Đồng nghĩa của humoured

Alternative for humoured

  • tính từ
    • có tâm trạng (dùng trong tính từ ghép)

Động từ

Past tense for to be kind and indulgent to
indulged accommodated pampered spoiled spoilt cosseted gratified mollified coddled flattered mollycoddled overindulged bowed to catered to placated satisfied soothed yielded to adapted to complied with gave in to given in to gave way to given way to pandered to fawned on went along with gone along with humored pleased fulfilled babied petted nursed dandled favored favoured cockered spoon-fed wrapped in cotton wool waited on hand and foot put oneself out for treated obliged regaled benefited abetted benefitted fostered nannied served made a fuss of facilitated honoured rewarded honored mothered gladdened wet-nursed caressed cuddled overprotected cherished treated well doted on smiled upon made much of spoilt rotten spoiled rotten taken care of took care of relieved fed feed quenched appeased slaked pacified satiated fondled assuaged yielded tickled helped assisted aided nursemaided catered provided for pandered nourished supported posseted cocooned cottoned fussed spared the rod done a kindness did a kindness sustained comforted catered for fitted in with showed consideration shown consideration submitted to lent a helping hand to allowed for made over agreed with shown beneficence fussed over deferred to bent over backwards for showed beneficence cooperated with did right by wrapped up in cotton wool found ways to help catered to your every whim killed with kindness done right by lent a hand to met the needs of played up to met the wants of yold yolden holpen holp appealed to done someone a favour did someone a good turn did someone a favour gave a leg up to done a good turn to did someone a service done someone a good turn done someone a service given a leg up to did a good turn to sympathized loved treated gently protected sympathised ruined gone easy on went easy on rocked danced tost tossed bounced cradled entertained feasted lambed coshered sheltered killed by kindness amused waited on jiggled hugged jogged rubbed sported nuzzled toyed played stroked made a fuss over featherbedded outfitted toyed with run around after ministered to rid rode ridden shaken shook given a knee ride gave a knee ride rode on knee ridden on knee gave in did everything for given in done everything for ran around after

Động từ

Past tense for to praise or compliment, typically excessively or insincerely
flattered complimented praised blarneyed cajoled soft-soaped sweet-talked flanneled flannelled admired commended puffed blandished courted adulated belauded buttered up fawned hero-worshipped honeyed massaged overpraised stroked wheedled expressed admiration for fawned on inveigled lauded pandered to panegyrized paid tribute to beslavered bootlicked brownnosed charmed conned crawled to crept to glorified grovelled groveled humored jollied made much of oiled paid blandishments to paid court to played up to salved sold snowed snew snown softened sucked up to toadied waxed lyrical about laid it on thick said nice things about built up catered to complimented excessively fell all over fallen all over sweetened up worked on worked over got next to gotten next to spread it on laid it on with a trowel rubbed the right way indulged mollycoddled babied fussed over spoilt spoiled petted cosseted pampered patted made a fuss of put on a pedestal fawned over brown-nosed revered worshipped gushed over worshiped elevated kissed feet smooth-talked coaxed persuaded ingratiated oneself with curried favour curry favored toadied to danced attendance on adored venerated puffed up lionized buttered up to raved over lionised soothed exalted stroked one's ego fawned upon roosed curry favored with palavered talked into sucked up grovelled to kowtowed to truckled to prevailed on prostrated oneself to kept someone sweet slavered rubbed up the right way kiss up to abased oneself to won over curry favoured with bowed and scrape to made up to got round demeaned oneself to gotten on the right side of got on the right side of back-scratched kissing up to

