Đồng nghĩa của revoked

Alternative for revoked

revokes, revoked, revoking

Đồng nghĩa: abolish, annul, cancel, invalidate, overrule, recall, repeal, rescind, retract, withdraw,

Trái nghĩa: decide,

Động từ

Past tense for to officially cancel (a decree, decision, or promise)
cancelled canceled recalled repealed rescinded abolished abrogated annulled countermanded invalidated nullified quashed retracted reversed withdrew withdrawn obviated reneged abandoned aborted avoided called disclaimed dropped negated overrode overridden overruled recanted renounced repudiated scrapped scrubbed set aside took back taken back vacated voided abjured backpedaled backpedalled counterordered denied disannulled dismantled dismissed disowned erased expunged forswore forsworn lifted lift made void nixed obliterated removed rendered invalid called back called off cried off declared null and void rubbed out wiped out backed out of put an end to overturned axed dissolved vetoed nulled struck down abated rolled back stopped cut terminated disallowed vitiated rejected disavowed ended discarded rendered null and void discontinued undone undid killed ditched cast aside annihilated abnegated stricken down suspended ruled against eliminated discharged offset quit unsaid deleted overthrown overthrew cut off reneged on backed out upset backed down refused disaffirmed neutralized backtracked on halted withcalled relinquished shed did away with done away with excluded neutralised stamped out blacked out declined scratched weaseled out put to rest put six feet under ruled out forbid effaced suppressed refuted offsetted dumped zapped rebutted ceased backtracked desisted welshed quitted cancelled out canceled out ignored blotted out opposed declared invalid thrown out threw out gave up given up remitted negatived prohibited backed off casted off brought to an end contravened rebuffed blocked spurned shot down made null and void prevented turned down disacknowledged gone back on went back on turned your back on eradicated overset altered undermined chopped extinguished waived subverted junked jettisoned deracinated torpedoed disestablished superseded divorced apologized retreated forgot outvoted foreswore foresworn trashed apologised deserted discounted defeated made ineffective nigged finished postponed contradicted counteracted disqualified dishonoured shelved counterchecked redressed counterbalanced broke off broken off washed out disproved copped out forsook forsaken dishonored squashed shut down changed one's mind weaselled weaselled out entombed buried laid in the grave brought to a close held a funeral inhumed interred swept away rooted out dispensed with snuffed out knocked something on the head disapproved reprobated put kibosh on passed apostatized put down put damper on had change of heart deselected put the kibosh on interrupted cast forbidden forbade cut short put the lid on passed up turned thumbs down banned packed in refused to acknowledge sacrificed laid off put paid to desisted from shut out put a line through shut off put a stop to said no to cut out forgot it forgotten it relaxed blued pencil ate one's words eaten one's words thrown over threw over took out taken out forgot about forgotten about destroyed broke with broken with escaped bypassed sidestepped laid to rest raised changed exterminated arrested checked downed prostrated skipped shirked ducked skirted round skived evaded dodged extirpated gotten rid of got rid of eschewed omitted purged disregarded disobeyed begged off excused oneself pulled out reclaimed repossessed KO'd surrendered bleeped blacked edited censored knocked out finished off defied flouted predominated dominated prevailed forgotten forgat knocked down brought down declared excised backwatered excused skived off steered clear of rationalized bilked run away from countervailed deled retrograded elided receded retroceded liquidated cleaned up trampled underfoot weakened confined compensated restricted limited redlined retired brought abdicated stood down opted out wormed out crapped out wimped out inhibited squelched trampled upon refused to fulfil frustrated crossed belied blackballed impugned dinged traversed stonewalled belayed belaid turfed counterpoised taken away took away wangled out broke broken brake disproven phased out eaten your words ate your words reeled in rowed back on debarred excepted barred gave something the chop given something the chop drew back drawn back bottled up hushed up corked up closed down called in pulled back did a U-turn on done a U-turn on circumducted wriggled out of impaired pulled out of had alibi slid out of unfitted rationalised used pretext ducked out of crawled out of pulled the plug changed one's tune struck out crossed out Xed out debunked discredited exploded contested challenged chucked in forfended forestalled precluded proscribed averted pulled up disprofessed interdicted declared untrue disconfirmed countered dissented from controverted edited out blanked out voted down shunned kicked discountenanced withheld flushed laid aside defaulted turned disinherited ousted ratted tergiversated demurred defected banished deterred bated forwent forgone forfeited called all bets off confuted disagreed with balked at whited out blocked out inked out jilted knocked on the head rendered inert staved off resigned from passed on wiped slate clean gave the thumbs down to stood in the way called on closed one's doors to knock it off shot full of holes flown in the face of had no more truck with packed up shot down in flames tabooed parted from refused to accept enjoined from blue-pencilled wormed out of stroked out pulled the plug on not accepted doubted eighty-sixed washed hands of called it quits begrudged washed your hands of lay off dialed back