Đồng nghĩa của ratty

Alternative for ratty

  • tính từ
    • có nhiều chuột
    • (thuộc) chuột; như chuột
    • phản bội; đê tiện, đáng khinh
    • hay cáu, hay gắt gỏng
    • ọp ẹp, long tay gãy ngõng

Tính từ

Having a tendency to be easily annoyed or angered
crabby cranky crotchety grumpy irascible irritable short-tempered testy choleric cross fiery grouchy peevish perverse pettish petulant prickly quick-tempered raspy snappish snappy snarky snippety snippy stuffy waspish bad-tempered moody tetchy ill-tempered touchy cantankerous narky crabbed chippy splenetic fractious crusty eggy ill-humored ill-humoured soreheaded liverish huffy surly peckish dyspeptic peppery miffy ill-natured snaky querulous disagreeable curmudgeonly bilious shirty sulky sullen impatient ornery hot-tempered stroppy like a bear with a sore head fretful scratchy edgy captious angry churlish out of sorts sour waxy on a short fuse complaining brusque quarrelsome shrewish morose bitter short-fused whingy volatile bearish in a bad mood out of humor thin-skinned mean uptight cross-grained miserable sorehead difficult snarling annoyed spiteful curt as cross as two sticks grumbling on edge whingeing temperamental contrary awkward gruff acrimonious mardy argumentative acid bloody-minded tense in a mood hotheaded fussy exasperated sharp nasty out of temper disgruntled critical uncooperative whining resentful hot-blooded harsh discontented displeased sensitive short passionate tart caviling waspy cavilling vinegary truculent irritated obstinate cussed piqued cynical scrappy malignant unfriendly carping vindictive irked excitable ireful tooshie malicious whiny dour hostile venomous ugly having got out of bed the wrong side out of humour fault-finding huffish oversensitive obstreperous vexed unsociable peeved bristly aggressive ticklish unpleasant iracund iracundulous tough furious vitriolic ungracious dissatisfied trying sore mumpish acrid saturnine grousing vicious wild hot-headed having got out of bed on the wrong side hot under the collar confrontational recalcitrant refractory feisty glum unhelpful pouty restive upset rude froward irate misanthropic pertinacious abrupt impulsive crybaby belligerent indignant galled malevolent antagonistic inflammable arsey pouting unhappy put out gloomy sarcastic bad uncongenial restless narked hasty provoked salty bellicose faultfinding growling blunt griping fretting childish chuffy riled contentious wicked pugnacious jumpy disputatious filthy mean-spirited easily offended wrathful impetuous malign foul-tempered easily upset fierce nasty-tempered out-of-sorts sharp-tongued embittered pigheaded thrawn bolshie vinegarish hypersensitive brief scornful bad-humored offended choked unruly uneasy spunky acerbic acute plaintive murmuring vehement aggravated snarly atrabilious zowerswopped uncontrollable censorious contumacious contrarious obstructive balky grudging terse overwrought distraught worried uncomfortable moping miffed perversely irritable disobliging jaundiced like a bear forceful indomitable uncompliant indocile ungenerous anxious stressed fidgety toey foul combative cruel impolite discourteous got up on wrong side of bed grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing negative crying deploring lamenting menacing unindulgent hurt stewed nettled angered insulted dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable highly strung perturbable unlikable uncharitable inhospitable catty inconsiderate unsympathetic hypercritical aggrieved sharp-tempered brooding eristic threatening dark rancorous abusive worked up wrought up agitated ill at ease distressed unsettled wired up wound up outraged huffy irascible hard to please unkind hurtful joyless hateful militant bundle of nerves having short fuse hot under collar evil livid apoplectic wreck rattled unquiet overstrung twitchy nervous maleficent baleful viperous mad steamed psyched up angerful frenzied fuming disapproving ranting in a temper raving cold convulsed ferocious cheerless glowering louring poisonous malefic steamed up crook vex ropeable het up hoha wroth black enraged aerated evil-minded evil-intentioned hate-filled ticked off teed off not best pleased hopping mad bent out of shape in a paddy up in arms on the warpath foaming at the mouth hacked off in a bate in a lather fit to be tied apt to fly off the handle violent emotional warlike agonistic discordant assaultive gladiatorial explosive defiant high-strung brawly neurotic tempestuous impassioned skittish jittery warring disputative inflamed excited headstrong hot intense stormy rough infuriated litigious incensed ardent melodramatic heated nervy raging rabid battling wired fighting antsy envenomed perturbed savage incandescent aggers stressy destructive keyed up uncivil caustic adversarial offensive spoiling for a fight inimical loudmouthed mercurial factious fervent virulent fervid scathing animated unstable lively wrangling brittle mopey troubled ballistic rankled spirited bickering apprehensive overemotional ill-mannered burning ticked seething boorish pernicious adrenalized brawling agitable hysterical frantic feverish turbulent demonstrative foaming boiling roiled hawkish insecure quick militaristic steaming enflamed infuriate rebellious volcanic shaken oppugnant hopping riley biffo warmongering hinky goosey dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter storming spare passional sabre-rattling wilful willful ready for a fight hung up cheesed off beside oneself easily provoked going crook easily agitated easily frightened seeing red horn-mad ready to fight in a huff in a fume have a bone to pick blue in the face in bad mood beside yourself with rage in a pet have chip on shoulder in high dudgeon with all guns blazing prima donna-ish in a frenzy scowling humourless humorless disrespectful frowning mopish unsmiling tempersome naysaying broody dejected provocative blue wounded mopy kittle mighty antipathetic wriggly pushy flip squirmy jingoistic battleful antagonized wiggly maddened hacked very angry bloodthirsty tilting wrestling martial skirmishing controversial polemical polemic dissentious on the outs at loggerheads looking for trouble have it in for roused rousted dramatic ructious arguesome under arms bugged frustrated over-emotional a bundle of nerves all wound up keen glowing dogged scandalized buffaloed war steamed-up hottempered antagonised shocked scandalised self-assertive itching to fight having a chip on one's shoulder disturbed mordant skittery fluttery spooky flighty hyperexcitable spasmodic hyperkinetic fed up browned off torrid charged amorous blazing trenchant tumultuous boiling mad hyperactive hyper sardonic cutting all steamed up raging mad peed off overcome with anger at boiling point discomposed uncontrolled alarmable rash intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic overzealous susceptible in a rage beside yourself rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket off the air burned up bummed out at end of one's rope hot and bothered pushed too far in a filthy temper barbed paroxysmal cyclonic convulsive effusive vigorous zealous abrasive crude alarmed fearful all shook up withering biting pointed unceremonious knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts aroused hammer and tongs bang-bang distracted short fused self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited mordacious brusk stinging vitriolous blowing hot and cold undiplomatic offhand flaming warm perfervid nutty dismayed harassed tormented shaky anguished perplexed bothered wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant afraid all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive cavalier bluff astringent corrosive fiddle-footed searing wounding acidulous brisk slashing red-hot warm-blooded gung-ho razor-edged rapier-like breviloquent thoughtless unmannerly dripping with malice squint-eyed stubborn demanding direct graceless uncompromising bad-mannered short-spoken no-nonsense overbearing unrelenting unreasonable unamenable grim intractable unaccommodating matter-of-fact to the point hardheaded hard-nosed obdurate picky fastidious rigid inflexible tyrannical finicky on tenterhooks strong-minded hard-line tiresome unmanageable bull-headed steadfast choosy resolute immovable oafish opinionated delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive unflinching overcritical wrong-headed particular over-particular dictatorial importunate pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways finical hard to handle invidious fiendish uppity troublesome stiff stiff-necked hard to satisfy irritating inexorable unyielding opinionative unbending perfectionist on pins and needles like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks

