Đồng nghĩa của punchy

Alternative for punchy

punchy /'pʌntʃ'pres/
  • tính từ
    • (thông tục), (như) drunk
    • mạnh mẽ; có vẻ có hiệu lực mạnh mẽ, có hiệu lực mạnh mẽ

Tính từ

Feeling confused mentally
confused dazed bewildered befuddled dizzy stupefied stunned dopey confounded muzzy bemused addled distracted bedevilled bedeviled befogged slaphappy silly muddleheaded pixilated pixillated addlepated bushed zonked dopy raddled spacy fogged spacey addle spaced groggy punch-drunk mixed-up spaced-out shell-shocked zonked-out muddled woozy at sea puzzled out of it wobbly unsteady faint disoriented lightheaded light-headed fuddled giddy reeling staggered staggering not with it perplexed shaky disorientated vertiginous discombobulated hazy gaga baffled stumped swimmy whirling tipsy flustered dumbfounded dazzled nonplussed weak aswoon flummoxed weak-kneed addlebrained slap-happy mystified taken aback weak in the knees off balance disconcerted numb disturbed upset woolly speechless swimming startled surprised breathless unbalanced wooly dismayed overcome overwhelmed drugged floored thrown intoxicated lost fazed bamboozled shaken blind blinded light dumb rattled woolly-headed unhinged drunken tottering senile demented teetering bleary deranged tired off-balance absent-minded unglued aghast gobsmacked gone mixed up thrown off balance unstable out of control with rubbery legs with legs like jelly out to lunch shook up unsettled fouled up weak at the knees eccentric inattentive trippy dreamy dumbstruck drowsy daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish agog half-asleep maladjusted distraught senseless stuporous disorganised disorganized rocky nauseated nauseous vague benumbed stupid insensible cold queasy empty-headed foolish slow swaying sleepy come apart frozen seeing stars numbed shook clueless preoccupied unnerved discomposed troubled discomfited in a stupor balled up delirious engrossed astonished astounded beaten at a loss shaken up mazed wildered blown away addle-brained glassy-eyed all at sea psychotic muddle-headed spaced out shot to pieces crazy screwy not knowing if one is coming or going irrational unsound with Alzheimer's disease whacko out-of-joint unscrewed at sixes and sevens fuzzy drunk inebriated juiced soused plastered plowed sloshed stewed ploughed liquored up foggy astray adrift off-course neurotic uncomprehending ill-adjusted worried woolly-minded flabbergasted uncertain messed up screwed up blank stuck confusional misty shadowy blurred hard-pressed nonplused not knowing if you are coming or going doubtful unfeeling awestruck wonderstruck dysfunctional disordered nervous bowled over thunderstruck awe-struck in a dither awed agape shocked foxed hard put insensitive off-track paralyzed deadened unresponsive paralysed emotionally confused not adjusted off-beam dead torpid asleep going round in circles in a state of confusion all over the place in a muddle not knowing whether one is coming or going anaesthetized immobilized anesthetized immobilised wooden simple in botheration abashed in a tizzy annoyed psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance perturbed shook-up ruffled unzipped distressed flurried discountenanced messed-up nonsensical dozy alienated estranged untogether abnormal unfit hung-up maladapted hung up

