Đồng nghĩa của engulfed

Alternative for engulfed

engulfs, engulfed, engulfing

Đồng nghĩa: devour, flood, inundate, swallow,

Động từ

Past tense for wrap up, cover, or surround completely
enveloped covered enclosed encompassed surrounded blanketed enfolded enwrapped swathed hid hidden veiled concealed encased encircled obscured shrouded wrapped cloaked cocooned embraced sheathed swaddled enshrouded mantled shielded bosomed bowered circumfused embosomed embowered enswathed inclosed invested involved lapped masked muffled screened wrapped up obnubilated wrapped around contained cooped covered up draped fenced girded girt girdled guarded hemmed overlaid overlayed overlay overspread protected rolled superimposed shut in immersed ensconced buried flooded eclipsed palled submerged embedded stashed put out of sight circled paved wreathed clinched grabbed pressed cinched secreted overrun sunk sank sunken cached washed over cupped tucked occulted stowed away overran wrapt folded clad winded wound clothed curtained coated disguised clouded bundled up hugged clasped squeezed clutched bandaged cuddled cradled bound camouflaged blotted out carpeted suppressed belied prest bundled entwined shadowed grasped packaged enclasped overcast crushed shaded papered over furled obstructed infolded darkened held smothered strained adorned adumbrated rolled up bounden locked blocked out held tight held close padded plastered cladded boxed smeared dimmed twisted turned capped topped encrusted daubed sheltered overshadowed crowned bedaubed befogged sheeted muffled up hazed fogged misted blurred blackened bleared beclouded overclouded bedimmed dislimned packed clung clinged decorated blinded seized spread extended over spread over spread around cast a shadow over shut off put over let fall in folds shut out clung to spread thickly over overlain overwhelmed holden confined bedecked locken heaped showered inundated gathered caked shingled imbricated giftwrapped parcelled trapped laced parceled veneered trussed cosseted soundproofed heatproofed lagged twined absorbed absorpt laminated captivated consumed encapsulated blocked faced inlaid surfaced coiled curled cushioned besmeared housed twirled lined fondled wedged obliterated cased gripped tied ornamented overlapped glazed plated dissembled dissimulated inwrapped throttled insulated pettifogged hindered murked benighted bemisted stonewalled donned suffused varnished washed dressed up shuttered whirled stifled obfuscated gloomed loured secluded made shockproof blanked out grappled rounded swiveled spun swivelled closed separated umbraged parceled up fuzzed up received taken in one's arms stayed near bushed up took in one's arms parcelled up folded in arms walled off grabbed tightly followed the course of gift-wrapped packed up kept out of sight kept close become cloudy wheeled loved welcomed folded up clouded over become gloomy tied up nestled boarded up followed closely held someone close wound up folded in your arms accolled colled held onto become overcast stopped something being overheard curled up taken took span done on the sly did on the sly lay close lain close taken in your arms took in your arms became overcast grown dim became gloomy grew dim became cloudy

Động từ

Past tense for to hold or engage the attention of
engrossed absorbed absorpt engaged involved gripped held immersed preoccupied arrested enthralled fascinated interested captivated intrigued occupied bewitched caught charmed riveted rivetted beguiled bemused busied entranced enveloped enwrapped mesmerised mesmerized spellbound fixated hypnotised hypnotized applied assimilated attracted caught up consumed cornered enraptured filled hogged monopolised monopolized soaked became lost become lost sewed up sewn up took up taken up upped on held your attention buried diverted distracted lost fixed employed transfixed amused plunged obsessed overwhelmed entertained drowned swamped got lost in lost oneself in held one's attention threw thrown absorbed yourself in threw yourself into thrown yourself into sunk sank sunken holden enchanted grabbed pleased held the attention of kept busy tied up captured gained seized fixt delighted allured cheered magnetized inspired bedazzled magnetised solaced hooked tickled slayed knocked dead held in awe held spellbound put under a spell drawn drew won pulled enticed enamoured impressed lured moved invited enamored kept amused regaled wiled witched killed concerned attended disported affected influenced won over used up recreated held attention vamped sent wowed slain slew gratified satisfied piqued elated indulged inspirited stimulated humored gladdened relaxed enlivened comforted humoured ecstasized appealed to knocked out turned on tickled pink subjugated made merry grabbed the attention of enslaved subdued subjected cracked up tickle to death swept off one's feet tickled the fancy of tickled to death given pleasure to gave pleasure to

Động từ

Past tense for to assimilate into a body, structure or system
assimilated integrated absorbed absorpt incorporated adapted adopted amalgamated coalesced embodied fitted fit homogenised homogenized accommodated admitted combined conformed embraced intermixed married meshed mingled naturalised naturalized subsumed accepted acclimatised acclimatized adjusted appropriated blended blent commingled compounded consolidated espoused fused interfused interwove interweaved interwoven lumped merged mixed included welded co-opted blended in fitted in swallowed up took over taken over encompassed contained taken in took in mixt put together knit melded unified added hooked in united concentrated joined acculturated intermingled banded emulsified harmonized knitted conflated commixed comingled composited alloyed pooled immingled immixed brought together associated harmonised linked introduced folded in inserted worked in added to collected organized onboarded systematized comprehended codified massed accustomed affiliated converged systematised established organised had involved comprised conglomerated melted yoked synthesized interpenetrated synthesised interblent interblended jumbled agglutinated compacted cemented gathered together desegregated concatenated conjoined coordinated symphonized interfaced stirred whisked come together become one linked up joined together blunged imbibed formed lumped together melted into slotted in become similar become like ganged up slipped in run into molt molten gotten together got together came together became one added in threw in together thrown in together ran into became similar became like

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