Đồng nghĩa của annihilated

Alternative for annihilated

annihilates, annihilated, annihilating

Đồng nghĩa: abolish, demolish, destroy, end, wreck,

Động từ

Past tense for to utterly destroy or devastate
destroyed demolished wrecked ruined devastated smashed razed shattered decimated totalled totaled obliterated extinguished wasted desolated pulverised pulverized eradicated abolished cancelled canceled wracked erased nuked vaporised vaporized creamed exterminated expunged extirpated eliminated effaced liquidated crushed quashed killed undid undone zapped abated slaughtered massacred overwhelmed beat beaten benothinged wiped out rubbed out tore down torn down pulled down stamped out did in done in snuffed out rooted out blotted out blacked out swept away cleaned up finished off took out taken out wiped off the map wiped off the face of the earth wiped from the face of the earth ravaged trashed levelled leveled removed spoiled spoilt torpedoed damaged desecrated put paid to marred wreaked havoc on impaired sabotaged laid waste gutted disrupted flattened dismantled put an end to deleted blighted despoiled upset dashed defeated put a stop to broke broken brake wrought havoc split undermined squashed left in ruins bulldozed defaced excised overturned dilapidated devoured terminated toppled disfigured burst crashed wrought havoc on nixed knocked down axed brought down dispatched pillaged sacked unbuilt put down razed to the ground messed up depredated put out of commission cut out put the kibosh on scuppered consumed cracked vandalized injured ended mangled disintegrated busted blasted left desolate vandalised battered harmed smashed up crippled loused up suppressed burnt burned subverted broke up broken up nullified vitiated weakened ravished fragmented fractured hurt spoliated scotched tainted crossed out struck out blanked out screwed up cut did away with done away with fouled up put the lid on overthrown overthrew brought to ruin put out of action quelled plundered butchered blemished scourged incapacitated compromised annulled disabled destructed tarnished scorched uprooted finished flawed raided brought to an end splintered corrupted defiled endamaged reduced ruinated broke down snapped snapt scored out crabbed corroded reduced to ruins shivered banjaxed dished mucked up scratched out offed scratched blocked out rived laid waste to made a mess of laid in ruins wracked up washed out brought to naught weeded out sank sunken sunk hindered destabilized frustrated taken apart took apart ransacked obscured disassembled gotten rid of got rid of incinerated exhausted felled depleted stymied prevented smothered concealed raped struck trimmed aborted depopulated pranged dynamited blue-pencilled blue-penciled undercut depressed wound wounded covered sullied interfered with trounced dismembered bloodied afflicted sapped shocked mutilated botched separated destabilised KO'd wreaked havoc rended rent faded smirched put out queered crossed up severed let down cancelled out canceled out blotted capsized inked out tumbled teared stained scrubbed cruelled euchred divided bombed blown to bits blew to bits maimed put in toilet played havoc with smashed to smithereens cut down snuffed wiped off map caused detriment to knocked to pieces cut off pulled to pieces wrote off made hash of cracked up cut a swath through written off put a line through put out of your mind damaged beyond repair removed all traces of dashed to pieces cast down knocked off busted up brought about the downfall of parted put a damper on made mincemeat of reduced to rubble shot down blew blown brast bursten broken down blew up blown up taken down took down spent thrown down threw down blown to pieces blew to pieces blown out blew out riven rove hampered engulfed interrupted thwarted blew a hole in blown a hole in enveloped drained absorbed expended absorpt slayed attacked marauded looted chastised chastened foiled havocked wiped jeopardized supplanted unsettled trampled prostrated overrun exploded kayoed avenged tormented threatened torched quenched doused ousted diminished dissolved dethroned deteriorated disestablished deposed impoverished debilitated unseated robbed squelched imploded played out used up checked blocked fell overcome bankrupted lowered cooled bollixed made desolate emptied devitalized impeded enervated stifled rifled harried stricken darkened battened eclipsed shaded obfuscated obstructed choked purged clobbered conquered executed eroded edited waxed wolfed debased withered deled bowdlerized inconvenienced enfeebled wiped off censored redacted forgot ruptured scalded combusted banished intruded on prejudiced besmirched nicked covered over ripped down blown away blew away carbonized cremated carbonised reaved reft negated roughed up bowdlerised laundered invalidated scraped off reversed disannulled rebelled jeopardised superseded inverted detracted from shipwrecked dampened mullered scarred gobbled up smattered fragmentized scrunched crunched wrenched stopped torn tore poisoned bodged smoothed away whited out rubbed away disfeatured scattered spilled spilt unmade exsected lacerated scathed dirtied abused dented wronged maltreated discoloured gnawed infected discolored rotted knocked rusted committed genocide killed off perforated punctured handled roughly wore away worn away messed decayed disappointed bleached stabbed contaminated polluted laid low made dark passed out covered up keeled over held back dumped on fell to pieces rifted cleaned out tampered with banged up reduced to nothing damped down turned out marked out mowed down burnt to a crisp glitched up detected played merry hell with knocked out sundered spray painted run onto the rocks blued pencil done for tore up destroyed by fire wreaked havoc upon crushed to smithereens burned to a crisp teared up piled up brought to nothing did for wiped off face of earth stubbed out made a hash of caused injury destroyed root and branch rubbed off reduced to ashes slew slain overran smote smit smited smitten overcame drawn down drew down taken away took away burned away burnt away forgotten forgat withdrawn withdrew shook up shaken up torn to pieces tore to pieces did harm to done harm to lay low been through gone through went through gnawn gnew ran onto the rocks did mischief to done mischief to fell to bits fallen to bits broke off broken off blew down blown down blown sky-high blew sky-high thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into did damage to done damage to drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of broken into pieces broke into pieces blown apart blew apart burned up burnt to the ground burnt up burned to the ground burned down burnt down