finished with turned back on disagreed curbed not considered warded off left out went back on one's word divorced oneself from knocked back brought to naught restrained withsaid washed one's hands of had nothing more to do with counted out laid off of flew in the face of stopped midstream called a halt gone back on one's word blue-penciled not bought knocked off given the thumbs down to left off parted with retired from closed out held back stove off disbelieved had done with kept back dusted off gainsaid shrunk from shrank from blew blown rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over did in done in gone against went against funked ran away from took in fallen back taken in fell back done an about-turn on did an about-turn on taken off took off got cold feet gotten cold feet gotten off the hook got off the hook got out gotten out gotten out of got out of forbore forborne rendered meaningless blown sky-high blew sky-high knocking it off taken exception to took exception to froze out frozen out canned eaten crow ate crow did an about-turn did a U-turn done a U-turn done an about-turn shaken shook withholden eaten humble pie ate humble pie given the slip gave the slip wrote off given over withdrawn from threw up written off withdrew from gave over broke up thrown up broken up gave something a miss gave the red light to given the red light to gave thumbs down to given something a miss given thumbs down to decimated demolished razed wasted crushed put to death put out ruined wrecked dispatched smashed slaughtered devastated shattered totaled totalled massacred quelled disposed of wound up offed wracked let up concluded called a halt to slayed closed murdered nuked desolated vaporized wiped off the map wiped off the face of the earth vaporised assassinated butchered beat pulverized snuffed cut down bumped off cut to pieces put away wiped from the face of the earth pulverised pulled down executed brought to a halt conquered smothered uprooted overpowered croaked iced whacked stiffed topped expired elapsed overwhelmed smoked lapsed scored out determined dead-ended scragged winked out wound down wrapped up mowed down weeded out disrupted slew slain blown away blew away crippled spoiled spoilt hindered hampered thwarted marred foiled refrained from ravaged stymied obscured intermitted harmed subdued got shut of concealed toppled cast out obstructed quenched covered messed up hit trimmed gutted sabotaged completed adjourned split up disunited slashed wiped creamed prorogued put at risk screwed up mucked up levelled leveled died silenced disconnected overcome scratched out got vanquished shot ended the life of polished off put to sleep ultimated wrapped rounded out rounded off put to the sword put lid on put out of your mind terminated with extreme prejudice garrotted removed all traces of torn down tore down got shot of gotten shot of dusted damaged done to death did to death cleared rid stripped attacked binned taken the life of took the life of done for did for reduced drastically incapacitated dashed disabled threatened expelled disbanded bollixed doused stifled darkened battened eclipsed shaded obfuscated interfered with broke down kayoed deposed unloaded intruded on repressed choked unseated mastered beaten benothinged paused redacted bowdlerized wiped off scotched scuppered resolved licked severed collapsed unmade loosed destructed dethroned disorganized cleared away blotted bowdlerised struck laundered scraped off dampened gone went made away with caused the death of overcame supplanted displaced faded eroded trounced routed sundered dissevered botched parted surceased intervened brushed aside disjoined passed over separated interposed gotten exsected cowed sank sunk sunken settled played havoc with made a mess of rendered ineffective subjugated defenestrated upended made dark covered up passed out keeled over covered over clamped down on triumphed over cracked down on rendered void faded out resolved into waxed murked fouled up crowned consummated smoothed away clamped loused up strangled made waves damped down outfoxed marked out worked against detected unbuilt skinned packed it in stemmed injured switched off sat on trampled on sent to kingdom come brought low lynched come to an end nipped something in the bud removed from power had beheaded impoverished cooled stubbed out cramped overreached removed from office bottled spiked garotted gave someone the works brought to ruin hung overrun ballsed up asphyxiated beat down topped off held down outmanoeuvred brought to an untimely end tumbled run out turned out chilled crazed ethnically cleansed winded something up decapitated outsmarted rendered needless kept in rained on someone's parade electrocuted tipped recessed trampled slapped down given someone the works held in shushed knocked over guillotined prorogated knifed nipped in the bud sent to the gas chambers brought to a conclusion ended up called it a day wiped off face of earth queered brought about the downfall of hanged rubbed away destroyed root and branch kept inside outmaneuvered rubbed off crimped ridded took taken broken down hitten drove out driven out stricken blown out blew out overran ran out came to an end got done gotten done sewed up sewn up wore away worn away blew off bagged it blown off drove underground beaten down driven underground done did took a life taken a life threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of blew a hole in thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of blown a hole in taken apart blown to bits took apart blew to bits did without done without shook off abstained from shaken off

Trái nghĩa của revoked

revoked Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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