Đồng nghĩa của reasoned

Alternative for reasoned

reasons, reasoned, reasoning

Đồng nghĩa: basis, cause, explanation, ground, justification, logic, motive, sense,

Trái nghĩa: passion,


Based on logic or good sense
logical rational clear sensible systematic cogent coherent lucid methodical commonsense commonsensible commonsensical firm good hard informed just justified levelheaded organised organized reasonable sober solid valid well-founded considered intelligent judicious well-expressed well-presented well-thought-out analytic articulate consistent plain sound well expressed well organized well presented well-structured well thought out thought through prudent wise practical well-grounded sagacious well reasoned realistic analytical plausible discerning thoughtful balanced credible pragmatic compelling circumspect convincing objective astute effective justifiable sane grounded persuasive perceptive shrewd well-advised intellectual well founded well-reasoned enlightened legitimate reliable strong powerful telling sage perspicacious well grounded satisfying weighty acceptable level-headed authoritative knowing relevant efficacious defensible down-to-earth deductive conclusive well advised forceful matter-of-fact potent influential irresistible consequent supportable fair congruent right legit unanswerable pertinent together learned insightful sapient normal correct decisive careful clever politic warranted tenable sustainable believable viable sharp meaningful true proven eloquent proper understandable canny cognitive accurate defendable discriminating mature no-nonsense well-informed joined-up puissant cool orderly educated knowledgeable satisfactory decent dinkum impressive irrefutable genuine factual appropriate erudite savvy admissible apt sincere percipient advisable compulsive meticulous strategic scholarly substantial reflective desirable fitting warrantable thinking ratiocinative cerebral substantiated workable responsible temperate common-sense confirmed forcible deliberate thorough philosophic veridical veracious maintainable probable well balanced restrained perspicuous exact precise emphatic bona fide tactical vindicable clear-sighted clear-eyed dispassionate significant moderate stringent unemotional hard-headed kosher far-sighted stable straight clear-headed clear-cut definitive full of common sense punchy mighty powerhouse all there holding water in right mind comprehensible intelligible dependable well informed regular urgent incontrovertible businesslike faithful healthy identified undeniable theoretical authentic inferential apposite momentous inducing suasive consequential convictive strict undistorted deducible likely inductive incontestable unassailable unidealistic hard-nosed discreet verifiable rightful accepted syllogistic serious-minded straightforward prosaic showing great knowledge with great knowledge pukka real acknowledged attentive conversant rock-solid unimpassioned cold cautious punctilious au courant having all one's marbles steady-going insistent based on hard data based on hard facts holding together with both one's feet on the ground metaphysical abstract with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground faultless synthetic infallible trustable reasoning collected unquestionable certain scrupulous vigilant fastidious deliberated errorless sure corroborated colorable rigorous truthful impeccable secure inerrant validated verified heedful finicky well considered esoteric intuitive pithy certified empirical open definite calculable explicit empiric deep constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch gutsy electric experienced tactful smart preferred advantageous cogitative contemplative clearheaded right-minded philosophical argute foresighted arguable compos mentis efficient coming on strong ball of fire profound germane determinative favorable expedient in your right mind got head together in possession of one's faculties able to think clearly of sound mind with all one's marbles equitable capable well thought-out uncorrupted trustworthy attested tested well judged moving impactful striking able dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on beneficial productive timely opportune full of insight sufficient successful impartial estimable conservative controlled unprejudiced feasible material energetic expressive important fit effectual useful suitable applicable gainful favourable best worthwhile necessary helpful recommended unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme able to hold water thought-out on the ball aggressive exciting vehement grand charming