Động từ

Past tense for to make happy or give pleasure to
pleased delighted contented gladdened gratified satisfied amused fulfilled humored pleasured charmed entertained indulged cheered obliged overjoyed suited thrilled excited titillated warmed tickled diverted enchanted enraptured rejoiced delectated gladded made happy cheered up agreed with appealed to tickled pink gave pleasure to given pleasure to turned on hit the spot made someone feel good gave a buzz given a buzz gave someone a kick given someone a kick went over big gone over big made somebody's day made someone content made someone glad made someone pleased enthralled exhilarated fascinated uplifted captivated enamored heartened elated entranced bewitched allured wowed enlivened ravished regaled sent arrided attracted grooved brightened up brought joy to bowled over made content bucked up buoyed up pleased greatly knocked dead made a hit with someone tickle to death warmed the cockles of the heart gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift tickled to death gotten one's kicks got one's kicks beguiled mesmerized spellbound absorbed absorpt gripped enticed engrossed feasted magnetized arrested transfixed dazzled bedazzled witched enamoured ensnared raptured magnetised mesmerised slayed hypnotized riveted rivetted gassed wiled grabbed favoured recompensed babied pampered favored requited coddled killed hypnotised owned caught up carried away slain slew made a hit filled the bill swept off feet made a hit with got under someone's skin jubilated exulted gloried scored knocked out freaked out drawn drew own given pleasure gave pleasure done the trick did the trick did one proud done one proud

Động từ

Past tense for to influence someone who was furious to the point that he or she becomes content or at least no longer irate
placated appeased conciliated mollified pacified propitiated assuaged calmed soothed disarmed gentled quieted satisfied cheered comforted humored pleased quietened reconciled soft-pedalled soft-pedaled stroked sweetened tranquilized calmed down won over made peace made peace with made up quietened down played up to poured oil on squared off poured oil on troubled waters composed stilled allayed settled lulled relieved palliated eased softened subdued quelled silenced contented resolved atoned made amends to quieted down patched things up made matters up acceded to somebody's demands mitigated tempered cooled alleviated moderated salved diminished reduced lessened checked relaxed consoled put at ease deadened weakened lightened dulled blunted reassured took the edge off taken the edge off lift abated solaced becalmed put the lid on toned down heartened gladdened condoled uplifted assured dulcified ameliorated cushioned damped attenuated lullabied bolstered steadied encouraged succored stifled repressed smothered cheered up succoured balmed suppressed buoyed up brought comfort to settled down cooled off restrained damped down buried the hatchet mellowed put down curbed hushed extenuated decreased lifted helped diluted elevated inspirited modified qualified dampened boosted supported controlled contained commiserated smoothed over stabilized smoothed laid back besoothed stabilised defused cut muted slackened took the sting out taken the sting out eased off let up put an end to put one's mind to rest put a damper on put a lid on put damper on come to terms with remitted gratified delighted pleasured crushed tamed chastened honeyed sugared dulcorated squared greased conned suited warmed rejoiced sedated commuted fixed up imposed peace upon restored harmony to buttered up softened up envigorated thrilled tickled excused reanimated charmed invigorated feasted enlivened enraptured captivated revitalised indulged gladded revitalized gassed commiserated with bewitched sufficed paralysed smoothed someone's ruffled feathers cleared the air with quashed lowered buoyed freed masked numbed sugared the pill kissed and made up reduced the force of made happy quieted fears agreed with condoled with lightened burden empathized with bucked up sympathized with lay back quenched given solace to gave solace to felled ceased benumbed anaesthetized muffled depreciated depressed curtailed tranquillised subsided slaked improved addressed minimized ebbed anesthetized paralyzed killed made one feel at ease made well minimised chilled out rocked to sleep saved regulated cleared the air padded made less intense took the bite out rescued crippled smoothed out tuned down recovered de-escalated simmered down wound down disposed demilitarized neutralised demilitarised taken the bite out neutralized reined adjusted eased up modulated held in came to terms with pacificated given a lift to gave sympathy to gave condolences to given sympathy to given condolences to gave a lift to fell fallen gotten rid of got rid of taken the heat took the heat gave respite to given respite to took it easy taken the edge taken it easy took the edge

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