Đồng nghĩa của well founded

Tính từ

Reasonable and convincing
cogent compelling conclusive convincing effective forceful strong efficacious impressive influential irresistible persuasive plausible potent powerful telling weighty authoritative credible eloquent reasoned unanswerable articulate clear coherent compulsive decisive forcible logical lucid methodical orderly rational reasonable relevant satisfying sound systematic urgent valid apposite apt consequential consistent convictive fitting inducing justified meaningful momentous pertinent puissant satisfactory significant solid suasive well-grounded well reasoned well organized well-founded sensible good informed commonsense commonsensical just levelheaded firm commonsensible sober reliable judicious prudent realistic hard intelligent wise analytical analytic practical thoughtful true discerning well thought out astute pragmatic trustworthy grounded dependable perceptive sagacious justifiable well-advised legitimate objective balanced well advised consequent down-to-earth authentic knowing well grounded shrewd matter-of-fact well-reasoned sage legit circumspect intellectual established sane effectual enlightened believable acceptable sharp congruent proper well-thought-out insightful deductive accurate certified bona fide tried and true tried and tested responsible proven level-headed unassailable together genuine probable incontestable real indubitable perspicacious factual defensible fair learned viable emphatic assured correct kosher politic verifiable faithful clever incontrovertible clear-cut discriminating trenchant sapient understandable canny definitive tested no-nonsense joined-up demonstrable precise safe well-informed tried cool holding water likely well-tried irrefutable thought-out deliberate dinkum determined sustainable substantial supportable unmistakable coercive workable well-established moving tenable knowledgeable considered thought through educated admissible incisive warrantable warranted organized decent perspicuous categorical accepted veritable trusty hopeful actual regular punchy powerhouse unequivocal defendable mighty common-sense intuitive percipient savvy right organised straight material scholarly attested dispassionate profound orthodox confirmed vindicable plain documented unemotional mature able well-defined advisable evident exact clear-sighted clear-eyed hard-headed strict certain far-sighted proved foolproof reputable failsafe all there fail-safe well-engineered full of common sense time-tested well built supported well-built high-quality well engineered tested and proved undeniable salient estimable insistent sincere inferential comprehensible intelligible deducible inductive well balanced appropriate unidealistic syllogistic philosophic rightful thorough calculated businesslike measured pukka acknowledged identified substantiated with both one's feet on the ground honest contemplated aforethought studied holding together well informed showing great knowledge with great knowledge well-expressed well-presented corroborated pithy hard-nosed investigated premeditated weighed examined advised well presented well-structured well expressed constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch stringent gutsy electric with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground indisputable official unadulterated creditable uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked sterling unquestionable up front original straightforward prosaic studious computed prepense maintainable arguable deliberated equitable germane determinative unimpassioned cold well considered assuasive verisimilar stable erudite colourable uncorrupted well chosen thought-through thought-about coming on strong ball of fire efficient experienced strategic tactful smart impartial moderate restrained conservative controlled reflective temperate unprejudiced feasible true-to-life possible carrying conviction swaying presumable believeable cogitative contemplative desirable capable unexcessive evenhanded based on good sense thinking cognitive fair-minded open to reason in one's right mind ratiocinative making sense unbiased standing to reason cerebral unextreme argute foresighted tactical loyal conforming impactful striking clear-headed discreet careful able to hold water provable unembellished serious-minded sufficient successful normal well judged energetic expressive important au courant having all one's marbles in right mind steady-going attentive conversant full of insight historical confirmable documentary literal nonfictional on the ball exciting imposing enthusiastic aggressive vehement grand charming histrionical high-powered hard-hitting vivid dramatic direct theatric graceful acute performant veridical undistorted veracious formidable great crystalline settled sure confident definite fixed steady calculable steadfast easy nailed down tried-and-true in the bag resolute shoo-in unanxious locked on absolute undoubtful secure sanguine trustable carefree obvious unambiguous undisputed distinct recognized watertight faultless flawless impeccable recognised decided infallible ingenious right-thinking right-minded holding up holding up in wash got it together standing up truthful authenticated straight from horse's mouth righteous respected from the horse's mouth circumstantiated validated verified vigorous dynamic inspiring touching impelling alluring well-argued clearly stated pointed revealing glib smooth smooth-tongued smooth-talking considerable violent crucial assertive pivotal inspirational motivating motivational swayful masterful operative enticing stimulating seductive critical purposeful explicit far-reaching extensional juridicious subtle well-organized necessary marked active armed animated vivacious zestful devastating conspicuous passionate drastic compulsory winning healthy graphic intense militant silky slick silver-tongued in-your-face zappy conceivable inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling unctuous instrumental succinct terse synthetic reasoning collected stirring rousing imaginable competent provocative useful contributory encouraging robust animating fateful formative guiding monumental central controlling affecting specious presumptive thinkable errorless colorable meticulous rigorous inerrant fair-spoken empirical open empiric supposable earnest uncompromising tough wholehearted like enough very likely within the bounds of possibility frank blunt forthright unsparing not taking no for an answer out-and-out positive ardent straight-talking condemnatory dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on resounding full-blooded muscular strenuous unconditional unqualified suggestive downright outright strongly worded dominant commanding upfront dynamical bullish loaded evocative ringing for a face glaring one hundred per cent express no mistake accented dogmatic flat stressed solemn authoritarian charged meaning no holds barred all out pulling no punches not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder imaginative revelatory inventive seminal creative rich fecund pregnant redolent sententious most likely

