Đồng nghĩa của scanty

Alternative for scanty

scantier, scantiest

Đồng nghĩa: inconsiderable, meager, negligible, scarce, skimpy, slight, small, sparse,

Trái nghĩa: ample,

Tính từ

Small or insufficient in quantity or amount
sparse meagre poor scant restricted inadequate insufficient thin deficient exiguous limited minimal scarce small modest negligible sparing tiny measly narrow paltry pathetic sketchy slender bare hand-to-mouth light meager mingy piddling skimp skimpy slim spare stingy thinning not enough too few too little too small close failing flimsy little rare scrimpy shy tight wanting in short supply barely sufficient few and far between thin on the ground insubstantial slight inconsiderable short insignificant trifling inappreciable miserable nominal trivial puny low inconsequential petty pitiful derisory lacking piffling miserly beggarly lean mean minute unimportant picayune minor marginal worthless reduced few piddly nugatory niggling minimum weak ungenerous footling incomplete shabby Mickey Mouse tenuous at a premium dinky pimping unfinished sporadic pitiable poxy no-account infinitesimal de minimis scattered mere base incidental hard to come by immaterial chicken peanut infrequent frivolous faulty irrelevant imperfect occasional diminished nickel-and-dime hard to find subtle barren fractional minuscule unsubstantial imperceptible meaningless uncommon casual defective wretched sorry lightweight pointless ordinary fiddling bereft nonessential shoddy contemptible of little account too little too late second-rate scrimp lamentable of no account of no consequence small-fry inferior depleted not worth mentioning subnormal lowly bitty feeble diminutive unproductive finite middling incommensurate patchy secondary frugal unsatisfactory lesser disappointing destitute non-essential like gold dust not to be had lousy of little consequence of little importance of no importance unfrequent not to be had for love nor money shoestring vague peripheral unfruitful infertile confined superficial faint basic stunted dwindling dispersed unsufficient stinted rudimentary circumscribed determinate defined definite measured scrappy token trite thinly distributed pettifogging missing nondescript valueless flawed fragmentary impaired set ineffectual dry purportless drained substandard unsound inessential twopenny-halfpenny devoid ignorable hardly any seldom semioccasional straggling foolish needing less little or no small-bore unusual of minor importance small-time needed of no moment seldom met with seldom seen not worth speaking of not worth bothering about not up to scratch low in numbers out of the ordinary leaving much to be desired despicable subsidiary useless wispy little bitty smallish on the small side penurious toytown economical lame laughable partial scrubby parsimonious junk gentle diffuse basal just only trashy sleazy common unconsequential smaller low on short-handed short on not much very mediocre next to none next to no minor-league of no great concern two-bit low-ranking cut bush-league everyday woeful insipid unconsiderable sad unqualified not hacking it coming up short not making it silly commonplace cheap lilliputian penny-ante idle scarcer than hen's teeth truncated threatened shortened run-down wanky incapable unample incompetent minus unfitted no biggie neither here nor there two bit unconsidered wimpy big zero all the same small potatoes entry level of no significance runt inappropriate shrimp momentary microscopic skin-deep atomic beside the point evanescent vanishing in the minority seldom found widely spaced at a low level fair no more than short of out of average unsatisfying unacceptable medium tolerable moderate median unexceptional absent not good enough extraneous senseless unrefined not acceptable unpolished not up to standard bodger omitted not up to par burned out empty gone unfulfilled in default cut off not up to expectations cooked away bankrupt below par out of gas deprived half-baked not much cop acceptable passable midsize midsized satisfactory adequate duff unsuitable unworthy unassembled undersupplied injured amiss marred unequal underprovided damaged of little import intermediate middle cursory perfunctory outta gas found wanting third string second string second fiddle not make it not cut out for rough crude outline imprecise unthinkable unlikely unimaginable subtile outstanding inconceivable strange preeminent magnificent standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary unique singular towering remarkable unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated recherche hurried hasty fuzzy provisional cobbled together shallow introductory unclear hazy depthless woolly uncritical wooly preliminary coarse cramped compact constricted confining on the back of an envelope congested squeezed incapacious pinched compressed choked tapered tapering fine jammed skinny hairline bounded needlelike ultrathin contracted near straitened narrowing incommodious strait taper threadlike pent shrunken fixed narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim futile ineffective profitless vain unavailing unprofitable subordinate fruitless hollow nothing bootless unsuccessful null junior lower ignoble unessential inutile unnecessary second-string purposeless inane frothy abortive unconvincing inept counterproductive accessory sterile puerile inefficacious no-good implausible otiose to no avail unusable undistinguished humble bogus waste abandoned dependent tacky inconsequent banal frail ridiculous chaffy humdrum insulting junky flighty time-wasting unfructuous ludicrous failed preposterous quibbling no great shakes absurd outrageous risible below the mark of no value cavilling nit-picking void to no effect tame mild indifferent transparent scratch subservient illogical pants caviling unpretentious abject drossy good-for-nothing ancillary second-class under plebeian rubbishy unreasonable younger subaltern no use fragile simple inglorious farcical incredible non-successful second-fiddle inefficient featherbrained fallacious unremarkable vapid smalltime of no merit third-string low-born impotent powerless airy a dime a dozen second-banana lower-class obscure in vain forceless withered empty-headed of no use spineless neutralized indecisive unable to no purpose inoperative defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic half-hearted ne'er-do-well dismal picky fussy symbolic diddly finicky potty cockamamie cockamamy derisive comical impractical neglectable rinky-dink tinpot zero zilch zip irrational undemanding peppercorn deplorable hairsplitting sophisticated unintellectual wet flat invalid unreal motiveless jejune loitering idling unreasoning aimless uncelebrated crummy dead suspect featherweight imponderous fatuous flippant unhelpful nonrational unavailable emasculate slack-spined no go no way not effective phony shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable no big deal no big thing casuistic captious equivocating sophistical thankless unrewarding absolute illegitimate hardly worth mentioning without depth least smallest littlest slightest unsalable of no earthly use nanoscopic menial proletarian lowest minutest tiniest fewest merest unassuming impalpable indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible phoney baseborn underprivileged baulked misfired thwarted glib simplistic auxiliary severe unwashed frustrated foiled light-headed harebrained light-minded ditzy giddy lightheaded goofy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained yeasty demeaning degrading low-grade bottom supplementary intangible ephemeral indiscernible invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct inconspicuous just a vulgar lowborn prole no better than only a no-win misleading hopeless unnotable not a prayer without success on a treadmill delusive in vicious circle going nowhere shuck delusory balked schematic ungrounded false unpersuasive baseless groundless controvertible assailable wishful weakly unbelievable frilly lacking substance uncouth lumpen very little unfit working-class smallest amount of of low birth plebby low-life of low rank sordid least possible slighter poorer ignominious servile lower-ranking facile surface ignorant oversimplified additional extra attendant lighthearted lower in status undersized subjacent lower in rank tributary collateral satellite contributory outranked sub adjuvant unthinking unintelligent wishy-washy unscholarly one-dimensional desultory hamstrung inexpedient feckless entry-level bottom-rung back seat less important beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important not so important slapdash passing null and void invertebrate typical plain mundane bland drab uninteresting usual unmemorable pedestrian unexciting uninspiring dull routine boring unnoteworthy vanilla normal unimpressive nodding slipshod offhand rapid rushed of no benefit prosaic uneventful uninspired rubbish workaday fleeting inattentive quick characterless whatever two a penny a dead loss insincere surface-level flash summary feigning dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard not worth a hill of beans

