Đồng nghĩa của trumpery

Alternative for trumpery

Danh từ

Senseless or absurd language, behavior, or ideas
malarkey nonsense rubbish bull rot trash garbage tosh balls bilge drivel foolishness stuff twaddle claptrap guff hogwash hokum moonshine pants piffle balderdash bosh pap poppycock tommyrot bunkum cobblers horsefeathers idiocy malarky tripe applesauce baloney beans blah blah-blah blarney blather blatherskite blither boloney buncombe bunk codswallop crapola crock drool falderal fiddle fiddle-faddle fiddlesticks flannel flapdoodle folderol folly fudge hokeypokey hoodoo hooey hot air humbug jazz muck nerts nuts punk senselessness silliness slush stupidity taradiddle tarradiddle eyewash inanity bizzo falsehood trickery bull's wool foolish talk gibberish blether phooey wack blathers waffle stuff and nonsense bulldust bushwa dribble gammon havers cod gobbledegook toffee jive babble double Dutch prattle palaver bombast rigmarole gobbledygook cack verbiage absurdity mumbo jumbo gabble codology irrationality imprudence flightiness giddiness BS trifle jabber talk foolery flimflam fatuity pretense pretence bananas kak jest joke thoughtlessness ranting empty talk chatter fustian gossip prating tattle froth frippery frivolity tomfoolery dross jabberwocky madness ludicrousness trivia fun scrawl rashness scribble flummery ridiculousness soft soap crud prate untruth carrying-on bean rant malaise cant hypocrisy rambling twitter charlatanry quackery gas rhubarb yabbering yatter yackety-yak nattering chuntering wittering triviality Greek jabbering refuse double talk fantasy fiction corn jargon craziness noise doublespeak hedging prevarication evasion equivocation spiel deception clack twattle futile talk useless words stultiloquence double-talk weasel words blabber idle talk gab natter chitchat chat confab patter conversation confabulation jaw gabfest small talk yak chin-wag rap cackle schmooze causerie backchat jangle burble table talk chin music colloquy slobber gibber abracadabra chit-chat babbling dialogue chitter-chatter waffling dialog gibbering tittle-tattle gabber heart-to-heart discourse discussion chinwag conference powwow rabbit crack prattling blethering blathering yammering yattering yapping jawing chinwagging exchange adda yakking rabbiting on craic convo wind hearsay bull session verbosity grandiloquence chattering hocus-pocus rhetoric rumor word oratory buzz blab rumour yammer tête-à-tête boasting blubbering tattling scuttlebutt murmur argle-bargle pomposity unintelligible language obscure language bluster jibber-jabber report footle braggadocio account grapevine rabbiting rodomontade meddling cry bragging mag fanfaronade dirty laundry back-fence talk clishmaclaver claver tongue-wagging scat raving ravings muttering clamour clamor dish idle chat korero tete-a-tete trivial talk incoherent talk wild talk officialese twittering bafflegab Choctaw padding rantings talking gabbling gossiping chatting frothy talk bravado lies all Greek baragouin loquacity prolixity foretalk rumors pleasantry pleasantries gen hubbub technobabble obscuration legalese rapid talk unintelligible talk nonsense talk wordiness chewing the fat goss dirt cackling yarn witter consultation chewing the rag logorrhoea meaningless talk newsmongering mere words verbalizing parley verbalising cajolery wheedle flatter meeting rumours trivial conversation beauty-parlor chitchat casual conversation light talk polite remark idle chatter converse badinage banter raillery persiflage boastful talk ramblings monologue monolog one-to-one visit tale defamation dirty linen wire gossipry chronicle dirty wash scandal injury whispering campaign story malicious talk telling tales news slander earful calumny rumormongering clothesline glib talk rap session effusion gushing magniloquence rumourmongering talebearing turgidity exuberance pretentiousness gasconade rhodomontade brag euphuism grandiosity ostentation affectedness cockalorum periphrasis tumidity verboseness altiloquence pad long-windedness exaggeration rave bombastry cotton aureation rhapsody padded stuffed affectation tympany rage extravagant boasting gush bombard phrase purple prose

