Đồng nghĩa của guileless

Alternative for guileless

Đồng nghĩa: honest, transparent,


Having a naive or innocent quality
innocent naive unsophisticated childlike unaffected unpretentious natural simple unworldly simple-minded artless ingenuous green inexperienced genuine open honest unpretending true immature wet behind the ears sincere without airs frank unknowing spontaneous naïve unsuspicious unwary raw trusting unstudied unassuming callow real gullible unsuspecting simpleminded modest ignorant born yesterday humble credulous as green as grass candid plain naif primitive uncritical youthful unschooled honest-to-goodness uninhibited uncontrived trustful homely unguarded jejune down-to-earth unpresumptuous kid childish pure easily taken in folksy childly straightforward relaxed unforced juvenile easy unmannered untried unfledged adolescent puerile unstilted rustic unformed unseasoned unripe untrained unripened unimposing unostentatious dewy-eyed dewy wide-eyed aw-shucks infant unbaked crude tenderfoot sophomore young jellybean unwitting unaware confiding unmindful impressionable unsceptical oblivious undesigning homey insensible clueless unacquainted uninformed incognizant naïf unfamiliar unartificial clean nescient unconscious over-trusting laid-back self-effacing easy-going easily deceived easily led cracker-barrel frivolous babyish not dry behind ears silly pretensionless unlaboured lamblike casual nonchalant informal uncomplicated idealistic uninitiated on the up and up unfeigned corn-fed country uncool unlearned instinctive instinctual babe in woods free-spoken unrefined unselfconscious unpolished gauche ordinary parochial provincial unspoiled unobtrusive untutored cornball bush-league rookie corny unadulterated authentic wholesome uncomplex unbeautified inelaborate unambitious discreet free-spirited prosaic down unembellished quiet dinkum lowly up front down home simplistic unconstrained on the level undeveloped cute new untaught fresh like a babe in the woods inexperience girlish boyish stupid slow idiotic brainless moronic dumb feeble-minded undeceitful unquestioning exploitable gullable susceptible vulnerable green as grass baby-faced uncivilized savage vernal verdant barbarian uncultivated barbaric tender kidstuff unweaned wet behind ears uncivilised untamed animal brutish austere atavistic nonliterate fierce uncultured undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped wild barbarous lacking experience fond unwise virginal uncorrupted virgin shallow unjaded uneducated quaint countrified Panglossian starry-eyed


Candid and honest, especially in an innocent manner
open frank straightforward candid honest truthful genuine sincere artless real true upfront forthright transparent dinkum undesigning unpretending unstudied direct outspoken unreserved straight plain ingenuous plain-spoken plainspoken blunt natural free-spoken unguarded forthcoming openhearted up front up-front uninhibited unpretentious freehearted downright unaffected like it is matter-of-fact free outright undisguised unconcealed unfeigned bare-faced out-front lay it on the line straight from the shoulder unambiguous unvarnished round unrestricted foursquare on the level on the up and up innocent from the hip call a spade a spade saying what one thinks unpretended unequivocal explicit brazen bald aboveboard earnest uncontrived heartfelt wholehearted straight-out straight-shooting not afraid to call a spade a spade simple naive upright square scrupulous undissembled no-nonsense unfiltered trustworthy straight-talking profound fervent bona fide righteous unrestrained full-hearted unsparing fair clear unartificial bluff easy apparent familiar heart-to-heart brutal man-to-man flat-out meaning what one says talking turkey laying it on the line calling spade a spade informal bold unassuming extemporary spontaneous unforced unartful communicative unhypocritical naïve unstilted unevasive modest unreticent above board unbiased unprejudiced unmistakable categorical indiscreet undiplomatic unstinting barefaced blatant unembellished straight-from-the-shoulder unqualified frontal parrhesiastic open-and-shut untainted from the heart without airs no fooling clear-cut point-blank stark naked flagrant unadorned telling it like it is right up front insensitive impolitic palpable severe heartless complete patent total plain-dealing pretenseless on the square two-fisted laid on the line undissembling straight-arrow square-shooting right-on level plain-speaking honest-to-goodness faithful reliable out-and-out veracious literal truth-telling true-blue proper just believable precise realistic legit veritable kosher accountable unadulterated unquestionable serious cordial ardent authentic legitimate passionate credible creditable fair dinkum to the point warts and all harsh bare tactless true to life abrupt unexaggerated curt speaking as one finds brusque unceremonious rude unveiled straight to the point point blank raw not beating about the bush short basic fundamental uncompromising pure gruff hard snippy brusk short-spoken crusty terse vocal crisp