Đồng nghĩa của nothing

Alternative for nothing


Trái nghĩa: everything,

Danh từ

The bite of a flea, or the mark caused by such a bite

Danh từ

A very small amount or virtually nothing
diddly jack squat continental fig lick nada naught iota jot modicum whit anything darn durn hoot ounce rap shred tittle beans bubkes bupkes ghost syllable whoop diddly-squat doodly-squat doodley-squat bit scrap fraction smidgen speck hint tad particle trace tiniest bit trifle bean virtually nothing monkey's tinker's curse smallest amount brass farthing even a little bit two hoots one bit tinker's cuss little grain atom mite crumb scintilla dash drop pinch ace detail any morsel little bit stim smidge shade touch spot soupçon scruple smitch skerrick scantling dot jot or tittle spice picayune eyelash piece suggestion suspicion smack fragment dab molecule driblet shadow dram snippet glimmer sprinkling splash tinge mote spark ray fleck smidgeon streak spatter granule sliver nip snip strain dribble whisper skosh smell peanuts snap patch taste flyspeck nugget droplet nubbin whiff chip dollop shaving vestige splinter flake shard dose portion flicker small amount trickle minim slice part chunk sample lump minimum tiny amount snatch breath bite segment tiny piece share butt moiety stub speckle stump tincture specimen chicken feed point intimation spoonful tiny bit mouthful end mark smithereen inkling extract parcel excerpt division item section nuance ort nucleus smattering smudge blotch tang splotch least mottle dapple pip eyespot bare minimum hunk footstep infinitesimal stain paring scale niggle stitch step pinprick some seed vein overtone sign smear pin scoosh element gleam blob blot macule macula small portion small piece least bit scent blemish small quantity inch very little bargain deal buy steal pellet degree arc spit beam corn wisp sprinkle glob measure slip cantlet footprint footmark peck gob glitter glow amount quantity flash tidbit unit undertone murmur tiny part evidence indication snort shot sparkle cast colouring smallest part slot coloring note slightest bit small thing sip spoor drop in the bucket small bit impression small percentage tiny proportion nib record memento residue proof token defect flaw fault capful toothful flavour flavor air savour pennyworth taint daub lowest thimbleful pop depth draft odor inhalation fume odour snuff draught savor flatus pinpoint bottom nadir slightest discoloration splosh smirch splodge petechia circle base margin narrowest pittance smallest rock bottom lower limit bottom level hair lowest level tiny mark gobbet

Tính từ

Offering or constituting the minimum required without elaboration or luxury
basic simple uncomplicated unsophisticated modest plain rudimentary basal elementary straightforward uninvolved lowest minimal starting bottom ground undermost lowest level user friendly user-friendly easy effortless painless undemanding unexacting manageable facile plain sailing easy-peasy a doddle a cinch a pushover a five-finger exercise duck soup a snap no sweat a bludge a breeze as easy as pie a piece of cake as easy as falling off a log a piece of old tackle as easy as ABC money for jam child's play a snip money for old rope unproblematic a snack open-and-shut a cakewalk a doss kids' stuff accessible direct trouble-free clear unchallenging idiot-proof cinch apparent unfussy down-to-earth evident obvious snap not difficult no trouble simple as ABC no problem nothing to it easily done piece of cake not burdensome no bother smooth breezy rudimental easy as pie untroublesome light downhill quick primitive clear-cut fluid cheap unpretentious unrefined routine ready hands-down royal inconsiderable easy-breezy pushover ordinary unadorned soft unornamented unostentatious unembellished picnic natural homespun understated fundamental underlying uncomplex undecorated mere austere unelaborate homely undeveloped unambiguous trivial cut down graceful pure simplistic straight parsimonious not hard fluent uncluttered rough and ready easygoing short without frills stress-free comfortable simplified clean humble inelaborate bland self-explanatory easily learnable economical efficient untroubled artless fast easy to learn uncivilized flowing easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride easy-care easy to care for leisurely feasible well-ordered inherent intrinsic spontaneous instinctive intuitive cursive unforced running offhand uneventful easily accomplished attainable mindless a picnic a gift perspicuous a walk in the park crude shortened sheer palpable unmistakable weightless workable well ordered easy as ABC uncivilised unadvanced transparent slight unequivocal distinct precise specific rough-hewn make-do unspecialized idiotproof bed of roses no muss no fuss patent interpreted abridged reduced untaxing wieldy little yielding manifest paltry rude trim moderate low-maintenance minimalistic elegant non-complex cobbled together classic unpresumptuous made plain restrained streamlined symmetrical bearable tolerable endurable low impact everyday essential exquisite tasteful cushy superficial elemental introductory wholesome honest workaday acceptable homey practical without airs fresh no-nonsense unassuming penny plain hearty conventional shapely definite regular primary benign mellow soothing middle-of-the-road tender nonabrasive balmy beginning clean-cut well defined indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal characterless foundational abecedarian initial spartan adequate preliminary original ABCs primo prefatory substratal simplest simplex meagre folksy boring vanilla rustic pure and simple your basic normophilic unexciting insipid dull meat-and-potatoes meat and potatoes bare-bones meager stripped down