Danh từ

Something useless or worthless

Danh từ

Ornamental coverings, typically for an animal such as a horse
trappings adornment decoration ornamentation frippery finery ornament trimmings ornaments embellishment livery frills panoply trimming extras adornments apparel fripperies bling fitting fixture furnishing rigging symbols decorations trinkets fallalery jewelry jewellery gewgaws flashiness ostentation pretentiousness showiness gaudiness foppery beautification prettification garnishing tawdriness fussiness gilding garnishment gingerbread luxury glitziness meretriciousness glitz frilliness fanciness frill bells and whistles garnishes trims beautifiers garnitures garnishments doodads caparisons embellishers setoffs accessories enhancement fringes embroidery elaboration flounces furbelows edgings festoons garnish enrichments borders rickracks hems edges trim piping enrichment lace fandangles gimcracks accompaniment embellisher caparison doodad beautifier garniture setoff paraphernalia valances jazz supplements improvement ruffles folderol purflings baubles design complements appurtenances accoutrements accouterments ornateness fringing honour treasure pride objets d'art kickshaws addition flourishes doodahs finishing touches art bibelots pelmets things festoonings braids tinsel bedeckings knickknacks illumination beautifying flounce drapery dingbats fuss adjuncts falderals board honor whatnots bedizenment tchotchkes knick-knacks attachment appendages accompaniments handbags hats belts trumperies covering enhancements purls decorating trapping accessory extra enhancing embellishing flosses designing bedecking flourish Christmas decoration festooning furbelow designings redecorating beatifying prettifying emblazoning flower bijous doobries tsatskes whim-whams froufrous aggrandizements floridity emblazonings decoratings varnishings aggrandisements enlargement jewel dressing up titivation purfles tassels edging figurine jewels leading light patterns figurines flowers pattern leading lights objet d'art knickknack frou frou knick knack auxiliaries side dishes augmentation extension attributes companions rickrack plug-ins add-ons appliances addenda adaptors accessaries options adapters add-ins purfling passementerie fringe frou-frou braid falbalas fimbriations passement festoon excess chichis gimmicks jazziness cherries on top passementeries passements frou-frous edge ruffle objects whimsy devices bagatelles geegaws notions curios conversation pieces gadgets novelties trifle toys souvenirs showpieces bric-a-brac miniatures gauds playthings curiosity thingamajigs ornamentals flummeries sequins spangles carvings features inlays garbage color colour curlicues toolings parquetry cartouches beadings fretwork filigrees garlands extravagance plaque scrolls arabesques gilt

