Đồng nghĩa của perfunctory

Alternative for perfunctory

Đồng nghĩa: casual, cursory, passing(a), pro forma,

Tính từ

Carried out without real interest, feeling, or concern
cursory indifferent casual offhand sketchy superficial uninterested unthinking desultory unconcerned brief fleeting hasty hurried inattentive lackadaisical mechanical passing quick summary token apathetic careless complacent disinterested insensible insouciant negligent nonchalant pococurante uncurious dismissive heedless incurious rapid slipshod slovenly wooden cool half-hearted laid-back phoning it in walking through it going through the motions slapdash irresponsible incautious reckless carefree uncaring lax sloppy unheeding improvident rushed shallow disregardful neglectful tardy lazy derelict rash speedy blithe blasé slack remiss easy slight precipitate unmindful precipitous slap-happy devil-may-care free and easy detached depthless headlong unconsidered surface-level dispassionate uncritical drive-by haphazard feckless imprudent thoughtless uncircumspect unobservant untrustworthy delinquent unaccountable unreliable undependable aloof blithely unconcerned good-for-nothing without care trite trifling short incidental lukewarm pell-mell helter-skelter flying overhasty gadarene impetuous breezy half-baked unfeeling fast listless impassive easygoing automatic unresponsive unfussy impulsive hectic spur-of-the-moment distant swift bored uninvolved withdrawn remote injudicious sudden abrupt vague cavalier unperturbed purposeless unenthusiastic unmoved clinical passive cold unimpressible unexcited disimpassioned glancing negative hit-or-miss routine unceremonious random just watching the clock not giving a damn untidy unsystematic otiose loose unmeticulous shoddy unthorough faineant unthoughtful fainéant inadequate nodding undiscerning couldn't-care-less indiscriminate take-it-or-leave-it imperfect flash flimsy light partial insincere inconsequential feigning paltry temerarious premature undiscriminating hit or miss unperceptive subitaneous precipitant rushing snatched uninquiring unselective mindless unreasoned unexacting objective uncommitted reserved impartial spacey impersonal unbiased unprejudiced spaced-out unpassioned stolid abstract removed poker-faced staid spontaneous uninformed imperceptive untroubled unworried unpremeditated indiscriminating airy out of it instinctive extemporaneous capricious impromptu snap unruffled happy-go-lucky involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited easily pleased equanimous equable calm serene gay easy-going composed sunny light-hearted relaxed emotional freakish adventurous daredevil unprompted unrepressed foolhardy lacking concern jaunty buoyant frivolous unserious daring unguarded unpredictable madcap abandoned unwary upbeat unmeditated ad-lib hot-headed jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it ill-considered brash passionate unexpected wild laid back free from care free from worry weary apathetic towards offhand about uninvolved with unconcerned about bored stiff going through motions lukewarm about turned off detached from bored by nonchalant about unmoved by hard-hearted phlegmatic about unresponsive to aloof from could care less indifferent to uninvolved in unenthusiastic about incurious about distant from lethargic languid inert phlegmatic indolent sluggish torpid idle passionless callous slothful leisurely Laodicean regardless supine moony languorous limp spiritless enervated inactive unemotional emotionless unsympathetic languishing dreamy stoical flippant informal neutral energyless dull droopy blah artless unstudied effortless unhurried simple slow stoic unenergetic slow-moving non-committal undemonstrative unambitious impassible affectless numb cold-blooded unmotivated unanxious draggy dispirited untouched flat wimpy lighthearted slaphappy lightsome oblivious debonair nebbish comatose somnolent drowsy sleepy dopey leaden heavy blahs pining lacking in energy snoozy sleepyhead what the hell don't give a damn couldn't care less nonplussed unflappable insensitive deaf undisturbed unbothered not bothered at ease hardened blind stony forgetful undaunted self-centred self-centered without a care in the world not giving a toss cool, calm and collected inefficient procrastinative incompetent disorganized neglecting disorderly abstracted disorganised workshy quiescent dilatory unprofessional laggard permissive dormant asleep at the wheel asleep on the job do-nothing bloodless aimless shiftless feeble sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted daydreaming easy going spring fever equitable unimpressed casual about uncaring about heedless of nonpartisan apathetic about uninterested in regardless of frivolous about impervious evenhanded candid just equal fair reckless about careless of cavalier about dismissive of square mindless of oblivious to unimpressed by weary of nonaligned scornful unsocial unaroused silent haughty uncommunicative diffident superior heartless supercilious highbrow not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