Tính từ

(colloquial) Not important or worthy of note
whatever unexceptional ordinary average common humdrum mediocre plain typical unimportant bland drab insignificant mundane pedestrian undistinguished uninteresting unmemorable unremarkable usual boring dull normal routine trite unexciting unimpressive uninspiring unnoteworthy useless vanilla commonplace inconsiderable inferior irrelevant middling paltry prosaic uneventful uninspired everyday immaterial inconsequential nondescript piddling pointless workaday worthless characterless meaningless run-of-the-mill so-so bog-standard nothing special bog standard dime-a-dozen middle-of-the-road garden-variety plain vanilla common or garden garden variety not worth mentioning of no account of no consequence of no importance a dime a dozen nothing to write home about of little consequence of little importance of no great concern second-rate not much cop no great shakes trivial trifling nugatory negligible petty futile unproductive ineffectual unprofitable profitless unessential slight valueless picayune minute insubstantial senseless unavailing empty ineffective Mickey Mouse poor miserable trashy wretched unusable inutile abandoned sterile bogus barren waste counterproductive ignoble no-account good-for-nothing measly minor piffling niggling frivolous light hollow fruitless nickel-and-dime small-fry vain null incidental superficial foolish small-time small fiddling low-ranking little no-good casual nonessential unnecessary purportless cheap abject drossy despicable contemptible base ne'er-do-well pimping nominal piddly chicken peanut footling lightweight de minimis lesser smalltime secondary minor-league inappreciable minuscule unsubstantial bush-league uncelebrated obscure infinitesimal aimless purposeless no use unsatisfactory inadequate deficient defective pathetic junky chaffy silly poxy rubbishy banal wanky lame motiveless to no avail of no benefit pants bootless unfructuous rubbish not worth a hill of beans a dead loss two a penny feckless non-essential extraneous peripheral unpurposed of no use vacant vapid throwaway dinky frothy zip of no moment twopenny-halfpenny zero shoestring zilch indifferent tinpot neither here nor there beside the point not worth speaking of