Danh từ

A thing that deceives
deception deceit duplicity fraud cunning deceitfulness dissimulation guile trickery cheating craftiness double-dealing fraudulence craft dissembling treachery wiliness artifice chicanery crookedness deviousness duping hoodwinking underhandedness artfulness bluff deceptiveness hypocrisy lying slyness bluffing cozenage crookery cunningness dishonesty dupery fakery foxiness guilefulness hanky-panky insincerity jiggery-pokery legerdemain obfuscation pretence codology kidology knavery management monkeyshines beguilement betrayal blarney boondoggle circumvention defraudation dirt disinformation equivocation falsehood funny business hokum imposition juggling mendacity monkey business pretense prevarication sophism treason trickiness untruth fast one snow job perfidy subterfuge falseness faithlessness falsity wiles sharp practice skulduggery unfaithfulness disloyalty perfidiousness chicane shenanigans swindling two-timing flimflam imposture infidelity untruthfulness misrepresentation intrigue disingenuousness wile unscrupulousness sophistry corruption slickness sellout hocus-pocus subtlety treacherousness two-facedness double-crossing stab in the back canniness sneakiness subtleness falsification fourberie dirty pool tricks smoke and mirrors bad faith shadiness double-cross phoniness skullduggery cageyness caginess ambidexterity misconduct knavishness dirty dealing business gamesmanship jugglery backstabbing double cross dissemblance fabrication breach of trust spuriousness stratagems shiftiness shrewdness sedition mendaciousness cant Judas kiss breach of faith fiddling ruse disaffection defrauding crime affectation play-acting improbity mischief Punic faith invention untrustworthiness feint traitorousness sleight of hand artificiality criminality subversion unreliability schemes manoeuvres ploys astuteness cleverness ruses graft stratagem inaccuracy mutiny magic scheming distortion hoax prestidigitation dodge let-down quackery maneuvers trapping ambidextrousness racket false-heartedness lies dirty trick dirty work speciousness revolt revolutionary seditiousness fast shuffle feigning sham cozening overreaching entrapping giveaway faking lèse majesté pretentiousness duplicitousness shamming unjustness unfairness seditious act embezzlement posturing rascality perjury illegality evasiveness misleading talk manipulation misbehaviour waffle machinations inconstancy subterfuges devilry back-stabbing jobbery villainy corruptness fudging delinquency evasion art contrivance strategy surreptitiousness carry-on malfeasance scheme tactics piousness counterfeiting ingenuity wrongdoing extortion dirty tricks lawbreaking sell-out fraudulency inveracity illusion lack of veracity fakeness carryings-on foul play scam misbehavior lie goings-on swindle hollowness con conjuring put-on lip service monkey tricks every trick in the book shell game charlatanism co-option co-optation apostasy fibbing ability deceiving misappropriation finesse perspicacity dualism duality twoness one-upmanship telling stories lese-majesty inauthenticity pretension affectedness acting nefariousness dubiousness unlawfulness manoeuvring simulation make-believe persona dishonourableness disingenuity stab in back unnaturalness conduct events happenings behaviour act humbug footwork fixing rebellion furtiveness gambit wire-pulling maneuver talk ploy plot verbiage nonsense manoeuvre machination conjuration escamotage unprincipledness unscrupulosity questionableness questionability stunt joke cheat sting attack posture posing pose self-deception imagination misleading barratry skunk song blackmail shakedown hoky-poky string sell line bamboozlement smoke unrepresentativeness unreliableness illusoriness inaccurateness specious reasoning artful argument maneuvering high treason wound illegitimacy attitudinizing palace intrigue trick recreancy spoof bunco gyp whitewash fake grift act of disloyalty incidents affairs roguishness charade hot air snake oil wooden nickel mistakenness wrongness fictitiousness fallaciousness act of treachery gerrymandering tiff quibble squabble fuss spat song and dance devilishness wickedness disguising concealing masking conjuring tricks illusionism hocuspocus simulacrum putting on an act unveracity activity jive run-around bait and switch casuistry hiding concealment shrouding veiling dexterity dishonour roguery baseness trahison des clercs sweet talk skin game sanctimoniousness glibness unctuousness pharisaism mockery faithless sanctimony pharisaicalness disguise suppression camouflage terminological inexactitude behavior fooling around playing around badness depravity iniquity vileness evil viciousness mystification false colours tartuffery snide backhandedness display dishonor insidiousness bunk infamy lawlessness pettifoggery hankie-pankie turpitude evil-doing being two-faced false profession economy with the truth high jinks muddying confusion hokey-pokey hob impishness deviltry waggery waggishness devilment mischievousness diablerie forgery perversion clouding obliqueness toing and froing comings and goings hustle and bustle doctoring debasement tampering adulteration changing alteration manipulating profiteering venality vitiation misapplication smoke screen subornation bribery demoralization sleaze bribing misfeasance malversation tampering with demoralisation payola shuffle nepotism exploitation palm-greasing dishonest dealings shady dealings being on the take