Động từ

Past tense for to defeat comprehensively
thrashed trounced routed clobbered drubbed pasted whipped creamed flattened shellacked skunked wallopped walloped whomped defeated buried smoked smothered whupped whopped whapped trimmed dusted bombed conquered tromped skinned overpowered waxed quelled negated snowed under blew away blown away beat hammered crushed overwhelmed pounded wiped the floor with licked destroyed demolished owned murdered pulverized massacred beat hollow slaughtered made mincemeat of crucified pulverised turned inside out marmalized defeated utterly bested run rings around tanked worsted brought someone to their knees vanquished beaten won a resounding victory over subdued own triumphed over overcome beaten hollow stuffed blown out blew out taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners subjugated mastered given someone a drubbing gave someone a drubbing ran rings around walked all over put away caned totaled totalled slammed trashed walked over flogged blew out of the water blown out of the water upset prevailed over put paid to quashed pommeled pommelled overcame surmounted lambasted smashed dispatched overmatched upended belted wiped out bludgeoned mauled thumped won against killed slogged got the better of gotten the better of swamped pummelled zapped shut out overrun got overthrew overthrown stopped given someone a pasting gave someone a pasting put down gave someone a hiding given someone a hiding worked over cut to pieces outhit run rings round knocked out battered pipped at the post shut down put an end to put someone in their place bashed busted struck repressed torpedoed undone undid outmaneuvered outmanoeuvred defeated heavily outplayed overturned humbled subverted trampled decked floored beat up tanned edged out KO'd overborne overbore hid finished threshed spanked outclassed buffeted buffetted leathered won pummeled whaled rolled basted did done blasted wasted bulldozed curried put to flight chastised punished chastened overran gotten taken gat took whacked steamrolled run circles around reduced put to rout ruined whitewashed slayed dropped edged checkmated outflanked outrun butchered shipwrecked decimated outjumped obliterated ambushed entrapped wiped off map ran rings round messed up plowed under done down gotten around did down got around pwned picked apart put in the shade rolled back ran roughshod over roughed up mowed down nosed out finished off bunged up beat the pants off brought to ruin pwnd won a victory over stricken given a drubbing to gave a drubbing to beaten up bore down borne down razed levelled leveled unbuilt topped settled steamrollered lathered varnished larruped larrupped hidden pulled down devastated subordinated dominated pacified subjected mullered triumphed mopped up drove off staggered defeated easily suppressed beat back fixed one's wagon cooked one's goose foiled thwarted ran circles around wiped off the mat cleaned up on eradicated frustrated outwitted circumvented sunken sank sunk overmastered confounded discomfited immobilized slain slew outran taken a stick to took a stick to rendered speechless ground down astonished gained mastery over immobilised rendered incapable gained a victory over demoralized demoralised rendered helpless rendered powerless succeeded over took to cleaners outfought taken it all taken to cleaners brought to knees knocked for six knocked the stuffing out of disposed of knocked off took it all trampled underfoot unseated shot down outdid outdone torn down tore down eaten alive ate alive taken apart took apart broke broken brake beaten back thrown back in confusion threw back in confusion blown out of water blew out of water threw overridden thrown overrode taken care of taken down took care of took down beaten the pants off rose above risen above surpassed outstripped excelled overshadowed put to shame won over eclipsed bettered exceeded outshone outshined transcended capped outperformed downed prevailed hurdled beat down trumped shut off outrivaled outrivalled got the upper hand over overtopped improved on outmatched outgunned towered over outdistanced knocked spots off controlled hegemonized tamed stretched overawed straught dumbfounded extinguished outsmarted humiliated got the upper hand gotten the upper hand toppled razed to the ground upstaged weathered curbed survived beaten down gained control over outvied bowled over outlived shocked oppressed rendered stunned outranked dwarfed rolled over laid out gained ascendancy over gained the upper hand over knocked over turned over capsized improved upon come out on top of hosed come out on top overtaken overtook overpassed gained the advantage over made look pale by comparison trampled over made a fool of passed outpaced went one better than got one up on gone one better than shot ahead shot ahead of shamed left standing took out taken out did in done in came out on top of lay out came out on top shaken off shook off did better than done better than