Tính từ

Forceful, or having an immediate impact
forceful effective incisive animated dynamic enthusiastic impressive powerful strong vigorous vivacious zestful cogent compelling convincing dramatic eloquent influential passionate persuasive striking telling aggressive authoritative effectual forcible graphic great irresistible moving potent vivid in-your-face zappy pithy succinct terse hard-hitting mighty powerhouse puissant gutsy almighty weighty acute explosive ferocious violent hard blistering intense lucid sharp hefty tremendous heavy-duty titanic energetic expressive clear severe commanding efficacious dominant plausible sound smart credible logical reasonable reasoned unanswerable satisfying coherent heavy significant important overpowering overwhelming rational well founded trenchant elemental ball of fire knockout extreme driving drastic turbulent stark efficient capable able impactful fierce pertinent charming direct on the ball theatric histrionical exciting graceful meaningful vehement sufficient well-founded articulate definitive relevant emphatic well reasoned successful performant imposing grand material high-powered crushing brutal redoubtable formidable devastating sturdy spanking go-getter useful grievous vicious thunderous savage conclusive valid decisive explicit detailed steamroller coming on strong constraining punch virile stringent take-charge take-over electric illustrative lively pictorial picturesque descriptive uninhibited startling colourful realistic shocking lurid rich delineated visual well-drawn photographic highly coloured unequivocal well drawn well defined stirring precise definite lifelike perspicuous colorful full concrete well delineated well expressed distinct comprehensible intelligible figurative leaving nothing to the imagination solid satisfactory suasive crucial inducing believable consequential incontestable reliable urgent coercive affecting touching swaying stimulating operative good firm revealing incontrovertible silver-tongued compulsive convictive unassailable productive considerable irrefutable assuasive glib smooth-tongued pointed justified consistent probable fluent momentous well-grounded active substantial inspiring impelling acceptable enticing alluring seductive unmistakable trustworthy indubitable categorical intelligent assured clear-cut practical workable determinative well-defined competent undeniable eye-catching armed insistent orderly systematic methodical compulsory apt apposite fitting marked impactive militant assertive noticeable likely well organized eventful salient conspicuous verisimilar well-established colourable speaking crystalline evident winning true-to-life possible believeable faithful carrying conviction trusty hopeful presumable dependable authentic decided undisputed obvious infallible ingenious insightful unambiguous intuitive inspirational pivotal silky slick smooth-talking motivating instrumental rousing inveigling suasory unctuous actuating luring smooth wheedling pregnant fateful provocative swayful formative guiding monumental central responsible contributory controlling encouraging masterful motivational robust critical purposeful far-reaching animating suggestive helpful valuable meaning well-spoken revelatory beneficial indicative well-expressed functional magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical ardent fervid fervent impassioned smooth-spoken well spoken outspoken vocal poignant sententious facund voluble of help requisite serviceable advantageous constructive of use suitable of assistance fruitful adequate enough worthwhile not taking no for an answer sustainable right justifiable sensible grounded prudent just bona fide defensible congruent legit viable accurate supportable maintainable proven balanced perceptive sane defendable deductive confirmed informed arguable true commonsensical astute levelheaded discerning pragmatic analytical germane commonsense legitimate sober consequent analytic vindicable commonsensible stable uncorrupted attested tested intellectual kosher able to hold water down-to-earth holding water matter-of-fact well-reasoned well-advised clear-headed well grounded well thought out well advised

Tính từ

Behaving, spoken or done in a determined and forceful way
energetic forceful aggressive vigorous determined passionate emphatic powerful dynamic potent active bold driving effective fiery impassioned pushing racy storming strong zealous assertive effectual gutsy intense intensive pushy resounding vehement feisty forcible mettlesome muscular rugged strenuous high-powered hard-hitting all-out full-blooded high-octane in-your-face go-ahead pulling no punches spirited lively enthusiastic zesty colourful zestful sparkling snappy pert colorful sharp resolute ardent fervent eager keen piquant tough uncontrolled unbridled unrestrained blunt wild brisk witty tart humorous spicy biting salty plucky all out violent taxing hard arduous exhausting rigorous pungent savoury zingy tangy savory poignant animated flourishing exciting vivacious electrifying vital effervescent peppy alive flamboyant dazzling bustling dashing animate bouncy perky humming happening airy stirring robust indefatigable virile kinetic sprightly buzzing vivid rousing zippy lusty abuzz spunky spry coruscating industrious hopping bubbly astir sparky stimulating thriving tireless busy fresh sturdy springy unflagging sensitive untiring ballsy frisky vibrating breezy bouncing radiant stalwart responsive enterprising hardy vibrant abubble spanking sound pizazzy aboil jazzy pizzazzy jaunty high-spirited gay full of pep full of vim and vigour full of life go-go full of beans bright and breezy full of spirit alive and kicking red-blooded full of get-up-and-go have-a-go full of the joys of spring bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ball of fire alert audacious courageous intrepid nervy excited buoyant ebullient quick exuberant heated chirpy zappy chipper elated peart happy energised vitalized energized activated resourceful original daring brave imaginative ingenious dauntless game adventurous fearless inventive creative clever bright venturesome gifted able ambitious capable talented quick-witted strong-willed as game as Ned Kelly venturous free-swinging up-and-coming adventuresome nerved emboldened entrepreneurial coming on strong itching hard ball innovative yearning diligent hungry craving gumptious advancing aspiring self-starting hustling spark plug lusting take-over ready hardworking progressive