Tính từ

Showy but worthless
cheap shoddy trashy worthless rubbishy tawdry gaudy meretricious nasty showy useless valueless bad bargain-basement Brummagem bum cheapjack cheesy coarse common cut-rate execrable garish gimcrack inferior junky lousy low-grade low-rent mediocre miserable poor rotten schlock schlocky second-rate shabby sleazy tasteless terrible trifling vulgar wretched brummagem tacky el cheapo substandard duff rubbish unsatisfactory inadequate awful dreadful crummy ropy tatty atrocious third-rate appalling abysmal deficient frightful dire pants pitiful grotty paltry dismal pathetic deplorable a load of pants tinny poxy sorry poor-quality two-bit bush-league defective faulty unacceptable lamentable punk cruddy sad bodger subpar second-class tinhorn low-quality below standard dime-a-dozen imperfect jerry-built laughable crude hopeless diabolical horrible sucky chronic dissatisfactory base lame below par twopenny-halfpenny junk not up to scratch abject disappointing average cheapo incompetent crumby suboptimal naff piss-poor middling mean grubby lemon ratty run-down not much cop cheap and nasty below average a dime a dozen not up to snuff careless abominable makeshift flimsy insufficient grim unspeakable tenth-rate woeful pitiable wanting wrong bush dilapidated off not up to par God-awful dud very bad low hack ordinary direful wack egregious weak seedy cheapie kitsch scroungy poor quality strictly for the birds pinchbeck tattered brassy dime-store entry-level bottom-rung two a penny of a sort low-end rinky-dink not up to much garbagy corny unpleasant cheeseball amateurish negligent insubstantial rickety disgraceful ramshackle meager regrettable badly built kitschy throwaway pits unsound unfortunate dodgy twopenny thrown together commonplace stinking meagre impaired amiss end-of-the-pier slovenly half-pie low quality slipshod second-best cheap-jack no great shakes desperate yucky beastly plastic dingy scruffy pretentious broken-down inglorious low-down second class sour run down disastrous horrendous dirty shlocky calamitous hideous ghastly shlock unsightly scabby scummy scurvy repulsive gross gruesome sordid godforsaken down at heel tinpot reject stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful no good worse poorer déclassé poopy good-for-nothing sub-par not good enough feeble craptacular lacking less-than-stellar under par weak sauce not up to standard ill contemptible inept disagreeable offensive vile shameful loathsome shocking ineffectual ineffective odious detestable despicable subnormal distressing flawed distasteful horrid foul godawful revolting unworthy objectionable disgusting abhorrent leaving much to be desired repugnant displeasing hellacious hostile indifferent unexceptional pedestrian ignoble sickening inefficient downmarket dishonourable rough piddling dishonorable unsuitable critical repellent unfit nauseous obnoxious disreputable petty from hunger scandalous ugly the pits insignificant adverse negligible grievous discreditable unfriendly nauseating inexpert repellant unfavorable trivial noisome intolerable incapable improper undesirable ignominious unfavourable counterproductive reprehensible negative impotent grave untoward antagonistic inimical measly awkward horrifying inappropriate garbage evil obscene rancid damnable crass damaged insufferable icky grody inapt degenerate unsavoury unseemly second rate bungling disapproving snide currish unsympathetic poorly disconcerting unimportant unsavory inefficacious powerless harsh disquieting low-minded sick hateful forbidding a dead loss troublesome uncomfortable disturbing clumsy unimpressive alarming inconsiderable hairy fulsome noxious unsatisfying inhospitable unhappy damaging sneaking inconsequential inexpedient contrary unskilful monstrous excruciating heartbreaking infelicitous corrupt unbearable tragic immoral unproficient pointless futile raffish wicked unavailing meaningless heinous indefensible limited unproductive nugatory unsuited servile unusable inutile failing bogus nothing sterile unprofitable profitless barren unessential waste abandoned restricted adversarial slapdash troubling uncultured crook unstable off-colour discomforting horrific worrisome irksome adversary off colour knocked together lowbrow unsophisticated little unsuccessful untimely severe agonizing stressful daunting unsettling traumatic perturbing unpalatable torturous out of sorts thin inauspicious hamstrung feckless disadvantageous injurious opposing disavowing discouraging unflattering uncomplimentary unrefined serious dangerous unlucky wanky distressful agitating difficult doleful bitter unpropitious perilous catastrophic inopportune minimal tormenting grisly fraught macabre troublous frightening nightmarish no-account impermissible inadmissible antipathetic prejudicial jaundiced jerrybuilt