Động từ

Past tense for to kill off or put an end to someone or something
dispatched killed murdered slew slayed slain assassinated executed liquidated terminated croaked destroyed iced eliminated slaughtered whacked offed massacred butchered exterminated neutralised neutralized snuffed wasted eradicated got gat gotten topped stiffed erased smoked claimed felled fell scragged took taken zapped did in done in took out taken out bumped off rubbed out knocked off wiped out finished off put to death put away did away with done away with cut down blew away blown away did to death done to death mowed down shot down took the life of taken the life of ended the life of snuffed out polished off carried off put an end to took someone's life taken someone's life gave someone the works given someone the works terminated with extreme prejudice put end to cut to pieces put down decimated put to sleep put to the sword disposed of hit caused the death of finished extirpated downed made away with obliterated abolished waxed extinguished ended did for done for killed off sent to the gas chambers silenced garrotted vaporized canceled cancelled greased hat hitten blackballed vaporised nixed lynched immolated guillotined defeated overwhelmed blotted out beat gotten rid of got rid of put paid to wiped from the face of the earth deep-sixed rooted out wiped off the face of the earth removed ruined purged overcome strangled crucified suffocated asphyxiated overpowered routed effaced expunged hanged hung sacrificed smote smited smit smitten worsted bested devastated stuck mutilated mangled sticked tortured vanquished maimed brought down stunned gunned down ethnically cleansed sent to kingdom come stretched out wiped off the map depopulated moved in for the kill blasted deleted stamped out swept away blacked out cleaned up overcame beaten taken care of took care of took off taken off drove to the wall driven to the wall shot strung up put before a firing squad put out of its misery dusted off chilled shotten beheaded decapitated electrocuted sent to the gallows cooled dusted sent to the chair stoned to death sent to the gibbet sent to the electric chair euthanized gassed sent to the gas chamber gibbetted hung by the neck gibbeted stabbed bowstringed fried bowstrung cleared away sterilized discarded stoned carried out a sentence of death on dragged scratched knifed sterilised fixed fixt murked excluded made swing smothered garotted drug killed in cold blood dispensed with discontinued dragged down taken down took down did took a life taken a life done took away taken away

Động từ

Past tense for to put an end to something, typically by the use of force
quelled quashed suppressed subdued crushed repressed extinguished defeated squashed ended squelched checked destroyed stifled frustrated curbed silenced overcame overcome beat beaten thwarted conquered controlled stopped demolished terminated abolished vanquished quenched overpowered extirpated finished killed queered subjugated overwhelmed routed clobbered put down snuffed out cracked down on put an end to put a stop to wiped out stamped out clamped down on nipped in the bud got rid of gotten rid of put the lid on slapped down put the kibosh on shut down sat on scotched eliminated weeded out eradicated put out cut off put lid on put kibosh on overthrew overthrown cowed inhibited discontinued halted triumphed over arrested dismissed rejected spiked buried trampled interrupted dominated stemmed clamped overturned bottled shushed cracked down trashed scrunched squished trampled on kept inside kept in held in blocked out held down snowed under brought to naught beat down drove underground driven underground beaten down deadened restrained cut short smothered put a lid on put an stop to gagged strangled held back bridled settled put paid to muffled impeded constrained mastered hindered shut up dulled restricted licked muted contained reduced quietened quelched lulled dampened soft-pedalled soft-pedaled curtailed choked off gained mastery over kept in check said nothing soothed hampered allayed assuaged prevented mollified quieted tamed eased moderated mitigated palliated stilled bested censored appeased hushed abated dumbed swallowed lessened alleviated tempered put the stopper on garrotted tranquilized submerged pocketed muzzled interfered with choked clammed throttled diminished choked back prevailed over composed oppressed reined in brought to an end got a grip on closed up drowned suffocated cooled kept the lid on bottled up quieted down hushed up strangled at birth held your tongue kept back dummied up blocked obstructed brought to a stop brought to a halt calmed brought to a standstill censured surmounted scuppered nipped something in the bud governed dispatched pacified blunted torpedoed completed run down concluded closed wrapped up damped down called a halt wound up asphyxiated sunken sank sunk solved limited devastated overmastered prostrated swamped whelmed wrecked floored lullabied placated softened ruined obliterated damped mellowed becalmed salved iced dished debriefed concealed kept down brought to a close won against dispelled banished toned down reassured balmed felled comforted stroked qualified ceased got over got the better of gotten the better of clamped down ground down overawed strangulated hid gained control of snuffed brought to screeching halt kept a lid on chilled out got under control kept it down eased off piped down brought under control gotten under control corked held in check quietened down settled down cooled it dried up hushed one's mouth simmered down buttoned up heaped corked up collected cooled off fought back blotted out shrouded dealt with clammed up decreased the volume poured cold water on showered brought someone to their knees forced down reined laid back rocked to sleep got control of gained control over done for did for ran down broke broken brake gotten over rose above risen above hidden fell fallen thrown cold water on threw cold water on tongue-tied struck dumb stricken dumb bitten one's lip bitten back bit back bit one's lip blew away blown away bore down on borne down on took the sting out took it easy taken the edge lay back taken it easy taken the sting out took the edge