Tính từ

Direct and forceful
incisive keen penetrating sharp acute trenchant perspicacious piercing razor-sharp astute clever insightful intelligent perceptive rapier-like sharp-witted shrewd analytical canny concise discerning percipient clear crisp pithy quick smart succinct argute heads-up sapient bright profound on the ball to the point intuitive quick-witted wise judicious discriminating savvy sensitive sagacious subtle brainy brilliant ingenious observant alert deep whip-smart thoughtful knowing fine sage rational long-headed genius ready responsive critical penetrative prudent suss pawky enquiring understanding searching quick off the mark quick on the uptake probing clear-sighted clear-eyed nimble inquiring resourceful streetwise knowledgeable adroit aware razor-edged knife-like tuned in exquisite analytic good cunning inquisitive sensible fast supersmart delicate artful accurate ultrasmart inventive far-sighted calculating crafty wily politic finely honed exceptional gnostic hardheaded heady erudite hard-boiled agile foxy sharpened deft visionary dexterous hyperintelligent cute nimble-witted dextrous precocious vigilant razor-like intellectual sharp as a tack thorough awake conscious not born yesterday ear to the ground knows what's what in-depth enlightened sharp-sighted media-savvy open-eyed downy far-seeing whiz enterprising sly einstein sophisticated questioning razor sharp handy proficient accomplished reasonable gifted discreet insighted wise to sophic cerebral imaginative appreciative prescient cagey skilful cagy learned tactical farsighted complex skillful exacting intriguing ratiocinative detailed experienced powerful apt strong fly examining pointed exploratory researching investigative intense curious interested keen-witted worldly-wise steely acuminous heightened precise exact witty not missing a trick finely tuned having smarts nobody's fool smart as a tack quick on the trigger knowing how many beans make five well-developed well-honed with all one's wits about one cognizant sentient cultured able refined cultivated capable informed alive fastidious mindful thinking receptive creative witting selective talented familiar acquainted active educated abreast apperceptive versed conversant ware scholarly worldly apprehensive quick-thinking cognitive mature careful apprised well-informed artistic competent wide awake tasteful reasoning particular original observing logical fussy sensatory finicky aesthetic masterly choosy sensorial sensory inspired nice finical picky urbane adept seasoned sensile feeling practical reactive wired unprovincial persnickety polished mental intent emotional perceiving seeing esthetic all there well-read with it having been around in the know versant wary innovative cluey responsible cosmopolitan enthusiastic academic discriminatory skilled expressive animate attentive familiar with bookish extraordinary cautious expert demanding lively hep scrupulous acquainted with consummate pernickety comprehending crack slick spirited sussed cool knowledgeable about poetic vigorous watchful squeamish faddish dainty ace master choosey well informed well read well educated deviceful brisk fussbudgety finicking meticulous quick on the draw au fait with hotshot faddy clued-up sensitive to well versed in well informed about au courant well up on no stranger to old-maidish au courant with genial hard to please genned up on on the beam plugged in in on down with impeccable diagnostic philosophical reflective foresighted differentiating reliable beady hawklike adult dependable minute umbrageous irritable impressible easily affected unstable turned on to ticklish oversensitive touchy touchy feely supersensitive tense hung up high-strung nervous susceptible precarious emotionable impressionable hypersensitive psychic tricky eloquent elite swift PDQ prompt lettered sprightly circumspect psychological egghead mincing mentally keen qualified arty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed grown-up virtuoso star up-to-date up innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory fertile originative Promethean effectual effective slippery frugal smooth pioneering level-headed schooled literate scientific mercurial curt intrapersonal instructed highbrow together abreast of practiced informed about into hip sensuous with-it tuned-in street-smart street smart tutored widely read as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork live living thought intellective very smart susceptive moving with great knowledge well-taught having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on thinking outside the box smart as a whip practised in practised skilled in proficient in apprised of at home with experienced in at home ambitious adventurous energetic brain elevated figurative elegant symbolic flowery graceful discriminative venturesome nifty sentimental breathing self-aware sensate flesh-and-blood recognizing noticing aggressive discriminational differential kept posted up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in clued up on cognizant of au fait beautiful recognising admiring supportive able to recognize in the right mind capable of feeling full of feeling learning sympathetic select individualising eclectic opinionated individualizing choicy forward tasty first-rate phenomenal selfish materialistic grasping blasé privy appraised hot wizard remarkable worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous pleased recognizant clued with good taste disenchanted callous hardened uptown self-centered power-loving mondain unprincipled opportunistic self-centred switched-on commendatory applauding complimentary favorable positive respectful approving friendly approbatory top-notch top-drawer alive to grounded sensible to sensible of alert to well versed in the ways of the world worldly wise been around have the goods top-hole ahead of one's peers class act out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it shining at advanced for one's age certain encouraging regardful sure up with conversant with hip to cooperative considerate cordial satisfied favourable generous affectionate clued in on ware of in the picture hep to on to in the know about up to date with up to date up on inflexible puritanical prim pure prudish stuffy pedantic proper punctilious prissy perfectionist nitpicking overdelicate overparticular overnice hypercritical Victorian strait-laced difficult to please schoolmarmish over-particular impossible to please nit-picking nit-picky

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