Showing little enthusiasm
lukewarm indifferent apathetic unenthusiastic uninterested unconcerned impassive lackadaisical unresponsive offhand unmoved phlegmatic passionless emotionless subdued cool uneager cold unexcited Laodicean dispassionate halfhearted tepid unenthused laodicean limp chilly hesitant indecisive irresolute uncertain uncommitted undecided unresolved half-hearted laid-back non-committal wishy-washy listless spiritless passive lacklustre lackluster neutral languid tame feeble cursory desultory reluctant unimpressed unwilling weak blasé lifeless unconvincing disinterested unlively uninvolved bored casual lethargic weakly flat lame nonchalant meager paltry damp meagre not enthusiastic superficial faint unemotional sluggish torpid lazy enervated languorous inert blah languishing moony dull heavy slothful energyless supine leaden dopey inactive indolent relaxed slow leisurely dreamy weary unhurried pococurante stolid wimpy sleepy lymphatic comatose snoozy easy nebbish blahs pining sleepyhead droopy uncaring idle stoical bloodless unfeeling undemonstrative unenergetic impassible numb flagging detached sickly laid back infirm affectless cold-blooded dispirited draggy dry otiose still tired slow-moving somnolent drowsy lacking in energy bovine placid abstracted insouciant unflappable aimless groggy deadpan uncompassionate frigid desensitized tranquil unexcitable shiftless slap-happy lax careless along for the ride desensitised easygoing inattentive incurious sentimental romantic faineant laissez-faire slapdash daydreaming fainéant easy going vigorless sleeping vigourless spring fever loafing stagnant soporous soporose slumberous slack lacking energy effete insipid meek colourless characterless submissive melancholic melancholy despondent depressed mopy desiccated dejected low spineless unimpassioned wooden vapid uninspired anaemic uninspiring pathetic broken boring blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless inanimate downhearted sad drippy downcast down in the dumps anemic flat tire cast down colorless down in the mouth lacking in vitality stoic unambitious unmotivated insensible callous untouched what the hell could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less

Tính từ

Lacking in system or organization
hit-or-miss haphazard disorganised disorganized slapdash random careless erratic unmethodical arbitrary desultory aimless sloppy slipshod indiscriminate scattered casual offhand cursory remiss lackadaisical stray irregular undirected unplanned unpremeditated undisciplined uneven catch-as-catch-can slap-happy helter-skelter all over the place all over the shop trial and error hasty hurried negligent lax slack neglectful thrown together messy thoughtless unsystematic heedless shambolic shoddy untidy last-minute clumsy disorderly slovenly inexact lazy inaccurate scattershot hit-and-miss thrown-together unorganized nonchalant reckless irresponsible improvident loose muddled disordered scrappy unconsidered amateurish sketchy disregardful neglecting derelict erroneous imprecise error-ridden couldn't care less incorrect scatterbrained wrong wild faulty unorganised imperfect unprofessional botched poor shabby inattentive junky unmeticulous jumbled pell-mell chaotic threadbare unthorough uncoordinated orderless confused unsystematized systemless unarranged unfocused unstructured unprepared badly organized chance inconsistent capricious spontaneous incidental unthinking topsy-turvy dislocated uncombed scrambled out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained cluttered heterogeneous unkempt tumult unrestrained hit or miss mixed up all over the map inefficient slaphappy unfastidious in disarray incoherent unregulated couldn't-care-less all over the lot rambling hurry-scurry recklessly carelessly hastily disconnected fitful impulsive unintentional spasmodic inconstant intermittent occasional sporadic unstable fly-by-night in disorder spur-of-the-moment impromptu accidental off and on without purpose higgledy-piggledy fluky unintended rushed undesigned unscheduled unconcerned designless unselective sudden unexpected fluke purposeless willy-nilly unconscious devil-may-care any old way any which way discretionary whimsical unreasonable subjective optional personal irrational motiveless unpredictable unmotivated unjustified unjustifiable unreasoned wanton unsupported groundless illogical discretional fanciful wilful uninformed superficial unaccountable supercilious frivolous approximate wayward injudicious unscientific

