Đồng nghĩa của cheap and nasty


Cheap and gaudy
tawdry tatty tinselly cheap flashy gaudy gimcrack meretricious naff plastic showy tacky tasteless vulgar brash brummagem cheapjack cheap-jack crass paltry rubbishy trashy Brummagem flash garish glittering junky loud raffish shabby shoddy tinsel worthless blatant brazen chintzy common crude dirty flamboyant flaring flaunting glaring glitzy jazzy kitsch obtrusive offensive poor screaming sleazy sporty twopenny-halfpenny ostentatious low in bad taste gross nasty second-rate unrefined swanky pretentious over the top ornate in poor taste over-elaborate overdone brassy harsh OTT snazzy common as muck extravagant conspicuous bold expensive splashy lurid fancy glittery ritzy noisy swank pizazzy razzle-dazzle pizzazzy fancy-pants nifty bling bling-bling florid sparkling catchpenny valueless meritless inferior moth-eaten down-at-heel dilapidated beat-up ratty scrubby dog-eared miserable timeworn tumbledown run-down tatterdemalion scruffy seedy down-at-the-heels neglected dumpy threadbare mangy grungy mean bombed-out low-grade crummy without value third-rate rude inelegant uncouth coarse improper untidy unbecoming waxy dingy outmoded unsuitable slovenly poky unkempt faded broken-down messy out-of-date stodgy sloppy frumpy poor quality low quality of no worth of little value of little worth of no value nickel-and-dime lowbred uncultured rough-hewn insensible uncultivated rugged incult indiscreet unpolished roughneck unseemly rough lowbrow ill-bred illiberal tactless indecorous impolite indelicate graceless of poor quality of low quality of little financial value stupid off-color raunchy foolish unlovely unclassy unsightly low-down-and-dirty trivial useless hideous outlandish barbaric makeshift artificial low-down wild barbarous of no financial value two a penny ten a penny brilliant striking bright eye-catching colourful elaborate colorful resplendent grandiose bombastic theatrical chichi dazzling rich vivid classy baroque pronounced noticeable pompous prominent rococo affected glamorous decorated fussy luxurious dicty sumptuous embellished kitschy vibrant exaggerated dashing plush elegant ornamented gay outrageous grand obvious over-bright remarkable busy adorned overwrought grabby commanding dramatic marked arresting emphatic inflated catchy kenspeckle bodacious jaunty exciting strong flowery bilious posh swashbuckling superfly specious tony peacocky decorative luxuriant lavish unmistakable glowing overblown luscious evident opulent arty-farty puffed up overelaborate stylish wedding-cake shameless violent orotund declamatory audacious flaunted turgid tumid deluxe nauseating distasteful unattractive splendid high-flown sickly intricate high-class brightly coloured detailed overstated egotistic magnificent imposing impressive lively splendiferous smart gassy exhibitionistic spectacular swish hifalutin superficial flatulent highfalutin aureate peacockish camp heroic outstanding gingerbread flaming large manifest magnific lofty ornamental salient flagrant sophisticated stilted verbose complex fustian purple unusual jarring shining clashing blinding blazing chic zesty intense larger-than-life overemphasized attention-grabbing over-the-top excessive blown up sham fashionable upmarket trendy whimsical pinchbeck startling fakey convivial merry arrestive daring saucy adventurous unspeakable brilliantly coloured festooned snappy plushy sharp swankish exclusive with-it distinct flakey flaky corinthian fun vain vaunting boastful lucid animated shocking daredevil defiant pizzazz frou-frou well marked forceful definite plain overemphasised pzazz trumpery sensational histrionic gee-whizz beautiful gussied up actorly complicated discernible dominant predominant recognizable distinguishable bedizened overdecorated gingerbready gingerbreaded putting on the ritz uptown splurgy imaginative stimulating effective interesting bright-coloured forestanding recognisable high-wrought bedecked grandiloquent graphic bohemian casual unconventional rakish careless majestic monumental easily seen to the fore in the foreground spiffy select quality towering extreme superior devilish jewelled metaphorical glossy wordy fine coloured gilded jeweled embroidered variegated colored prime fanciful special stately devil-may-care disreputable froufrou frilly fancible custom beautifying cushy high-sounding fancily decorated highly wrought glorious protruding oratorical magniloquent high-quality dapper louche patent intrusive protuberant inescapable thrusting windy awe-inspiring superb open sonorous imperial royal noble regal palatial august heroical epic massive gallant proud baronial Homeric transparent overt mannered garnished observable perceptible palpable overambitious looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory unconcealed skilful skillful out of place sticking out epideictic euphuistic overripe Ciceronian hyperbolic gaseous dissolute dissipated decadent debauched naked undisguised sheer clear unfathomable cosmic impenetrable overwhelming lordly vast high-falutin' high-flying Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued straightforward bald unabashed outright unashamed posey la-di-da assuming impudent barefaced undeniable unblushing sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb flaunty conceited snobbish periphrastic rhetorical eloquent glib mouthy vocal effusive voluble articulate tumescent fluent contrived swollen fast free-spirited individual rank brass-necked indisputable cut-and-dried unembarrassed unmitigated insolent egregious arrant pseudo snippy sophomoric vainglorious pseud poseur unrepentant unsubtle with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles toffee-nosed poncey hollow without shame protrusive deliberate crying overbold in plain sight feigned hyperventilated put-on highfaluting arty too-too fake high-minded la-de-da chi-chi


Designed for low-income consumers
downmarket cheap inferior insalubrious lowbrow low-class poor rough rubbishy tacky uncultured unfashionable unsophisticated disreputable mediocre second-rate shabby shoddy dumbed down low cost low quality low-grade substandard duff ropy trashy inadequate crummy grotty lousy bush-league cheapjack rubbish third-rate tawdry bad low-quality unsatisfactory two-bit pitiful unacceptable wretched bodger execrable poor-quality tatty tinny sad tenth-rate below par below standard not up to much common junky terrible awful dreadful jerry-built deplorable cheapo pants deficient dire low-rent trumpery cruddy naff dime-a-dozen gimcrack tinhorn half-pie el cheapo worthless faulty imperfect defective abysmal abject appalling dismal atrocious miserable crude lamentable average rotten insufficient frightful bum meretricious pitiable diabolical dud grubby junk end-of-the-pier nasty paltry lame direful egregious piss-poor ratty subpar sorry base cheapie kitsch scroungy punk lemon not up to scratch no great shakes dime-store a dime a dozen Brummagem bottom-rung run-down twopenny-halfpenny two a penny entry-level a load of pants pinchbeck not much cop brassy below average low-end second-class rinky-dink tattered indifferent ropey unsound cheap-jack of a sort unworthy disappointing woeful not up to snuff for the birds not up to par second rate dodgy of poor quality of low quality down scale down-market commonplace schlock cheesy schlocky cut-rate coarse bargain-basement sleazy strictly for the birds second-best second class

Trái nghĩa của cheap and nasty

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