brief impartial cold for real lawful fair and square pulling no punches not beating around the bush calling a spade a spade fair-and-square gritty cavalier forward vociferous brutally honest exact opinionated strident free-speaking unconstrained demonstrative unmodified black-and-white grim dry off-the-record obvious sheer manifest evident intolerant no beating around the bush speaking straight from the shoulder austere no lie rough hearty open-hearted not pulling any punches open and shut unornamented plain vanilla undecorated good-natured genial approachable even-handed friendly threadbare worn patchy cheery bearish snippety blustering breviloquent tart loud laconic right on overt correct legal straight from shoulder regular equitable definite distinct specific ethical decent absolute express sanctioned official verifiable authorized valid accredited accepted objective honourable evenhanded equal nonpartisan indifferent honorable disinterested impersonal dispassionate indelicate sharp caustic on-the-level right as rain telling the truth on the up-and-up authorised hard-hitting trenchant impolite right and proper uncivil unpolished discourteous snappy not mincing one's words speaking one's mind


Overly trusting in nature
ingenuous gullible deceivable dupable exploitable trustful trusting credulous easy susceptible unsuspecting fleeceable naive unguarded unsceptical unskeptical unsuspicious unwary accepting believing biting foolish innocent over-trustful over-trusting easily deceived easily led easily taken in impressionable unworldly artless unsophisticated uncritical wide-eyed vulnerable green naïve overtrusting inexperienced overcredulous exploitative exploitatory exploitive simple ignorant raw unquestioning callow immature childlike imprudent nescient incognizant fictile defenceless malleable born yesterday easy mark readily taken in readily falling for wet behind the ears readily swallowing whole as green as grass dewy-eyed genuine defenseless gullable confiding undoubting simpleminded dewy naif primitive jejune unknowing aw-shucks green as grass easily influenced easily exploited easily controlled silly uncorrupted soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless pure undefiled idealistic dovelike sucker mark persuadable sensitive responsive pushover acquiescent influenceable amenable prone swayable inclined receptive given tractable tumbling for taken in kidding oneself swallowing whole predisposed nonresistant soft tender emotional manageable adaptable suggestible ready disposed susceptive falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker wide open thin-skinned easily moved sitting duck movable highly strung impressible at risk out on a limb easily taken advantage of readily taken advantage of fall for


Lacking in social grace or refinement
rustic uncouth uncultured boorish churlish cloddish ingenuous naive gauche graceless hick hillbilly loutish lumpen maladroit ungraceful unrefined awkward clodhopping clownish clumsy lumpish rude stiff stilted unmannerly unpolished backwoods dull foolish ignorant stupid uneducated ungainly rough-hewn inelegant coarse vulgar crude uncultivated rough crass oafish uncomfortable uneasy rustical ill-bred wooden impolite ill-mannered gross unsophisticated philistine common uncivilized barbaric uncivil raw tasteless uncivilised tactless provincial gawky thoughtless indelicate discourteous inconsiderate lowbred bad-mannered low lowbrow ungentlemanly illiberal classless barbarian barbarous offensive unnatural ungracious ungallant base unladylike insensible roughneck raffish rugged incult bearish yobbish improper indecorous unmannered slobbish unworldly loud gruff inurbane ornery cantankerous socially unsure socially awkward disrespectful brusque insensitive laboured plebeian heavy unsubtle undiplomatic uncoordinated impertinent ponderous plebby ungenteel primitive mean curt impolitic injudicious ill-judged ugly unchivalrous thuggish swinish Neanderthal shameless bashful labored parochial uncalled-for blunt lubberly heavy-handed brutish crusty corrupt outlandish lacking in social graces socially inept homespun non-U agrestic unsavoury earthy troglodytic bungling countrified ocker unpoised rough and ready unsavory stolid out-of-line crabbed harsh rowdy bullying doltish wild forced bad-tempered ill-tempered morose dense hoonish constrained surly sullen artificial strained uncharitable unkind mean-spirited gawkish nervous contrived laborious unrelaxed lumbering lifeless splay shy gangling nervy gangly ill-humoured offhand self-conscious mincing unwieldy insolent irritable snippy cross-grained polite dour grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent ill-natured ill-humored unpleasant unneighborly touchy cussed unco elephantine rigid passionless leaden flat dry stodgy abrupt unimpassioned spiritless soulless impudent audacious presumptuous all thumbs bumbling inept unhandy weighty inflexible deadpan inexpressive obstinate unyielding unbending lacking vitality unhandsome disparaging derogatory unceremonious contumelious short cheeky sharp malapert