Tính từ

Intended to create an impression but having no real importance
token nominal minimal hollow insignificant minor slight trivial inconsequential mild superficial trifling unimportant imperceptible inappreciable infinitesimal minute nugatory paltry petty small tiny derisory inadequate insufficient meager meagre minuscule miserable pathetic piddling piffling pitiful symbolic exiguous measly mingy nickel-and-dime not worth mentioning of no account of no consequence of no importance poxy empty not worth bothering about negligible inconsiderable picayune piddly stingy contemptible little niggling pimping no-account chicken peanut footling de minimis Mickey Mouse ridiculous laughable insulting ludicrous preposterous miserly risible absurd outrageous lousy minimum scant scarce marginal insubstantial fiddling sparse incidental foolish small-fry frivolous scanty lean beggarly limited base deficient shabby skimpy slender cockamamie comical silly cockamamy derisive farcical faint neglectable ignorable vague mean feeble half-hearted indifferent rare reduced scattered sporadic infrequent uncommon few occasional thin fractional middling short light modest ordinary straggling basal small-time small-bore sparing unfrequent subnormal irrelevant subordinate penny-ante lesser casual pettifogging lower scratch junior secondary inessential unconsiderable cheap inconsequent shallow two-bit shoestring inferior ungenerous worthless hard to find thin on the ground next to none low in numbers next to no hard to come by seldom seen few and far between at a premium dinky low lowly meaningless immaterial puny pointless valueless lightweight of little account of little consequence poor useless of little importance pitiable wretched nonessential futile idle of no moment vain unsubstantial sorry non-essential peripheral unproductive unnecessary inane ineffectual flimsy senseless frothy barren not worth speaking of unavailing trite flighty ineffective twopenny-halfpenny puerile trashy profitless unprofitable neither here nor there of no value fruitless sad woeful lamentable extraneous microscopic featherbrained unsatisfactory banal mere bootless second-rate insipid diminutive wanky null nothing sterile beside the point all the same of no great concern restricted giddy scatterbrained dizzy ditzy unsuccessful goofy birdbrained abortive harebrained smaller despicable inefficacious ditsy vapid momentary evanescent yeasty scrimpy pants purposeless nondescript narrow otiose lightheaded fatuous everyday chaffy light-headed light-minded rubbishy low-ranking purportless no-good junky unusable time-wasting inutile to no avail no big deal of minor importance bogus of no matter empty-headed no great shakes skin-deep waste counterproductive of no merit ignoble mediocre abandoned unessential inappropriate subsidiary twopenny spare peppercorn skimp slim hand-to-mouth unreal motiveless not enough aimless minor-league lilliputian jejune loitering idling wee confined bare tenuous dead asinine of no use toytown tinpot zero zilch zip no use flippant unhelpful of little import undemanding defective no biggie two bit unconsidered wimpy big zero small potatoes entry level of no significance runt shrimp lame without depth unintellectual set sleazy common shoddy unconsequential no big thing nanoscopic unfructuous of no benefit deplorable rubbish a dime a dozen two a penny not worth a hill of beans a dead loss not much cop commonplace impalpable indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible inapposite wet diddly rinky-dink too little too late abject drossy featherweight imponderous incompetent failing intangible ephemeral indiscernible subtle invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable fine unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct inconspicuous atomic vanishing crummy glib simplistic impertinent irrelative inapplicable diminished tangential schematic simple slighter fewer matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference inconsiderate not to the point foreign not pertinent no never mind not germane shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable facile cursory surface sketchy ignorant oversimplified uncritical not as great less declined minus shortened negative not so much depressed not so great impotent powerless frilly lacking substance unthinking unintelligent wishy-washy half-baked unscholarly one-dimensional baulked failed misfired thwarted lighthearted frustrated foiled in vain no-win misleading hopeless unnotable not a prayer void without success on a treadmill delusive in vicious circle to no purpose going nowhere shuck delusory balked moving heartbreaking touching piteous affecting poignant distressing plaintive harrowing stirring disturbing disquieting heart-rending doleful tragic upsetting agonizing forlorn tender melting rueful heartrending mortifying distressful mournful to be pitied gut-wrenching agonising commiserable