Động từ

Past tense for to put an end to, especially formally
abolished cancelled canceled ended destroyed dissolved eliminated eradicated quashed terminated voided obliterated repealed extinguished invalidated overturned annulled axed ditched did away with done away with exterminated nullified rescinded wiped out expunged got rid of gotten rid of junked revoked abrogated dropped extirpated shed stamped out stopped discarded erased overthrew overthrown scrapped suppressed jettisoned trashed deleted threw out thrown out vitiated countermanded discontinued excised put an end to removed repudiated retracted scrubbed subverted withdrew withdrawn abated avoided blacked out blotted out chopped cleaned up disannulled dispensed with dumped effaced liquidated negated nulled rooted out rubbed out snuffed out swept away vacated deracinated disestablished finished inhibited killed nixed prohibited rolled back squelched struck down stricken down superseded undid undone zapped called off closed down set aside gave the chop given the chop put kibosh on knocked something on the head put the kibosh on brought to an end reversed cast aside obviated offset rendered null and void recalled vetoed overruled declared null and void neutralized rendered invalid neutralised recanted undermined suspended reneged torpedoed counteracted counterbalanced offsetted discharged canceled out cancelled out split up put down denied dismissed overridden overrode renounced declared invalid declared disbanded countervailed rebutted disaffirmed reneged on backtracked on ceased adjourned nigged scratched confined squashed compensated restricted limited called back disclaimed waived abjured rejected weakened concluded prorogued washed out disunited dismantled wound up finished off knocked out disqualified circumducted unfitted impaired severed collapsed ruined closed wound down unmade shot disorganized postponed demolished loosed decimated wrecked shattered destructed wracked made ineffective called all bets off blackballed contravened impugned dinged traversed disproved counterchecked frustrated redressed crossed belied stonewalled opposed brought to naught rendered void resolved into faded out turned thumbs down turned down broke off broken off took back taken back gone back on went back on broke up broken up blued pencil forgotten it taken out took out forgot it shotten did in done in gotten off the hook got off the hook blew sky-high rendered meaningless blown sky-high disproven flown in the face of flew in the face of broke with broken with lift disallowed lifted cut ruled against aborted made void backpedalled backpedaled upset abandoned disowned unsaid abnegated cried off weaseled out defeated made null and void forswore forsworn called overset altered counterordered counterpoised disavowed ignored remitted outvoted backed out shut down backtracked withcalled put damper on phased out put out backed down cast out put a line through put the lid on weaselled weaselled out backed out of retreated bleeped changed backwatered KO'd forgot halted downed prostrated omitted purged balanced compensated for negatived redlined refuted retired dishonoured disregarded disobeyed banished blacked edited censored excluded belayed belaid turfed desisted stood down wangled out opted out wormed out shot down discounted deled elided knocked down brought down crawled out of pulled the plug dishonored made up for corrected foreswore foresworn defied flouted predominated dominated prevailed refused to fulfil bottled up hushed up corked up refused counterweighed equalized balanced out relinquished apostatized trampled underfoot struck out crossed out Xed out rendered inert pulled back deactivated wiped slate clean whited out gone back on your word counterweighted desisted from blue-pencilled wormed out of stroked out conquered called in defused blocked out dialed back evened up trampled upon equalised overcome backed off rendered ineffective went back on your word squared up blue-penciled inked out ruled out contradicted welshed subdued edited out blanked out blew blown forgotten forgat broke broken brake thrown over threw over gone against went against did a U-turn on done a U-turn on rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over forbore forborne overcame forsook forsaken taken off took off drove out driven out got shot of gotten shot of taken away took away drew back drawn back eaten your words ate your words did an about-turn did a U-turn done a U-turn done an about-turn

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