senseless tremendous parlous broken squalid painful sinful tragical cruel bleak gloomy iniquitous threatening ominous unqualified degraded insupportable unpromising worrying afflictive indelicate harrowing downer bummer naysaying counter derisory undistinguished uncouth rude hurtful galling agonising vicious empty unfitted impolite debased dishonest mournful opprobrious unprincipled depressing blameworthy infamous uninspired ridiculous unappealing uninviting inconvenient from hell disgustful loathly unladylike malapropos ungentlemanly ill-advised graceless silly no-good very poor grungy unseasonable affecting uncool minor-league minor league ill-disposed scurrilous stinky irremediable menial raunchy small potatoes god-awful inproficient beyond the pale drossy unable to do something for toffee under the weather of low quality out of order of poor quality not satisfying beyond contempt fumbling ne'er-do-well reduced piteous not so good lesser puny sparing inappreciable dicey tricky ropey well below par wet melancholy inexcusable unscrupulous risky precarious acute hazardous unforgivable backwards dissatisfying hellish rebarbative sickly invalid weakly unequal under-strength depraved preposterous niggling picayune chicken minute footling piffling peanut nominal piddly slight pimping hard impoverished stark pitiless ruthless savage oppressed brutal merciless low-class unfashionable insalubrious cataclysmic underwhelming reprobate dissolute minor destructive unpardonable unconscionable foolish overwhelming dolorous exceptionable tinselly not cutting it maladroit humble slavish poverty-stricken off-color dubious unreasonable questionable unable to do something to save one's life anticlimactic blah condemnable out flashy rueful absurd ludicrous foolish-looking unjustifiable despisable disdainable less than ideal sparse slender unfulfilling inacceptable cowardly plebeian lowly not good erroneous diddly criminal not much chop disparaging ailing bathetic uninteresting brash craven villainous hateworthy irredeemable irretrievable not cricket won't do half-baked not on over the fence not quite the done thing not the best bad news fallacious de minimis Mickey Mouse tardy late unadvantageous discommodious opposed inadvisable swinish off-form beggarly not oneself outcast disillusioning unwell unchivalrous shameless flash tinsel glittering loud found wanting not acceptable bereft too little not okay scant uncharitable dastardly debauched in poor condition botched fumbled falling short queasy decadent impure seamy not all it's cracked up to be lewd modest simple peasant reproachful plain flamboyant flaring glaring jazzy screaming blatant obtrusive sporty glitzy flaunting chintzy brazen nauseated leaving a lot to be desired louche sleazoid avaricious skanky self-seeking mercenary calculated venal covetous catchpenny sombre unnerving discomposing solemn somber humourless annoying humorless sober irritating mortifying upsetting dumbed down low cost unskillful unable cack-handed ham-fisted lacking ability unskilled uncultivated ill-mannered vexatious lurid sedate unendurable small-time fruitless no use saddening afflicting yukky unbecoming indecorous not know one's arse from one's elbow vulnerable losing not equal to ineligible naive unequal to the task out of your depth frail butterfingers inexperienced disqualified unequipped not up to it not up to dependent hollow boorish uncivilized anguished heartrending unlovely unpleasing concerning sorrowful uncongenial chaffy vain null banal nickel-and-dime of no benefit bootless unfructuous to no avail menacing undignified unbefitting roughneck unmannered clodhopping incult oafish unpolished cloddish churlish lowbred illiberal uncivilised rough-hewn brutish slobbish mannerless fair unmannerly ill-bred nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending gut-wrenching off-putting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking foreboding out of place unfitting indiscreet passable moderate so-so festy malfunctioning perverse incongruous incorrect inapposite unapt yucko gnarly medium not worth a hill of beans incomplete non-functioning inoperative run-of-the-mill tolerable middle-of-the-road ill-constructed rowdy out of keeping inelegant malodorous indecent in poor taste ruffian ungodly scratched buckled torn not working cracked warped deformed workaday everyday adequate very unpleasant ill-suited sick-making unremarkable prosaic lackluster lacklustre unexciting buggy not functioning knackered run-of-the-mine OK forgettable run-of-mine immaterial bog-standard vanilla amateur fair-to-middling injured unhealthy on the bum abnormal blemished gone wrong unfinished in disrepair seconds on the blink unreliable ill-fated out of the way in bad taste not so hot of no consequence nothing to write home about plain vanilla not very good