Tính từ

Not thorough or detailed
sketchy incomplete cursory inadequate scrappy superficial bitty rough skimpy slight vague crude outline unfinished fragmentary imprecise insufficient limited patchy rudimentary fuzzy hasty hurried meager meagre scanty provisional coarse cobbled together defective depthless faulty hazy imperfect introductory preliminary shallow unclear uncritical woolly wooly on the back of an envelope deficient wanting broad-brush partial lacking piecemeal disjointed thumbnail lacking in detail skeletal untidy uneven unsystematic disorganized incoherent slipshod unpolished disconnected inconsistent disorganised fragmented patchwork thrown together loose uncertain generalized inexact equivocal indefinite approximate indeterminate confused dubious ambiguous ambivalent unknown inexplicit doubtful iffy obfuscatory unspecified muzzy generalised muddy questionable bewildering amphibological puzzling unintelligible ill-defined non-specific obscure indistinct enigmatic nebulous cryptic mysterious general occult confusing arcane perplexing enigmatical opaque blurred abstruse inscrutable mystic Delphic broad incomprehensible unfocused ballpark deep muddled oblique recondite unfathomable tenebrous oracular esoteric elliptical double-edged mystifying inexplicable approximative foggy murky secret impenetrable inconclusive clear as dishwater misleading debatable dark elliptic fuliginous baffling estimated sweeping evasive clear as mud clouded hidden inaccurate unspecific paradoxical squishy roundabout abstract jumbled undetailed blurry open to debate open to argument indiscriminate mystical veiled coded indirect equivocating gnomic covert circumlocutory circuitous shadowy as clear as mud riddling elusive open concealed unexplained periphrastic unexplicit coarse-grained clandestine gray grey hermetic hermetical open to question strange secretive arguable cloudy implied impressionistic hard to understand flexible prevaricating borderline illogical overall unrigorous unmeticulous difficult basic generic deceptive obfuscated liberal noncommittal complex shifty unprecise hard involved rambling subtle mumbled complicated indecisive elusory intricate shrouded cloaked garbled devious tricky profound mixed sibylline deceitful inarticulate non-committal indecipherable stonewalling uncanny Greek to me insoluble illegible little known apocryphal Delphian inaudible cabalistic neither one thing nor the other unknowable neither fish nor fowl woolly-minded woolly-headed unsound polysemous polysemic polysemantic hinky multivocal addled comprehensive widespread universal global bleary proximate remote dim weak near close unsettled confounding peculiar odd muddle-headed dense amorphous dubitable in question chancy problematic in doubt at issue unsure free cryptical ulterior blanket muddleheaded random changeable nonspecific common unexplainable surmised unscientific guessed subliminal non-restrictive nubilous purblind imperceptive fluid unaccountable backhanded slippery convoluted uninterpretable problematical black almost exact almost accurate beyond comprehension sphinxlike undefined cagey lenient non-literal inconceivable technical incredible secreted teasing stumping stickling cabbalistic implicit far-out cunning shuffling faint all-round all-around meaningless not easily understood dissembling broad-spectrum bird's-eye broad-based careless sloppy sophistical open-ended intangible casuistic false casuistical indiscernible casual disguised not particular not partial not specific circumlocutionary ambagious not literal not strict not close slurred ungraspable blurred round the edges senseless scrambled masked circular collateral obliquitous incognizable Greek all Greek to me fathomless rarefied fraudulent illusory suppressed muffled fallacious suspicious muttered halting faltering hesitant contradictory duplicitous surreptitious unrevealed camouflaged involute involuted fugacious transient indescribable phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent hesitating stuttering stammering stumbling disreputable hinted at underlying recherché heavy speechless mute voiceless tongue-tied two-edged unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened undercover covered reticent unvocal mumbling maundering clumsy awkward poorly spoken over one's head above one's head