Tính từ

Arousing little or no interest
weariful boring arid bomb bromidic bummer characterless cloying colourless colorless commonplace dead drab drag drear dreary drudging dry dull flat ho hum humdrum insipid interminable irksome lifeless monotonous moth-eaten mundane nowhere platitudinous plebeian prosaic repetitious routine spiritless stale stereotyped stodgy stuffy stupid tame tedious threadbare tiresome tiring trite unexciting uninteresting unvaried vapid wearisome weary well-worn zero uninspiring bland tired uninspired ho-hum run-of-the-mill unimaginative lacklustre blah lackluster pedestrian jejune leaden banal vanilla uneventful prosy pabulum weak torpid common slow wishy-washy heavy hackneyed limp anaemic feeble sterile vacuous mind-numbing draggy anemic dull as dishwater ordinary apathetic listless soporific wearying ponderous unanimated zestless mechanical pallid numbing old jading monochromatic bloodless samey dusty milk-and-water flavourless driveling drivelling flavorless inane everyday dim muted plodding unvarying conventional lustreless monochrome pointless tasteless fatiguing watery lame plain barren unremarkable dullsville hacky corny featureless unenjoyable dismal depressing unentertaining lacking variety lusterless big yawn flat tire vacant innocuous as dry as dust undistinguished dry as dust square sombre somber mindless lethargic repetitive unchanging stiff wooden least unpalatable Milquetoast uniform laborious static overlong nondescript mediocre prolix workaday usual antiseptic middle-of-the-road soul-destroying unrelieved dreich dragging mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze undistinctive inoffensive unstimulating deadly cold hollow straightforward without variety unappealing waterish sapless nerdy wimpy endless sluggish emotionless expressionless inexpressive lacking vitality passive monotonic all the same reiterated monotone treadmill recurrent sing-song flat as pancake samely banausic unchanged puts one to sleep deadly dull long-drawn-out two-dimensional cut-and-dry average standard businesslike cut-and-dried normal unexceptional garden-variety standard-issue slothful spent stock unoriginal diddly actual practical practicable simple matter-of- fact lowly prose yawn clean poor inadequate half-hearted namby-pamby predictable hack stereotypical soft mild nebbish beige fatuous tenuous slight common or garden subdued overworked overused clichéd overdone derivative time-worn hoary hackney worn out shopworn cliche obligatory cornball cobwebby timeworn musty dime-store old hat cliché-ridden truistic facile hokey cornfed tripe played out trivial noplace dumb quotidian turgid repeated plain vanilla matter-of-fact soulless iterative desolate reiterative unmemorable duplicative automatic laboured day-to-day passionless typical nothing to write home about regular long-winded labored ornery no great shakes stilted not up to much miserable constant unadventurous customary uncreative recurring verbose undiversified repeating continual white-bread neutral dull as ditchwater clockwork gloomy dingy cheerless gray grey habitual lacking variation joyless grim run of the mill dispiriting depressed toneless a dime a dozen bleak trying familiar non-stimulating formal serious pedantic ceaseless insistent quiet safe forced uninviting indifferent impersonal robotic empty unproductive mainstream off-putting heavy-going derived second-rate uninventive nitty-gritty terrestrial so-so regimented yawnsome downcast recapitulatory iterant bog-standard OK clear sad garden variety unnoteworthy unemotional frequent fuddy-duddy echoic institutional lacking excitement lacking interest deep glum dark wonted daily forlorn shadowy tenebrous depressive macabre funereal lonely dolorous morbid similar usual thing long longwinded frequentative prosing menial unlively unpassioned indistinct annoying irritating difficult disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling not fun boresome vexatious unmodulated undemonstrative clumsy unnatural awkward artificial unartistic stolid solemn over-serious unspirited wordy yawn producing workday frustrating slack sleepy unimpassioned deadening uninterested tepid unromantic stagnant crude meagre simplistic meager cautious inert worn-out unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed dowdy demoralising half-pie cardboard unprogressive inactive circumspect raw wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive prudent staid one-horse modest brainless chary puerile not so hot dead-and-alive homespun unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal factual unadorned attentive weighty phoned in middling unpretentious deadpan timid heavy going unobjectionable harmless devoid of feeling devoid of emotion homely fair useless gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating halfhearted diluted passable futile humble suburban conservative out of date hard to digest undemanding outdated boiled down without punch old-fashioned run-of-the-mine medium tolerable run-of-mine second-class outmoded vain profitless archaic unenterprising obsolete ubiquitous household dime-a-dozen not bad forbidding defunct extinct antiquated unrewarding plastic inferior generic garden mean antediluvian leery superannuated general passé unwelcoming clinical fruitless worthless universal prevalent unappetizing inedible aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless antwacky severe spartan austere stark out of the ark cut and dried prevailing persistent expected unsavoury distasteful uneatable savourless ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive bare perpetual rife incessant profuse extensive rampant natural unfruitful unfilled unprolific unpleasant unattractive disagreeable instinctive involuntary governmental utilitarian corporate functional unsavory rudimentary ugly elementary unthinking unconscious machine-like unfeeling cursory perfunctory standard issue inattentive spontaneous casual mechanic inhuman instinctual careless knee-jerk negligent motorized powered useful standardized reflex programmed mechanistic systematic laborsaving standardised fixed motorised