Tính từ

Very showy or ornamented, now especially when excessive, or in a tasteless or vulgar manner
gaudy garish flashy loud glaring ostentatious tacky tasteless vulgar brilliant flash showy bright jazzy brash florid gay raffish tawdry brummagem glittering harsh over-bright violent bilious brassy distasteful flamboyant flaring glitzy lurid nauseating noisy razzle-dazzle sickly splashy swank swanky unattractive blatant bling-bling brazen catchpenny cheap chichi chintzy coarse colourful colorful crude extravagant flaunting frou-frou gross kitschy meretricious obtrusive pzazz pizzazz pretentious ritzy screaming snazzy splendiferous tinsel gussied up in bad taste putting on the ritz trashy ornate bold vivid striking kitsch dazzling eye-catching vibrant resplendent overdone conspicuous naff rich tinselly shoddy common fancy gimcrack intense sleazy shabby tatty over-elaborate bling inferior glowing crass affected theatrical rubbishy Brummagem schlocky junky strong second-rate poor low miserable glittery over the top fancy-pants brightly coloured flaming elaborate sporty cheap and nasty bright-coloured cheapjack pompous OTT outrageous bombastic luxurious dashing grandiose pronounced dicty prominent noticeable low-grade mediocre lousy luxuriant cheesy radiant rotten low-rent psychedelic glamorous kaleidoscopic dramatic blazing deep-coloured plastic shining nasty worthless overwrought classy superfly exciting swashbuckling opulent tony peacocky unrefined sumptuous specious obvious multicoloured paltry baroque multicolored bad execrable cut-rate wretched terrible bum schlock bargain-basement clear rococo sparkling many-coloured spectacular scruffy mean makeshift run-down dingy el cheapo broken-down shameless audacious stylish highly-coloured highly colored sensational histrionic rude uncouth lowbrow cheap-jack splendid pizazzy pizzazzy useless jaunty decorated plush festooned tactless improper lustrous graceless impolite kenspeckle bodacious grabby commanding remarkable catchy marked arresting emphatic offensive unseemly nifty splurgy deep indecorous indelicate bedazzling rough lowbred jerry-built irradiant dilapidated seedy multicolour lively exhibitionistic unmistakable third-rate poor-quality sheeny warm fussy glossy luminescent incandescent gleaming peacockish camp wild motley smart luminous candescent artificial varicoloured prismatic variegated luscious shiny tinny manifest evident in poor taste polychromatic harlequin rainbow lucid grand ropy graphic glistering lambent multicolor exaggerated refulgent beaming rubbish grotty duff ablaze low-down slipshod rainbow-like many-hued arty-farty base looking like an explosion in a paint factory not up to snuff like an explosion in a paint factory frowzy jarring clashing blinding superficial sham painful to look at pinchbeck cheap-looking flowery fakey startling aureate expensive whimsical full richly coloured fresh brave daring saucy adventurous unspeakable dirty twopenny-halfpenny animated visual common as muck corinthian flimsy insubstantial rickety sickening magnificent cheapo convivial merry ramshackle revolting vile inappropriate casual informal bodger titillating shocking daredevil defiant eye-searing badly built outstanding distinct unacceptable substandard inglorious trendy brilliantly coloured fun salient imaginative stimulating effective interesting disgusting thrown together garbagy sucky valueless natty flakey flaky gassy well marked forceful definite plain undiplomatic bizarre dreadful cruddy fiery bloody fluorescent elegant stately trifling actorly multihued sick gruesome embellished ornamented adorned sharp flaunted gilded prosperous imposing beautiful superb iridescent chromatic glowering sanguine livid overbright uptown busy impressive overstated dime-a-dozen two-bit varicolored multichromatic colored gingerbread spiffy snappy schmick rakish sassy scintillating polychrome high-flown gorgeous lavish varied hued versicolor wedding-cake gee-whizz phantasmagoric particoloured coloured picturesque particolored patent parti-colored many-colored multi-coloured many-splendoured flagrant open protruding transparent overt intrusive protuberant inescapable thrusting palpable unconcealed scrubby neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown mangy moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels threadbare grungy down-at-heel ratty timeworn naked undisguised sheer observable perceptible Day-glo