Tính từ

Of, characterized by, or consisting of (incontrovertible) facts
solid conclusive compelling factual reliable definitive irrefutable undeniable categorical clear sound demonstrative forceful indisputable strong credible unconditional valid cogent faithful hard sober unequivocal dependable incontrovertible unarguable authoritative convincing definite trusty incontestable irrefragable plausible weighty absolute emphatic persuasive unassailable unmistakable authentic certain decisive resounding logical real serious unambiguous unquestionable beyond dispute beyond doubt beyond question well grounded one hundred per cent true sure indubitable patent manifest positive inarguable genuine undoubted evident obvious self-evident unimpeachable unchallengeable decided settled proven unanswerable accurate well-founded undisputable perfect flawless accomplished faultless apparent nailed-on undoubtable sure-enough pat downright well-grounded cold veritable flat established superior no ifs ands or buts without doubt for certain down pat beyond a shadow of doubt bona fide attested good plain transparent demonstrable copper-bottomed trustworthy undebatable final palpable observable well-proven beyond a shadow of a doubt uncontroversial open and shut not in doubt clear-cut from the horse's mouth stable concrete firm tangible actual substantial discernible legitimate perceptible distinct veridical confirmed certified appreciable legit verifiable verified material certifiable objective honest substantive striking proper intelligible measurable quantifiable perceivable sensible detectable well documented well defined honest-to-goodness explicit guaranteed univocal express black-and-white specific assured convinced confident cut-and-dried straightforward recognized crisp well-marked undubitable silhouetted stated ringing forthright clean-cut known distinguishable graphic well-defined incisive noteworthy sharp severe audible pronounced visible bold significant full vivid recognised minute black and white hard and fast cut and dried clearly defined crystal clear not vague as plain as daylight as plain as the nose on your face

