrantable bona fide card-carrying on the level of right on the up and up sanctioned approved lawful recognized allowed permitted recognised orthodox allowable admissible licensed accredited endorsed justified above board honest within the law licenced fitting by the book going by the rules suitable upright decriminalised decriminalized deserved fair merited right formal authentic apt competent appropriate earned certified authoritative reasonable authenticated validated moral in principle fit twenty-four carat virtuous holding water befitting ethical requisite moralistic principled applicable noble equitable well deserved well earned right-minded documented accepted true verified signed sealed ratified decided decisive signed and sealed conclusive okay ex cathedra customary precise cathedral positive and delivered straight from the horse's mouth correct ex officio definite real cleared genuine sound acceptable well-founded defensible sensible reliable aboveboard supportable veritable vindicable logical good acknowledged tenable credible actual binding trustworthy straight sustainable plausible understandable defendable confirmed contractual effective excusable rational solid regular verifiable admitted statutable bonafide sterling unadulterated sincere unquestionable original certifiable reasoned dinkum pukka cogent accurate convincing undisputed maintainable dependable arguable prescribed explainable pardonable condonable for real truthful faithful strict de jure honest-to-goodness legally acceptable fair and square legally binding able to hold water in force in effect according to law sanctioned by law necessary accountable influential echt pucka sure-enough unalloyed coherent compelling explicit methodical satisfactory usable pro forma effectual grounded pragmatic lucid believable congruent realistic viable workable rock-solid strong cast-iron unexpired real McCoy natural explicable persuasive enforceable factual true to life unfaked indisputable indubitable well-established up front creditable uncounterfeited learned attested true-blue granted precedented chartered enforcible scholarly definitive straightforward sure enough traditional proven righteous respected supported straight from horse's mouth from the horse's mouth circumstantiated firm levelheaded sober hard normal commonsense commonsensible informed commonsensical upfront square straight-shooting conventional loyal conforming declared fixed ceremonial ceremonious representative exact confessed balanced veridical undistorted well-grounded well grounded veracious tried and true tried and tested time-honoured stated tried and trusted time-honored right as rain telling the truth on the up-and-up returned proclaimed answered unquestioned forgivable undoubted avowed sworn conceded unchallenged well-known probable remissible venial agreed professed known agreed upon widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted

Tính từ

In accordance with the truth, facts or standards
accurate correct exact right faultless precise errorless perfect true valid authoritative specific detailed explicit good meticulous minute proper reliable unambiguous veracious faithful absolute actual certain conclusive definite definitive final flawless genuine infallible irrefutable official straight undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted bang on clear-cut spot on spot-on word for word dead-on on-target without error error-free on the money unerring on target impeccable model picture-perfect picture-book letter-perfect on the mark on the button so unblemished ideal scrupulous immaculate irreproachable whole exemplary spotless stainless seamless indefectible on the nose intact strict without blemish copybook pure textbook unbroken classic on the nail without fault right on exquisite just so clean right as rain free of error unsullied unfailing uncanny omniscient categorical distinct sound undamaged unimpaired to a T polished mint unmarked direct close dead right perfected bull's-eye to a turn inerrant inch-perfect word-perfect appropriate regular standard OK pinpoint consummate pristine superlative superb O.K. acceptable masterly veridical okay undistorted legitimate on the beam righteous unmistaken factual rigorous equitable just stone amen truthful tip-top entire unspoiled unmarred for sure on track right stuff on the right track dead on along the right lines dead-center on the ball on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle as sound as a bell as good as new sinless absolutely right very accurate exactly correct by the book to the point foolproof blameless incorrupt supreme crimeless unguilty unspotted innocent moral virtuous upright guiltless untarnished lily-white uncorrupted cleanhanded inculpable white squeaky-clean clear above reproach ten squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless above suspicion beyond criticism nice aces apple-pie A-okay whiter than white note-perfect as pure as the driven snow unflawed

Tính từ

Relating to monks, nuns, or others living under religious vows, or the buildings in which they live

Danh từ

The vestment of a spiritual or religious person

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