Tính từ

Displaying severe degradation and neglect
shabby seedy dilapidated scruffy mangy mean tatty grungy tumbledown miserable dumpy tacky tatterdemalion threadbare neglected scrubby sleazy timeworn run-down beat-up moth-eaten dog-eared down-at-the-heels bombed-out down-at-heel tattered ragged rundown decrepit squalid worn broken-down raggedy shoddy bedraggled frayed worn-out run down grotty gone to seed dingy ramshackle unkempt scuzzy sorry faded worse for wear grubby down at heel old crummy decaying battered worn out slummy deteriorated poor crumbling rickety decayed sordid ruined falling to pieces well worn wretched ruinous filthy derelict beat up yucky holey uncared-for insalubrious deteriorating raggedy-ass warby in tatters rough tired scungy dodgy damaged base untidy shacky falling apart at the seams having seen better days the worse for wear seamy gone to rack and ruin cheap pitiful desolate used slipshod impaired disreputable degenerated unpleasant unmaintained dismal low destroyed shambly slimy skanky ragtag in rags slovenly poverty-stricken rumpty disheveled paltry torn frowzy dishevelled down-at-the-heel messy down and dirty poorly maintained in ruins in disrepair on its last legs weather-beaten in a bad way seen better days badly maintained dirty patched in ribbons disfigured bare meager meagre unprepossessing tawdry nasty overused dowdy in holes worn to shreds time-worn depressed trashy injured second-rate sloppy disintegrating skeezy rent low-class scraggy out at elbows clapped out limp in shreds used-up all the worse for wear untended shaky falling apart tumble-down underprivileged deprived outworn withering ancient old-fashioned slumlike smirched dishonest crooked tottering scabby overworked well-thumbed well-read broken frazzled shaggy rugged ripped uncared wrecked rank mucky indigent impoverished sick sticky gunky gungy busted dinged totaled lined wizened slum-like peaked shattered crumbly unsound marred bad mediocre in bad repair out of condition below par in bad condition under par substandard lousy ordinary scroungy decrepit. in ruins tasteless crude gaudy vulgar middling low-grade menial two-bit sad raunchy unimproved beat worn-down wrung out pegged out well-worn low-rent kitsch showy garish fallen-in ill-maintained uncared for beaten up fallen in rinky-dink poorly made badly dressed torn to pieces badly worn full of holes broken down falling down manky flash Brummagem common loud passé droopy overgrown wilted drooping sickly wilting ailing sagging flagging flashy naff used up outmoded ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky stodgy frumpy passe sere etiolated useless hackneyed shot stale depleted effete trite cheap and nasty in bad taste cure pot in a state of disrepair creaky creaking unsafe insecure precarious antiquated infirm flimsy abandoned fragile rotten godforsaken historic done dateless worm-eaten unweeded uncultivated unlivable unoccupiable hazardous treacherous perilous dangerous unsteady weedgrown wild woebegone unsavoury unsavory faulty defective uninhabitable uncouth unkept in poor condition contaminated infected septic unhealthy blighted unwholesome superannuated imperfect jerry-built frail weak feeble wobbly quavering shaking crippled insubstantial haggard anile rachitic unbalanced wavering unstable rattletrap tottery geriatric rocky condemned munted blasted dying declining waning botched spoilt mutilated hurt robbed uninhabited plundered pillaged harried spoiled harmed defaced collapsing degenerating failing perishing forsaken languishing oxidising oxidizing eroding in decline rusting on the decline breaking up on the way out wearing away on the rocks breaking down