Tính từ

Firm, strong, or substantial
solid sound durable firm strong reliable robust stable compelling established steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible infallible toughened cogent reinforced unshakable indubitable secure unbreakable fortified impregnable inured enduring hardened steady invulnerable lasting safe stout strengthened sturdy imperishable invincible substantial cast-iron long-lasting rock-solid tried-and-true well built well-built well constructed well-constructed well-defined well-established well fortified well-founded well-made heavy hardy heavy-duty unyielding fixed hard as nails impenetrable immovable hard powerful forceful armoured hard-wearing mighty inviolable vigorous potent cohesive unattackable fast bombproof concrete impassible knockabout armored influential important well made resistant well protected flourishing everlasting storm-resistant stormproof well defended well-armed well-protected seasoned hard-bitten significant forcible energetic stark strapping stalwart muscular big hale sinewy active tough staunch tenacious athletic rugged able hearty capable puissant in fine feather able-bodied resilient impervious bulletproof steadfast resolute rigid permanent protected waterproof strongly made unshakeable set perdurable tight unwavering windproof unconquerable iron unbeatable indomitable trustworthy inflexible adamantine constant responsible secured made to last tried riveted deep-rooted stiff insuperable immune honourable honorable determined unstoppable insurmountable stiffened frozen immutable true upright untouchable built to last stony faithful unfaltering unfailing lusty infrangible anchored rooted taut unchangeable sure braced cemented abiding trustable long-lived long-standing nailed calculable snug insusceptible moored tightened continuing honest jammed fastened trusty eternal weatherproof lifelong lodged stuck repellent unmalleable consistent rocklike indurate bound solidified rocky proof against impassable rock-hard rock-like as hard as stone as hard as iron safe and sound serviceable uncompromising emphatic wear-resistant shatterproof shellproof inexpugnable unrelenting assertive non-breakable aggressive nonbreakable purposeful foolproof clenched clinched bold zealous brass-bound indissoluble incorruptible tied vice-like risk-free immalleable impliable low-risk holy sacred hallowed sacrosanct surviving perduring diuturnal long-continued inspiring distinctive individual water-resistant unaffected as hard as a rock recognized attested riskless well-defended compact granite clasped fitted galvanized tempered galvanised certain locked error-tolerant fixed firmly insensitive reputable proven remaining long-established long-running done up buttoned down loyal good straightforward trusted never-failing unsurmountable unsusceptible to unaffected by repellent of impervious to invulnerable to immune to solid as a rock prevailing persistent persisting credible predictable unswerving unflinching dauntless indefatigable unbending ongoing perennial time-honoured immortal traditional long-term fortress-like sterling recognised committed invariable unalterable irrepressible undefeatable supreme irresistible tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted imperviable to safe as houses invariant irreversible changeless unpliable characterful balanced equable decided incommutable indurated impermeable settled embedded stationary motionless treated proofed rainproof imperviable perpetual inevitable unfading ineradicable inalterable hard-and-fast unvarying renitent concentrated childproof soundproof fireproof tamper-proof leakproof well balanced well-balanced proof unmovable unmodifiable unchanged damp-proof wedged unmoving welded unfluctuating able to withstand mounted bolted soldered screwed irremovable immobile hard and fast set in stone

