Đồng nghĩa của superseded

Alternative for superseded

supersedes, superseded, superseding

Đồng nghĩa: displace, replace, supplant, take the place of,

Tính từ

Not fashionable or popular at a particular time
antiquated outmoded archaic obsolete old old-fashioned passé out-of-date outdated dated bygone extinct out of date unfashionable defunct antediluvian outworn dead out prehistoric antique fossilized out of the ark superannuated out of fashion ancient behind the times old hat fossilised medieval obsolescent rusty prehistorical moribund neolithic moth-eaten mediaeval stale Stone Age demoded mossy kaputt Noachian kaput expired out of style anachronistic musty disused square unhip vanished démodé has-been lapsed old-time past done for olden former void unstylish oldfangled tired timeworn gone unpopular mouldy dinosaur moldy wiped out antwacky old-fangled lost not with it olde worlde of yore dead and gone forgotten abandoned discarded discontinued dusty destroyed worn-out old-hat out-of-style vintage last year's vieux jeu crusty bypast late nonextant deprecated departed exterminated no longer in use fallen into disuse fossil died out ended snuffed out extinguished horse and buggy past it abolished past its sell-by date deceased had it vanquished disappeared overused retro belated yesterday worn out geriatric elapsed out-of-fashion obscure old-school old-world behindhand old-fogeyish backward-looking fusty quaint crusted feudal horse-and-buggy creaky clunky rinky-dink run out no longer current invalid no longer topical anachronous parachronistic square-toed perished previous backwards backward old school no longer fashionable historical redundant one-time long-gone back number ruined waning declining unremembered erstwhile unrecalled ex- null and void demolished effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated dying out way back way back when latter-day of old lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion venerable disappearing becoming obsolete ageing primitive primeval primal devastated crushed frittered finished on the wane on the way out senescent undesirable on the decline primordial dateless early immemorial foregone atavistic aging past its prime unemployed stagnant earliest relic primaeval growing old going out of use going out of fashion on its last legs past your sell-by date of long ago very old inactive done doused quenched terminated hackneyed exhausted passed on no longer known nonexistent cold fallen asleep no longer extant no longer existing unknown lifeless exanimate inexistent bent unusable out of commission out of use tacky tasteless cheesy dowdy styleless trashy frumpy inelegant passe yesterday's ticky-tack not fashionable ticky-tacky commonplace dull banal trite flat stereotyped boring prosaic threadbare uninteresting vapid uninspired tedious colourless unimaginative insipid tame unexciting colorless shopworn bland drab run-of-the-mill uninspiring monotonous jejune hack dreary well-worn wearisome dry humdrum pedestrian unoriginal clichéd tiresome lacklustre characterless common lackluster spiritless ho-hum hackney cliche mundane obligatory cobwebby stock feeble bromidic sterile leaden nothing overworked platitudinous corny arid weak anaemic wishy-washy stereotypical slow routine ponderous pallid vacuous limp ordinary numbing stodgy stuffy worn jading monochromatic stupid hacky anemic mind-numbing blah bloodless warmed-over tiring wearying heavy drudging zestless lame derivative cliché stereotypic platitudinal lustreless torpid unanimated weary repetitious plain uneventful barren cliched set draggy unremarkable nowhere muted bathetic cornball drained mildewed hokey chain ho hum dull as dishwater used-up ready-made vanilla unvaried soporific familiar tune watery prosy mediocre fatiguing antiseptic milk-and-water unentertaining unenjoyable nondescript middle-of-the-road flavourless drivelling driveling inane flavorless time-worn played out big yawn dim listless cliché-ridden hoary sombre apathetic faded frayed somber non-stimulating plodding unvarying undistinguished subdued samey bleak inoffensive unstimulating weariful dismal depressing featureless pabulum prolix innocuous vacant dry as dust zero dreich dragging dullsville lacking variety flat tire as dry as dust unmemorable tarnished lined decrepit aged soulless stiff passionless demode ragged weathered broken-down rundown mindless least Milquetoast unpalatable yawnsome unspirited irksome dog-eared shabby wrinkled monochrome laborious unexceptional lacking variation deadly lacking excitement deadening lacking interest tattered battered used undistinctive annoying irritating overlong unchanging desolate waterish nerdy wimpy unappealing sapless mechanical no great shakes ornery not up to much repetitive enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze workaday boresome banausic quotidian everyday vexatious usual endless day-to-day the worse for wear deadly dull long-drawn-out pointless poor half-hearted inadequate namby-pamby lusterless soft mild nebbish beige fatuous tenuous slight pale dark common or garden ashen gloomy ashy gray dingy grey bleached pastel mat toned-down sooty unlustrous dun matte washed out illustrous black mousy grimy washy light muddy subfusc washed-out sober toned down conventional fuddy-duddy cut and dried