Tính từ

Cross and irritable
angry annoyed cross irritated disgruntled displeased exasperated irked piqued testy vexed aggrieved furious huffy incensed infuriated irate resentful aggravated choleric enraged fed up mad miffed miffy nettled peeved put out riled wrathful in a temper irritable narked shirty crabbed crook eggy impatient in a bad mood in a huff in high dudgeon snaky snappy sore tetchy touchy vex brassed off browned off cheesed off chippy hacked off ireful peed off short-tempered snuffy tooshie wrath not best pleased teed off ticked off foaming at the mouth hot under the collar bent out of shape bothered flustered galled scunnered upset indignant ruffled harassed angered provoked maddened disturbed troubled worked up wound up out of humour anxious excited boiling burning with excitement het up steaming hoha affronted frustrated hurt offended harried agitated surly grouchy sulky ropeable hassled prickly crabby grumpy snitty ill-tempered bad-tempered ill-humored out of sorts in a lather steamed up quick-tempered ill-humoured dissatisfied stung discontented unhappy outraged inflamed fuming perturbed steamed distressed disaffected pained malcontent discontent livid malcontented rankled ballistic ticked apoplectic rabid hot roiled infuriate hopping wroth riley enflamed foaming horn-mad injured wounded needled insulted complaining rattled worried grieved sullen grumbling hot-tempered disappointed bellyaching afflicted griping kvetching ungratified in a pet fit to be tied blue in the face out of joint in a fume going crook hopping mad anguished goaded reproachful chafed weary bored depressed tired discouraged disheartened rebellious bitter restive confused fretted rancorous tormented factious fretful acrimonious perplexed slighted snubbed miserable envious dissentious troublemaking embittered out of countenance querulous chagrined fault-finding carping nitpicking disgusted salty restless unsatisfied ill-disposed picky blue disquieted acrid weighty grieving hard annoying distressing belly-aching with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the teeth sick and tired fed up to the back teeth sick to death petulant peevish churlish irascible seething antagonized storming pushed too far rousted seeing red in a rage very angry in a frenzy off the air in a paddy soreheaded frantic beside yourself raving splenetic spare dogged stroppy up in arms at boiling point raging on the warpath frenzied raging mad all steamed up beside oneself overcome with anger rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket with all guns blazing antagonistic scandalised dark burned up as cross as two sticks bummed out waxy hacked hostile at end of one's rope uptight bugged roused boiling mad heated in a bate choked in a filthy temper buffaloed passionate incandescent beside yourself with rage hot and bothered ranting antagonised scandalized aerated shocked wild grousing cranky out of temper bad tempered crabbing kicking uncontent critical