insulting uncomplimentary uncourteous uncourtly rusty flip mannerless fresh underbred smart-alecky inaffable sassy cavalier hooligan savage unseemly disgracious raunchy foul-mouthed loud-mouthed indecent obscene lewd dirty filthy smutty foul profane ribald bawdy impure blue nasty inappropriate abusive cheap immodest X-rated wanton off colour naughty saucy heathen suggestive indiscreet lascivious Neandertal off-color heathenish natural racy vile gutter near the knuckle salacious unprintable blasphemous illiterate trashy sordid pornographic cruel fruity benighted inhuman locker-room tacky in bad taste unbecoming low-minded sleazy brash scatological risqué spicy stag scurrilous scatologic porny adult simple gamy untoward unacceptable brutal disagreeable vicious disgusting immoral unsuitable badly behaved untutored unwholesome distasteful unfitting low-down wicked incorrect inapposite inapt wrong unfit perverse incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos tawdry ungodly licentious low-bred out of place vulgarian obnoxious fierce close to the bone unlettered disreputable misbehaved revolting undignified repulsive despicable unscrupulous gaudy dishonourable debased artless callous unfriendly murderous ignoble merciless villainous dishonorable blundering unenlightened unread sickening explicit backward dark bad steamy unvirtuous uninformed lippy porn porno colourful outrageous beyond the pale colorful poor unclean low-down-and-dirty malodorous Rabelaisian out of keeping shocking untactful nudge-nudge unchaste in poor taste out of the way charmless near the bone ordinary vernacular low-born unfinished basic obtuse baseborn native general lowdown and dirty nescient unfeeling rank ill-behaved terse hostile bourgeois undiscriminating imperceptive lusty trailer-park sketchy subhuman untamed unbefitting foulmouthed common as muck pert brassy Philistine inhospitable unfortunate shoddy immature loudmouthed unworthy materialist commercial nauseating tart improprietous unrestrained embarrassing off ill-advised discreditable bizarre mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish moody salty broad offish lustful concupiscent carnal shameful ruffian Fescennine Cyprian off-colour irreverent sick gruesome corporeal voluptuous fleshly sensual sexual anti-intellectual inartistic barro colloquial profanatory arrogant strong sacrilegious unblushing callow careless degrading unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative derisive unutterable blockish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy stumbling execrable wretched snide ignominious currish contemptible detestable paltry cocky repellent seamy objectionable seedy in the gutter grody unconscionable uncontrolled unholy rash straightforward precipitate hasty dozy butterfingered flashy garish mouthy smart alecky brazen overbearing insubordinate disdainful dishonest degenerate intrusive peremptory base-minded abject groveling yokelish bounderish tough ostentatious flash showy unschooled dubious suspicious notorious rascally suspect unprincipled severe hard bluff meretricious naff tatty untrained untaught kitsch forbidding stern austere roughcast grim ape-like grovelling crooked shady like a bull in a china shop ornate useless hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial unlovely makeshift in a state of nature ruthless intimidating louring grievous steely stark loose cheap and nasty noisome dodgy funny iffy repugnant flinty onerous ungentle bitter hardhanded oppressive undesirable fiendish heartless remorseless bestial ferocious lowering unlearned ill-educated ill-informed monstrous nefarious heinous nonliterate unaccomplished analphabetic uninstructed infernal inhumane atrocious bloodthirsty black-hearted butcherly black brute sadistic inexperienced unversed unpractised pitiless hellish ghastly diabolical horrible unqualified taboo hard-core lecherous profligate questionable scandalous malicious rakish libidinous randy odious mucky grubby grimy


In accordance with the truth or facts
true genuine real right authentic actual accurate exact precise proper correct veracious factual honest natural pure veritable legitimate archetypal archetypical bona fide certifiable certified characteristic faithful good ingenuous legit regular representative typical valid artless concrete dinkum echt indubitable kosher simple strict truthful unaffected appropriate authoritative average dead-on de facto direct effective existent fitting normal standard undesigning unpretending unpretentious veridical honest-to-goodness pucka pukka sure-enough dinky-di real McCoy sincere absolute unquestionable reliable unerring realistic certain open official positive for real literal credible perfect unadulterated straightforward frank trustworthy very bang on spot on straight verifiable original tangible definite close on the level candid spot-on sound indisputable undeniable innocent plain faultless fair substantial on the money lawful errorless solid definitive objective sure authenticated verified undisputed confirmed attested flawless scrupulous