Tính từ

Not happening on a frequent basis
infrequent rare scarce uncommon sporadic odd occasional irregular unusual isolated intermittent scattered exceptional scant unaccustomed fitful sparse limited seldom spasmodic meagre meager unwonted few semioccasional sometime stray few and far between thin on the ground out of the common like gold dust once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth erratic uncustomary aberrated aberrant unlikely anomalous abnormal atypical aperiodic episodic casual episodical discontinuous outré periodic rarefied periodical unexpected unconventional surprising uncharacteristic unfrequent unorthodox unique unheard of out of the ordinary extraordinary strange peculiar singular deviant weird queer bizarre freakish especial phenomenal freak freaky exceeding preternatural way out out of the way curious divergent different quirky oddball extraordinaire funny something else seldom found off the wall seldom seen unfamiliar alien untypical unrepresentative off-centre eccentric wacko unnatural wacky non-typical aberrational devious deviate kinky left-field heteroclite offbeat novel unprecedented inconsistent outlandish special conspicuous inconceivable incredible unthinkable notable noteworthy incomparable distinct wonderful unimaginable unexampled unordinary out-of-the-way unheard-of seldom met with wayward deviating remarkable idiosyncratic monstrous nonstandard malformed twisted perverted unhealthy perverse warped wanting in short supply deficient distorted screwy heterodox corrupt anomalistic unnormal heteromorphic fantastic out there off-color off-the-wall out of line off-base not normal nonconforming rum unconforming out of keeping