Tính từ

Deserving hatred and contempt
nasty dirty despicable contemptible wretched mean deplorable lousy sorry cheap pitiable grubby lame paltry pitiful scummy scurvy cruddy scabby sneaking vile rotten sordid dreadful awful appalling loathsome detestable abominable terrible base odious low abject execrable dishonourable abhorrent dishonorable bad distasteful horrible shameful pathetic atrocious offensive disgusting ignominious revolting repulsive shabby unsavoury ignoble unsavory wicked low-down shocking beastly foul God-awful disagreeable unpleasant miserable disgraceful repugnant poor repellent sickening disreputable worthless filthy nauseating obnoxious frightful diabolical horrid unfair squalid illegal stinking horrendous hideous grotty yucky gross scandalous snide ghastly gruesome currish unsportsmanlike bum lamentable low-minded dire sad hateful reprehensible unscrupulous woeful discreditable unprincipled degenerate inadequate objectionable unappetizing nauseous sleazy inferior unpalatable noxious malodorous noisome rancid icky uninviting smelly rank acrid putrid fetid skanky polluted mephitic ugly pongy stinky whiffy no-good niffy smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched black repellant fulsome dingy yukky draggled befouled smutty bitter grimy blackened grungy funky displeasing obscene miasmal sullied loathly uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing harsh muddy begrimed evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly sour soiled disgustful yucko festy olid scungy foetid hellish poison ungodly unholy on the nose sick-making off-putting abysmal underhanded deceitful unsatisfactory despisable substandard unacceptable unethical chronic heinous unworthy crummy immoral disastrous meanspirited disdainable unspeakable nefarious cowardly sneaky pants deceptive crass foul-smelling evil-smelling shoddy beggarly calamitous horrifying villainous slimy faulty petty beyond the pale a load of pants beyond contempt vicious hopeless feeble useless laughable callous pits dislikable thoughtless shameless unfortunate well below par degraded hard-hearted narrow-minded regrettable grievous hateworthy measly swinish outcast malicious malevolent disrespectful dishonest depraved graceless slipshod malignant indecent vulgar unhappy distressing crooked fraudulent corrupt melancholy heartbreaking very bad unsporting treacherous crafty dismal mediocre double-dealing ungentlemanly cunning devious sly underhand wily dilapidated trashy punk good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account shifty conniving designing shady calculating guileful Machiavellian cheating crumby suboptimal subpar wanting junky deficient dissatisfactory wrong rubbishy bush sucky shrewd illegitimate unlawful deceiving inequitable unsportsmanly blameworthy downer mournful intolerable overwhelming bummer godawful unbearable grim dolorous afflictive opprobrious slick scheming knavish common schlock degrading caitiff infamous off-color illicit ill-gotten against the rules below the belt not cricket Janus-faced out of order low-quality run down cheesy flimsy bush-league cut-rate shlocky low-rent wack el cheapo seedy shlock low-grade unsightly weak schlocky gimcrack off cheapjack second-rate coarse bargain-basement godforsaken down at heel trumpery below contempt beneath contempt dirty rotten low-life insignificant negligible poxy outrageous inglorious insufficient trifling derisory piddling trivial meagre footling unimportant small tawdry crude ordinary egregious inconsequential meager unforgivable piffling slight debased inexcusable improper monstrous louche dodgy stingy menial picayune third-rate two-bit nominal second-class imperfect rubbish servile direful lowly below par unrespectable below standard under par miserly notorious unseemly middling accursed poorer minor dastardly iniquitous subnormal sub-par inconsiderable undignified niggling humble indefensible below average unsound minute unbecoming shy nickel-and-dime mingy flagitious lewd piddly pimping chicken peanut ropy duff average junk not up to snuff untrustworthy little puny indifferent lemon downmarket humiliating cursed nugatory flawed pedestrian unexceptional modest ridiculous Mickey Mouse de minimis unpardonable shaming ungenerous hack insubstantial dime-a-dozen not up to much déclassé leaving much to be desired the pits demeaning plebeian inappropriate mortifying rascally tiny unfit scanty confounded preposterous token ludicrous reprobate skimpy debasing absurd low-end seamy unsuitable sinful penny-ante derogatory rueful impure insupportable lesser indelicate criminal exceptionable disappointing meaningless blithering abandoned belittling secondary subordinate lower-class junior questionable exiguous flaming tragic defective minimal light infernal damnable lower insulting valueless nothing scant tenth-rate