Đồng nghĩa của bootless

Alternative for bootless

Đồng nghĩa: purposeless, useless,

Tính từ

Without boots
fruitless futile unavailing unsuccessful useless vain ineffective profitless ineffectual abortive inefficacious non-successful unproductive unrewarding barren empty nugatory otiose pointless unprofitable worthless feeble idle inadequate in vain scant Sisyphean to no avail unfructuous without success no dice for nought of no avail to no effect to no purpose a dead loss not worth the candle hollow failed valueless hopeless thwarted trivial purposeless trifling sterile of no use senseless impotent meaningless unfruitful impractical foiled forlorn baulked frustrated aimless insignificant unprolific balked unimportant impracticable no-win on a treadmill misfired exhausted thankless powerless null doomed wasted vapid impossible unsatisfactory void inconsequential insubstantial unreal bad delusive frivolous unsubstantial petty paltry beyond hope of no value not having a prayer with no chance of success failing botched unremunerative no use miscarried disastrous defeated bungled invalid pyrrhic save one's breath needless groundless specious inoperative unavailable gainless dull baseless Pyrrhic time-wasting inane casual for naught boring unnotable puny shuck misleading delusory slight motiveless unworkable irrelevant unfounded rambling unhelpful nonbinding nonvalid lost not worth it unreturned chaffy cheap banal stale uninspiring insufficient resultless unneeded dead spinning one's wheels wild goose chase parlous going nowhere dry uninteresting junky insipid without grounds not serious without foundation lacking foundation not a prayer in vicious circle threatening unpromising sinister menacing arid flat tedious commonplace no-good without rhyme or reason no good to gundy drab lacklustre unstimulating dreary monotonous prosaic lifeless humdrum desperate despairing despondent unattainable null and void unachievable vacant vacuous unfilled clear lackluster

Tính từ

Not producing any significant or desired effect
inutile futile unproductive fruitless vain unavailing ineffective profitless ineffectual pointless unprofitable worthless abortive valueless meaningless purposeless inept feckless hopeless counterproductive idle inoperative unpurposed weak nonfunctional unfunctional unusable impractical dysfunctional expendable scrap incompetent waste unavailable unworkable disadvantageous stupid impracticable good-for-nothing no good of no use useless empty unsuccessful barren inefficacious otiose inefficient nugatory to no avail to no effect inadequate lame unfructuous unfruitful paltry null non-successful failed impotent junky unrewarding inferior unable indecisive inoperable broken defective feeble senseless pathetic pants miserable no use unremunerative chaffy no-good in vain inconsequential trivial to no purpose insignificant forceless withered neutralised spineless innocuous neutralized void defeasible limited anticlimactic sterile hamstrung inexpedient unsuitable bungled bungling uneconomic unserviceable thankless powerless invertebrate unimpressive insufficient stillborn nonpractical unsalable of no earthly use null and void unuseful not useful frustaneous unlucrative dry gainless Sisyphean nonproductive uncreative slow lazy blocked wasteful unyieldly trifling poor unsatisfactory trashy hollow deficient measly insubstantial unimportant negligible silly poxy wretched rubbishy petty nickel-and-dime banal wanky of no benefit piddling rubbish abandoned nothing bogus unessential ignoble mediocre not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen a dead loss two a penny not much cop faulty malfunctioning damaged out unsound busted down disabled kaput acting up out of kilter not functioning wonky conked out doesn't work in disrepair broken-down not working knackered out of commission non-functioning not in working order emasculate slack-spined not effective no go no way no-account despicable contemptible base cheap abject drossy ne'er-do-well nominal niggling piddly slight footling picayune pimping piffling inconsiderable chicken peanut minute de minimis Mickey Mouse aimless needless unnecessary goalless vacuous unreasonable nonsensical designless purportless mindless thoughtless witless illogical frivolous irrational wanton indiscriminate vapid desultory brainless random inane motiveless unhelpful undirected ridiculous floundering haphazard drifting wishy-washy uncalled for uncalled-for without rhyme or reason hit-or-miss

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