Động từ

Past tense for take over the place, position, or role of

Động từ

Past tense for formally put an end to
abrogated revoked repudiated countermanded overrode overridden abolished annulled cancelled canceled ended invalidated negated nullified overruled overturned quashed repealed rescinded retracted reversed voided withdrew withdrawn recalled vetoed discontinued dissolved scrapped suspended vacated avoided broke off broken off recanted removed renounced stopped vitiated abated axed backtracked on chopped declared null and void disaffirmed disannulled ditched dumped nulled obviated reneged on set aside abjured annihilated called back deracinated disclaimed did away with done away with went back on gone back on nixed obliterated rejected reneged scrubbed subverted took back taken back terminated torpedoed undid undone waived got rid of gotten rid of rolled back struck down stricken down did in done in finished off knocked out put an end to wiped out gave the chop given the chop knocked something on the head shed put kibosh on put the kibosh on destroyed eliminated eradicated extinguished exterminated junked expunged dropped stamped out extirpated discarded erased suppressed trashed jettisoned deleted excised effaced blotted out snuffed out dispensed with swept away blacked out liquidated cleaned up rubbed out rooted out prohibited squelched inhibited disestablished finished killed zapped called off closed down brought to an end overthrew overthrown threw out thrown out put a stop to cut put down aborted demolished crushed squashed cut out decimated abandoned beat rendered invalid quelled quit lift cut off put paid to put the lid on defeated razed wasted put to death upset put out rendered null and void wrecked smashed dispatched subdued neutralized slaughtered repressed ruined checked stifled shut down devastated neutralised ceased overcome quenched interrupted thwarted shattered frustrated dismantled massacred totalled totaled discharged wound up knocked off cast aside curbed cracked down on offset offed cancelled out canceled out nipped in the bud pulled the plug on banished let up quitted lifted concluded halted packed in made void called a halt to wracked silenced slayed closed scratched weeded out took out taken out cried off undermined gave up given up washed out crossed out called disallowed blanked out shot down wiped off the map blocked out dismissed desolated disposed of wiped off the face of the earth nuked backpedalled backpedaled vaporized conquered clobbered phased out assassinated butchered murdered overwhelmed left off vaporised belayed belaid struck out snuffed shut off cut down clamped down on bumped off slapped down cut to pieces put away wiped from the face of the earth scotched cut short put a line through denied pulverized forgot overcame impaired executed brought to a halt ignored smothered uprooted routed croaked offsetted iced KO'd declared invalid pulverised whacked pulled down stiffed topped expired purged beaten elapsed smoked lapsed scored out blue-pencilled blue-penciled passed determined dead-ended scragged winked out wound down wrapped up rid packed up inked out laid off mowed down closed out brought to naught broke broken brake disrupted slew slain crippled broke up broken up spoiled spoilt taken away took away hindered hampered blued pencil marred controlled foiled counteracted refrained from prevented overset blown away blew away ravaged stymied postponed obscured intermitted harmed overpowered counterbalanced got shut of concealed disregarded disowned counterordered cast out obstructed covered omitted turfed messed up hit vanquished trimmed gutted sabotaged excluded completed weaseled out ruled against adjourned split up disunited relinquished slashed counterchecked redressed censored prorogued put at risk deled screwed up mucked up died disconnected queered scratched out left out edited got shot brought down cracked down ended the life of desisted desisted from polished off put to sleep ultimated wrapped wrapt pulled the plug rounded out rounded off ruled out chucked in put to the sword terminated with extreme prejudice put lid on whited out garrotted put an stop to shut out called it quits sat on