Tính từ

Done or occurring spontaneously, without conscious thought or attention
mechanical automatic instinctive involuntary matter-of-fact routine unconscious unthinking habitual machine-like cursory impersonal unfeeling cold inattentive lifeless unemotional careless casual inhuman instinctual knee-jerk lackluster lacklustre mechanic robotic soulless spontaneous unanimated uninspired emotionless negligent spiritless unimaginative fixed laborsaving mechanistic monotonous motorised motorized powered programmed reflex standardised standardized stereotyped systematic unchanging useful automatous subconscious impulsive unintentional reflexive unconditioned unbidden unwitting unpremeditated natural inadvertent unintended gut unwilled unforced thoughtless autogenetic mindless unmeditated intuitive innate unlearned inherent visceral inborn intuitional ingrained intrinsic untaught congenital unprompted hard-wired native subliminal primitive emotional rooted accustomed second-nature unplanned primeval animal inbred accidental uncontrolled regular normal typical subjective basic uncalculated primaeval by seat of one's pants predictable responsive expected immediate default unrealized uncalculating uncontrollable blind ingrown inbuilt physical undeliberate unbewised conditioned unchosen computerized cybernetic mechanised mechanized computerised off-the-cuff built-in in-built spur-of-the-moment from the hip internal intimate inner mind-numbing tedious heartfelt viscerous interior boring brainless deep-seated unmindful heedless rash undemanding humdrum foolish ill-considered imprudent unwise ill-advised absent-minded injudicious stupid neglectful silly precipitate senseless reckless remiss oblivious witless feckless vacant unmeant brutish unreasoning indelicate outrageous napping blunt unheeding untactful

Tính từ

(of writing) Relatively brief in extent
short brief concise succinct terse little pointed rapid hasty hurried quick aphoristic compendious crisp decreased incisive apothegmatic clipped compact small compressed diminished summarised summarized summary condensed ephemeral epigrammatic lessened sententious unprolonged compendiary curtailed shortened swift truncated contracted decurtate economical precise sparing abbreviate breviloquent laconic synoptic curt curtate pithy thumbnail abbreviated abridged bare transient boiled down cut short not protracted in few words short and sweet to the point cut to the bone in a few well-chosen words in a nutshell cursory capsule elliptical monosyllabic snippety precipitate compacted recapped telegraphic elliptic rehashed run-down run-through gnomic brusque potted snappy abrupt lapidary sharp trenchant gruff witty tart blunt tight neat meaningful meaty clever taut outline finely honed expressive lean close abstracted significant cogent honed effective short-and-sweet marrowy down to brass tacks distinct limited economic snippy fast memorable catchy summarizing amusing piquant quick-witted comprehensive uncommunicative rude summarising snappish exact cryptic clear-cut pungent ingenious forceful axiomatic apophthegmatic epigrammatical short and to the point making a long story short telling censorious judgmental pretentious critical disapproving abounding well tuned cutting acute in well-chosen words cut reduced precised cut-down concentrated synopsized slimmed-down encapsulated bare-bones edited slimmed down