Tính từ

Lacking in material possessions or financial wealth
necessitous needy destitute impecunious impoverished penniless penurious poor poverty-stricken hard up indigent needful underprivileged beggared disadvantaged pauperized in need badly off beggarly broke dirt-poor down-and-out famished skint threadbare short of money bankrupt empty-handed flat fortuneless in reduced circumstances insolvent in straitened circumstances low meagre meager moneyless pinched reduced strapped suffering unprosperous in Queer Street on the breadline bad off dirt poor flat broke in want stone broke truly needy unable to make ends meet behind eight ball on one's uppers as poor as a church mouse without two farthings to rub together without two pennies to rub together without two brass farthings to rub together stony broke strapped for cash without a sou deprived cleaned out down and out out at elbows out of pocket ruined down on one's luck in penury bust distressed without a penny down at heel on your uppers boracic short without a red cent in the red boracic lint without a bean stony-broke without a brass farthing unable to keep the wolf from the door depressed low-income lacking homeless dead broke on skid row unlucky unfortunate on your beam-ends hard-pressed in debt on the rocks wanting clean broken straitened struggling stony busted up against it wiped out tapped out have-not in the gutter in distress handicapped on the bread line without two pennies farthings to rub together without a shot in one's locker bankrupted unfavored unaffluent requiring help severe difficult extremely poor crippled unprivileged unmoneyed impencunious stranded on one's beam-ends craptastic without a penny to one's name low-paid in distressed circumstances over a barrel on last leg without a dime discriminated against base down to last cent miserably poor very poor financially poor empty hurting sterile indebted down to last penny overdrawn denuded bereft in dire circumstances in great need vile cashless in reduced derelict forlorn without a penny to your name hindered impaired wretched despicable mean stripped totaled divested deficient dispossessed rundown in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together in a bad way financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash beaten vagrant vagabond defeated outcast finished squalid miserable shabby pathetic shoddy foul sordid deprived of devoid of played out in need of ill-fated neglected hapless ill-starred on one's beam ends poor as a church mouse in Chapter 11 without money pitiful unpleasant abject in dire straits on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse on the streets contemptible stone-broke out of money seedy failed lost gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street gone to the wall in the hands of the receivers economically deprived financially disadvantaged workless unemployed laid off jobless between jobs redundant living rough sleeping rough idle of no fixed address of no fixed abode out of a job resting signing on down-at-heel on the dole economically disadvantaged spent smashed on the wallaby track in arrears owing money belly up exhausted depleted cleared out liquidated out of business slummy defaulting ghetto ghost shanty foreclosed collapsed undone run down skid row run-down unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners

Tính từ

Niggardly with money
penurious mean miserly parsimonious close stingy ungenerous close-fisted penny-pinching mingy near scrimping tight tightfisted avaricious cheese-paring frugal grasping greedy grudging skimping cheap chintzy closefisted illiberal pinching pinchpenny Scrooge-like spare sparing stinting tight-fisted uncharitable cheeseparing money-grabbing money-grubbing costive curmudgeonly economical hoarding pennywise saving thrifty ungiving selfish covetous acquisitive rapacious snoep grabby skinflinty petty churlish chary miserable prudent skinflint hungry mercenary cheapskate beggarly provident skimpy economizing unwasteful materialistic economising meager moneygrubbing coveting avid meagre desirous tightwad hard-fisted scrimpy money-conscious ironfisted gluttonous venal careful canny efficient cost-effective usurious time-saving work-saving money-saving grabbing watchful circumspect on the rims prudential penny-wise methodical practical abstemious pleonectic cautious predatory possessive Mammonish Mammonistic money-oriented forehanded insatiable prehensile itchy pennypinching pinchfisted close-handed not generous tight-wad narrow cupidinous sensible stewardly wary puritanical ascetic masochistic cost-conscious careful with money derisory scrounging abject sordid ignoble extorting extortionate voracious Scotch on the make swinish hoggish money hungry money motivated rude edacious crude esurient piggy ravenous boorish gobbling self-indulgent guzzling craving ravening eager piggish devouring carnivorous gulping gormandizing insatiate intemperate omnivorous worldly gross exacting quaestuary corrupt wolfish prodigious unquenchable uncontrolled unappeasable starving empty starved gorging dog-hungry sating starved to death bribable demanding unprincipled unethical unscrupulous gold-digging severe dirty filthy harsh squalid brutish unclean bloodsucking hard oppressive rigorous enthusiastic compulsive uncontrollable keen insatiat marauding plundering preying gutsy gannet-like very hungry blood-sucking murderous furious ferocious savage austere spartan abstinent monastic monkish self-denying nunlike non-indulgent self-disciplined consumerist capitalistic preserving conserving meticulous discreet bourgeois temporal object-oriented mundane profane sensual earthy terrestrial carnal earthly-minded material unspiritual yuppie money-orientated secular banausic

Trái nghĩa của scanty

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