put out of your mind removed all traces of brought to a close put damper on forgotten forgat creamed got shot of gotten shot of canned torn down tore down damaged done to death did to death backed out of stripped cleared stript attacked binned took the life of taken the life of lay off done for did for reduced drastically incapacitated dashed disabled threatened expelled blocked declared disbanded countervailed rebutted retreated abnegated bollixed altered bleeped doused nigged confined compensated restricted limited remitted changed weakened darkened battened eclipsed shaded obfuscated downed prostrated interfered with broke down dishonoured disobeyed kayoed forgot about forgotten about benothinged unloaded redlined refuted retired discounted stood down opted out wormed out backed out intruded on forswore forsworn choked blew blown backwatered counterpoised subjugated paused kicked bowdlerized wiped off redacted circumducted scuppered disqualified toppled unfitted debarred excepted barred weaselled weaselled out dishonored resolved laid off of destructed severed collapsed unmade disorganized loosed knocked down cleared away deadened scrunched squished blotted bowdlerised struck laundered scraped off withheld made ineffective refused to fulfil shelved forfended forestalled precluded proscribed averted forbid called all bets off wangled out dampened gone went caused the death of made away with taken off took off faded eroded sundered intervened brushed aside dissevered disjoined botched passed over separated parted surceased interposed gotten gat blacked disproved crossed belied opposed blackballed contravened impugned dinged traversed stonewalled pulled back shotten exsected cowed sank sunken sunk levelled leveled settled played havoc with made a mess of rendered ineffective crawled out of deterred bated banned wiped given over gave over made dark passed out covered up keeled over held back covered over elided blown sky-high blew sky-high arrested triumphed over rendered void resolved into faded out snowed under waxed murked fouled up crowned consummated made null and void rendered inert outmanoeuvred smoothed away staved off brought to an untimely end wiped slate clean clamped brought to screeching halt loused up run out strangled closed one's doors to made waves damped down turned out bottled up chilled outfoxed marked out crazed worked against detected unbuilt skinned ethnically cleansed stroked out decapitated packed it in outsmarted rendered needless stemmed injured kept in switched off rained on someone's parade electrocuted recessed trampled turned down given someone the works not considered warded off held in trampled on shushed buried sent to kingdom come lynched come to an end nipped something in the bud guillotined hushed up prorogated had knifed counted out dominated beheaded corked up impoverished sent to the gas chambers brought to a conclusion ended up cooled called it a day wiped off face of earth stubbed out cramped overreached bottled clamped down spiked garotted gave someone the works turned thumbs down hanged rubbed away edited out Xed out hung stove off destroyed root and branch kept inside outmaneuvered rubbed off ballsed up asphyxiated crimped beat down topped off held down dusted off ridded took taken broken down forgot it forgotten it thrown over threw over hitten hat drove out driven out gone against went against stricken withholden gotten off the hook got off the hook forbidden forbade blown out blew out did a U-turn on done a U-turn on rendered meaningless disproven forwent forgone ran out came to an end sewed up got done gotten done sewn up drove underground beaten down driven underground wore away worn away drew back drawn back blown off blew off bagged it thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of blew a hole in blown a hole in did took a life taken a life done gone back on your word went back on your word taken apart blown to bits took apart blew to bits flown in the face of flew in the face of broke with broken with froze out frozen out gave something a miss shaken off did without given something a miss done without shook off abstained from

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