meticulous legal naive clear-cut historical hard convincing established on the button on-target irrefutable lifelike categorical just infallible on the nose clear undoubted unimpeachable error-free matter-of-fact unalloyed bonafide impeccable thorough complete sterling on the mark documented explicit rigorous ordinary forthright undistorted conclusive true to life acceptable unvarnished usual physical palpable unassuming detailed corporeal material unfailing real-life verisimilar rightful proven unmistakable on the up and up aboveboard up front out-and-out dependable sensible on the nail fact-based square on target specific accepted true-to-life unambiguous unrefuted unmistaken existing unembellished uncontrived modest upfront deadly substantive believable so utter naturalistic humble righteous evident living total veristic inch-perfect unfaked creditable homely conventional consummate well-established authorized unmitigated perceptible accredited without airs unfeigned without error true-blue right on arrant everyday word for word careful sheer orthodox customary methodical graphic outright scientific firm approved distinct documentary nonfictional authorised unimaginary defined unequivocal fixed representational unstudied sanctioned on the beam common uncounterfeited substantiated unpresumptuous near set naïve right as rain non-fictional thoroughgoing incontrovertible unexceptional photo-realistic validated well-founded practical outspoken three-dimensional free of error final spontaneous licensed downright unsophisticated fair dinkum unexaggerated like it is punctilious assured easy permissible verbatim essential rigid discriminating judicious deft systematic sharp discriminative skilful skillful punctual particular unmixed intrinsic unqualified amen ultraprecise fair and square unelaborated unprocessed immaculate full live undeviating inerrant pinpoint uncanny refined express lethal licenced manifest narrow fine uncontaminated undiluted traditional bodily unimposing unostentatious word-perfect painstaking unmannered on the up-and-up demonstrable real-world card-carrying vivid dead current prevailing incarnate photographic non-spiritual childlike naturalist trusty settled habitual general unreserved stock accustomed run-of-the-mill popular recognized corporal mainstream unremarkable routine canonical speaking expected vanilla plain-spoken on the right track telling it like it is visible wonted dead on prosaic classic workaday garden-variety phenomenal appreciable on the ball unspoiled universal classical measurable true-life not copied easy-going laid-back self-effacing twenty-four carat as it really happened historic quantifiable recognised the real McCoy cracker-barrel incontestable inescapable demonstrated kitchen-sink cut-and-dried standard-issue straight from horse's mouth well defined meaning what one says sure enough all right warts and all straight dinkum dinky-die nonfiction justified severe qualified expert professional according to law permitted loyal conforming royal informal heartfelt earnest known unpretended hearty above board all-out flat-out true story plenary unconditional similar reputable implicit preferable transparent bare extemporary comprehensive minute omniscient straight-shooting tacit biographical gospel stark unswerving rightly so called virtual implied provable pretensionless prize especial unguarded prototypical satisfactory cinematic filmic inevitable unacknowledged precision telling the truth non-fictitious admissible learned master corroborated factualistic intensive sweeping inerrable sure-fire invariable down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent hairline apparent unembroidered written verbal critical scholarly unimagined watertight solemn honest-to-God in accordance with the facts considerable safe empirical genuine article simon-pure untainted true blue present embodied based on facts discernible fit bull's-eye just so delicate mathematical well aimed unartful unartificial undisguised surgical determinate decisive individual overt straight from shoulder conscientious significant failsafe real thing your actual obvious middle-of-the-road respected supported circumstantiated well founded plain-speaking free-spoken round up-front no-nonsense no fooling unhypocritical worldly fundamental honest-to-god in every respect not figurative word-for-word straight from the horse's mouth fail-safe well-defined licit formal nice determined stereotypical plainspoken truth-telling proved striking observable patent intelligible dyed-in-the-wool real live sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly unobtrusive first generation inveterate legalized ratified binding letter-for-letter line-for-line earthly detectable perceivable time-honored ornery bog-standard allowed constitutional twenty-four-carat folksy inelaborate down uncomplex unbeautified discreet unambitious homey free-spirited from the horse's mouth honest to God mundane temporal fleshly entrenched clearly defined black-and-white contractual usable unadorned literatim well documented well-grounded homespun