Đồng nghĩa của inapplicable

Alternative for inapplicable

inapplicable /,inə'pri:ʃəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể áp dụng được, không thể ứng dụng được
    • không xứng, không thích hợp
      • to be inapplicable to something: không thích hợp với cái gì

Tính từ

Incapable of being applied
irrelevant inapposite inappropriate inapt extraneous immaterial impertinent unsuitable unsuited inadmissible irrelative unconnected unrelated foreign garbage inappurtenant inapropos inconsistent misplaced remote wrong beside the point not germane not pertinent neither here nor there nothing to do with it off the subject peripheral unimportant inconsequential wide of the mark not to the point pointless off the point insignificant unassociated unnecessary trivial tangential inessential disconnected out of place of no consequence unconcerned incidental extrinsic nonessential superfluous unessential minor trifling superficial not at issue not pertaining to off the topic not connected with not to the purpose of no moment of no matter of no importance of no account of little account confused illogical alien incongruous OT not the issue not worth worrying about additional extra needless supplementary redundant nothing to do with the case adventitious unneeded inconsiderable petty off-topic intrusive not important not significant meaningless inconsiderate beside the question nihil ad rem wide of the point no big deal all the same matter of indifference no never mind a matter of indifference makes no difference negligible inconsequent detached independent unapt disparate dissociated outside separate not connected not applicable not related nothing to do with off base out of order nugatory slight frivolous non-essential small-fry minute fiddling small little Mickey Mouse dispensable expendable secondary more added paltry foolish worthless excess supplemental surplus further insubstantial light fresh piddling picayune nickel-and-dime dinky casual supernumerary not worth mentioning of little consequence of little importance not worth speaking of contributory subsidiary subordinate ancillary by-the-way by-the-by background auxiliary less important gratuitous of less importance occasional related contributing unwarranted incompatible inconsonant uncharacteristic scanty meagre flimsy nominal footling measly heterogeneous unsubstantial inappreciable excessive nondescript niggling piddly infinitesimal pimping piffling unassimilable separated disengaged divorced purportless minuscule minimal senseless lightweight lesser meager of minor importance de minimis no-account of little import apart deadwood luxury uncalled-for isolated excess baggage remote from different from disconnected from distant from spare severed withdrawn free increased removed cut off leftover farther another collateral complementary one more other bonus new new-found reserve alternative on the side supererogatory inferior small-time low-ranking optional special frothy zero useless zilch tinpot zip nothing twopenny-halfpenny second-rate shoestring null indifferent add-on no great shakes over and above of no great concern