Tính từ

Unable to be disputed or questioned
unshakeable firm resolute staunch constant fixed unassailable immovable steadfast unswerving unwavering sure absolute certain secure well-founded adamant decided deep-dyed determined dogged indefatigable indelible inflexible ingrained iron irremovable obstinate persistent relentless tireless unfaltering unflagging unflinching unrelenting unremitting unvacillating unyielding cast-iron stubborn unbending uncompromising tenacious obdurate strong-willed intransigent pertinacious single-minded set stalwart inexorable indomitable implacable persevering willful resolved unshakable spirited steady rigid indurate committed dedicated hard strong bullheaded hardened mulish headstrong strong-minded vigorous purposeful steely adamantine pigheaded stiff-necked untiring wilful self-willed perverse pat tough unshaken opinionated hard-nosed unhesitating hardheaded ossified inconvincible undeviating self-opinionated undaunted established earnest intractable rooted rock-ribbed insistent intent entrenched bound solid dead set on forceful iron-willed settled valiant inveterate stiff unmalleable dyed-in-the-wool mettlesome stout dead set true deep-rooted hard-line bold set in stone unpersuadable abiding gritty lionhearted diehard assiduous strict doughty unchangeable unchanging invincible bloody-minded immutable confirmed ineradicable plucky decisive rigorous unconquerable courageous stable deep-seated enduring strenuous enthusiastic perseverant grim fast invulnerable ruthless unalterable stout-hearted purposive bull-headed unbendable unstoppable brave unbeatable hard-core driven harsh safe deliberate stringent industrious devoted zealous energetic gutsy uncooperative refractory sturdy unappeasable spunky diligent bent on bent upon unvarying intense unflappable impregnable remorseless undefeatable bred-in-the-bone definite bent bulldog severe hard-and-fast hard and fast manful hardline keen locked in dynamic anchored do-or-die secured exacting deep patient bound and determined unsparing assertive hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited faithful invariable unfailing full of determination unadaptable unfluctuating loyal long-established moored long-standing sedulous positive serious unmovable active tight incurable sustained unqualified well established through and through well-established out never-failing meaning business hanging tough brick-wall stern unwearied complete insuperable thorough emphatic thoroughgoing merciless inexhaustible incorrigible ambitious powerful braced cemented recalcitrant intrenched bulletproof insurmountable riveted contrary ardent motivated out-and-out weariless chronic habitual balky contumacious nailed unrepentant enterprising unapologetic unashamed wholehearted jammed four-square focused unswervable eager compulsive assured impassable true blue static immobile consistent fastened card-carrying unmoving die-hard focussed through-and-through stubborn as a mule hell bent on indestructible unsurpassable cruel inbred draconian utter Herculean profound basic fundamental taut pitiless authoritarian incessant fearless sound bolshie built-in radical inbuilt stationary motionless intrepid unforgiving confident cussed full-bore hungry restive importunate incommutable inalterable embedded unwearying inviolable avid cantankerous tied permanent subconscious lingering inherent innate long-lasting dauntless brassbound seasoned thirsty desirous undeterred convinced right-down arrant inspired fanatical obsessive feisty longtime perky jumping grind hyper never-tiring froward even uniform unpermissive ironclad unattackable fierce aspiring unswayable fortified pushy uncompliant undismayed defiant iron-fisted changeless irrepressible untouchable militant unmodifiable supreme invariant irreversible persisting regular unabated instilled cocksure incompliant infixed explicit mad keen heavy-handed cross-grained hell-bent full-fledged deep-down hard-driving go-getting self-starting mean business keen as mustard not giving an inch eager beaver stand pat dug in goal-oriented deeply ingrained self-assertive tough nut to crack intent on self-driven set on determined to committed to the idea of pig-headed deep-set on one's mettle insistent on solid as a rock stop at nothing out and out set firm clinging self-disciplined implanted unaccommodating direct firmly-based unfading unshrinking unbudgeable independent dour oppressive hopeless endemic straight trusty reliable forbidding disciplinary illiberal ornery immoveable unblinking gut instinctive intrinsic dependable uptight picky balanced narrow-minded resistant unquestioning awkward unintimidated impassive undiscouraged impenetrable cohesive stiffened stabile still puritanical unsinkable painstaking unstinting hard-working stony-hearted unimpressionable standing pat undying eternal beyond hope pounding mortal hard-headed coherent renitent unmanageable unshaking quiescent austere insusceptible stuffy possessive unforgetful immalleable durable unreasonable driven in unsurmountable going all the way exact concrete difficult stroppy iron-jawed telelogical calculated impervious immune insensitive ramrod perennial lifelong devout unmoved unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative no-nonsense on the go ball of fire be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone not put off not discouraged tough nut dyed-in-the wool proved fervent vehement contrarious stony nose to grindstone tall in the saddle intent upon clear-sighted all out stick to guns flat-out set in concrete straight out heroic untameable fiery torrid irredeemable unreformable impenitent unceasing unimpressible fixed firmly writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon set in one's ways uncompassionate impertinent hardhearted bullhead unemotional mean staid accustomed inured habituated irresistible with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason wrong-headed done up buttoned down sicker continuing plugging go-go unstinted fireball continued plodding aggressive competitive cold fish proof against persuasion persuaded proof against red-hot hard-shell all-consuming firmly established bona fide satisfied clear cutthroat ferocious unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable progressive bloodthirsty pioneering safe and sound nailed down set fast immobilized unmoveable immobilised stuck down consumed compelled obsessed warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy conclusive doubtless possessed striving whole-hearted ineluctable self-asserting sanguine implicit galvanized monomaniacal impelled in earnest determinate dominant hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive high-pressure go for broke in-your-face self-seeking self-assured can-do fiercely competitive