Tính từ

Small and weak
puny little diminutive undersized feeble frail pint-sized small stunted weak dwarfish pygmy slight underfed weakly fun size sickly underdeveloped tiny undernourished bantam delicate dinky fine fragile half-pint Lilliputian pint-size pocket pocket-size pocket-sized shrimpy smallish subnormal toylike undersize undeveloped weedy inferior infirm meagre meager minor niggling peanut peewee picayune runt scrawny shrimp small-fry two-bit unconsequential unsound unsubstantial useless wee worthless zero zilch small time miniature petite mini minute midget teeny minuscule teensy-weensy microscopic teeny-weeny infinitesimal itsy-bitsy bitty teensy dwarf bitsy weeny itty-bitty minuscular minikin pee-wee microscopical atomic microminiature weensy insignificant yea big negligible toy trifling minimum short elfin little bitty baby compact runty little-bitty fun-size nanoscopic titchy vest-pocket small-boned pintsize dainty pintsized tiddly skinny thin slender small-scale stubby light twiggy reedy runtish imperceptible miniaturized micro homuncular slightly built scrubby knee-high to a grasshopper eensy miniaturised slim eensy-weensy bite-sized squat teeny weeny very small spindly pygmyish sprightly atrophied underweight portable tincy teentsy lanky measly low dwarfed microbic handy abridged potted sawn-off reduced molecular bijou concise condensed piddling piffling ickle trim neat cute dear adorable capsule minim exiguous lightweight pygmaean invisible lilliputian button lesser secondary bush-league adorbs minor-league small-time natty meek lank mere a slip of a … knee high to a grasshopper itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy spare insufficient inconsiderable attenuate sparse skimpy inappreciable limited gracile cramped stick skeleton broomstick scant second rate snub embryonic truncated babyish young immature infant fleeting junior hasty shriveled brief wizened shrivelled size-zero short-lived lightly-built not large not big hardly any not heavy nano bitesize flyspeck scaled-down knee-high nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about bite-size marginal faint minimal remote nominal outside unlikely vague improbable distant off dubious doubtful poor paltry modest stocky far-fetched scanty insubstantial squatty mite narrow invisible to the naked eye flimsy poky implausible nanosized unimportant model very little teenty bonsai indiscernible unnoticeable smaller extremely small barely perceptible granular submicroscopic fragmentary runted scrub shot undergrown dumpy fubsy youthful munchkin efficient shallow yea high small fry low-lying not long low-slung boxy with no room to swing a cat not tall sawed-off economic of space knee high to a gnat close to the ground far faraway outlying scarce isolated wispy dicey iffy absurd rare inconceivable fractional questionable diminished subtle gentle