risible scoundrelly lean rude hated cruel undeserving slavish uncharitable mean-spirited detested distressed unbefitting cheerless twopenny-halfpenny mercenary execrated joyless piteous lowering impoverished destitute reduced heartrending groveling proletarian loathed despised comfortless subservient debauched unjustifiable abominated horrific dissolute flagrant simple derisive ribald unwashed grovelling gloomy affecting raunchy embarrassing lowborn prole poverty-stricken lumpen undistinguished indigent sleazoid disparaging derogative depreciative contemptuous pejorative depreciatory denigrative denigratory slighting detractive scornful decrying uncomplimentary deprecatory disdainful recreant uncouth dubious unpretentious silly licentious dinky cheapening unconscionable out of place slippery inessential uncomfortable condemnable undesirable fiddling discrediting infra dig low-ranking of little account unrefined foolish pettifogging out of keeping indecorous scurrilous tatty frivolous insufferable small-fry scrubby humdrum bringing shame baseborn small-time scratch shallow irrelevant casual shoestring inconsequent low-born from hunger bogus sterile ineffectual drossy unprofitable unproductive pointless unavailing poor-quality futile profitless barren unessential waste counterproductive inutile unusable ineffective doggish ne'er-do-well unkind misbegotten merciful shiftless twopenny traitorous perfidious craven feckless incompetent unheroic unsuccessful unchivalrous blackguardly decadent disingenuous senseless unreliable grave base-minded avaricious failed selfish inconsiderate natty tinny moving compassionate afflicted stirring arousing touching commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful peasant reproachful plain calculated venal covetous stupid patronizing depreciating condescending sneering ill minuscule creepy commonplace abhorred poorly tacky unregenerate inappreciable cringe-making crying ill-famed patronising grody hateable incidental needy inelegant in poor taste intemperate drunken profligate immodest carnal jerry-built weak sauce inept catastrophic god-awful cataclysmic foolish-looking perverse unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant small-bore maggot mischievous fiendish roguish devilish self-seeking of little consequence underprivileged pesky bogging uncool pestiferous invidious ruthful not worth bothering about unconsiderable not worth mentioning of no account limited severe unremarkable rough restricted wet penniless beggared obscure humiliated meek dejected deferent hangdog self-effacing pixieish scampish arch puckish pixy prankish tricksy impish pixie lying leprechaunish waggish elvish sparse of low birth plebby working-class of low rank spare penurious impecunious unwarrantable frolicsome arrant comical farcical cockamamie cockamamy short cheapie unassuming subsidiary second-string needful broke down-and-out famished skint pauperized dirt-poor necessitous threadbare suspect disorderly wanky inexpiable of bad reputation unwholesome suspicious slender ancillary second-fiddle smaller bottom hard up fishy empty slim skimp sparing scarce small-minded potty declassed libidinous slighter lower-ranking impermissible inadmissible suggestive amateurish unimpressive irremissible diminutive blue unreasonable earthy X-rated bawdy cheapo irremediable garbage out minor-league lower in status undersized lower in rank third-string subjacent no good in bad inacceptable unappealing reject deadly unpermissible untenable unallowable mortal naughty racy pornographic profane grudging in low esteem in the doghouse salacious colourful scatological Rabelaisian poor quality won't do half-baked of low quality not up to par not on second rate of poor quality not up to scratch over the fence less-than-stellar not quite the done thing not up to standard incongruous inconsistent unfitting incompatible entry-level bottom-rung second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone not so important spiteful scatologic locker-room beneath risqué porn porno abusive foul-mouthed blasphemous not forgivable ineligible narrow Lilliputian sectarian illiberal insular provincial parochial tasteless porny spicy fruity off colour wanton steamy saucy gamy lascivious stag gutter unprintable dreary concupiscent adult bleak depressing unfitting to blamable unmerited unsuitable for improper to inappropriate to desolate mean-minded raw near the knuckle hard-core outlandish bad-mannered close to the bone colorful soft-core discourteous fractious out of character unbecoming to sombre drab dark solemn somber disheartening discouraging unpromising sullen morose drear corrupting downgrading funereal morbid petty-minded resentful vindictive forlorn depressive sepulchral dreich lugubrious saturnine glum sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit not good enough Cimmerian