histrionical trenchant imposing high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic direct theatric graceful acute performant evenhanded fair-minded modest open to reason suggested best suited presentable abstemious based on good sense in one's right mind seemly convenient bearable tolerable inconsiderable within due limits non-excessive within limits within reason actual honest indubitable veritable indisputable concrete unmistakable absolute official evident demonstrable categorical established positive possible authenticated certifiable existent lawful supported allowable sure-enough honest-to-goodness unequivocal well-established tangible undoubted obvious unadulterated salient for real excusable orthodox on the level permissible legal righteous de facto trusty natural unambiguous recognized coercive related apropos recognised pointed sterling literal palpable historical befitting of use relative perceptible suited verisimilar well-organized appurtenant connected original correlated linked congruous applicatory creditable up front provable ad rem on the nose to the point to the purpose having direct bearing on having to do with on the button active pardonable licit conforming documented artless unaffected simple conceivable condonable unpretentious undesigning confirmable beyond doubt beyond question serviceable physical above board sanctioned glib smooth corporeal smooth-tongued smooth-talking aboveboard demonstrated echt imaginable assuasive establishable thinkable pucka documentary nonfictional felicitous fair and square substantive incisive distinct swaying existing patent unimaginary pure operative assured unqualified real McCoy card-carrying fitted intrinsic scientific colourable on the up-and-up pat becoming very within the bounds of possibility compatible well-defined requisite straight from horse's mouth pertaining to right on true-to-life presumable on target from the horse's mouth extensional juridicious subtle uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked copper-bottomed unembellished conventional respectable final allowed passable permitted tried loyal considerable revealing marked formal potential inarguable open and shut checked easy heartfelt frank earnest candid known unfeigned unpretended unimpeachable hearty associable cast-iron availing meet especial express inescapable sheer unalloyed proved upheld crucial accredited straight-shooting upfront authorized square carrying conviction believeable hopeful apropos of formidable great crystalline specious presumptive endorsed sustained devastating conspicuous decided undisputed ingenious fair-spoken okay tolerated non-spiritual practicable correspondent harmonious consonant in point accordant concerning pointful referring conformant cognate like enough supposable very likely watertight flawless OK right as rain telling the truth authorised honest-to-God sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly phenomenal visible attainable operational achievable realizable de règle lifelike unadorned profitable right-thinking alleged worthy concedable regulated unmannered respected circumstantiated manifest characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical valuable doable manageable operable usable twenty-four-carat honest-to-god checkable sure enough testable circumstantial unvarnished verbatim explainable forgivable ordered mathematical true to life violent armed veristic unexaggerated non-fictitious non-fictional tried-and-true discernible on the up and up average standard unpretending accomplishable anticipated remissible venial holding up got it together standing up living current unimagined bodily within the law not unlikely not impossible appreciable demonstrative drastic compulsory word for word telling it like it is fact-based true-life as it really happened sworn to vouched for straight-thinking attestable showable evincible functional unconditional within reach dinky-di live present corporal embodied incarnate by the book winning holding up in wash implicit observable measurable vigorous assertive intense militant unarguable competent of help constructive of assistance fruitful adequate quantifiable detectable perceivable available irrefragable impelling silky slick touching silver-tongued realisable witnessed inveigling suasory enticing actuating stimulating luring wheedling inspiring unctuous alluring seductive resounding well defined well documented enough serious within the realms of possibility within possibility beyond dispute one hundred per cent not taking no for an answer relatable pertaining most correct most likely