Tính từ

Not of value
unworthy unbefitting contemptible degrading unseemly dishonourable ignoble improper inappropriate shameful unbecoming unsuitable discreditable incompatible incongruous inconsistent unfitting base beneath despicable disgraceful inexcusable reprehensible undeserving disreputable ineligible unforgivable blamable dishonorable good-for-nothing improper to inappropriate to no-account no-good offensive out of place pitiful recreant unfit unfitting to unmerited unsuitable for valueless vile worthless wretched wrong out of character out of keeping unbecoming to not deserving not fit not worth out of character with out of place with not good enough ignominious low mean unprincipled shabby sordid scandalous abject bad blameworthy low-down scurvy wicked dirty shady infamous immoral odious detestable disgusting outrageous deplorable heinous corrupt villainous undignified rotten inglorious hateful nasty sorry unscrupulous humiliating unacceptable shoddy indefensible shocking loathsome abominable opprobrious sinful execrable cheap dastardly indecent beastly notorious shaming demeaning menial indecorous nefarious evil degraded unrespectable degenerate crooked paltry unpardonable snide vulgar currish ungentlemanly unjustifiable debasing appalling louche unfair unspeakable low-minded iniquitous shy mortifying regrettable egregious unconscionable untoward flagitious depraved obscene vicious foul atrocious servile lewd monstrous shameless perverse culpable lowering objectionable beyond the pale unladylike knavish remiss belittling cheapening indelicate uncharitable exceptionable reprobate cruel dishonest underhand criminal coarse inelegant tasteless dodgy impure beyond contempt unsavoury slippery unwarrantable unethical unsavory inexpiable unrefined untrustworthy humble unjustified treacherous not cricket censurable lowly unprovoked unreasonable dreadful infra dig diabolical lamentable debased revolting petty rude inferior scummy ribald rascally derogatory filthy inapt obnoxious pitiable poor beggarly amiss without justification without cause distasteful questionable crass abhorrent without reason horrible ungodly inapposite unapt infelicitous malapropos cowardly licentious dissolute illegal wrongful sneaking caitiff off-color terrible gratuitous unceremonious indiscreet excessive intolerable amoral unwholesome crude erring repugnant roguish despisable incorrect disparaging derogative depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting detractive scornful decrying pejorative derisory uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory disdainful denigrative fraudulent selfish mercenary common perfidious debauched negligent immoderate uncalled for slavish impolite cheating low-life stinking unprofessional profane deceitful discrediting inept unhappy graceless unholy devious insupportable shifty unwarranted perverted scoundrelly unrighteous grubby lame miserable pathetic lousy ratty cruddy scabby sad repulsive cutthroat blasphemous sullied unsuited warped scungy lascivious wanton Machiavellian uncalled-for grovelling subservient underhanded unclean sleazy bringing shame black dark rough unlawful outcast fishy ill-suited salacious groveling two-faced in bad taste baseborn unnecessary unfortunate lax ugly embarrassing traitorous unheroic unsuccessful blackguardly craven failed unchivalrous disdainable patronizing derisive depreciating condescending sneering ill-famed exploitative conscienceless corrupted unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant hateworthy measly patronising irreligious sacrilegious impious peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain swinish unkind mean-spirited fallen cunning furtive wrongdoing guileful unjust lumpen lowborn unwashed prole proletarian lower-class plebeian murderous fiendish diabolic barbarous godless ungenerous unpleasant sly ruthless venal unconscientious ungrounded profaned illegitimate tainted bent illicit lawless inequitable malfeasant unskilled beneath you lacking dignity errant peccable casuistic crafty self-seeking sinister scheming arrant low-status boring dissipated unchaste loose libertine sick desecrated lecherous decadent rakish rakehell prurient demoralized jackleg rakehelly stingy natty miserly thoughtless inconsiderate disrespectful black-hearted morally wrong ill-advised awful repellent horrid dull routine seedy suspect disorderly unmannerly reproachable condemnable humdrum uncouth malodorous rowdy in poor taste tawdry ruffian raffish beneath your dignity of bad reputation dubious suspicious seamy lustful uncleanly delinquent insufferable slimy nauseating horrifying blameable reprovable meek gloomy dejected deferent dismal hangdog humiliated self-effacing untimely unhandsome lacking in propriety tacky unworthy of clumsy undue awkward gauche unlovely uncomely unseasonable maladroit libidinous sneaky fawning flimflam scam slick demoralised demeritorious guilty beneath contempt below contempt low-grade sycophantic no good in bad corrupting downgrading declassed dirty rotten suggestive in low esteem in the doghouse dirty-dealing under-the-table double-crossing two-timing fly-by-night out of the way obsequious blue-collar unqualified blue at fault earthy smutty bawdy X-rated criticizable unpermissible impermissible untenable unallowable basic tedious obeisant naughty racy pornographic ineligible for inadequate for unfitted for undesirable not designed not designed for ill-adapted to not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for ill-adapted not up to snuff unfitted inapplicable unsuited to not qualified ill-suited to raunchy Rabelaisian colourful scatological scatologic locker-room risqué porn abusive foul-mouthed porno scurrilous saucy trashy gamy porny spicy fruity stag off colour gutter gross steamy unprintable adult concupiscent raw near the knuckle hard-core outlandish colorful bad-mannered malicious soft-core close to the bone discourteous fractious immodest intemperate flagrant drunken carnal profligate sickening disagreeable hideous