inflated straightforward bald unabashed outright unashamed mannered out of place sticking out impudent barefaced undeniable unblushing overambitious inelegant rank brass-necked indisputable cut-and-dried unembarrassed unmitigated insolent egregious arrant outmoded faded out-of-date stodgy frumpy untidy slovenly unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky unkempt messy sloppy unrepentant unsubtle sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb rough-hewn roughneck uncultured incult insensible indiscreet unpolished uncultivated rugged ill-bred illiberal posey la-di-da assuming without shame protrusive deliberate crying overbold in plain sight flaunty conceited heroic snobbish pseudo snippy hifalutin sophomoric vainglorious pseud poseur stupid raunchy hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous off-color unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial unlovely barbaric flatulent toffee-nosed poncey hollow puffed up feigned hyperventilated high-minded put-on stilted highfaluting la-de-da arty too-too fake chi-chi tattered rundown bedraggled crummy decrepit ragged worn squalid run down grubby gone to seed raggedy worn-out down at heel scuzzy worse for wear sorry battered pitiful decaying old slummy frayed insalubrious worn out decayed dismal disheveled derelict sordid ruined sad dishevelled crumbling tired uncared-for bush-league inadequate filthy falling to pieces dodgy deteriorated dowdy ruinous deteriorating below par yucky shacky below standard low quality disreputable awful atrocious abysmal appalling unsatisfactory unpleasant deficient gone to rack and ruin beat up frightful shambly pants downmarket dire torn ragtag well worn rumpty low-quality rinky-dink scraggy low-class in disrepair poor quality down-at-the-heel in ruins a load of pants weather-beaten abject insufficient lamentable deplorable skanky scungy scroungy tinhorn diabolical unmaintained lame holey desolate subpar punk degenerated direful damaged tenth-rate used unfashionable poverty-stricken frazzled in tatters not up to much badly dressed tumble-down seen better days badly maintained the worse for wear in a bad way having seen better days poorly maintained corny seamy unprepossessing average imperfect defective pitiable faulty skeezy dud slimy junk limp lemon cheapie daggy slobbish depressed disfigured bare meager disintegrating meagre ripped slobby half-pie ungroomed sloven frowsy raggedy-ass warby entry-level low-end impaired injured shaggy low cost blowsy no great shakes slatternly down and dirty untended below average dime-store shaky not much cop all the worse for wear bottom-rung unsound blowzy tousled a dime a dozen in shreds falling apart used-up tangled contemptible schlumpy second-class poorly made out at elbows ill-maintained in rags two a penny badly worn full of holes under par draggle-tailed uncombed falling apart at the seams on its last legs thin unsophisticated down scale shopworn bad quality underprivileged deprived down-market indifferent dishonest crooked smirched withering ropey poxy chronic throwaway outworn slumlike twopenny ancient old-fashioned rent ordinary distressed tottering middling menial scabby dumbed down of a sort well-read well-thumbed downscale peaked shattered broken split patched wrecked uncared mucky indigent impoverished sticky gunky gungy uncomfortable disagreeable slum-like in bad repair out of condition in bad condition destroyed marred crumbly hateful horrible creaky antiquated in holes wack wanting off bush sour suboptimal dissatisfactory wrong ill creaking superannuated noddy desultory unpressed unfinished down at the heel worn to shreds shredded poorly pathetic unimproved beat straggly mussy ruffled unstylish styleless ticky-tack ticky-tacky from hunger fallen-in uncared for beaten up fallen in scraggly mussed tumbled snarled torn to pieces weak sauce sub-par quavering shaking in a state of disrepair haggard effete anile crippled fragile messed up mussed up matted rumpled windblown unneat manky commonplace droopy overgrown wilted wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging end-of-the-pier bogus empty garbage no-good despicable good-for-nothing abandoned barren piss-poor grody pigpen Mickey Mouse used up second-best ill-groomed Daliesque clinquant twee mod posturing gimmicky strictly for the birds second class cure pot low in quality

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