Done with full awareness of the likely consequences
calculated considered deliberate measured studied advised thoughtful knowing weighed thought-out premeditated aforethought planned intentional conscious purposeful designed judicious prepense well-thought-out well thought out intended prudent purposive preconceived pre-planned well-considered investigated examined studious done on purpose thought out in advance determined careful thought-through thought-about computed volitional wilful willful voluntary prepared strategic deliberately planned circumspect scrupulous pondered provident aimed tactical informed politic well thought-out witting rational contemplated cogent lucid methodical organized organised sensible justified intelligent commonsense wanton express cognizant willed diplomatic shrewd prearranged scheduled projected mindful wary sober cunning well-planned outlined on purpose prospective estimated meditative schemed predetermined aware designful thought out with forethought cut-and-dried thought through well advised well-founded well chosen mannered carefully chosen selected with care feigned strained contrived forced affected laboured guarded artificial self-conscious overworked willing reviewed plotted overdone labored gone into set purposed meant anticipated proposed fixed unforced destined reflective reasoning programmed rigged expected cold-blooded envisioned slated sewn-up autonomous promised due uncompelled targeted framed up gratuitous unbidden pinned required arranged free-willed set up hoped-for asked for counted on wished-for in the making on the docket according to a plan responsible predestined contemplative laid-out set-up contracted stacked deck predesigned predeterminate planful cogitative contemplating meditating thinking excogitative probing meditated deliberative preconcerted directed steered marked free unprompted optional discretionary open elective discretional volunteered unsolicited unenforced unconstrained non-mandatory non-compulsory permissive settled agreed spontaneous independent unprescribed controlled freely wished elected opted unasked not required chosen preset with intent up to the individual open to choice at your discretion pre-agreed pre-decided preplanned pre-established inevitable established in advance forethought decided beforehand bound doomed cut and dried encoded inexorable foredestined arranged in advance precogitated