horrendous ghastly frightful noxious noisome nauseous gruesome loathly disgustful fulsome yucky God-awful off-putting repellant rancid sick-making accursed yucko displeasing unpalatable putrid cursed icky bogging skanky grisly damnable hellish squalid malevolent uninviting horrific rebarbative infernal useless spiteful dire abysmal inadequate grim confounded woeful godawful savage devilish hated inhuman grievous loathed despised detested dislikable distressing vomitous unwelcome unbearable barbaric dislikeable annoying vomit-inducing invidious meagre macabre creepy stomach-turning callous cringe-making stomach-churning deceptive unfriendly abandoned gut-churning insignificant brutish hurtful malignant unpleasing catty poxy poisonous unpopular pesky execrated nightmarish unsatisfactory abominated meager heartbreaking chronic fearful ornery terrific grewsome lurid nightmare very bad grody crummy footling grotty bitter harsh unappetizing unsportsmanlike unloved fetid insufficient poison stinky blasted festy pants brutal grungy negligible piddling foetid cussed bestial cacodemonic piffling trifling hostile facinorous hateable pestiferous mournful blithering terrifying abhorred flaming desperate out of order below the belt smelly unattractive calamitous rank acrid polluted mephitic feeble from hell pongy whiffy disliked smudged bedraggled befouled miasmal bemired dusty draggled grimy funky muddy stained mucky besmirched yukky blackened sour niffy dingy uncongenial begrimed soiled olid meanspirited shunned bum anathematized slight impoverished destitute distressed bogus barren on the nose demonic insubstantial irritating poverty-stricken demoniac Mephistophelian heartless indigent forbidding off cheerless pits merciless joyless hopeless piteous harrowing rueful heartrending inhumane comfortless vindictive sadistic freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned dang darn hard-hearted mingy malign uncool unwanted exasperating churlish despiteful virulent inconsequential trivial sleazoid inadmissible satanic disastrous defective ill-natured tragic crying overwhelming adverse inexpedient discouraging morbid funereal frightening alarming unlikable sepulchral a load of pants preposterous foul-smelling evil-smelling hairy revulsive hellacious empty sterile ineffectual drossy unprofitable unimportant unproductive pointless unavailing nugatory futile profitless unessential waste counterproductive meaningless inutile mediocre unusable ineffective doggish ne'er-do-well grave slipshod brackish shiftless merciful misbegotten laughable unadorable uncaptivating scant lean feckless incompetent emetic demoniacal avoided condemned narrow-minded scanty puny skimpy boorish well below par scabrous base-minded gut-wrenching good-for-naught no-count meritless avaricious moving compassionate afflicted stirring arousing touching affecting commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful reviled ill-bred funny iffy senseless calculated covetous stupid pill heel aberrant ominous humiliatory ridiculous foolish unregenerate substandard melancholy sucky tenth-rate punk hair-raising disconcerting repelling unlovable diseased shuddersome resentful accurst ill-favoured discomfiting dinky exiguous maggot demonian demonical Luciferian very disgusting mischievous dreaded brute butcherly truculent galling dismaying indescribable spine-chilling formidable surly venomous surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy wet infuriating pestilential frenetic maniacal unhallowed crazed mad possessed downer bummer faulty afflictive dolorous ungallant cantankerous wounding yecchy backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing gossiping detracting unwished-for ruthful needy ill-favored unsporting pixieish scampish arch puckish pixy prankish tricksy impish pixie lying leprechaunish waggish elvish terrorizing contradictory opposed unbelievable inconceivable blimming highly improper double-dealing unsought bothersome detrimental scorned inconvenient troublesome incommodious disadvantageous uninvited rejected blamed under a curse blessed dratted averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic sarcastic ill-humored unimaginable ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish weak upsetting wily violent red hot lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie insensitive against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different foreign conniving designing calculating ineffable unutterable steep frolicsome for the birds unwished for penniless beggared exorbitant unendurable shrewd deceiving unsportsmanly wanky rubbishy inexpressible excruciating evil-minded bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured extravagant maddening impossible OTT to be avoided strictly for the birds in opposition irremissible beyond words preternatural undefinable O.T.T. extortionate penurious impecunious indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil too great disgracing debauching over the top uncivilised depraving contumelious extreme uncivilized deadly mortal caddish too horrible for words needful broke down-and-out famished skint pauperized dirt-poor necessitous threadbare ill-gotten unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic unstylish unfashionable cheesy ticky-tack dowdy styleless ticky-tacky Janus-faced cold-blooded not nice hard up against the rules dreary bleak depressing not forgivable desolate godforsaken sombre drab uncomfortable solemn somber disheartening unpromising sullen morose drear flimsy poor quality low in quality garbage forlorn depressive dreich lugubrious saturnine glum sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac niggling picayune chicken minute peanut nominal piddly pimping inconsiderable Cimmerian de minimis Mickey Mouse

Tính từ

Zero in amount, value or degree


Expression of disapproval, disregard, disdain, disgust, or disbelief

Trái nghĩa của nothing

nothing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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