Tính từ

Done regularly and repeatedly
habitual customary normal regular usual common fixed ordinary traditional accustomed standard familiar routine natural wonted established set typical characteristic constant frequent general periodic periodical repeated steady time-honoured accepted addicting automatic consistent conventional cyclic disciplined expected iterated iterative long-term mechanical methodical ongoing permanent practised practiced reiterative repetitious rooted seasoned systematic everyday stock commonplace popular average quotidian run-of-the-mill prevailing ubiquitous household settled garden-variety classic daily universal prevalent orthodox unexceptional common or garden workaday mainstream unremarkable prosaic classical plain predictable day-to-day widespread time-honored bog-standard standard-issue long-established cut-and-dried cut-and-dry recognized acknowledged garden variety recognised old ritual prescribed confirmed stereotyped stereotypical rife representative archetypical public mundane historic vanilla rampant ritualistic true archetypal pervasive current proven age-old going received chronic prescriptive regulation folk enduring ancestral lasting tried and true tried and tested idiosyncratic overall majority generic acceptable undistinguished sanctioned ruling garden humdrum typic native simple proverbial ancient staple formulaic widely used matter-of-course homespun dull middle-of-the-road inveterate agreed endemic symptomatic vintage taken for granted persistent long-lived old-world long-standing old-time approved recurring extensive admitted scheduled ingrained domestic traditionary essential favourite favorite inherent in character stable preferred collective well-known fashionable shared well established predominant uneventful distinctive proper old-fashioned emblematic so-so basic standardized mediocre indifferent immemorial characterless modest monotonous doctrinal humble standardised vulgar well worn old hat a dime a dozen no great shakes par for the course in vogue widely held true to type diurnal obvious respected gut default venerable comfortable discreet inconspicuous orderly seasonal diagnostic numerous recurrent acquired honored abiding known given used habituated perpetual OB hackneyed derived authorized immortal ageless in use boilerplate canonical staid endorsed understood acquainted chosen honoured timeless inferior fair mean ceremonial reiterated incessant profuse continual unsophisticated obligatory one-size-fits-all decided unadventurous conformist touted recognizable adopted family casual banal terrestrial unimaginative informal arranged specified past conservative unopposed passed legit okayed authorised recognisable anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable unpretentious colourless nondescript perennial memorable unforgettable undying deathless predetermined de rigueur whitebread likely unsurprising distinguishing of choice in the habit of well known uninteresting boring unmemorable pedestrian unprogressive determined appointed individualistic clichéd cliched dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty homely OK uninspiring plastic white-bread grind agreed upon prearranged appropriate inborn local inbred innate in keeping ornery common variety matter-of-fact true to form to be expected mass wide conforming old school colorless trivial arrived at defined only to be expected on the cards … all over broad congruous not up to much nothing to write home about planned old line quintessential national blanket communal overarching global joint outright assigned recommended backward-looking earlier generation exemplary signature comprehensive stipulated unmistakable model textbook definitive consummate symbolic absolute ultimate prototypical broad-spectrum across-the-board total in circulation across the board sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush all-round nationwide societal wholesale all-around official paradigmatic ideal fundamental supreme dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established at its best at her best at his best deep-rooted traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable vested valid certified authoritative legitimate lawful legal correct accredited licensed allowed documented validated authentic rightful bona fide undisputed kosher licenced genuine formal ratified renowned declared proved warranted verified hardened unquestioned supported confessed inured hard-shell firmly established deep-seated undoubted ineradicable professed permitted affirmed avowed exhaustive dominant irradicable just legalized traditionalist authenticated right verifiable worn credible legalised sworn real worldwide by the numbers catholic ecumenical all-embracing uncontested famous notorious existing statutory proclaimed straight backed present sincere reasonable OK'd admissible above board square pervading identified definite sensible overt trustworthy permissible constitutional self-confessed logical magisterial best cogent convincing preponderant regnant vouched for licit commonly accepted generally accepted stated good coherent solid widely recognized ceremonious explicit conclusive effective plausible rational omnipresent cleared in style in fashion unlimited pandemic ex cathedra precise cosmopolitan whole signed and sealed multinational indestructible within the law diffuse well-founded all-over undestroyable all-inclusive worldly unrestricted unremovable astronomical ex officio well founded widely believed lamestream empowered canonic central self-proclaimed core contemporary latest extant modern allowable open certain primary legendary famed believed strict tralatitious statutable enrolled qualified seeded eligible nominated perceived mutual voted for regimented express net realized remembered avowedly asserted sop wont done val in established usage realised reigning cashable self-evident axiomatic circulating embraced united like pro forma made official bonafide same old ceremonialistic formalistic tried and trusted noted binding reputed infamous superior commanding sovereign standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle honest celebrated intermutual commutual certifiable sanctioned by law by the book going by the rules indelible stubborn ineffaceable trusted afoot contractual veritable actual usable commonest returned answered complete full imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic departmental administrative notable about predominating international thorough inclusive unexpired straightforward conceded unchallenged carried compendious influential operative main preponderating principal bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of panoramic entire encyclopedic cyclopedic tested published unsuspected true-blue legally acceptable in effect legally binding permeating embracive on everyone's lips aboveboard straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful upfront for real short-listed tried demonstrated publicized inescapable omnibus finest greatest unanimous in-depth encyclopaedic wall-to-wall broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in attested checked dependable publicised revealed patent manifest branded firm inannihilable superlative ultraconservative reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative publicly known widely known generally known sure establishable upheld demonstrable right as rain telling the truth on the level fair and square on the up-and-up derivative down pat sustained pious religious punctilious mother of all justifiable cosmic planetary celestial all empyrean stellar bien pensant on the up and up supportable tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible straight arrow in line pragmatic lucid believable congruent warrantable viable workable grounded justified realistic signed sealed handed down according to the book tried-and-true persuasive understandable dinkum ordered suitable decisive cathedral positive okay fitting and delivered weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent pukka telling satisfying sober thoughtful satisfactory straight from the horse's mouth all there holding water watertight profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together faultless well grounded together intellectual commonsensical unassailable accurate flawless levelheaded impeccable advisable right-thinking standing up well-grounded exact cool right-minded most common most typical most reliable most complete most scholarly most usual most frequent most perfect most significant

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