(took it) To have assumed
took assumed supposed presumed expected imagined believed gathered surmised conjectured guessed suspected trusted dared say deduced estimated figured hypothesized understood divined fancied gleaned inferred reckoned speculated thought compassed concluded construed dare-said deemed granted interpreted judged looked upon perceived posited postulated predicated presupposed theorized hazarded a guess hypothesised theorised took as read took for granted considered regarded esteemed forecast viewed calculated solved decided defined derived resolved extrapolated ratiocinated syllogized banked on come to the conclusion summed up anticipated evaluated described made out worked out characterised intuited determined foretold assessed computed conceived of counted on explained adjudged gauged forecasted characterized appraised gaged had a hunch thought likely drawn drawn conclusions came to the conclusion drew conclusions taken drew saw seen put conceived felt called made opined put forward daresaid daresayed guesstimated placed sensed said predicted held sayed suspicioned set suggested ventured read rated sized up weened valued ascertained counted figured out premised allowed doped out cast approximated projected philosophized maintained philosophised had a feeling bet put a figure on took it taken it putten holden pretended propounded had sneaking suspicion thought it likely prophesied classed numbered apprehended taken for granted valuated analyzed discerned analysed had a sneaking suspicion ranked envisaged advanced comprehended fathomed prognosticated accepted drew the inference drawn the inference established submitted proposed hypothecated weighed up presaged hazarded contemplated realized cogitated dreamt dreamed foresaw foreseen read into formed an opinion of realised read between lines added up appreciated betted augured classified counted up calculated roughly envisioned volunteered vaticinated found accounted reflected deliberated enumerated visualized visualised wondered forewarned ciphered collected portended soothsaid weighed planned prevised auspicated spaed brainstormed summed called the turn psyched out called it adumbrated made an estimate of observed taken as read grasped taken it as given took it as given readen noted recognized savvied cognized tumbled to detected twigged caught on to taken as a hypothesis noticed took as a hypothesis cottoned on to recognised had the feeling pondered measured contended posed stated mused asserted totalled totaled assayed tallied proffered mooted aired demonstrated chanced budgeted fixed fixt pictured quantified cost meditated had a suspicion foreboded distinguished telegraphed had a sneaking feeling regarded as implied told previsioned sussed got predetermined had as one's opinion credited classed as admitted cerebrated doped excogitated foreshadowed discovered forefelt offered schemed extracted set a figure on planned on introduced built castles in air formulated a theory totted set a figure put up kept tabs evoked list formed opinion sussed out set forth postulated that formed an impression of theorized that broached toted up picked chewed over had a foreboding totted up put in order counted upon read between the lines cooked up thought it likely that put down as formed a theory announced boiled down set store by typecast beat one's brains had an idea put down for jumped to a conclusion made a guess at put two and two together looked on as dreamt up regarded as likely come to understand foreknown foreknew knew deciphered got the idea grokked gone out on a limb took a stab dug registered went out on a limb assimilated took a shot gotten the idea taken a shot decoded taken a stab graded remarked commented declared grouped propositioned felt in one's bones tempted adventured risked examined ordered categorized tendered questioned conveyed founded conceited sorted formulated learnt conceded had a funny feeling learned queried puzzled prescribed arranged assigned heard argued grounded ground editorialized built fantasized ideated founden fand costed essayed inquired exhorted adverted intimated imparted omened estimated as viewed as espied entertained visioned imaged calibrated totalized feared pegged branded marked tipped gotten gat known saw as seen as taxed outlined deducted extraught built on evolved took as gospel truth interpreted as compartmented compartmentalised weighed in sworn by formed theories sparked run down fantasied squared allowed for asked yourself gambled on looked for stumbled on developt run over had vibes proponed took a shot at added signified developed jumped the gun thought up modeled ranked as swore by roughly calculated divided reputed trumped up planned for seen it coming boded heard tell cudgeled your brains tabled distributed toted trotted out doubted looked into taken a shot at taken as gospel truth modelled prepared for made suppositions came to understand beaten one's brains smelled a rat had doubts made rough guess risked assuming seen coming ventured a guess told in advance pointed the finger at commenced ventilated figured on thought it probable reviewed expressed selected bode editorialised adjusted expressed an opinion held to be picked out counted chickens smelt a rat pre-empted footed took a stab at positioned ticked off thought it conceivable foretasted contextualized felt to be rationalized reckoned on had the impression surveyed counted heads scored formed the opinion conceived to be ruminated forespelled counted noses warned of viewed as being had a sneaking suspicion of hoped for saw coming thought of as being reflected on accused started subtracted thought through run it up flagpole had a hunch of featured taken it as read conjured codified typecasted come to the conclusion that regarded as being harbored suspicion halsened held that multiplied ranged waited for arrived at educed separated taken stock in typed lodged had an idea that felt for reached conclusion differentiated categorised taken account of buttoned down took it as read lined up saw it coming broke down had doubt rationalised assorted indexed classed as being fantasised took to be taken a stab at calculated to be kicked around taken to be conjured up rated as took account of took stock in made guesses presented contextualised thought of contemplated the possibility of imagined to be created depended bargained for enquired pigeonholed acknowledged compartmentalized relied latched on to thought probable happened upon induced disbelieved studied dared to say looked on as being listed brought up watched for gotten the impression got the impression gave given taken something read took something read taken for took for just knew just known broken down ran down foreshowed foreshown ran it up flagpole came to the conclusion that drawn inference drew inference seen as being saw as being added together took the measure of taken the measure of ran over asked oneself saw in the cards bargained on seen in the cards began begun believed to be gotten the measure of got the measure of looked at taken something on board saw the light took something on board saw through seen the light seen through forespoke forespoken saw handwriting on wall seen handwriting on wall got the picture gotten the picture taken it for granted took it for granted taken something as given took something as given has funny feeling had funny feeling got vibes gotten vibes fallen for fell for taken to mean drawn a conclusion drew a conclusion took to mean