sublunary familiar endorsed legalised unexpired circumstantial unblended terrene terrestrial carnal earthborn earthbound down home a dime a dozen common or garden plain vanilla unbiased unprejudiced distilled filtered clarified chronicled straightaway undeceptive long-established acknowledged nonspiritual lay stable purified signed and sealed within the law legally acceptable in effect legally binding in force deep-rooted widely used widespread ingrained archival uninhibited neat OK secular to the letter traditionalistic old old-fashioned time-honoured old-style officially recognized wholesome rooted secure unshakable vested permanent relaxed raw unclouded unmingled linear rectilinear O.K. still life unselfconscious recorded quiet 100% stone okay equitable lowly high-principled rustic one hundred per cent as true as I'm sitting here on the line as true as I'm standing here for sure on track right stuff along the right lines decided pure and simple simplistic on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle commemorated historial antique important unsuspicious unknowing simpleminded unwary unworldly unsuspecting gullible inexperienced in truth unforced green set in stone unstilted prevalent commonplace unconstrained staple basic quotidian regulation going boilerplate daily cut-and-dry day-to-day garden variety one-size-fits-all


(of a person) Wholesome and untainted by immorality
pure moral innocent righteous virtuous chaste good honest upright virginal clean immaculate maidenly blameless decent modest virgin angelic ethical exemplary impeccable saintly unsullied honorable honourable irreproachable pious reputable sinless true uncorrupted undefiled upstanding wholesome noble spotless stainless unblemished worthy guiltless unaffected unspoilt unstained celibate continent inculpable inviolate unblighted unprofaned unspotted vestal white squeaky-clean lily white squeaky clean wide-eyed above reproach anti-corruption G-rated wet behind ears babe in woods pure as driven snow pure as the driven snow trustworthy just scrupulous stand-up conscionable high-minded above-board fair-minded of good repute respectable unimpeachable faithful estimable reliable honest-to-goodness responsible law-abiding unerring veracious on the level conscientious incorruptible loyal principled dependable self-righteous morally correct right-minded fair proper straight right lawful nice trusty sincere high-principled equitable truthful legitimate kosher legal all right correct straightforward dutiful creditable square admirable laudable genuine constant faultless aboveboard above board solid impartial moralistic true-blue sound reasonable meritorious steady above suspicion safe lofty steadfast praiseworthy benevolent lily-white elevated sure staunch charitable on the up and up legit magnanimous respected unwavering forthright untainted tried licit up front excellent chivalrous commendable devoted clear valid cleanhanded acceptable clean-living credible uncorrupt unoffending dedicated firm helpful unswerving greathearted sensible generous kind pristine in the clear candid not guilty tried-and-true altruistic right-thinking considerate unselfish unprejudiced uninvolved humane impeccant crimeless open incorrupt venerable trustable tried and true tried and tested calculable hospitable unfailing guilt-free authentic official irreprehensible justified seemly free of beneficent unbiased noble-minded bounteous fitting rightful liberal gallant trusted sportsmanlike philanthropic kindly free resolute thoughtful big-hearted uncensurable kindhearted whiter than white dignified evenhanded unbribable sportsmanly moderate big nonpartisan well-thought-of objective tolerant obedient sterling fast gracious highly regarded deserving bountiful distinguished rational frank authorized angelical munificent secure orthodox full of integrity enduring committed warranted devout patriotic sporting bona fide fair and square easy veridical true blue authorised peaceable even-handed great-hearted decorous perfect nondiscriminatory upfront godly saintlike sympathetic dispassionate untarnished equal esteemed sanctioned allegiant ardent salt of the earth lavish giving indifferent level-headed recognized redoubtable holy unsparing on the up-and-up notable polite for real philanthropical justifiable due great competent real condign confirmed loose soft-touch unstinting bighearted true-hearted lordly peaceful fine actual circumspect high permitted never-failing stanch recognised orderly suitable unchanging strict down-the-line veritable tried and trusted civilized of good standing duteous indisputable indubitable unquestionable card-carrying dyed-in-the-wool loving satisfactory untouchable open-minded self-sacrificing tractable hard-core behind one neutral non-partisan well behaved anti-discrimination non-discriminatory conforming of principle respectful knightly regular punctilious accepted mannerly prestigious spiritual profuse beyond reproach strong reverent unequivocal understanding pukka established verifiable stable disinterested deserved merited uncolored