power-loving gung ho get up and go high-reaching power-hungry having killer instinct self-possessed self-confident cut-throat dog-eat-dog necessary compulsory prevailing inexpugnable domineering fixated obsessional induced going in no doubt clear in your mind free from doubt impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided inborn longstanding hang tough perpetual no going back like death and taxes urged on sacrosanct ageless deep down deeply felt lasting unvaried unchanged genuine congenital lodged in one's brain robust rugged categorical fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians to the core wedged snug lusty welded bombproof mounted bolted screwed frozen substantial tightened lodged soldered stuck rebellious disobedient insubordinate obstreperous wayward ungovernable untoward continuous continual uncontrollable unabating unruly unsympathetic extreme ceaseless rebel recusant fractious hardy mutinous thrawn unflexible everlasting demanding obstructive rough recurrent unfeeling wild impliable endless inelastic unending flinty disobliging hard as nails callous undisciplined unhelpful toughened imperious winner-take-all zero-sum hard-hearted heavy-duty dire hearty truculent unbroken unmitigated routine recurring long-lived ever-present usual heartless unamenable uninterrupted protracted nonstop unrelieved interminable resilient burning imperishable non-stop heavy rowdy all-or-nothing win-or-lose incontrollable compact hard-wearing resisting non-flexible rock-solid pressing troublesome grave never-ending indocile formidable uncharitable armoured hard-boiled standing one's ground armored two-fisted hard-bitten quarrelsome opposing reinforced inconsiderate haughty shatterproof urgent unresponsive mule adverse cold excessive unfavorable unfavourable game noncompliant important non-breakable running infrangible unmerciful tense disorderly locked granite immoderate exigent imperative brittle aloof prolonged incorruptible unfriendly tiresome ungiving uncaring round-the-clock indissoluble lawless solidified unsupple trying hard-hitting resistive hidebound drastic critical clamant crying acute unpliable problematic disputatious turbulent as stubborn as a mule unpredictable haunting jelled unpleasant high-powered final heedless reckless riotous rude irritating violent impetuous intemperate imprudent drunken rash forward bawdy astringent out of control ill-natured out of line hard to please stiff as a board well-built well-set well-made made to last tyrannical pass-fail high stakes high-stake contentious exasperating mullish estranged seditious disaffected factious insurgent irreconcilable alienated non-compliant petrified nonflexible reactionary traditionalist conservative long-drawn-out unreceptive boneheaded conscientious gallant starched day-and-night great blinkered fossilized bony indurated rigidified proud pervicacious perseverative unwilling ultra-conservative unprogressive valorous sharp passionate hardworking hellbent challenging ballsy unsupportive neverending dangerous dragging slow nasty crisp doctrinaire flat fossilised laborious complicated biased insubmissive peevish cross petulant obscene pornographic X-rated abrasive unjust unfair alarming undefeated preconceived with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way inextinguishable immortal sagacious remaining true-blue boisterous set in your ways locked-in formal set-on one-sided thick-skinned disruptive anarchic scrupulous systematic meticulous do or die hold one's ground hold the fort hold the line blimpish insoluble thorny knotty unkind sticky numbed annealed disciplinarian ascetical by the book browbeating ascetic autocratic as game as Ned Kelly rocklike attention-seeking chaotic troublemaking solemn manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical unwaivering sticking to one's guns drawn-out spun-out unpitying firm in spirit perceptive animated tough-minded resourceful take charge unrestrained reserved fit nonperishable deathless inextensible inductile savage curt lion-hearted unobliging unsentimental romping noisy anarchical rumbustious lawbreaking lively rollicking loud punishing unsmiling chilly frigid icy frosty cynical never give up fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist cool distant lacking compassion vindictive inhuman uncivil discourteous nonstretchable out of hand louring gruff red-blooded pushful peremptory not cooperative disagreeable remote lowering intimidating desperate pugnacious triumphant tough as old boots rocky as tough as old boots with a heart of stone nonmoving resounding reiterative monotonous non-stretchable unamiable uncongenial mighty sombre somber ungentle cold-blooded cold-hearted chiseled chiselled unbudging irrefragable nonbreaking unwreckable undestroyable inextirpable inexterminable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible nonmotile mean-looking potent hard-shelled nonbreakable influential well-armed strengthened airtight storm-resistant well protected flourishing stormproof tried-and-true knockabout well fortified well made well defended well-protected impassible untimely unfortunate immotile overbearing fussy unbowed gripping tormenting neurotic consuming unquenchable bitter furious significant inconvenient inopportune perdurable brass-bound irritable vexed testy choosy captious snappy temperamental chippy disputative oafish hypercritical prickly querulous bearish huffy negative delicate overcritical irascible particular fastidious over-particular dictatorial ungracious grumbly boorish finical hard to handle invidious fiendish sensitive crotchety uppity touchy sour discontented dissatisfied crabby argumentative hard to satisfy impolite perfectionist finicky forcible dominating unexpected unanticipated ill-timed stark strapping addictive fanatic controlling surprising unforeseen annoying disastrous unusual unpredicted mistimed hale athletic sinewy capable muscular big able staying dateless oft-repeated repetitive timeless consecutive repeated around-the-clock unalleviated ongoing connected unwaning aeonian frequent pathological wackadoodle wackadoo puissant crucial compelling vital in fine feather able-bodied unwelcome infelicitous inapt unsuitable inappropriate unlucky inauspicious quiet hitched hooked situated attached located preoccupied infatuated without respite high-priority made fast vexatious malapropos badly timed inimical unseasonable constraining instant pivotal emergent necessitous key misfortunate disturbing hapless luckless unpropitious ill-starred star-crossed essential clamouring persuasive clamoring requiring distressing of the utmost importance of the essence hurry-up immediate obliging heat-on now or never claiming forcing

Trái nghĩa của well founded

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