Tính từ

Insignificant or worthless
two-bit inferior shoddy poor trashy junky lousy worthless cheesy base cruddy gaudy sleazy tatty garbage valueless catchpenny piddling second-rate no good rinky-dink small-time tacky tawdry crummy shabby substandard common cheap bad grotty cheapo average mediocre meretricious pitiable rubbishy pitiful dud below par cheapie kitsch rubbish dime-a-dozen execrable inadequate tinhorn low-grade ropy dime-store duff a dime a dozen grubby scroungy deficient gimcrack bush-league Brummagem bottom-rung below standard junk run-down naff low-rent cheapjack twopenny-halfpenny el cheapo wretched two a penny nasty entry-level cheap and nasty tinny pinchbeck punk subpar brassy below average poor-quality third-rate low-end lemon sorry sad second-class paltry tattered not up to much trumpery lame inelegant unstylish dowdy styleless ticky-tacky ticky-tack unfashionable tasteless abandoned poor quality bogus no-good low in quality flimsy barren empty useless despicable good-for-nothing grungy miserable tenth-rate grody rotten low-quality terrible manky schlocky cut-rate dreadful unsatisfactory unacceptable not up to snuff drecky bum bargain-basement awful atrocious deplorable abysmal disastrous horrendous abominable appalling diabolical pathetic lamentable horrid damnable laughable not up to scratch horrible less-than-stellar under par schlock imperfect objectionable dismal faulty crude defective disagreeable disappointing wanting disgraceful stinking not up to par odious wack crumby garbagy sub-par scurrilous beastly insufferable meager dire dissatisfactory gross irremediable meagre reprehensible sucky indefensible stinky coarse jerry-built unsound unworthy revolting repulsive middling hack ordinary repellant repellent hellish rancid disgustful hellacious rebarbative loathly dingy scruffy slipshod broken-down mean bad news raunchy downer icky unspeakable diddly egregious rough fallacious bummer godawful detestable the pits poxy grim pants not good chronic erroneous not the best blah frightful won't do over the fence impermissible inacceptable exceptionable not on distasteful unappealing dodgy offensive intolerable woeful dubious insupportable insufficient from hunger loathsome suboptimal contemptible not quite the done thing hopeless amateurish displeasing condemnable God-awful half-baked out low second rate vile not cricket obnoxious off wrong unreasonable questionable uninviting improper abject inadmissible unsuitable unimpressive inappropriate of poor quality repugnant not up to standard undesirable beyond the pale unseemly bush of low quality reject out of order

Tính từ


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