accredited pleasant civilised predictable sanctimonious ungrudging prodigal open-handed cultivated courteous eminent smart overt infallible according to the rules willing allowed civil positive sane permissible dinkum tenable unobjectionable apple-pie allowable legalized benign proud constitutional sackless kind-hearted redoubted illustrious natural fulsome openhanded freehearted freehanded fair-and-square statutory admissible clean-cut mature befitting believable appropriate harmless licensed outstanding applaudable by the book humanitarian unmistakable unblamable uncontaminated certain first-class reputed large-hearted uncompromising legalised licenced liege within the law attached canonical confiding of good report fit affectionate string along with unspoiled undamaged unpolluted having clean hands soft-hearted warm-hearted flawless unassailable compliant rectitudinous straight dinkum idealistic unconcealed professional God-fearing attested gentlemanlike standup submissive biddable amenable manageable conformable docile eleemosynary almsgiving balanced incorrupted favoring highly respectable godlike matchless peerless glorious sporty according to Hoyle detached clean-handed beyond criticism without fault proven disciplined deferential straight-shooting well-behaved fresh Christian truthlike palatable truthsome on up and up humble not to blame persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable perpetual morally right morally acceptable consistent lenient favouring prim saving religious untouched snowy undisturbed unfeigned uncontrived unpretentious uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked original unadulterated well-established approved discreet feasible demure fastidious critical heedful punctual exact precise on up-and-up adult stalwart right as rain telling the truth impersonal not responsible inoffensive capable well favoured well-favoured on-the-level compassionate caring selfless well-founded supportive effective tested deep-dyed unfaltering maintainable sustainable viable thinking twice extremely careful as pure as the driven snow free of sin straight-arrow wholehearted undistorted truehearted unshakable going by the rules right on straight from shoulder valuable worthwhile in good faith die-hard savory savoury fair dinkum right and proper on the square dapper alright goody-goody unmarred precious capable of being trusted model no lie invaluable immovable foolproof guaranteed apt earned quality decisive determined abundant ample honoured merciful sweet tender heroic princely goodhearted public-spirited valiant goodish true to life brave courtly refined safe as houses careful name well respected of repute well thought of uplifting edifying extraordinary remarkable free-handed ready holding water applicable as good as one's word twenty-four carat well deserved sure-fire worthy of trust well earned fly right requisite straight-up boy scout rock solid always there to be trusted in principle down home kin well known famous well-known renowned popular celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed favored prominent famed high-ranking honored truthy non-erotic improving non-violent A-1 plentiful full favoured with a good reputation genteel plenteous willingly given unstinted handsome simple presentable obliging invigorating envigorating hygienic commonsensical open-faced ruddy practical together fresh-faced sanitary normal blooming in high favor neighbourly neat tidy spruce well-intentioned accommodating average friendly amiable becoming done comely ordinary well bred august sublime mediocre de rigueur tolerable agreeable indulgent amicable comradely all there definite sociable enforceable statutable binding in the pink hale and hearty in fine feather noteworthy exceptional substantial genial regardful companionable plausible probable likely comme il faut first-rate wicked neighborly manifest concrete passable adequate ex cathedra ace smashing tip-top champion top-notch super fab brill grand splendiferous evident protected contractual precedented de jure enjoined enforcible ordained chartered passed granted decreed judged acknowledged prescribed enforced top-hole bully beaut discernible hard perceptible distinct up to the mark palmary nasty OK good-faith good enough quite good okay well-meant batting a thousand good faith fairly good worthy of admiration worthy of commendation not too shabby believeable organic fair-to-middling O.K. well-meaning not bad certified obvious demonstrable appreciable factual material undeniable verified certifiable sure enough possible presumptive substantive absolute undoubted categorical well-disposed well mannered without reproach imaginable conceivable measurable palpable intelligible striking observable patent well-brought-up well-mannered of excellent character perceivable quantifiable tangible detectable supposable verisimilar thinkable determinative satisfying conclusive probably seeming convincing honest to God colorable realistic well defined clear-cut well documented well-grounded

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