Tính từ

Not appropriate to
unbefitting inappropriate unsuitable unseemly unbecoming indecorous untoward inapt infelicitous malapropos inapposite unfit wrong unfitting incongruous unsuited inopportune incorrect inexpedient inept unapt untimely undue unseasonable awkward inadvisable indelicate discordant inharmonious unwarranted irregular discrepant erroneous inadmissible imprudent inaccurate uncomely indecent abnormal preposterous ludicrous odd false immodest naughty ill-timed ill-advised uncalled-for out of place out-of-place out-of-season off-base out of line at odds bad form improper perverse unacceptable amiss unhappy graceless irrelevant incompatible ineligible undesirable ill-suited immaterial misplaced misguided unprofessional unqualified impertinent ill-considered ill-judged inadequate objectionable unfitted inadequate for not up to scratch ineligible for ill-suited to unsuitable for unequipped for unfitted for unprepared for inappropriate to ill-adapted not designed not designed for not germane unsuited to ill-adapted to unworthy not qualified not good enough not up to snuff immoral dishonourable illegitimate unethical dishonest corrupt unscrupulous crooked not cricket against the rules dishonorable not suitable tasteless unladylike unfortunate ungentlemanly regrettable injudicious tactless inapropos disproportionate insensitive off inconsonant left-field ill-chosen ill-fitted out of keeping in poor taste foot-in-mouth in bad taste lacking in propriety not proper way off out of order inefficient uncool useless ineffective extraneous irrelative unworthy of not equal to not good enough for no good not pertinent unallowable invalid unreasonable impermissible prohibited forbidden precluded disallowed ill-favored excluded unsatisfactory unadmittable unwelcome not allowable exceptionable barred incompetent censored not acceptable banned unadmissible unwanted not appropriate beside the point ill-favoured inauspicious unpropitious troublesome adverse inconvenient disadvantageous unfavorable unfavourable unlucky bad detrimental discommodious undignified calamitous clumsy ominous indiscreet destructive negative unpromising gauche discreditable uncouth threatening rough ungodly damaging inconsistent opposed ill disagreeable out of character beyond the pale out of the way contradictory prejudicial inconducive absurd impolite illogical counter harmful maladroit coarse rude rotten unmannerly harsh disreputable impolitic shameful dissonant jarring clashing malodorous vulgar erring offensive unfair disparaging unhelpful contrary gloomy poor bothersome very bad difficult uncomplimentary improprietous uncalled for incautious untactful unconventional stupid dull slow ridiculous meaningless pointless out-of-the-way hostile inexpert funny off-balance loose unvirtuous wanton ill-bred shameless unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient inimical not done boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous unmatched dissident interfering senseless disparate unhandsome tacky salacious unlovely mismatched unrefined uncivil shocking irrational wrong-headed incommodious faulty defective ill-matched unprofitable discommoding mistimed trying unfriendly tardy unadvantageous testing tough disastrous challenging late prohibitive antagonistic low unorthodox crude cheap rowdy crass tawdry ruffian raffish inelegant awry out of its element mistaken confused imperfect adrift flawed astray disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean fallacious sick foul unlawful haywire debarred conflicting glitched up disbarred early premature disentitled degrading contemptible disconsonant strange irreconcilable bizarre off-key incoherent ignoble eliminated paradoxical ironic unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic not in harmony divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven in opposition alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful disqualified out of the running ruled out undeserving beneath reprehensible disgraceful inexcusable despicable base sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water precocious unforgivable wretched unfitting to not deserving not worth recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to out of place with unmerited out of character with no-good unbecoming to good-for-nothing pitiful vile no-account not fit worthless advance too early early on anachronistic intrusive out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon abortive

Tính từ

Not able, or too impractical, to be implemented
unusable unworkable impractical impracticable unfeasible unserviceable useless nonpractical unattainable infeasible absurd illogical wild nonviable abstract chimerical impossible improbable inefficacious nonfunctional otherworldly speculative theoretical unreal idealistic irrealizable quixotic romantic visionary unwise unbusinesslike unnegotiable ivory-tower no-go starry-eyed won't fly not a prayer out of the question inoperable unrealistic non-viable unachievable unrealizable unpractical unviable ineffectual ill-considered unreasonable far-fetched foolish cock-eyed ill-thought-out silly crackpot crazy half-baked inept incompetent clueless hopeless no go unsuitable awkward inconvenient undoable imprudent insuperable not worth considering impossible to carry out like herding cats unobtainable futile insurmountable utopian fanciful inconceivable unthinkable unimaginable preposterous ridiculous impassable not on perfectionist no-win dreamy irrational insolvable inaccessible Utopian vain unsolvable forlorn insoluble irresoluble impervious inexecutable hardly possible unworldly contrary to reason idealist quixotical starry implausible pointless irresolvable optimistic dreaming outrageous naive ludicrous beyond one bootless beyond the bounds of possibility no-way hundred-to-one beyond hope too much way out not having a prayer with no chance of success inappropriate extravagant imaginary impulsive fantastical chivalrous outlandish incredible risible castle-building head-in-the-clouds not feasible impetuous ineffective paradoxical farcical airy-fairy laughable unbelievable idealised abstracted idealized radical senseless out there delusory beyond you not to be thought of not possible hare-brained out of touch with reality potty incomprehensible highly unlikely unacceptable desperate despairing despondent purposeless nonsensical unlikely reachy gone floating nonrealistic unavailable nugatory unsuccessful failed unavailing inapproachable untouchable not applicable not sensible blue sky beyond the realm of reason on cloud nine ungettable unapproachable not remotely possible elusive parlous unreachable bad threatening beyond reach unpromising not at hand sinister menacing beyond uncorrectable irreparable unrecoverable cureless

Tính từ

Not applicable

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