To have ruminated or mulled over
thought pondered reflected deliberated considered contemplated analyzed debated dwelled dwelt evaluated figured out meditated ruminated understood analysed appraised apprehended brainstormed brooded cogitated comprehended concentrated discerned examined figured intellectualised minded mused processed rationalised speculated stewed studied weighed wondered cerebrated chewed ideated intellectualized logicalized mulled puzzled over racked one's brains rationalized sorted out excogitated lucubrated put on one's thinking cap used one's head noodled around perpended logicized ratiocinated thought straight thought rationally thought logically thought things through conceived estimated mulled over thought about chewed over thought over pored over weighed up questioned reflected on revolved meditated on entertained brooded over reviewed kicked around wrestled with dwelled on turned turned over mused on ruminated on eyed cogitated on pored on thought through sized up deliberated on cogitated about assessed thought out explored stewed over scrutinized gave thought to given thought to investigated ruminated over brooded on racked brains put on thinking cap deliberated about reflected upon inspected ruminated about read scrutinised turned over in one's mind probed imagined rolled judged mused over researched chewed on looked into delved into worried about looked at wondered about thought on dreamt dreamed deliberated over considered the pros and cons of brooded about surveyed puzzled discussed pictured envisioned pondered on agonized over meditated over speculated about summed up sweated over beat one's brains out about thought of inquired gone over went over daydreamed daydreamt interpreted viewed envisaged agonized digested dissected contemplated on pondered over dug into picked at mooned built castles in air hammered away at agonised asked oneself about thought hard enquired taken stock of took stock of gone into went into conjectured theorized soul-searched self-reflected perused looked inward wallowed in read up lingered on spent too much time thinking about kept thinking about kept talking about played around with hit the books toyed with lingered upon perceived woolgathered introspected dived into regarded conceived of hypothesized self-questioned beheld made sense of schemed decided on enquired into compared projected worried been through gone through went through consulted anticipated gave consideration to given consideration to clarified looked over argued cerebrated on percolated poured it on pored hashed over turned over in your mind stopped to consider sweat debated with oneself gave some thought to had a think about chewed the cud let one's thoughts wander cut asked oneself had in mind theorised beaten one's brains out about given some thought to read between lines knocked around tracked talked over hypothesised run up a flagpole meditated upon given much thought to balanced learnt parsed tutored coached plugged dug crammed plunged moralized chewn refreshed learned grinded ground gave much thought to discovered guessed stargazed preached pulled an all-nighter audited elucubrated winnowed burned the midnight oil cracked the books sermonized pontificated boned up learnt the ropes burnt the midnight oil went on about gone on about applied oneself pronounced buried oneself in polished up delved supported visualized visualised obsessed surmised queried considered the possibility of supposed stared into space entertained the thought of monitored planned designed maintained registered moped fretted bethought fantasized intended purposed scanned checked harbored harboured held fostered eyeballed observed devised seen fancied imaged saw daresaid daresayed presumed suspected assumed tuned out zoned out tripped out postulated suspicioned spaced out determined beholden countenanced cherished brooked tolerated mooned over fretted about sulked about moped over assimilated languished over grieved over repined accepted proposed checked out mooted anatomized assayed esteemed treated fantasied resolved reflected about visioned deduced appreciated depictured inferred suffered plotted chawed sermonised recognized allowed yourself to consider taken under consideration deliberated upon formed theories made enquiries into formed cudgeled one's brains engaged in contemplation asked yourself languished sensed called the turn conducted a survey of hazarded a guess indulged in wool-gathering cudgeled entertained idea heeded moralised batted it around marveled looked at as an example doped gloomed cudgeled your brains sulked psyched out made tackled thought hard about doubted unearthed dealt with batted around called it recollected made suppositions philosophized looked upon mulled over things sweated out had one's head in the clouds lamented doped out contextualized looked considered as an example formulated rated kept in mind rehashed deconstructed flashed on quested batted about said to oneself expected sweated bled picked apart revolved in one's mind brought to light looked on chewed over things guesstimated run it up flagpole eyed up desponded sighed felt took under consideration ruminated upon speculated on metabolised experimented recognised beat one's brains dwelled upon ran up a flagpole kicked about thought upon uncovered scoped out turned over in mind broke down cooled out fantasised marvelled conjured up an image of slept on it canvassed entertained the idea of conducted research into metabolized had a hunch cudgelled stewed about dwelt upon made guesses contextualised philosophised thought deeply grieved felt despondent about chafed inwardly burnt midnight oil burned midnight oil took taken beaten one's brains ran it up flagpole done research did research took something under advisement taken something under advisement broken down took in aspired to taken in eaten one's heart out eaten your heart out ate your heart out ate one's heart out taken as an example took as an example took into consideration bore in mind taken into consideration approved of agreed to born in mind got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks

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