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Alternative for anile

anile /'einail/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) bà già; có tính bà già
    • ngu dại, ngu ngốc; lẩm cẩm, lẩn thẩn, lú lẫn


Frail, sickly or of a delicate constitution
weakly weak feeble frail ailing sickly debilitated faltering delicate invalid enfeebled ill decrepit failing unstable faint fragile unsound puny irresolute wobbly insecure shaky unsubstantial wavering vacillating anaemic anemic flimsy halting lame sensile insubstantial laid low sick unwell doddering doddery bedridden wimpish tottering wasted down-and-out weakened wimpy soft sapped softened asthenic effete poorly languid indisposed low tender slight prostrated prostrate enervated unsteady indecisive infirm in poor health in declining health incapacitated unhealthy exhausted brittle drained vitiated shatterable fracturable below par powerless crippled spent trembly vulnerable breakable frangible pathetic strengthless sapless meager meagre weedy valetudinarian crumbly tenuous destructible woozy down bad rotten lousy friable off-color out of sorts shattery worn out out of gas under the weather run-down sick as a dog run down laid-up lacklustre poor lackluster hindered encumbered hampered nesh sensitive susceptible weak-kneed spineless fine played out washed-out declining slender unfit in poor condition impotent helpless splintery smashable etiolated destroyable eggshell shilpit tottery easily broken trembling gentle insufficient half-hearted dopey emasculated flat aged flabby dainty thin fishy wispy spindly fatigued tired weary languorous sluggish depleted beat pooped afflicted low-energy burned out tuckered out a wreck out of commission worn-out broken-down out-of-action tired out groggy awful squeamish on the sick list diseased not in good shape invalided funny iffy achy seedy in a bad way bummed feverish hypochondriacal disordered in pain not oneself peculiar impaired not very well like death warmed up peaky rickety liverish queer off colour green about the gills queasy infected not well terrible wabbit rocky at death's door nauseated nauseous laid up


Worn out or ruined because of age or neglect
decrepit broken-down dilapidated battered crumbling deteriorated ramshackle rickety ruined decaying tumbledown antiquated creaky derelict rundown beat-up creaking decayed deteriorating falling apart run down shabby superannuated worn-out falling to pieces in disrepair in ruins rumpty weather-beaten worn out bedraggled crippled effete flimsy fragile haggard insubstantial quavering seedy shaking tacky threadbare tired tumble-down unsound used worn on its last legs in a state of disrepair worse for wear gone to rack and ruin run-down ill-maintained neglected tattered tatty scruffy ratty moth-eaten tatterdemalion ragged old mean timeworn mangy grungy dumpy sleazy miserable dog-eared scrubby frayed bombed-out dingy ruinous down-at-the-heels down-at-heel disintegrating raggedy faded shaky unkempt shacky gone to seed shoddy shambly uncared-for squalid poor tottering crummy well worn grotty the worse for wear unmaintained holey down at heel falling apart at the seams precarious damaged in tatters rotten unsteady weak unsafe unstable wobbly insecure slummy frail untidy untended broken having seen better days sorry raggedy-ass warby worn to shreds impaired in rags rocky infirm beat up insalubrious collapsing patched wretched dangerous crumbly rent torn depressed in holes injured pitiful desolate scuzzy slipshod in poor condition degenerated frowzy messy destroyed broken down down-at-the-heel unhealthy breaking up in bad condition badly maintained poorly maintained seen better days in a bad way jerry-built tottery hazardous perilous in ribbons wavering ancient rotting decomposing hackneyed withering unreliable time-worn grubby marred stale well-worn trite abandoned dirty outworn wonky lined teetery passé bad clapped out disfigured bare meager wrecked meagre overworked eroding useless dodgy ripped shot out of condition poverty-stricken scraggy overused frazzled shaggy in shreds used-up ragtag caving in falling in out at elbows on your last legs all the worse for wear used up coming apart at the seams poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes beaten-up treacherous dishevelled disheveled uncouth unkept sordid dowdy underprivileged deprived old-fashioned clapped-out peaked shattered uncared downgone contaminated infected septic unwholesome blighted defective split dismal decrepit. in ruins knocked around subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unusable unfit flabby busted dinged totaled wizened raunchy unimproved beat under par below par manky scungy slovenly in bad repair desultory unpressed unfinished crude contemptible shredded delicate mouldering droopy overgrown wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging falling down filthy condemned down at the heel imperfect passe sere depleted etiolated feeble worn-down wrung out pegged out uncared for beaten up loose coming undone not solid not safe not robust mediocre yucky skanky scabby fallen-in rinky-dink fallen in rugged substandard ordinary tawdry base lousy paltry in poor shape debilitated out of shape rachitic unbalanced rattletrap geriatric middling low-grade menial second-rate two-bit sad dying declining rank mucky indigent sick unpleasant impoverished sticky gunky gungy low-rent waning torn to pieces unsecured degenerating failing perishing unsubstantial banal languishing forsaken loosened slack slackened lax spindly relaxed shopworn cliche obligatory stock musty hackney hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged commonplace dated oxidizing in decline rusting oxidising weathered corroded on the decline fluctuant defenseless vacillating endangered immature defenceless rootless hoary wrinkled clichéd disintegrated breaking crumbled on the way out wearing away breaking down on the rocks fordone undone irreparable blasted undid munted irremediable corny unoriginal hurt robbed plundered pillaged spoiled defaced botched mutilated uninhabited harried harmed at risk spoilt out of date old hat disreputable cure pot cheap unwell low ill indisposed poorly diseased invalid bedridden trashy hospitalized feverish incurable gaudy down suffering under medication sick as a dog under the weather in poor health common laid-up hospitalised not up to snuff queasy disordered inferior nauseated not so hot confined funny junky seamy unprepossessing nasty rubbishy sickened crook off low-class peaky ropy schlocky cheesy skeezy slimy out of sorts not oneself down and dirty off colour limp sloppy historic done dateless dishonest crooked smirched slumlike slum-like faulty liverish nauseous pale garbagy dime-a-dozen sucky dreadful cruddy worthless tasteless vulgar queer wabbit grim on the sick list not healthy off-color laid up not in good shape not up to par peculiar not very well off-colour not feeling well punk rough green about the gills not well at death's door kitsch showy garish flash Brummagem loud naff flashy outmoded ostentatious cheap and nasty out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming in bad taste waxy unsuitable poky qualmish green gaunt drained cheapjack gimcrack pinched exhausted hollow-eyed fatigued raddled washed out drawn coarsened with sunken cheeks debauched third-rate poor-quality execrable cut-rate terrible bum tinny schlock cheapo coarse bargain-basement trumpery rubbish duff cheap-jack bodger plastic pretentious el cheapo inglorious makeshift low-down

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